Topics in Alesis 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 6636 4242 130 2222 0 86 7766199 Strike 1.5 firmware request thread. 2018-07-20T17:10:29Z 2018-07-19T06:27:02Z Jesse Anderson jesse_anderson_4531922 Things the community would like to see implimented in future updates: <br /><br /> I found the 1.4 update to be a welcome upgrade to an already awesome module. But it didn't quite reach what I believe would make it as close to perfect as possible. So I thought I would share some of my ideas. The first three are the most important to me, #6 is just something that would be cool, I'd much rather time and effort went into bringing us new sounds and updating module capabilities. What is important to you? Do you have anything to add? Here's my list so far. <br /><br /> 1: Bring back the individual zones lighting up on the display, it was very helpful in chasing down crosstalk issues. <br /><br /> 2: Add intensity meters on the trigger page for each zone, the DM10 has this, the Crimson and all its similar modules have it, it's great for setting sensitivity. <br /><br /> 3. Add MIDI notes so users can add pads without having to resort to splitters. <br /><br /> 4. If it's not a hardware limitation, add the ability to have more than one 3 zone ride cymbal (if #3 is addressed, one could potentially do this by connecting another module with that capability) <br /><br /> 5. Add the ability to play MP3s from the SD card to play along with. <br /><br /> 6. Add the ability to move the locations of the drums on the display around to match your kit set up. On that note, add the ability to add, remove, and change pad types as well. idea 5 5 2 comment 7689755 Vortex 2 MIDI notes hang 2018-07-20T16:05:29Z 2018-02-19T02:08:32Z Chris Costa chris_costa_9jue0c4b0km47 I have been playing my new Vortex W2 for the last couple of weeks and I experience note hangs mostly after kbd slaps or scrapes, or fast legato parts. Shutdown does not send panic message, (a good idea for a firmware update) and the only way I've found to silence the hanging notes are to find the specific note(s) and push or play them again to send midi note off message. Sometimes it's a note I hadn't touched. I have been troubleshooting all I can, (and I'm pretty good at it) and all my gear is up to date and pro. The clincher is that last night I met another pro who just got the V2, and we are having the exact same issues. I mean EXACTLY the same, we discussed it thoroughly. I am a longtime Vortex user, I own 2 V1's and it does not happen with them. I am putting hours and hours into setting up the V2 with my samples, and I love the new layout... but. I have tried using it onstage and I always have to put it away and pick up the V1. We need a fix, and fast!!! problem complete 111 20 8 comment 7766558 DM6 display is blank 2018-07-20T15:26:49Z 2018-07-19T23:49:39Z Barbara Spires barbara_spires I purchased my son a Dm6 to learn to play the drums everything worked when I got it and when I got home and plugged it in I can hear sound but nothing is on the display. What can I do? problem active 3 2 1 comment 7765596 How to change the MIDI channel on my Vortex Wireless 2 ? 2018-07-20T14:43:31Z 2018-07-17T23:54:01Z dewey taira dewey_taira Please tell me some one how to change Midi channel on Vortex W2 ? As we know Vortex W2 excepted Patch edit button. When I try to it via below editor, however I could not it on my Vortex W2 . <br /><br /> Alesis Vortex Wireles 2 Preset Editor 1.0.3 (Mac) <br /> <a href="" rel="nofollow">https://7132afa424c2f1a2ab6d-54d68a14...</a> <br /><br /> Do I need to update firmware? question active 3 2 1 comment 7487080 Limited MIDI controller keyboards to work with IO Dock II 2018-07-20T14:38:14Z 2017-03-29T07:00:00Z Ian Hubball ian_hubball The idock ll is a fantastic tool for the ipad, even my Air 2. However it's dissapointing to find that most mini controller keyboards like IK iRig keys pro for instance, as well as the newer Alesis V keyboards will not be able to input to the idock because the idock does not support usb midi in, only the old 5 pin type.Is this true or am I unaware of a solution ? It just limits the choice of keyboards as I want to purchase one asap.Thanks. question complete 9 4 1 comment 7764520 Strike module rebooting in v1.0 when applying firmware update 1.4 2018-07-20T14:33:58Z 2018-07-15T21:09:11Z Drew Beans drew_beans I'm having difficulties installing the version 1.4 on my strike kit. I get to the restart the module part for "installing the sounds" part of the update and it restarts in version 1.0 again.Any videos I've checked on the install show that the module should restart in version 1.4 at that point. problem active 5 3 1 comment 1.4 firmware update 6909043 DM6 to DM7X Expansion / Upgrade ????? 