Topics in Gainsight 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 4788 1341 2400 560 0 580 7767106 Notfications should be sent from a system account, but not from personal email alias 2018-07-23T13:15:32Z 2018-07-21T07:25:12Z Hardik Mota hardik_mota Hi Team,<br /><br />One of my customer from company (Forge Rock) is looking for a feature where Gainisght would send the notifications alerts (Ex: assigning of CTA,etc) under its own alias (Eg: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>).&nbsp;<br /><br /><b><i>Current Design</i></b><i> </i>: If the user enables the notifications, then scheduler jobs will take that user into consideration and notifications are sent from that particular user's email alias.&nbsp;<br /><br /><b><i>Expected Design</i></b> : Notifications (like CTA assignments or anything defined within notifications) should be sent from a system account and not as the person that enabled the notifications.<br /><br /><b><i>Alternative </i></b>: We thought to create new and valid login credentials (Ex: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>) and enable notifications with that user to get notifications from the expected email alias (Ex: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>). But it seems to be bit backward and a waste of a license.&nbsp;<br /><br />Could you please consider this as an feature request (or) let us know if there is any alternative to achieve my client's requirement? idea 2 3 2 comment 7682261 Reporting on amount of time in CTA Statuses 2018-07-23T13:08:50Z 2018-02-06T18:39:49Z Heather Hansen heather_hansen_7336775 We're coming across a need to be able to report on how long CTAs stay in statuses.&nbsp; For example, we populate CTAs with New.&nbsp; We'd like to be able to report on how long it stays in New before it is moved to another status by the CSM. Same with any subsequent moves.&nbsp;&nbsp; question complete 6 7 3 comment 7766115 Zero displaying as blank in report/ dashboard 2018-07-23T12:35:31Z 2018-07-19T01:22:32Z Pele pele_d99cjrxet07ej I have a tabular report where a numeric field is being aggregated to show the average of values. If the average equals 0, the report displays a blank cell– in my case, the average of two values {0,0} = 0. The same happens if I choose any of the other aggregation methods if, in fact, all values in the set equal 0. <br /><br />It'd be helpful if the report displayed a 0, instead of a blank. Blank looks like there isn't data when there really is data– the values just all happen to be zeros.&nbsp;<br /><br />I did see a similar thread <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">here</a>, but I think this scenario is a bit different in that there are values populated on the records. i.e. I don't think this is a case where there's an absence of data, but I could just be being dense&nbsp; ̄\_(ツ)_/ ̄ problem 1 4 1 comment 7747434 c360 recent accounts 2018-07-23T11:26:07Z 2018-06-08T18:00:08Z Angela Domenichelli angela_domenichelli As a CSM I need to see the most recently accessed accounts when I open my c360 so I can resume work quickly after re-launching my browser. idea 3 4 4 comment 7760597 G360 Enable/Disable Scrolling page option 2018-07-23T10:47:30Z 2018-07-06T18:11:15Z Anthony Sabato anthony_sabato_6svz5192rnjfh I would love to have the scroll enable option on the G360 page much like what is on other 360 pages.&nbsp; idea 1 3 1 comment 7765350 Copy all emails from Contacts widget 2018-07-23T10:35:46Z 2018-07-17T15:17:06Z Megan Ross megan_ross_8ls08k7v4a9xq It would be great if on the Contacts widget we could have a button that would copy all the email addresses in the list to our clipboard so we could then go easily paste it to an email. Currently, we have to copy and past each email address individually which is quite time consuming. idea 1 3 2 comment 7743695 Is there a plan to add more objects besides Account and Customer Info to the Attributes section of C360? 2018-07-22T17:26:19Z 2018-05-31T21:17:30Z Ky Powell ky_loge Right now, I am only able to add fields to the C360 page that are from the account or customer info objects. This is really limiting and in turn requires the team to go back to SFDC for certain pertinent information. I can't rely on putting everything into an embedded report. Is there a plan to allow you to add more fields outside of these two objects? idea not_in_scope not_in_scope 9 6 5 comment 7766028 History on relationships 2018-07-21T01:59:20Z 2018-07-18T21:37:10Z Ana Costa ana_costa_8p19bxb3z49kt Hello :),&nbsp;<br /><br />Does anyone know if in GS we can report on Relationships history, i.e." Last modified by" similarly to what we have in SFDC where you either track a field or report on it?