Topics in Akai Professional 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 14870 8690 1240 4814 0 23 7879120 FORCE - Cannot record into the Audio track 2019-04-25T14:35:35Z 2019-04-24T22:34:19Z Sam sam_kkusar5z4cw5o There is no way to turn recording into the an Audio track with latest 3.02 update. <br /><br /> I connect guitar exactly as it advertised on the AKAI channel, that was the feature bought me in at the first place. <br /><br /> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <br /><br /> I connect guitar (or synth), arm track, turn on rec, focus on the track. I can hear the guitar just fine. But no matter how I try to turn it on (on track pad, or on launch on right), the recording never stars. I can record into Midi track just fine, but not the Audio. <br /><br /> Let me know if I am doing anything wrong or it is not supported for any reason. <br /><br /> TNX! <br /> Sam problem 3 3 1 comment 7599534 Cubase and the Akai MPK mini MK2 2019-04-25T14:17:19Z 2017-09-25T15:29:54Z Nils nils_c9987l3mm1jtu Hi, <br /> I'm using the Akai MPK mini MK2 and I wanted to assign the pads 1-8 to the notes that are shown on my drum map in Cubase AI7. <br /> I've go no problem loading the changes onto the MPK mini. I selected switch o program 1 again but it won't play the right notes... <br /> For example: I set pad 6 to D0 which is he bass drum on my drum map in cubase, and played is the note C#2. I'm confused, I feel like I've tryed everything... question 4 3 1 comment pad, pads, notes, program 7879134 Swap Tracks and fx slots 2019-04-25T14:06:16Z 2019-04-24T23:14:59Z Fabrizio Frisan fabrizio_frisan I think it's a bit crazy that in standalone we cannot simply have a swap tracks option on main menu, I don't think it's so difficult to code it. <br /> It's a bit strange when you reorganize a project that you have to copy a track to an empty one, copy the other track to the first one, copy the copied one to the last. Sometimes it's like a riddle and it happens quite often to reorganize the tracks to play live. <br /> Same with the effects. No swap option. You have to save the both effects as presets, erase them, open them in reverse order, load the presets. <br /> Come on, not so difficult, I guess. idea 1 2 1 comment 7879097 EWI USB software problems 2019-04-25T14:03:30Z 2019-04-24T20:50:47Z Michael Fergusson michael_fergusson Hi, I have just bought an EWI USB and have problems with the software. When I launch the software I get the following message - AriaEngine EWI USB needs to be reinstalled, it is missing some important components. When I remove this the programme loads and I can hear the EWI. However, other components are not working. For example, when I click on EWI Configuration the programme crashes. <br /><br /> I have noted other users on this forum with the same problems, but cannot find a fix. I have downloaded the updates - the software is 1.080. <br /><br /> Does anyone have any solutions? <br /> Thanks in advance, <br /> Mick problem 1 2 1 comment 7523166 Akai Mpk Mini Mk2 Editor doesn't work at all ! 2019-04-25T13:52:43Z 2017-05-21T22:29:49Z EDZOFRESH edzofresh So I recently downloaded logic pro X, a few days ago i decided to borrow the mpk mini mk2 from my step dad that he hasn't used in years. After about 3 days of learning how to use logic and messing around with the keys on the mpk, i decided i wanted to remap the pads because when i wanted to use the electronic drum kits, the certain pads weren't making some of the noises. (such as kicks, snares, hi hats, etc.) i downloaded the editor but when i remap the pads to the certain notes, i press send to program 1 but nothing happens. i close any apps that are running, i make sure that only the output is selected, i updated the firmware for the mpk, i registered the device on the akai website, i hold down "prog select" and hit pad 5, but NOTHING works. I've spent days on youtube, forums, google, anything i could think of but nothing has helped. customer support doesn't even help, they dont answer at all. IVE SPENT DAYS TRYING TO FIX THIS. I'm really close to giving up but i dont want to because I'm dying to use the pads. If anybody has had this same problem but eventually fixed it, can you please help. Thank you. :-( -Twitter, Instagram and snapchat @edzofresh problem 4 3 2 comment editordoesn't work 7879294 Akai MPK Mini Editor , cant map. 2019-04-25T13:51:00Z 2019-04-25T13:51:00Z Planitia Music planitia_music Followed all the instructions in the website. Watched so many tutorials. Spent 2 days trying to just remap the Pads. Loading , Deleting , i did everything instructed. And the setting are simply not getting into the MPK. Please help me. problem 0 1 1 create editor, mapping 7859082 Does the Force do MIDI file export -no 2019-04-25T11:32:39Z 2019-02-27T22:28:18Z squareeyes squareeyes_8xgmg5l9njc3s Export MIDI files from Force problem 2 3 2 comment 7778941 MPK MINI Editor does not open on my MacBook Pro 2019-04-25T11:22:02Z 2018-08-16T15:54:05Z André Michelle andr_michelle MPK MINI Editor does not open on my MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017). <br /> First time it crashed with an error message which I unfortunately clicked away to try it again. Now my cursor is just spinning for ever. When I force-quit the app, I can report the following error message (full message is too long, but I can send it by mail if you like): <br /><br /> Date/Time: 2018-08-16 17:51:29 +0200 <br /> OS Version: Mac OS X 10.13.6 (Build 17G65) <br /> Architecture: x86_64h <br /> Report Version: 26 <br /><br /> Data Source: Stackshots <br /><br /> Command: MPK MINI Editor <br /> Path: /Applications/MPK MINI MINI Editor <br /> Identifier: <br /> Version: 5.1.4 (42462) (5.1.4) <br /> Parent: launchd [1] <br /> PID: 97647 <br /><br /> Event: hang <br /> Duration: 1.10s (process was unresponsive for 134 seconds before sampling) <br /> Steps: 11 (100ms sampling interval) <br /><br /> Hardware model: MacBookPro14,3 <br /> Active cpus: 8 <br /><br /> Time Awake Since Boot: 1000000s <br /> Time Since Wake: 15000s <br /><br /> Fan speed: 5927 rpm problem 6 5 2 comment 7692631 Hallo,is it possible to get on the LIVE the headphone outs as assignable outs 7/8, would be awsome to have an 8 individual outs. 2019-04-25T09:46:50Z 2018-02-23T13:58:23Z tellyquin . tellyquin idea 5 5 2 comment out, output, individual out, assignable outputs, mpc, live 7879218 Switching from Bars/Beats/Ticks to Time (Minutes/seconds) ... can't find where to set this !? 