Topics in EGO Power Equipment 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 2162 1182 260 344 0 45 7767100 Getting the EGO ST1521S Carbon Split Shaft Grass Trimmer + Accessories In Singapore 2018-07-21T06:16:24Z 2018-07-21T06:16:24Z XTRProf xtrprof After reading up the reviews on weed wackers on the internet, I'm convinced the EGO ST1521S + Accessories are the ones to get that meet my requirements. However, checking locally in Singapore, there is no distributor for EGO products. Also, my country runs on 230 VAC and the EGO products that I'm going to buy must also meet that VAC requirement. It seems a forgone hope to ever being able to get a 230 VAC EGO ST1521S and so I'm writing here to get a touch of hope for my gardening needs that I can get the mentioned EGO weed wacker + accessories with the help from EGO and this community advices. <br /><br /> Please help and thanks in advance. <br /><br /> Chong question 0 1 1 create 7766954 Unwanted scalping and striping by Ego self propelled mower. 2018-07-21T02:54:40Z 2018-07-20T20:37:25Z Jack375 jack375 My self propelled Ego sometimes seems NOT to be revving up enough to cut thicker Bermuda grass then seems to bog down into the grass runners scalping the grass. The mower also cuts stripes by cutting the grass shorter in one direction then longer in the other direction. Weird. I do cut on inclines but not what I would call steep. I have cut in all directions on the inclines but lately I can't do that without scalping the grass. I use a slower self propelled setting. Second season of cutting. Old Toro did alright before dying.&nbsp; problem 5 2 1 comment 7764479 Stripe Roller 2018-07-21T02:27:48Z 2018-07-15T19:05:59Z D D d_d_agxc8kf1wk4lk Are there any lawn roller stripe kits available for the Ego 21” self propelled lawn mower? question complete 10 23 6 comment 7766983 Hour meter app and universal phone holder. 2018-07-21T00:22:22Z 2018-07-20T21:58:19Z Mark mark_jhh8erv0mvjf Would it be possible to create an app for an hour meter? Also could create a universal phone holder attached to the handle of the mower. Most Ego users are tech savvy and it would make using bluetooth ear buds easier. Possibly include phone holder with ear buds as a kit. (Use the cool looking green and black color) A major selling point would be, no need for noise cancelling headphones due to how quite the mower is. <br /><br /> "EGO....freedom beyond belief" No gas, no pollution, no noise, no corded earbuds and no need for noise cancelling head phones. idea 1 2 1 comment 7767026 Rear left wheel making loud noise 2018-07-21T00:16:56Z 2018-07-21T00:02:47Z Mark mark_jhh8erv0mvjf The left rear wheel is making a loud noise. This noise is present both with the self propel and without the self propel. I think it is the wheel that drives. I have oiled all moving parts. problem 2 4 1 comment 7766805 Can a lower Ah batter be used? 2018-07-20T20:04:37Z 2018-07-20T14:22:43Z Clay Cassell clay_cassell got a 21 Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Self Propelled Lawn Mower. Came with a 7.5 ah battery. Can a lower Ah batteries be used (2,4,5 ah etc.) be used? same size?, Just want one to ad about 1/2 hr run time if needed. $350 is a lot for an additional battery (smaller ah is cheaper) question complete 3 4 1 comment 7766034 My battery will no longer charge. Is it always a bad battery or could the charger be the problem 2018-07-19T20:46:22Z 2018-07-18T21:55:13Z Allen allen_fzs53ncnox6nk Battery no longer charges. Just wondering how to tell if the battery is bad or the charger is bad question complete 7 5 2 comment 7766081 compare the 7.5 mah mower and the one that uses two 5.0 mah batteries 2018-07-19T18:54:48Z 2018-07-18T23:51:11Z S Cutler s_cutler compare the two mowers 7.5 mah and the one using two 5.0 mah.&nbsp; Could I use a single 7.5 mah&nbsp; battery in the one that take two batteries ???&nbsp; Help me decide which mower I should buy.&nbsp;&nbsp; question active 3 4 2 comment 7659661 Charger shows solid red light and doesn't charge 2018-07-19T01:27:58Z 2018-01-03T16:13:52Z Bob Corsaro bob_corsaro My charger has a single solid red light in the 25% slot and doesn't charge the battery. Fan blowing full strength. The docs on the charger seem to indicate it's "too hot" but it's definitely not too hot. problem complete 5 4 1 comment 7764567 Mower leaving uneven grass- 21" self-propelled- new with 3 mows since purchase 2018-07-18T20:04:59Z 2018-07-15T23:43:01Z Kevin Northcutt kevin_northcutt Have read other posts and tried solutions given and let Bermuda grow taller to setting 4 but still leaving uncut grass.&nbsp; question remove_later remove_later active 4 5 1 comment 7765811 The battery will no longer charge. The fan starts & stops on the charger. I bought this product 6-25-17, within the warranty. Repair? 2018-07-18T16:11:15Z 2018-07-18T13:08:02Z Russ Brown russ_brown_2llqi54whdjco I have an EGO trimmer, and the battery will no longer charge. The fan starts &amp; stops on the charger. I bought this product June 25, 2017, so it's well within the 3 year warranty. Do I need to send it to you for repairs? problem active 2 3 2 comment 7765696 replacement grass collecting bag 2018-07-18T13:39:51Z 2018-07-18T05:32:45Z Jacqueline Jurca jacqueline_jurca I need a replacement grass collecting bag for my 21" EGO power 56V lawn mower. Where can I get one? question complete 3 5 1 comment 7763334 21" Self Propelled mower hit hidden brick and stopped running 2018-07-17T18:52:17Z 2018-07-12T20:42:24Z Gerry Deakin gerry_deakin Now when the green button is pushed and the lever is closed, the green light comes on but the blade does not spin.&nbsp; In about 5 seconds the green light turns to rapidly flashing yellow.&nbsp; The self propelled portion works fine.&nbsp; I checked to be sure the blade was not clogged.&nbsp; Everything is clear.&nbsp; Need to know what to do next. problem active 9 5 1 comment 7329084 Ego arc lithium battery powered portable 110V inverter? 2018-07-17T15:55:50Z 2016-10-10T01:55:24Z Deleted spark_lawns I would love to be able to use my 7.5ah ego battery to power my corded tools that maybe ego will not get into the market for. Any chance you guys would make a portable 500watt portable inverter compatible with your lithium batteries for on the go power? idea pending 15 16 14 comment 7764195 56V E GO Lawnmower showing red light, and seems to be runnjng too fast 2018-07-17T15:10:30Z 2018-07-14T19:54:25Z Richard Scott richard_scott_e4wo6r2dmoi3z I was mowing high grass, the amber light came on and I eased up, but kept cutting. Every thing seemed fine,and as i mowed the amber light came on and did not go out, Even after stopping the machine, the light came right on. Then the light went red and sound of the moter speeded up quite a bit! It just didn/t sound right, and shut it off and asked here. problem remove_later remove_later active 2 3 1 comment