Topics in Alto Professional 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 1174 837 18 304 0 15 7057758 Alto Trouper - Linking with sub 2018-09-24T03:46:26Z 2016-07-21T10:05:24Z Serge Desmarais serge_desmarais There's a lot of good reviews about the TROUPER,i want one !!!<br /> What kind of sub can i link with this monitor (passive or actif)<br /> and the best model to match with ?<br /><br /> Merci ! Serge question complete 12 8 2 comment linking with sub 7793977 TS115A no sound at kiw level unless volume is at max and turned down.. 2018-09-23T01:29:33Z 2018-09-18T01:50:34Z chris e chris_e_90xk3mh7u7154 So I have 4 TS115A speakers. After about a 3 years of use, 3 of the 4 now have NO SOUND at all unless I whip the volume up to maximum. Then they pop on rather loudly I might add, and I can turn the level down to normal around half. If I do not play music at a louder level then will go silent again. 1 by 1 they started doing this over a period of time. One also has the horn cut out at random times, mostly when played at louder levels (but not driven to the point the limiter is on). Could the horn possibly be over heating/bad, and is there knowledge of the no sound issue with input levels? <br /><br /> Called Alto, they had not heard of this, and well, the comment in response was wasn't every nice. I'm a fan of the Alto line, but having the same thing happen to most of them, used at different times and never abused, it is discouraging to invest in any of the newer models unless such problems were recognized and fixed. problem 1 1 1 create 7712955 Stealth Wireless Frequency (US Version)- 540-570Mhz or 610-640Mhz? 2018-09-18T03:54:12Z 2018-03-31T14:56:46Z kEYS keys_5uu4zj0qrgt98 I'm a bit confused about the frequencies for the ALTO Stealth Wireless System. <br /><br /> I recently bought a US version of the Stealth Expander pack to be used with a pre-existing 610-640Mhz wireless Stealth setup. <br /><br /> The US frequency listed on the Frequency Chart by ALTO is 610-640 Mhz: <br /> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <br /><br /> The product I received came in a box labeled as a US version but with a 540-570Mhz frequency. <br /><br /> Further, the user enclosed guide lists the US version as both 540-570, 610-640Mhz. <br /><br /> Could someone please clarify the inconsistencies? <br /><br /> Will there be compatibility issues when using the expander with a preexisting 610-640Mhz ALTO setup? question complete 6 5 1 comment 7043037 TS Sub 15 isn't working 2018-09-17T18:28:15Z 2016-07-02T14:01:53Z Henrique Piraí henrique_pira I have a pair of Alto TS sub 15 and one of them stop working ! When I switch the power button , the Fan start to work but the green led not ! I have no sound using the same setup of the other one that is working perfectly . <br /> Waiting for some help :( problem active 5 3 1 comment led not illuminated 7793534 would like to know 2018-09-17T18:23:30Z 2018-09-17T05:50:30Z 55jamey . 55jamey Stealth WIreless <br /> STEREO WIRELESS SYSTEM FOR ACTIVE LOUDSPEAKERS. what happens when the fcc outlaws the 600 MHz frequencies around 2019 2020. I want to buy this but if it can't be used soon it won't work. question complete 1 2 1 comment 7791948 Does anyone have experience with the Stealth Wireless in a karaoke environment? 2018-09-17T14:17:23Z 2018-09-13T01:06:14Z Danny Gaines danny_gaines Dies anyone have experience with the Stealth in a karaoke environment? Specifically is there any lag on the vocals? question complete 3 2 1 comment 7791319 Is it possible to pair a bluetooth microphone with the Bluetooth Total? 