Topics in EGO POWER+ 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 2722 1486 327 443 0 58 7919870 Where can I purchase a replacement oil tank cap for the pole saw attachment? 2019-08-25T20:35:56Z 2019-08-23T12:54:42Z don M don_m_6bb1y46dlxb9c I broke the oil tank cap on my pole saw attachment and am looking to buy a replacement but haven't been able to find one.&nbsp; Any suggestions where I can buy one? question 11 7 1 comment 7917972 power 15" string trimmer 2019-08-25T18:14:46Z 2019-08-17T18:02:30Z Robert W Salthouse robert_w_salthouse Cannot get the automatic line loader to work. Have carefully read the instructions, looked at videos on youtube, but pressing the rewind button doesn't pull the string in. The motor sounds and looks like it's working but the string doesn't wind onto the spool. Unit is new. problem active 10 5 1 comment 7920197 Self propelled feature stuck in turtle mode 2019-08-25T00:18:39Z 2019-08-24T15:56:10Z Doug Dinger doug_dinger I move the throttle into rabbit mode, but it stays going the slowest speed. Does anybody have an idea of what is wrong? It's under warranty, but read horror stories. I am good at fixing stuff, but where do you buy replacement parts? problem 7 3 1 comment 7873116 Refurbished (lack of) Warranty worth the savings? 2019-08-25T00:17:03Z 2019-04-09T03:19:28Z Tae Cooke tae_cooke After a successful winter with EGO, I'm ready to buy a mower. Checking HD, I see they have refurbished 7.5Ah kits for the 21" SP mower for $350. The kit new costs $500, so a savings of $150. Cool. BUT! Refurbished only comes with a 1 year warranty on everything.<br /><br />I'm looking for opinions on whether the $150 savings is worth 4 years of warranty service on the mower and 2 years service on the battery. Reading other posts here implies that the self-propel feature is prone to problems. question complete 42 12 1 comment 7881322 Mower won’t start 2019-08-24T23:04:33Z 2019-05-01T22:26:55Z Bob Jobe bob_jobe Got done mowing my front lawn, went to the back and the mower wouldn’t start. Checked battery. Fine. Switched batteries. Nothing. Let mower chill for the evening because I was over it. <br /> Now. Checked under it, nothing blocking the blade. No build up anywhere actually, keep it clean. Have checked all latches and levers and they’re all in place as they should be. No error lights on the mower or any of the batteries. Have tried folding it up and resetting all the patches essentially. Bail bar still clicks when power button is depressed and then pulled. Customer service still isn’t answering. Been an all day event (called at 8am and they still haven’t called back). problem customer_service customer_service, remove_later complete 22 17 8 comment 7879959 Rapid Flashing Yellow Light 2019-08-24T21:52:11Z 2019-04-27T17:58:40Z Erica Bertschi-Pallaron erica_bertschi_pallaron 10 Second yellow flashing light, then flashing yellow, green and red light.&nbsp; Batteries are fully charged.&nbsp; The batteries work on other EGO products so don't think it's a battery issue.&nbsp; Any ideas/suggestions? problem 6 5 2 comment 7885280 Rapid charger stays in 25% 2019-08-24T21:20:19Z 2019-05-13T18:44:48Z Edwin Medina edwin_medina_azj0pnncmtke Rapid charger stays in 25% and doesn't charge the batteries. problem customer_service customer_service, remove_later active 5 5 1 comment 7920211 Two Recommendations: Lights and Bluetooth Speaker 2019-08-24T17:23:00Z 2019-08-24T17:08:27Z Wish wish_aiags39mgms73 I have the blower and lawn mower and love them.&nbsp; When not using these items it would be great to re-purpose the battery for items such as a LED light (use for camping or during a storm).&nbsp; &nbsp;Second thought is a Bluetooth speaker. idea 1 2 1 comment 7919963 green lights on charger but battery dies 2019-08-24T12:58:15Z 2019-08-23T17:26:23Z pj pam_johnson_ah6sbxghcrbod battery dies after less then 15 minutes even though charger is at 100%. Just bought these in April . problem 10 6 1 comment 7919661 storing battery after use 2019-08-22T23:21:53Z 2019-08-22T19:48:32Z ed ed_32ib38zba54fv Should the string trimmer battery be stored between uses fully charged or stored as is then charged before next us in 2-3 weeks or winter 3 months. question 5 4 1 comment 7918525 AH1500 Bump Head : line only feeding on one side 2019-08-22T15:19:32Z 2019-08-19T20:18:04Z 356V 356v <p alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="">After a couple of months of use, the AH1500 bump head on my ST1500SF trimmer started feeding only one end of the line.&nbsp; This is with new 0.095" round line (or hex line).&nbsp; EGO sent me a replacement under warranty.