Topics in Cumulus Networks® 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 624 423 29 79 0 78 7667948 /mnt/persist/ directory not available in cumulus 3.4+ 2018-01-15T15:43:14Z 2018-01-14T21:51:46Z Amrit Kumar amrit_kumar Before 3.4, /mnt/persist/ directory was used to keep configuration files so that on device reboot, these configs will be applied to the device and it would behave as if these configs were in the startup-config. In version 3.4.3, I do not see /mnt/persist/ directory. How can I achieve the same functionality in 3.4.3 and further? question 1 2 1 comment 7665023 Cumulus 3.4.3 Root user credentials 2018-01-12T18:04:51Z 2018-01-10T04:40:10Z Darshan TM darshan_tm Hi..<br /><br />I have loaded the cumulus OS V 3.4.3 and when I try to access the Switch via SCP using Cumulus user login to upload the license.. I found that only read permission is assigned for Cumulus User.. and I was not able to copy the license key...&nbsp;<br /><br />but I got to know that Tmp folder has write permission and there I copied the license key..<br /><br />Now the challenge is I am not able to access that temp folder from cumulus user login.. for that I need to login via root user..<br /><br />but it is asking me to enter the root user credentials which I am not aware of it.. and I searched in google and found that there will be no password for root user.. but then too it is asking me the password..<br /><br />Can any one let me know the root user credentials so that I can login and activate the license of my switch... question 4 3 1 comment 7665848 openstack horizon access 2018-01-11T20:31:52Z 2018-01-11T10:57:17Z shakir shakir_ahmed_ibrahim would like to know how to access the horizon dashboard, on the OpenStack citc cloud flavor question 1 2 1 comment 7665342 Spectre, Meltdown vulnerabilities 2018-01-10T16:45:49Z 2018-01-10T16:45:49Z Troy MacDonald troy_macdonald_446ms2t0se6jv Ran the Spectre and Meltdown detection tool on one of our switches running 3.4.2 on a Edgecore 4610-54T with ARM71 processor, here are the results:<br /><br />Spectre and Meltdown mitigation detection tool v0.23<br /><br />Checking for vulnerabilities against live running kernel Linux 4.1.0-cl-6-iproc #1 SMP Cumulus 4.1.33-1+cl3u9 (2017-08-11) armv7l<br /><br />CVE-2017-5753 [bounds check bypass] aka 'Spectre Variant 1'<br />* Checking count of LFENCE opcodes in kernel:&nbsp; UNKNOWN&nbsp; (missing 'readelf' tool, please install it, usually it's in the 'binutils' package)<br />&gt; STATUS:&nbsp; UNKNOWN&nbsp; (impossible to check )<br /><br />CVE-2017-5715 [branch target injection] aka 'Spectre Variant 2'<br />* Mitigation 1<br />*&nbsp; &nbsp;Hardware (CPU microcode) support for mitigation:&nbsp; UNKNOWN&nbsp; (couldn't read /dev/cpu/0/msr, is msr support enabled in your kernel?)<br />*&nbsp; &nbsp;Kernel support for IBRS:&nbsp; NO<br />*&nbsp; &nbsp;IBRS enabled for Kernel space:&nbsp; NO<br />*&nbsp; &nbsp;IBRS enabled for User space:&nbsp; NO<br />* Mitigation 2<br />*&nbsp; &nbsp;Kernel compiled with retpoline option:&nbsp; NO<br />*&nbsp; &nbsp;Kernel compiled with a retpoline-aware compiler:&nbsp; NO<br />&gt; STATUS:&nbsp; VULNERABLE&nbsp; (IBRS hardware + kernel support OR kernel with retpoline are needed to mitigate the vulnerability)<br /><br />CVE-2017-5754 [rogue data cache load] aka 'Meltdown' aka 'Variant 3'<br />* Kernel supports Page Table Isolation (PTI):&nbsp; NO<br />* PTI enabled and active:&nbsp; NO<br />&gt; STATUS:&nbsp; NOT VULNERABLE&nbsp; (your CPU vendor reported your CPU model as not vulnerable)<br /><br />Any plans for mitigation? question 0 1 2 create 7656975 802.1ag, 802.3ah and/or Y.1731 features 2018-01-04T15:38:13Z 2017-12-29T21:40:18Z Troy Kau troy_kau Are any of these standards/recommendations on a roadmap for support? question 4 3 1 comment 7655483 evpn type 5 routes 2018-01-04T06:54:49Z 2017-12-27T16:43:43Z Vikram A vikram_a <img src="" title="Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1686342/RackMultipart20171227-49394-1vz8h42-evpn-type_5_routes_inlinepng1514392700" /><br />I have setup bgp evpn peering between leaf1 and leaf4 in Cumulus VX&nbsp;, trying to get evpn type 5 routes exchanged for vrf RED ( followed the instructions as per "Announcing EVPN Type-5 Routes" from&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Link https//docscumulusnetworkscom/display/DOCS/EthernetVirtualPrivateNetwork-EVPN"></a>&nbsp;).&nbsp;<br /><br />I couldn't get this to work,&nbsp; not sure if i have configured incorrectly.<br /><br /><br />Any help is appreciated.