2018-09-12T19:41:47Z 2018-09-11T18:36:34Z Kevin Prange kevin_prange If I could pair a Bluetooth headset with the Bluetooth Total, I could have an inexpensive wireless microphone system. Just curious. question complete 1 2 1 comment bluetooth total, microphone, pair, pairing 7790945 Can one alto total be connected via a female coupler 2018-09-12T12:19:56Z 2018-09-11T00:39:39Z Danny Gaines danny_gaines I want to run my Alto Bluetooth Totals in stereo link but have the actual audio coming out of one cable from my mixer. Is this possible? question complete 3 2 1 comment 7694071 Delay sound with Alto professional bluetooth toal 2018-09-11T00:26:37Z 2018-02-26T13:38:47Z q q_ct27hgwuww5q6 why am i getting a sound delay with Alto Professional Bluetooth Total. <br /><br /> I connected my phone/ipad to a longer range bluetooth transmitter and paired the bluetooth tramsitter with the alto total but am getting a 2 sec delay with sound. <br /> any advice will be appreciated.. question active 3 4 3 comment 7618613 Bluetooth Total yields static from one speaker 2018-09-07T12:20:48Z 2017-10-25T03:02:41Z Alvin Washington alvin_washington Hi, I have to Alto Bluetooth totals,and when linking them to my Dell laptop I get static coming from one speaker. Sometimes when I turn the laptops Bluetooth off and on it goes away. Is there something I can do to remedy this problem? problem active 11 5 2 comment 7787601 Alto Live 1604 Bitrate and Whine 2018-09-06T16:19:13Z 2018-09-04T13:19:36Z Nic nicolas_schmitt So I just unboxed my new Alto live 1604 and was looking forward to the fresh 24-bit audio ... but I only get 16-bit. Digging further, the German product page also lists the 1604 as 16-bit, so ... what exactly did I get here? <br /><br /> Also, there's a horribly whine (even when nothing but USB and Headphones plugged in) as soon as I engage usb recording. This doesn't go away with anything I tried like power cable switching, different usb busses, using an usb isolator, using different pc's etc. I can't hear it through the analogue recording bus, but it's clearly on the recording on my pc and clearly on channel 15/16 that is giving out the USB sound from my computer. I also tried using a different mixer (that has significantly less features than the Live1604) and there was no whine whatsoever, so I guess there's some kind of device fault. <br /><br /> If - in the end - I only get 16bit out of my alto , I'll probably integrate another DAC/ADC in between that makes no noise to get this sorted out. It's not the solution I want though. problem active 1 2 1 comment whine bitrate 7786691 Alto ts312 input question 2018-09-05T19:56:42Z 2018-09-02T09:49:03Z Michael Richard Gill michael_richard_gill Hi, do the two inputs on my 312 have separate amps? <br /> I'm using it for guitar modelling but I'm having volume issues (I'm having to push input 1 over 0db to compete with the rest of the band) and I'm wondering if I have to use both inputs to get the speakers full power. <br /><br /> Thanks <br /> Mike question complete 2 2 1 comment 7785557 Connect ZEPHYR ZMX52 and Truesonic TS115A 2018-08-31T17:52:26Z 2018-08-30T16:42:17Z Fabian Robles fabian_robles I have the ZEPHYR ZMX52 and one Truesonic TS115A that I am using strictly for tailgating so it will just be hooked up to a phone for music. What cables will I need for this setup? what is the proper way to connect? I purchased the mixer hoping to be able to control the treble and bass output. question complete 2 2 1 comment 7785592 Can I use the Alto professional Live 1202 (I bought it in August 2018) on a Linux computer? 2018-08-30T19:58:09Z 2018-08-30T18:03:52Z Kjell Rasmussen kjell_rasmussen Hello, I need connect my Alto professional Live 1202 (I bought it in August 2018) to my PC with LINUX operating system. It ́s that possible? thanks... question complete 1 2 1 comment linux 6945505 Alto Live 2404 USB recording with Sony Vegas Pro 2018-08-30T13:29:09Z 2016-03-06T16:26:11Z Bryan Bercero bryan_bercero How do I properly use the USB record of Alto Live 2404 Mixer? I have a laptop with Windows 10 and Sony Vegas 13 Pro software, the laptop recognizes the mixer as recording and playback device, however when trying to listen from those line, There is nothing. USB record is set to fetch from the Main Mix. <br /><br /> Do I need additional drivers or software for this to work? question complete 16 7 2 comment