Topics in EGO POWER+ 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 2347 1281 288 361 0 49 7831105 Pferd 17300 CS-X Chain Sharp Filing Guide - 5/32" 2018-12-18T15:06:24Z 2018-12-18T15:06:24Z Andrew Jackson Cheung andrew_jackson_cheung Would&nbsp;Pferd 17300 CS-X Chain Sharp Filing Guide - 5/32" work for Ego&nbsp;POWER+ 16" CHAIN SAW (CS1600)? Thanks in advance! question 0 1 1 create 7831089 Snowblower suggestion 2018-12-18T14:46:28Z 2018-12-18T14:35:04Z Robert Andersen robert_andersen_8pax895pkgqzl Just received the snowblower.. living on Canada's North-East coast (Labrador), we measure snow in feet and meters, not inches or centimeters. Discovered immediately that the snowblower relies on a solid footing on which to 'roll', next to useless on 'snow', like trying to push an 80 pound baby around in a stroller on snow. Within 2 hours I had removed the wheels and replaced with a set of home made wooden 'runners' on which the snowblower slides on top of the snow. Ego should consider a set of skis that can be used in place of the wheels. idea 3 3 1 comment 7830054 Snow Blower Praise 2018-12-17T00:05:35Z 2018-12-15T18:07:38Z J. G. j_g_fbsm45hf4shn On Sunday, December 9, 2018, in North Carolina we received 14" of snow. I was not sure my 3-year-old Snow Blower could handle it, as the snow was as tall as the blower. Thank goodness I did not need the headlights. The areas to be blown were: a flat north-facing tarmac 28' x 38' (part of it) and a 6% grade driveway 14' x 205' (all of it). At 75 years old, I was not sure I could do it, but I gave it a go. <p alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="">The first swath I made was difficult (almost 38'). I pushed the blower about 6 inches, pulled it back, pushed another 6", pulled it back, pushed another 6", etc. etc. etc. to the end. Next, I pulled the blower to the beginning, and was able to nip 5" off the right side of the swath without stopping. I pulled it back and took off another 5". I continued this process until the swath was wide enough for me to turn around and go in the opposite direction nipping off another 5" back to the beginning. While I had to walk farther (good exercise) using this process, I could blow the snow without stopping. After a short rest, I did the same procedure going up the driveway. Since the blower is NOT self-propelled, I had to drag the blower back up each time. In this way, I used gravity while nipping off 5 inches on each course.<br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /></p> <p alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="">I LOVE my EGO Snow Blower.&nbsp; It performs admirably. Kudos! ! ! The only thing better would be a Self-Propelled Snow Blower. Fingers crossed.</p><p alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value=""><b><img src="" title="Image:" /></b><br /></p> <br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /> praise 12 4 6 comment 7407450 Shock from blower 2018-12-16T12:28:39Z 2016-12-26T14:37:48Z Warren Bobinski warren_bobinski_jeo6lwgg089lk I get a shock from the handle. problem complete 48 21 9 comment 7830050 Able to buy LM2142SP mower without the batteries? 2018-12-16T03:01:48Z 2018-12-15T17:54:58Z murpbrad bradey_ku3z39bip22cl I'm looking at buying a snowblower, mower, and multi-head system. I only want two 7.5ah batteries and one charger, so I'm trying to figure out the best way to purchase everything. I was planning on getting the SNT2103 since it has the 7.5ah batteries, then just getting the bare tools for the mower and multi-head. But, I'm not finding a way to get the bare tool mower that comes as part of the LM2142SP kit. I don't want to buy the SNT2100 and the LM2142SP because it has the 5.0ah batteries. Does anyone know if I can get that mower (dual-battery) without having to purchase the two 5.0ah batteries with it? <br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /><br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" />Thanks. question active 5 6 1 comment 7829776 I would love Ego to make a "Power Shovel" to clear carports, decks etc. I have a Toro now that is falling a part. 2018-12-15T15:54:48Z 2018-12-14T20:17:33Z Valerie Morrison valerie_morrison Ego Wish List idea pending 5 4 2 comment 7829213 Ego 21" SP built tough ... Surprisingly tough 2018-12-13T16:16:04Z 2018-12-13T14:39:07Z Luis Patino luis_patino_8vlip2rmj3pbq Just a quick story I've been meaning to post. About a month ago while heading over to mow my sister's yard, my tailgate opened and needless to say when I saw my mower roll out the back and go flying my heart fell. Luckily there was no one behind me when i was going close to 30 mph. I pulled over expecting to find a wheel(s) broken off, bent... Or worse the mower would just not work anymore. But allas the only thing that broke off was a small plastic cover over the handle hinge where the machine