&nbsp;<br /><br />Regards,&nbsp;<br /><br />Ana Costa&nbsp; question 1 2 1 comment 7755109 How do you run your red account/risk customer calls? 2018-07-21T01:49:51Z 2018-06-25T16:08:34Z Colin Burns colin_burns_8001402 For your red account/risk customer program, who runs it? Is it run by Success, run by Operations/Finance, run by Sales?<br /><br />What level owns it?<br /><br />Do you run it it via the Cockpit or a Gainsight dashboard?<br /><br />Just curious how others run theirs. question active 3 6 2 comment 7687419 MDA field on c360 Attributes section 2018-07-21T01:43:51Z 2018-02-14T23:25:46Z Tom Gerth tom_gerth I have a customer who needs to be able to use and edit MDA fields in the C360 Attributes section.&nbsp; The customer has a fairly arduous internal process for getting fields added in Salesforce and so the ability to just edit MDA fields in the C360 would make internal processes much easier to manage.<br /><br />Is there any plan to add this feature in the future? idea pending 5 7 7 comment 7765454 Can we make tags for customers more lightweight to configure? 2018-07-21T01:38:13Z 2018-07-17T18:09:25Z Scotty scotty_loewen I have to essentially pass a bill through congress to get a salesforce superuser to change anything, like new fields for success plans. The same is true for customer tags:&nbsp;<br /><br /><a href="" rel="nofollow" title="Link:"></a><br /><br />It would be nice if this was configurable in the Gainsight admin. It would be even better if tags could just be invented by users on the fly and groomable by the admin.&nbsp;<br /><br />We are trying to quickly label a specific set of customers but don't have a tag for it. By the time my salesforce admin can make the tag the need. We are going to work around this by having folks make CTAs that have a specific name and reporting on that.&nbsp; idea pending 3 5 3 comment 7766948 Notification for Failed Outreaches 2018-07-20T21:58:26Z 2018-07-20T20:23:56Z Faust Belarmino faust_belarmino I know that we can add an email every time an outreach runs.. but is there a way to receive a notification if an outreach fails to run? question 1 2 1 comment 6777771 Ability to CC/BCC contacts on CoPilot outreach 2018-07-20T21:43:27Z 2015-09-14T20:56:37Z Chris Beaven chris_beaven I've heard a few customers ask about the possibility to CC or BCC internal contacts on a CoPilot outreach. The CC/BCC could be a specific email address, or a dynamic field (e.g. the CSM for the account). This could be used for internal notifications when a campaign takes place. idea pending 34 37 25 comment 7765352 Same measure, multiple scorecards 2018-07-20T21:37:53Z 2018-07-17T15:20:51Z Jeff Kirkpatrick jeff_kirkpatrick Does anyone know if there is a way to comingle values for score measures that exist in two different scorecards into the same report?<br /><br />I have a CSM Sentiment score that now lives in two scorecards.&nbsp; &nbsp;It seems redundant to have to create two different reports to identify accounts where the CSM Sentiment is set.&nbsp; Hoping someone has found another way. question complete 8 4 2 comment 7766924 Increasing the Number of Allowed Custom Field Attributes in Advanced Outreaches? 2018-07-20T21:35:22Z 2018-07-20T19:15:28Z Calvin Multanen calvin_multanen Hi there,&nbsp;<br /><br />Are there any plans to increase the number of custom field attributes in Advanced Outreaches? Right now you can only add 3 integers, 6 strings, etc.&nbsp;<br /><br />I've been using AO to send out internal emails of recent NPS and implementation survey responses and details. This involves mapping question responses/comments to custom attributes so that I can then map them to tokens in the email templates.&nbsp;<br /><br />The current limitation on the number of custom mappings allowed has created cases where I'm mapping responses/scores to standard fields like "Last Name", "First Name", "Sender First Name", etc. <br /><br />It works but does look a little silly and could be confusing to another admin or AO user. It would be nice if the custom attribute limit was increased or at least the ability to customize the existing standard attributes. idea 5 6 3 comment