Topics in GoToAssist 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 1421 695 297 374 0 196 7577762 Can you add all users to a device group rather than user-by-user? 2017-08-21T15:30:39Z 2017-08-21T15:30:39Z Adam Dullage adam_dullage When we create a new device group, we are currently having to go into each user to add that group to their Device Groups list (for most new groups we set up we want all users to have access).<br /><br />Surely there is any easier way to roll out permissions on a device group, am I missing something? question 0 1 1 create 7577671 Email Notification Issues 2017-08-21T13:53:47Z 2017-08-21T13:12:36Z Nate nate_801t3e2w62ol6 We've got a few users in our system that never get emails from Go2Assist service desk either on a watch list or in groups that should be notified of changes or recently submitted tickets. Any one else seeing this? Support recommended we rebuild the accounts which has not proven successful thus far. We've even created different aliases for those users and they still do not get the notifications. &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; question 1 2 1 comment 7569426 When I log into an unattended support session with an existing client, the screen is black 2017-08-18T20:01:25Z 2017-08-07T14:37:55Z Paul paul_1rmk8tvdzwaui In the past week, the existing unattended support client's computer is black when I log in. &nbsp;Their computer says I have keyboard and mouse control but I can't see or do anything. &nbsp;They claim nothing on their end has changed but I'm guessing they applied an update. &nbsp; question 6 5 2 comment 7576461 Using Control + Windows + Arrow Key to change Virtual Desktops Causes the Windows button to be permanently pressed. 2017-08-18T18:15:31Z 2017-08-18T18:15:31Z Nakai nakai_dub382waghh3m Using Control + Windows + Arrow Key to change Virtual Desktops to the desktop with G2A causes the windows button to be permanently pressed. All text input is disabled on anything in the virtual desktop including in G2A. Typing causes numerous random WIN + ... commands to be initiated and usually results in chaos. The temporary solution is to stop screen sharing and start it again. This solves the problem. I found that manually clicking on the Task View button doesn't cause this bug.<br /><br />&nbsp;Windows 10 64-Bit <br />Bootcamped MacBook Pro 2013<br />Mode: Start automatically<br />Version: 3.4 Build 1361<br />Status: Ready<br />Server: problem 0 1 1 create 7576282 Mass delete unattended devices 2017-08-18T18:12:55Z 2017-08-18T14:18:16Z Kraig Werchan kraig_werchan Right now I show to have 1425 unattended devices in my list. I'm sure 90% of these are old and no longer used. Is there a way to mass delete unattended devices? One at a time will take forever. If I could just go through and delete all devices that are currently showing Offline that would be great!&nbsp; question 2 4 3 comment 7576188 CreateProcess blocked by group policy 2017-08-18T17:19:45Z 2017-08-18T11:42:04Z Simon Maystre simon_maystre Recently we have had different clients not being able to run the GTA launcher with the following issue:&nbsp;<br /><br />GoTo Opener encountered an error: Installer launch error 2001, Method "CreateProcess" returned Win32 error [1260]. This program is blocked by group policy.<br /><br /><br />What can we instruct the client to do other than use Team Viewer which never seems to have any issues with client connectivity? problem 1 2 1 comment 7575560 Anyone else haivng issues with GoToAssist today? System slow or down? 2017-08-18T08:38:35Z 2017-08-17T13:45:05Z Mary Forbes mary_forbes System was slow for technicians and not getting bad gateway error and cannot get in.&nbsp; There is no update on the system status.&nbsp; Anyone else having this issue?&nbsp; Is it down? question 11 3 2 comment 6701214 Can GoToAssist be run from a Linux OS or Chromebook to remote into a Windows computer 2017-08-18T03:12:19Z 2015-07-02T16:58:08Z Greg Records greg_records I currently have a few friends and relatives that are constantly asking me for technical support and it would be much easier if I could remote into their machines at times instead of having to drive over to their house.<br /><br />I needed to know if GoToAssist could be run from Linux Distributions (CentOS) or if there is a version available for the Chromebook.<br /><br /><br />Thanks! question complete 29 16 3 comment 6670234 how do I uninstall the Go To Assist Customer app from an android handset? 