&nbsp;<br /><br />is there an option to upload the configs over here ? question 3 2 1 comment 7650656 dhcprelay duplicates unicat REQUEST packages 2018-01-03T16:20:40Z 2017-12-18T21:09:53Z Eelco Nieuwstad eelco_nieuwstad_7dp22m6161adp I enabled dhcprelay on a CumulusVX instance and it appears I ran into this bug<br /><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Link http//dhcp-usersiscnarkivecom/AUqbzpL1/dhcp-relay-duplicate-packets-for-dhcprelease-and-dhcprequest"></a><br /><br /><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Link https//listsiscorg/pipermail/dhcp-users/2012-April/015310html"></a><br /><br />I know you haven't written the relay agent but it would be great i you can look into it. It gives a lot of error messages on the DHCP server. problem 4 2 1 comment 7656040 problem with unnumbered BGP 2018-01-03T12:57:48Z 2017-12-28T15:59:40Z Mouhanad Alnaif mouhanad_alnaif <strong>I have configured eBGP between cumulus switches but the switch does not advertise the Networks&nbsp;which it has&nbsp; learned by eBGP to the another peers (neighbors)<br /><br /><br /></strong><i>and here is the configuration</i>:<br /><br /><p>net add interface swp49-54</p><p>net add loopback lo ip address</p><p>net add interface eth0 ip address dhcp</p><p>net add hostname rcore2</p><p>net add interface eth0,swp51-54 ipv6 nd ra-interval 10</p><p>net del interface eth0,swp51-54 ipv6 nd suppress-ra</p><p>net add routing service integrated-vtysh-config</p><p>net add routing log syslog informational</p><p>net add bgp autonomous-system 65003</p><p>net add bgp router-id</p><p>net add bgp bestpath as-path multipath-relax</p><p>net add bgp bestpath compare-routerid</p><p>net add bgp neighbor FABRIC peer-group</p><p>net add bgp neighbor FABRIC remote-as external</p><p>net add bgp neighbor FABRIC capability extended-nexthop</p><p>net add bgp neighbor swp49 interface peer-group FABRIC</p><p>net add bgp neighbor swp50 interface peer-group FABRIC</p><p>net add bgp neighbor swp51 interface peer-group FABRIC</p><p>net add bgp neighbor swp52 interface peer-group FABRIC</p><p>net add bgp neighbor swp53 interface peer-group FABRIC</p><p>net add bgp neighbor swp54 interface peer-group FABRIC</p>net add bgp ipv4 unicast network question 8 3 1 comment 7657188 Multi VRF with BGP EVPN demo on github 2018-01-02T17:08:18Z 2017-12-30T07:48:34Z Vikram A vikram_a Do you guys plan to include a demo for Multi VRF (prefix based routing) with BGP&nbsp;EVPN on github ? something similar to&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Link https//githubcom/CumulusNetworks/cldemo-evpnquickstart-dci-datacenter-interconnect-ebgp-demo"></a> question 1 2 1 comment 7656493 mutli-fabric bgp-evpn with local egress 2018-01-02T16:52:26Z 2017-12-29T07:34:45Z Adrian Oden adrian_oden Are there any major design constraints or limitations that would prevent two separate&nbsp;CLOS fabrics from sharing a single BGP-EVPN Control plane? The design goal here is to provide L2 extension across&nbsp;datacenters for VM mobility (DCI). A secondary goal is to provide local egress from VNIs to local gateways egressing the fabric.&nbsp;<br /><br />I am fairly certain that this can be accomplished with Cisco ACI and the multi-site topology model, which leads me to believe that it is also possible with Cumulus.&nbsp;<br /><br />I realize&nbsp;this is a very oversimplified question that requires a complex answer. Hoping for a generalized answer before I spend too&nbsp;many cycles researching and building out a&nbsp;GNS3 lab to test.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /><br />thanks in advance.&nbsp; question 3 3 1 comment 7651066 adding a route on /etc/frr/frr.conf doesn't show up immediately 2017-12-28T16:26:06Z 2017-12-19T14:27:01Z shakir shakir_ahmed_ibrahim adding a route through the NCLU, does create an entry on frr.conf, and the route shows up when i hit 'ip route show / net show route'. but doing it vice-versa doesn't work<br /><img src="" /> question 7 3 1 comment 7653050 nginx-full conflicts with nginx-extras in cumulus 3.4.2 2017-12-27T15:58:23Z 2017-12-22T07:06:07Z Magesh kumar magesh_kumar_1cuu9pr3lnnhd I need to install nginx-full , but it conflicts with nginx-extras in cumulus 3.4.2, If i remove nginx-extras and&nbsp;dependencies package python-cumulus-restapi manually, will there be any problem. question 1 2 1 comment 7654847 which aaa protocol is recommended by cumulus, or which one is good with linux in general 2017-12-26T16:45:48Z 2017-12-26T12:39:17Z shakir shakir_ahmed_ibrahim i had read in the cumulus guide - open LDAP servers with linux aren't that good as the Microsoft AD. trying to explore which aaa, overall is good with linux(both client and server) and feature wise question 1 2 1 comment 7035895 Routing on the Host with Docker 2017-12-25T10:03:55Z 2016-06-23T07:03:22Z Scott Suehle scott_suehle When it comes to building a truly web-scale network, Layer 2 just <br /> doesn'tcut it anymore. Extending Layer 3 down to the hosts by running a <br /> routing suite such as Quagga makes it possible to oversubscribe servers <br /> to an arbitrarily high number of top of rack switches and again to the <br /> aggregation layer.<br /><br /> Docker is a software delivery system built <br /> around a technology called "containers", which are very lightweight <br /> alternative to virtual machines. Docker makes it possible to deliver <br /> software like the Cumulus Linux version of Quagga to servers in a <br /> cross-platform way. This demo shows how to install and configure a fully<br /> layer 3 network with Quagga running on the hosts using Ansible.<br /><br /> <br /><br /> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> question 1 2 2 comment 7652396 Cumulus VX VXLAN routing 2017-12-22T18:04:27Z 2017-12-21T11:50:14Z Anton Lopatin anton_lopatin Does Cumulus VX support VXLAN routing? Should I use some sort of loop or external router? question 6 3 1 comment