Topics in Gapminder 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 1161 531 266 287 0 571 7866203 On the site when it says that a family lives in a 3 room home, do you mean 3 bedrooms or three rooms? 2019-03-19T22:33:59Z 2019-03-19T22:33:59Z Theresa theresa_jgr43gixjscnd I teach Spanish and use this wonderful site to talk about homes and families. It is wonderful for breaking stereotypes. But some of the home descriptions say for example "three rooms" and others specify bedrooms. <br /><br /> I look forward to your response. question 0 1 1 create room versus bedrooms 7865375 monthly food costs $2.250 - seems too much 2019-03-17T17:14:36Z 2019-03-17T17:14:36Z Ákos Török _kos_t_r_k is this surely okay? <br /> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <br /> income $3750/mo., and "food supplies from the market which costs them around 60% of their income" = $2.250 <br /> seems enermous problem 0 1 1 create mistyped data maybe decimal shift or year vs month bug 6972823 What happened to Taiwan? It used to be included. 2019-03-17T04:03:26Z 2016-04-07T01:49:46Z Niall Birtwell niall_birtwell question 24 9 2 comment 7864784 Stuck on home page 2019-03-15T16:56:00Z 2019-03-15T14:16:44Z Susan Murdock susan_murdock_hqy105ayx6qk5 My students are unable to click on a family. It returns to the home page. They also can't choose certain countries to view. It returns to "The World." Everything worked fine yesterday. problem 2 2 1 comment 7775345 Indicators that show the destruction of our planet 2019-03-13T05:32:06Z 2018-08-08T17:17:28Z Miguel Vela miguel_vela It is really nice to see how data in Gapminder shows the progress of humanity. But if, instead of focusing so much on our species, we start adding indicators to evaluate how the planet as a whole is doing, I bet there will be less reason for celebration. Good indicators: global healthy coral reefs area, global rain-forest area, number of extinct species per year, amount of global warming gas in the atmosphere, amount of plastic in the ocean, number of mammals/birds living in the wild vs number of mammals/birds living in cages, land area in the hands of multinational companies vs protected land areas... I can continue, but think that I made my point. <br /> It would also be interesting, in order to understand why this is always going to worse, to add indicators that show peoples awareness and concern with these subjects. idea 11 5 6 comment 7860362 Freeman family In Georgia, US lives on $994 per month in a 4 bedroom home.?? Really - who pays the property taxes? Rent?? It doesn’t add up. 2019-03-06T17:06:31Z 2019-03-03T18:10:49Z Randy El randy_el Freeman family In Georgia, US lives on $994 per month in a 4 bedroom home.?? Really - who pays the property taxes? Rent?? That figure doesn’t add up. problem 1 2 1 comment 5554744 Human Development Trends has disappeared? 2019-03-06T16:24:35Z 2013-08-13T18:14:20Z Chrisu Ruth chrisu_ruth I used to show my students the Human Development Trends 2005 in the human geography course, but now I cant find it anymore and the download isn ́t working. Am I doing something wrong? question 2 3 1 comment 7858214 Number of electric cars AND number of flights (arrivals and departures). 2019-02-25T20:30:04Z 2019-02-25T20:30:04Z David Karlström david_karlstr_m As the title says :) If these are already indicators please look the other way. <br /><br /> /David <br /><br /> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> idea 0 1 1 create energy, transportation, cars, flights 7856815 Width of labels 2019-02-21T16:57:39Z 2019-02-21T16:57:39Z Ivan Balderas ivan_balderas Can you set the width of the labels? In some graphs such as Trends or Ranks, the labels are not displayed complete. question 0 1 1 create 1044418 Load My Data 2019-02-19T23:45:10Z 2010-05-12T22:29:15Z Tom tom_1048579 Sure would be great if I could load my own data into GM Desktop. It looks like it's all set, the google sheets are just protected. I deal in micro-level economics and its a shame I can't unlock this beautiful tool. idea 6 10 13 comment 3068925 Slowing diffusion of gapminder - why no iPad/IPhone/Android app? 2019-02-19T23:42:45Z 2011-10-26T12:42:57Z Carl carl_nelson_2998834 An iPad app is an important part of disseminating "gapminder". iPad is one of the easy to adopt display mediums that key infulencers and decision markers are using outside the classroom and in their day to day lives where they can readily share gapminder info with those they influence. <br /><br /> Making the world of gapminder available on the medium defuses the "device wars" issues and keeps the data (the messages of gapminder) as more important than the medium/device. <strong>Why is there not an iPad app?</strong> question 2 4 5 comment 7535839 Expected time format. 2019-02-19T23:38:16Z 2017-06-12T09:13:20Z Anirudh Nagoji anirudh_nagoji Hi, <br /><br /> I have downloaded Gapminder Offline tool, however when I load .csv file with below Time-value formats, I am getting error message "The expected time format is like "2017", but found "2017Q1". " <br /><br /> Time-value formats that I tried <br /> ◦ Month, day and year – 08152008 <br /> ◦ Week number – Example: ‘2008W03’. <br /> ◦ Quarter – Example: ‘2008Q3’. <br /><br /> Also there is a note "Choose a different time format in "additional options" during the import, or stick to the expected one: "2017".". Screenshot is attached. <br /><br /> Can you please assist how and where I can chage the date format. <br /><br /> Regards, <br /> Anirudh <br /><br /> <a href="" rel="nofollow"><img alt="" src="" /></a> question 2 3 1 comment 7855866 factfulness questions 2019-02-19T14:39:12Z 2019-02-19T14:39:12Z Heinrich Zankl heinrich_zankl Hallo, <br /> I red the very interesting book factfulness. I was surprised about the great differences in the percentage of right answers to the 13 questions. For example, in question Nr.1,3 and 9 Sweden had the best percentage values. But in question 4,5,8,10,11 the swedish results were very low. Such great differences can be seen for several countries. Do you have any explanation for these unexpected variations? <br /> I hope you can give me an answer. <br /> Thank you in advance. <br /> With best regards <br /> Heinrich Zankl question 0 1 1 create 7853310 Scaling of Y-Axis for meaningful comparison 2019-02-12T16:27:12Z 2019-02-12T13:23:19Z Julian Berger julian_berger Dear all, when I am trying to plot income distribution I can`t scale the y-axis which basically gives flat lines at the bottom for countries with low population, which makes it almost impossible to compare to small countries in a meaningfull way (no stacking applied). Am I overlooking something here? Thx, Julian question 4 2 1 comment scaling 7852378 Color and Number of entries in Gapminder Offline 2019-02-09T18:06:17Z 2019-02-09T18:06:17Z Ken W ken_w_fkqac7x3ku5ru I am having an issue where it appears that adding any more entries results in the inability to assign colors to specific bubbles. For example, I currently have 31 cells down. 1 cell is label, 10 actual entries with 3 indicators per entry. I have no issues assigning a specific color to each bubble. <br /><br /> Once I try to add my 11th entry, I am unable to assign any color to individual bubbles. Is this a known issue? It does not seem to matter what my 11th entry is, it just gives me a single dropdown box and no ability to assign. problem 0 2 1 create problem color assignment