2017-08-17T23:39:51Z 2015-06-02T09:11:49Z Stuart Dawes stuart_dawes I cannot work out how to uninstall the Go To Assist App from an android device. question complete 12 8 4 comment android, app 7575785 I cant see the login prompt when I make changes to a computer that requires authentication 2017-08-17T19:38:41Z 2017-08-17T19:10:12Z James Gray james_gray_4gb814yctlalv I cant see the login prompt when I make changes to a computer that requires authentication. Also does it when I switch users. question 3 2 1 comment 7575743 I have been unable to connect to today's FCDS seminar today. I have followed all instructions on the GOTO 2017-08-17T19:23:54Z 2017-08-17T18:01:59Z Ann ann_dt2jraut1aieg Cannot join FCDS webinar today 1 - 3 pm; Downloaded software, checked email acct; checked sound; all smiley faces. &nbsp;Still rejects any attempt to join. &nbsp;Very poor service and no one to speak with fr guidance. problem 1 2 1 comment 7575651 New computers overwrite each other in the My Unattended Computers list 2017-08-17T17:04:14Z 2017-08-17T15:41:52Z Charlie Blake charlie_blake Win10 Pro, fully patched and Win 7 Pro, fully patched.<br /><br />I added two machines to my company using one copy of latest version of g2a_rs__installer_&lt;groupname&gt;.exe . For the first time ever, two computers on different home networks, with different names, are overwriting each other.<br /><br />I just installed another computer using the same copy of the g2a_rs_installer, and it showed up as a separate device.<br /><br />Has anything changed or is there something I can do? problem 1 2 1 comment 7575193 Unsolicited calls 2017-08-16T23:42:10Z 2017-08-16T21:08:42Z Harmel Deanne Codi harmel_deanne_codi Wow! I just received a call from someone posing as a Microsoft consultant and ask me to to go my computer to enter a code and when I told them that I did not want to do so and hung up. He called several times and started cursing me. He called from the following numbers: 800-642-7676 and 585-296-1580 problem rejected 2 2 1 comment 7574371 Ability to see who is in session with what computer 2017-08-15T19:27:42Z 2017-08-15T19:27:42Z Michael Malone michael_malone_7993595 I know as an Admin I can see who is in a shared session. But I cannot see to which remote computer they are connected. Also, I am unsure if active sessions show on a report. <br /><br />It would be nice for a regular user to be able to see who is connected and to where. idea 0 1 1 create 7286729 GoToAssist Stealing Windows mouse/keyboard focus every few minutes. 2017-08-14T23:45:54Z 2016-08-16T05:13:11Z Kyle Kennedy kyle_kennedy_5193620 Since a few updates ago, GoToAssist has been stealing the focus of my Windows desktop. &nbsp;For example, I have multiple monitors, and I have GoToAssist open full screen on one, while taking notes or something on some other screen. &nbsp;Every few minutes, my current window I'm typing in loses focus and none of my key strokes are captured. &nbsp;Even since I started writing this, I've had to re-click in the window here multiple times to keep typing. &nbsp;It was super frustrating for a while, so I decided to track down what was causing the issue. &nbsp;I grabbed a program called Windows Focus Logger that tracks what applications are stealing focus, if they are off screen, if they grab the keyboard and/or mouse, etc. &nbsp;This program showed me clearly that the second I lose focus and my typing stops, the g2ax_user_expert process steals the focus. &nbsp;And it doesn't matter if GTA is minimized/maximized, on one monitor or the other, etc.<br /><br />This HAS to be fixed, ASAP. &nbsp;It is making it impossible to work. &nbsp;I may type an entire paragraph, then realize none of it was recorded because focus switched. &nbsp;It also affects copy/paste and several other things. &nbsp;I'm about to post a screenshot here that shows in the last 5 minutes, it has stolen the focus 6 times, all at random intervals.<br /><br />I've been a GTA customer for several years, but if this doesn't get fixed soon, I'm going to be forced to go to something else.<br /><br />System specs:<br />Windows 10<br />Intel 8 core<br />64GB ram<br />Nvidia GTX970<br /><br />EDIT:<br />I opened a ticket as well.<br />Ticket number&nbsp;09820588<br /><br /><img src="" title="Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1467555/RackMultipart20160816-60167-1o6lmfv-GoToAssist_Windows_Focus_Logger_inlinejpg1471324339" /> problem active 29 9 4 comment