2019-04-25T08:43:51Z 2019-04-25T08:43:51Z Olivier Campo olivier_campo It's all in the title ... With the first versions of the OS there was a possibility to switch between the two modes ... <br /><br /> Am I blind ? <br /><br /> Thanks for helping, I really need to see the duration of my songs. question 0 1 1 create 7879210 Audio wave vertical zoom from controller 2019-04-25T08:05:19Z 2019-04-25T08:05:19Z Hector Calleja hector_calleja Hi everybody! <br /><br /> I just bought an MPC Studio, 2.5 installed. I'm learning how to deal with it, coming from an MPC 2500 with JJ XL, it's being hard so far. The 2500 does everything I need and more, but I've decided to try the move for size/portability. <br /><br /> I'm looking to find a way to zoom the waveform vertically, in the 2500 is as simple as pressing the up arrow but, but can't find in the manual how to get the same from the Studio controller, nor the software. <br /><br /> Thanks in advance! ✌ question 0 1 1 create 7879198 New Force Feature Request: Pad Matrix with Pad Names in Drum Notes Mode 2019-04-25T06:38:24Z 2019-04-25T06:38:24Z esoterra23 danny_tomlinson There are 128 assignable pads in Drum Notes Mode (Banks A-F), but the only way to differentiate them while playing is to memorize their position and color. A matrix-style screen view for Drum Notes Mode would offer a significant improvement to the existing Notes Mode. <br /><br /> Similar to how the main Matrix displays labeled loops and clips assigned to color-coded pads, the proposed new sample/pad matrix would display the full 64 pad grid with the SAMPLE NAME assigned to each of the color-coded pads. Of course, it would be preferred if each pad name could be customized, however the sample’s file name would suffice, even if abbreviated. In the same manner that the main Matrix helps the Force musician navigate scenes and confidently launch clips on the fly, a sample/pad matrix would help users confidently navigate through the 8 banks of drum kits and 128 pads to trigger individual sounds on the fly. This new sample/pad matrix would be accessed simply by entering Notes mode on a Drum Track. A preference option could be added to the existing Note Config dialog box to “Display Pad Matrix”. And if there’s enough space within each sample pad’s cell, it would also be helpful to indicate the pad’s Sample Play mode (one shot vs. note on). Any other pad parameters that could be simplified as identifiable symbols might prove beneficial as well. . idea 0 1 1 create 7651353 MPC Touch DisplayLink driver compatibility with macOS High Sierra 10.13.x and Mojave 10.14 2019-04-25T03:14:24Z 2017-12-19T21:06:20Z Zam Art zam_art Don’t update there is no solution until Apple solves with update.. Crashes when using the screen display problem pending 487 57 58 comment 7879164 MPC TOUCH 2.5 update killed screen? 2019-04-25T02:37:13Z 2019-04-25T02:37:13Z cacoteo cacoteo Hey guys, we have osx 10.11.6 and 10.13.6 and were using the MPC Touch just fine to 2.4 , then installed 2.5 update and did all the usual steps and now the touch screen is not found on configuration and when open 2.5 it says im using outdated display drivers and wont work? Anyway to roll back to previous builds or are there any fixes? Imac is from 2011 and macbook pro is 2009 so they have the latest OS for their build. problem 0 1 1 create 7879152 MPC X missing files 2019-04-25T01:40:26Z 2019-04-25T01:40:26Z Don Thomas don_thomas_eekyq5wmzq0v4 OK. here is my process: <br /><br /> 1) save files to SD card <br /> 2) shutdown MPC X <br /> 3) remove SD card from MPC X <br /> 4) insert SD card into my laptop <br /> 5) Laptop recognizes SD card <br /> 6) copy project file and project directory to my google drive <br /> 7) send email to my keyboardist with share link to g-drive <br /> 8) Keyboard played opens g-drive <br /> 9) copies project file and project directory to keyboardist's SD card <br /> 10) copy successful <br /> 11) keyboardist inserts his SD card into MPC lied several timesve unit. powers on unit <br /> 12) keyboardist selects Menu -> Browser. selects drums project. <br /> 13) selects LOAD. <br /> 14) MPC live displays "...missing files..." error message <br /><br /> process repeat several times. same result. <br /><br /> Alternative: <br /> saved drum projects to USB key on MPC X. <br /> drove 45 minutes to keyboardist house. <br /> inserted USB key into MPC live unit. <br /> select menu -> browser. <br /> drum project loads successfully. <br /><br /> Why do I have to drive 45 mins to collaborate with my keyboardist?? <br /> I assume akai has some secret hidden files that prevent the project package from storing on an alternative media if the media is not directly attached to the MPC X. <br /><br /> Question to akai: <br /> why does a simple copy from a SD card to a load PC network disk fail? <br /> please explain the correct procedure to share the MPC project file and directory on the internet so I can collaborate with band members who are miles away from my location. <br /><br /> Tried 1st procedure above and it failed 100%. <br /><br /> If I can not collaborate with other musicians with project files via the internet, then the MPC X fall short of expectations. problem 0 1 1 create