folds. I'll take it. Used it the rest of the season without a hitch. Even the self propel which i don't normally use still works like a champ. Even though this mower was over 3x more than my old gas one... At least it grew my faith that it will last. praise 4 4 4 comment 7820168 Is it just my slow blower that sucks if the snow is a little wet? 2018-12-13T14:33:56Z 2018-11-20T17:37:34Z Wil Resto wil_resto Is it just my slow blower that sucks if the snow is a little wet? Seems to be find in power snow. In the northeast (CT) we tend to sometimes get snow and ice, this snow blower then becomes useless. question active 38 13 1 comment 7827615 Ego Batteries 2018-12-12T14:51:00Z 2018-12-09T20:14:54Z Chris Huber chris_huber_1i6tfttps5dw7 I have no Ego products yet.&nbsp; Id like to get the string trimmer, 575 blower and hedge trimmers.&nbsp; Question about batteries.&nbsp; Is the 5 Ah battery much more heavy than the 2.5?&nbsp; Meaning, would using a 5Ah in the hedge trimmers be lopsided or to heavy?&nbsp; Would using 2x 2.5Ah in things like the string trimmer and hedge trimmers be the best if you needed longer run time? question active 7 7 1 comment 7828100 Small Black Plastic Circular Piece in Lawn Mower Packaging 2018-12-11T20:16:02Z 2018-12-11T01:27:44Z Chris chris_kfa08mw8yhes2 I just purchased the&nbsp;21 in. 56-Volt Lith-ion Electric Cordless Poly Deck Dual-Port Self Propelled Walk Behind Mower 2X 5.0Ah Batteries ( peak performance). &nbsp;While I was unboxing the mower a small oval/circular plastic piece remained in the box. &nbsp;The lawnmower works fine. &nbsp; &nbsp;I'm concerned this small piece belongs somewhere. &nbsp;All the packaging is cardboard. &nbsp; Did anyone find this piece while unboxing? &nbsp; I'm tempted to return it to Home Depot and get a fresh one just in case. question complete 5 16 4 comment 7828097 580 Blower 2018-12-11T15:06:59Z 2018-12-11T01:21:26Z Chris Huber chris_huber_1i6tfttps5dw7 I've seen a youtube video on the throttle knob and how it's got it's own built in switch and you can set a static rate blow with it.&nbsp; I know about the turbo button up top, for an immediate full speed blast.&nbsp; What does the trigger do?&nbsp; Can it act as a variable speed for when you need a job that requires varying up speeds at many different times? question active 8 4 1 comment 7827609 New Snowblower not starting 2018-12-10T18:57:32Z 2018-12-09T19:37:07Z Dzuy Than dzuy_than The batteries are charged and after following the 4 instructions to start the blower, nothing happens. Going to return to Home Depot. And hopefully get an exchange or refund. problem active 12 8 1 comment 7827867 Convertible Vacuum. Why Not? 2018-12-10T17:19:07Z 2018-12-10T14:59:32Z Jeff jeff_j5ve9tgkb5643 I have the ego chainsaw 14” and so far I absolutely love it. I would like to suggest a vacuum that can be converted from a shop style vacuum to a backpack vacuum. I have been trying to find a cordless vacuum just for dusting around the house with a hose and brush nozzle. I have been using a corded vacuum that gets in the way, the cord gets hung up, or I have to pick it up to get to high places. Sure I could get a longer hose but that will just cause more problems. <br /> Anything like that would be pretty nice. The downside would be people wanting to borrow it. idea pending 3 3 1 comment 7818883 Any chance EGO can add an edger attachment for the string trimmer? 2018-12-10T15:00:46Z 2018-11-17T07:26:34Z incognito james_lee_ejea77aygdh4p This would make edging so much easier.&nbsp; (yes, I know there is a separate edger by EGO, but I don't need another equipment when this add-on can suffice). <br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /><br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" />This is the edgit pro for the echo trimmer. We need this!<br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /><br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /><br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /><img alt="" name="" rel="" src="" target="" title="Image httpsd2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnets3_images1762722RackMultipart20181117-38616-1owsw61-Capture_inlineJPG1542439425" type="" value="" /><br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /> idea pending 10 4 1 comment 7801072 Love the Ego Nexus , 12v Cigarette lighter adapter Next ? 2018-12-10T03:30:14Z 2018-10-06T02:00:38Z Shaun shaun_3zzbxcwywllxi Would be great to see this next up in the future , honestly I think a 12v socket will be pretty useful given the hundreds of devices and adapters already out there. I currently use my ego nexus to power a portable fridge , which has both a 12v and a 120v ac input. I’m sure the dc to ac to dc is causing some power loss and drop in runtime. Would be great to see a EGO to 12V adapter with and output of 150-200 watts. idea pending 6 4 5 comment