&nbsp; The replacement bump head, after a few more months of use, started having the same problem. After winding on a new line, without touching or bumping the head to the ground, just running the motor, the string on one end starts disappearing.&nbsp; After another month of use, both ends of the line disappear (again, without bumping the head at all), so it's completely useless. </p> <p alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="">&nbsp;There is no debris in the head assembly, and it has less than 10 hours of use. Any ideas on what's going on? </p> <p alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="">&nbsp;EGO support indicates there is a new bump head model AH1530, but the warranty for the original was only for 30 days.The older bump head is not even available at H.D. online.<br /></p> <br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /> problem active 17 4 2 comment 7919400 Front Shaft seems to be disconnected 2019-08-22T13:00:01Z 2019-08-22T02:32:08Z S. Kaza s_kaza The shaft for the front wheels spins freely, resulting in it always dropping to the lowest position, and the mower "diving" into the lawn and the blades scalping the grass to the ground. The only way to keep the blades from scalping the lawn is by pushing down on the handle and lifting the front end of the mower while you push the mower. But this is no way to cut a lawn. Before I unscrew the front shaft and look at it, I wonder if anybody else has had this problem? problem 1 5 1 comment 7908737 Determining when a battery is still good 2019-08-22T01:49:51Z 2019-07-20T17:18:41Z John john_curtis_7950698 I have a slightly over 3yr old 2.0 AH. I put it on the rapid charger this morning to recharge it as it had been awhile since I had used it. It started out like it was going to charge, as the green light came on and the fan also came on. After just a couple of seconds, one of the lights on the charger changed to red, the fan stopped and then the battery light also started blinking red. It charged my other batteries fine. Is this a sign the battery has gone bad? question active 5 4 1 comment 7917662 Trimmers - Rear motor, power head, carbon body , standard non-carbon 2019-08-21T16:42:28Z 2019-08-16T13:58:22Z Jason135 jason_so Hi Ego guys,&nbsp;<br />Is there a site or area that can easily explain the difference of the 4?&nbsp;<br />What's the main difference between the Rear motor and power head?&nbsp;<br />- I already know the power head can switch attachments. But is there any additional benefits to the rear motor? I have a Stihl FS55R and only use 1/2 the power. But it's nice having that extra torque when i'm edging or going through thick weeds.&nbsp;<br />- Also, do all your trimmers rotate cut clockwise?&nbsp;<br /><br />I asked the other types just because I'm sure others would want to hear an official response.&nbsp; question active 40 6 1 comment 7890819 Nexus Escape - Compatibility? fun stuff to do? 2019-08-21T13:12:41Z 2019-05-29T20:01:01Z Gut gut_dub42y9qyey92 Hello all,<br /><br />I just bought a Nexus Escape, considering that I am the proud owner of 4 ego batteries, I thought why not?&nbsp; But now I want to find out if anyone has any kind of general compatibility list / great ideas / etc that works with this device?&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /><br />For instance, I tried <br /><br />- TVs (couldn't get anything more than 30 inch to work, but maybe because they are older flat screen tvs.&nbsp; Any TV specs / max specs that anyone has gotten to work on this?)<br /><br />- Speakers (Works well with my small computer speakers, does anyone have any really large speakers / subwoofers they can vouch works with this?)<br /><br />- Fans (all of my fans -except- for USB fans worked in very weird ways, either they made really loud noises or they simply worked much less efficiently.&nbsp; After digging I found out that a lot of 'motor' based items won't function 100% properly.&nbsp; Anyone have any fans or fan specs that work well with this?&nbsp; I'm afraid I'll be stuck with using USB fans for now)<br /><br />- Laptop (works as advertised, but I'm not sure if this thing can power a high demand gaming laptop yet)<br /><br />With that out of the way, does anyone have any cool uses for this that work really well?&nbsp; For instance, are there any low power draw cooking devices that would really shine with this for camping / power outages?&nbsp; (I'm thinking small rice cookers or induction cookers) Any neat or weird things that work with this would be nice!<br /><br />I just want more excuses to play with my Nexus, honestly.&nbsp; Thanks everyone! question active 5 3 1 comment