Topics in Gapminder 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 1133 521 264 271 0 562 7827579 Can't find country - Taiwan 2018-12-09T17:14:41Z 2018-12-09T17:11:11Z DCMA Tsai dcma_tsai I'm very sad. I can't find my country on your website. <br /> My country is Taiwan. Would you please help to add Taiwan to your site? <br /> Thanks <br /><br /> BR <br /> Dylan problem 1 2 1 comment 7825517 False translation/wrong definition of education level / primary completion in Norwegian translation of "Factfullness" , Cappelen Damm 2018 2018-12-05T15:19:14Z 2018-12-04T13:26:09Z valnes ko valnes_ko In the book which is published in Norway by Cappelen Damm in 2018, translate av Mette- Cathrine Jahr I find translator bias/error related to fact question 1 "« Hvor stor andel av alle jenter i lavinntektsland fullfører i dag grunnskole». Right answer is according to authors 60%, and they refers to source from World bank (3) "Primary completion rate, female ( % of relevant age group)." <br /><br /> My daughter , who studied Human Rigths in Sweden ( Lund university) is made me observant to this false fact. After riding of report it is clear that primary equals not "grunnskole" but "mellomtrinnet" i Norway , i.e. lower to the age of 12 -13, or first 6-7 grades. It is similier for other lands to, I think, where is basic education collected in "one schoole", for the most obligatory. And consequently wil lower and uper secondary equals " ungdoms" og "videregående" skole in Norway. <br /><br /> This fact bias/error can mislead many other readers, as me, to give wrong answer. And more importantly to get false fact. <br /><br /> And fact is that unfortunetly still not 63 % av girls in rural countries complet full basic education ( "grunnskole"). Exact percantage is round 38 % for girls and 45 % for boys according to UN women. <br /><br /> I wil også kindly suggest that authors better define educational level befor they ask question , according to ISCED UNESCO standards. Not only for translations , but more for schoole systems issues/ differences over the world. <br /><br /> I hope that wil made this wonderfull work even more facts correct. <br /><br /> Best regards <br /> Aleksandar Kondic , faithfull follower <br /><br /> e mail: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> problem 1 2 1 comment 7825582 add Taiwan to the list of country 2018-12-04T16:21:44Z 2018-12-04T16:04:06Z Albert Lee albert_lee_bz5rwcvv3jkch idea 1 2 1 comment 7823698 Age diagrams by gender? 2018-11-29T15:38:23Z 2018-11-29T15:38:23Z Kevin Hava kevin_hava Is there a way to display age diagrams with genders separate, to make a pyramid? Using it in my classroom last year there was a way to do this, but I am not seeing it now. Thanks. question 0 1 1 create 7821993 Crowd Sourced / User Data Set Repository 2018-11-29T11:04:46Z 2018-11-26T01:17:42Z Peter Ciurea peter_ciurea Now that Gapminder accommodates loading data sets in it's desktop version, you should consider hosting a place on your site where users that have prepared their datasets successfully could upload and share them with the community. <br /> Obviously, some rules would be needed: <br /> - ownership claim - no data which is not free to share <br /> - listing an original source <br /> - brief description of user edits original vs source (value rename rules, transformations, sums , deletions etc) <br /> -agree to use of user edits by others <br /><br /> Also, by having this capability, other institutions of companies can choose to partner with you and also contribute data sets. idea 1 2 1 comment 7820018 Personality traits across countries and between men and women 2018-11-24T15:52:15Z 2018-11-20T10:56:23Z Frida frida_9mw9evq12n6sk There are many people who like to show on differences between men and women and how these make women more sutable for certain professions/tast and men more suitable for others. <br /><br /> This study has been mentioned. But I wonder how the data would look if it was spread out over all the respondants instead of comparing the average responding woman/men. Would there really be clear differences or more of men/women overlapping? <br /><br /> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> idea 2 2 1 comment gender, personality traits, equality 7820327 The saved lines graphs can not be loaded on Gapminder tools offline 2018-11-21T01:10:26Z 2018-11-21T01:10:26Z S Ren s_ren_kj1t4ygl8dqn2 Hi, when I saved one of your line graphs using my own data then I can not load it again - it doesn't show anything at all when I click to this file. <br /> Could you please fix it? problem 0 1 1 create 7817918 Great Britan missing form the list of countries 2018-11-15T15:43:56Z 2018-11-14T20:59:02Z Richard Patton richard_patton_7633841 Neither England, Scotland, Wales are in your list of countries. I cannot find even Great Britan. What is the secret? question 1 2 1 comment 7817043 Quispe probably, not Guispe 2018-11-13T13:39:51Z 2018-11-13T00:46:46Z Yama Ploskonka yama_ploskonka you list a "Guispe de Tenorio" family in Ayacucho, Peru. Possible, but never heard a "Guispe" last name. However, "Quispe" is very, very common. I dare believe you have a typo... <br /> Also, it would be Nice it were easier to help in fixing errors..., had to hunt all over before finding this form. OTOH, you do not require me to lose my privacy, that is Good. Nope, I have to log in. gah. let's see, might just give up and go catch flies. problem 1 2 1 comment 7816999 Country-bubbles are not shown, and categories can't be selected 2018-11-13T11:29:10Z 2018-11-12T22:18:36Z Matthias Mahrer matthias_mahrer The latest version of the Firefox web browser on Windows does not work properly with the gapminder tool. The interaction tools are not working by mouse click, only by touch. I am using a Lenovo Thinpad Yoga370. <br /> - Click on the bubble (countries) does not really work. The country-bubble can not be selected and the name of the country is not shown. <br /> - Only few indicators can be selected on the axis. I can't open the folders. problem 2 2 1 comment 7816279 Lock-lines moving on demographic pyramide 2018-11-12T11:02:09Z 2018-11-10T20:28:40Z bolette friderichsen bolette_friderichsen Dear Gapminder <br /> While looking at "Population by age" I had great joy finding out that I could lock the schemes by a certain year. For instance: Denmark 2018, locked, and then moving the curser to fx 2033 to se the changes. But when I released the curser, the lock-lines moved slightly. Not much, but enough so that one could doubt the reliability. Why is that so? Best wishes and keep up the good work. Bolette Friderichsen <br /> <a href="" rel="nofollow"><img alt="" src="" /></a> problem 1 2 1 comment 7815194 The freeman family in the Georgia, USA is living on an income much higher than $900 per month. 2018-11-08T12:15:33Z 2018-11-08T03:03:45Z Jay Hendley jay_hendley The photos depict a family living on a much higher monthly income. I think it is just listing the income of the 21 year old. problem 1 2 1 comment 7814656 Dear group, while installing gapminder offline on my windows 10 I have ' nsis error'. Can you tell me what I should do ? Thank you 2018-11-07T15:45:05Z 2018-11-06T21:46:27Z Borys Gornicki borys_gornicki question 5 3 1 comment 7814701 I need to be able to make age structures by country. 2018-11-07T13:36:06Z 2018-11-07T00:20:24Z Connie connie_s9umgac6uxil I am able to get a structure for the world as a whole, but I am unable to hide countries to obtain just a structure for say China or the U.S. question 1 2 1 comment 7814468 Lack of proper americas data 2018-11-06T14:33:15Z 2018-11-06T13:21:17Z O Williams o_williams Dollar Street - Good content but a little disappointed regarding the lack of good Carribean data. You don't have any English speaking Carribean islands or Spanish speaking ones. The gap doesn't provide a good representation of the Americas. problem 1 2 1 comment