2018-07-20T14:05:13Z 2016-01-26T21:36:07Z Dabonboza de Dabonboza dabonboza_de_dabonboza I have a DM6 USB KIT. I would like to expand it - if possible! "IF" I purchase a DM7X controller unit: Can I use all my DM6 USB KIt Drums with it - PLUS! Add another Tom and Symbol? Will the DM6 Drums work with the DM7X? Yes / No? What can or must I do to accomplish what I am trying to explain? question complete 8 5 1 comment dm6, dm7x combine 7766436 Recital Pro line out affected by volume knob + L&R Swapped? 2018-07-20T12:55:12Z 2018-07-19T18:54:30Z michael.e.hutt michaelehutt Hello, <br /><br /> I recently plugged my Recital Pro via Line Out to my computer for the first time and noticed two things: <br /><br /> First, left and right appear to be swapped, so that the higher octaves come from the left and the lower octaves come from the right. I'm not sure if this is an Alesis problem or if the line in on my computer is wonky. <br /><br /> Second, and most importantly, the line out is affected by the master volume knob. This is not cool at all! Line out should be a constant volume and I shouldn't have to worry about clipping or blowing out my ears if I want my recording to be loud enough to be heard. <br /><br /> Is this a known issue/something that can be fixed with a firmware update? Are there firmware updates past 1.01? question active 1 2 1 comment 7764876 DM6 pads with DM7X module 2018-07-20T12:42:56Z 2018-07-16T15:55:02Z Paola Peralta paola_peralta Hi! I'm trying to use the DM7X module with my set of DM6 pads. <br /><br /> - Is there a way to get the hi-hat control to be recognized? I am to be unable to properly "close" the hi-hat and get signal in the "hi-hat control" module, but when I press the pedal I do get a different sound than when I don't. Still, the light is not lit in the module control. <br /><br /> - Will miniplug-plug adaptors work for the toms? I was unable to plug them because the alesis DM7 comes with small audio jacks and the DM6 has the bigger "plug" entrances. <br /><br /> Thanks! question complete 6 2 1 comment 7766200 Recording Alesis Strike Pro with Aux Input 2018-07-20T12:42:22Z 2018-07-19T06:43:07Z Guy Hadad guy_hadad Hello everyone, I want to record my strike pro for some project. <br /> Can I record it with the Aux Input? <br /> If no, what are the ways to record my strike pro kit without a mixer? Can I record it directly from the module? <br /> Thanks in advance. question complete 6 2 1 comment recording setup 6964187 DM10 snare mesh head repair. 2018-07-20T05:19:28Z 2016-03-28T14:13:40Z Dr Nick dr_nick_7821524 My DM10 mesh snare is failing - the rim works, the head doesn't anymore. <br /> Is this a fix-able problem? Always happy to take things apart, and I've soldered enough older heads, but this looks more complicated than a "standard" pad, and I can't find anything on the web. Anyone tried this? problem active 27 12 3 comment mesh 7765872 SR18 : Bass patterns. What are their keys ? Can I transpose the bass pattern key ? 2018-07-19T16:31:56Z 2018-07-18T15:12:04Z Pascal ADAM pascal_adam Hello ! <br /> My question is about Alesis SR18. <br /> I would like to know if I can change the key of the bass pattern without programming through midi. <br /> And if the bass keys can't be transposed, how can I know the key (factory set) for each pattern ? Is it always the same key (C ?) <br /> I know how to disable drums and percussions to listen to the bass pattern only but I would like to discover the key in a faster way. <br /> Thanks for your help ! <br /> Pascal (Marseille, France) question complete 4 2 1 comment 7764850 Alesis strike : Direct Audio Out 2018-07-19T14:28:56Z 2018-07-16T15:16:17Z Loris Mercier loris_mercier Hello, <br /> I have a question with the alesis strike module. <br /> I think Direct Audio Out "Crash L" coresponds to Crash 1/Crash 3 and Direct out "Crash R" corresponds to Crash 2 but i cannot test this at my home <br /> Can you confirm that ? <br /> Thanks in advance. question complete 3 2 1 comment 7765517 I'm looking for the Alesis Ion Firmware and Factory Presets 2018-07-19T12:52:14Z 2018-07-17T20:24:22Z Simple Sines simple_sines Every link on this forum and site I've been able to find that has the latest Ion Firmware and Factory patch bank has been a broken link. Does anyone have these? I just bought an Ion and I need to update the firmware and install the factory patches. question complete 5 2 1 comment ion, firmware 7766093 My DM6 module doesn't turn on 2018-07-19T12:50:50Z 2018-07-19T00:33:20Z Juan Carlos González juan_carlos_gonz_lez Hi. I have an DM6, it is always connected itselved but not to electrical power. The last time I used it was 5 months ago, and today when i conected to the current it does not turn on anything. the electrical adapter delivers the correct voltage, but the module does not turn on. What I can do? Thank you. problem active 1 2 1 comment