Topics in inFlow Inventory 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 5477 4066 381 947 0 160 7690378 Biggest customer by range of products 2018-02-20T00:29:08Z 2018-02-20T00:29:08Z Bat bat_ebpmlf44h0ksz Is there a way to have a report showing the biggest customers by range of product? <br />We sell 3 ranges of products, and I'd like to see a list of customers by highest amount spend by range (like the Top 100 Customers on the dashboard, but range by range) question 0 1 1 create 7689821 Interest on Past Due Invoices 2018-02-19T05:51:08Z 2018-02-19T05:51:08Z Chris Krasnichuk chris_krasnichuk I've been using inflow cloud for about a year now. I have come across a feature I think would be useful, if I'm not just missing it somewhere. The feature is to calculate and add interest on past due invoices.<br /><br />Just to be clear, an example:<br /><br />I invoice Jim $100 with standard 30-day terms.<br />Jim doesn't pay within the 30 days...<br />Now it's been a month past the due date that Jim hasn't paid. I want to charge him interest!<br /><br />Now I reinvoice Jim after speaking with him regarding payment. The new invoice will contain both the original amount ($100) owing **plus** accrued&nbsp;interest ($2.08).<br /><br />Potentially this cycle could continue indefinitely, but I would like a way to add interest on past due invoices. idea 0 1 1 create 7688644 Transferring data from one InFlow version to the other... 2018-02-18T02:19:20Z 2018-02-16T20:10:55Z Kristene Barham kristene_barham Our business currently has the regular version of InFlow, and we are thinking of upgrading to the premium version. Will the inventory that we have set up in the regular version automatically transfer to the premium version or will this have to be done manually? question 1 2 1 comment 7687513 how invoice free issued 2018-02-17T06:55:45Z 2018-02-15T04:28:51Z Saliya Wijebandara saliya_wijebandara i want to invoice free issued...ex- my some item get 3 and 1 i invoice free issued it should be manage stock balance. question 1 1 1 create 6678606 sales order "fulfill date" 2018-02-17T04:33:17Z 2015-06-10T14:31:21Z JP jp_7107330 Hello,<br /><br />We find the Purchase Order-Received Date" very useful (please see image below) and we are wondering where we can find the Sales Order "Fulfill Date".&nbsp;<br /><img src="" title="Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1218902/RackMultipart20150610-1150-18splhe-po_receive_date_inlinePNG1433946390" /><br /><br />We know that there is a Sales Order - Order Date but this does not exactly tell us when the goods went out of inventory (this just tell us when the Sales Order was prepared). There's also a possibility of different stocked products to be fulfilled on different dates due to partial deliveries.<br /><br />We need this "Fulfill Date" by line item because we are building custom reports (which will be developed in a separate business intelligence software) that count inventory levels and detailed inventory costing based on a beginning and end cutoff dates.<br /><br />We hope to receive a quick advise on this.<br /><br />Thanks! question complete 18 8 1 comment 7676472 Help customising templates. Will pay 2018-02-15T18:51:13Z 2018-01-28T09:22:32Z Stephen Walsh stephen_walsh_555xqldm1n095 Hi All<br /><br />I've been using Inflow for over a year now but I'm not really tech savvy. I really need to customise a sales quotation page to my own needs. I have tried and have not been very successful, I was wondering if anyone would be interested helping me out. I can pay for your time. question 2 2 1 comment 7687754 How to print the payment receipt/voucher of payment received from customer. 2018-02-15T15:34:05Z 2018-02-15T15:34:05Z Javid Iqbal Mohammad javid_iqbal_mohammad How to print the payment receipt/voucher of payment received from customer. question 0 1 1 create 7687538 Barcode Scanner Function 2018-02-15T06:10:43Z 2018-02-15T06:10:43Z Kristene Barham kristene_barham Can the barcode scanner function be utilized as a means of tracking outgoing inventory? For example, inventory that is used would get scanned; therefore tracked as outgoing inventory. question 0 2 1 create 7337638 easy query builder 2018-02-14T23:08:20Z 2016-10-19T15:04:30Z The Rocking Bull the_rocking_bull Hello, <br /><br /> I'm trying to connect to the SQL DB with this program. <br /> But whatever I try, I keep getting error messages.. <br /><br /> Anybody here that can help me...?? <br /><br /> Thanks question 4 4 3 comment 7687308 Having blank lines or line breaks in invoice 2018-02-14T20:23:53Z 2018-02-14T20:23:53Z Sean Miles sean_miles_j4iu6rwj9q26m I'm wondering if it is possible to add a blank row or have a line break in a sales order so that when I am invoicing a customer it will divide up some of the line items.&nbsp; We do a number of different jobs for this customer and a space of some form between line items would allow me to clearly divide the different jobs which would allow them to clearly see those different jobs better.&nbsp; I tried to do this by leaving a line blank but it seemed that Inflow would not allow me to do this. question 0 1 1 create 6595277 Is there a way to report Historical FIFO Costing Layers? 2018-02-14T12:50:19Z 2015-03-22T09:22:32Z leeorhelps leeorhelps Hi!<br /><br />We've been asked to show our FIFO Costing Layers for a given historical date, for all items in stock on that given date.<br /><br />Is this possible through inFlow's reports?<br /><br />Leeor idea pending 8 4 2 comment 6724755 Inventory FIFO & component shelf life 2018-02-13T21:28:46Z 2015-07-27T17:33:35Z Joshua Behmlander joshua_behmlander When picking parts using a work order, Inflow doesn't apply FIFO&nbsp;to our inventory. I spoke with a representative and I confirmed that there are no current features for pulling inventory using FIFO.&nbsp;&nbsp;We definitely need&nbsp;the work order picking to select oldest locations first.&nbsp; Or at least have the option.&nbsp;&nbsp;How can we get this feature added in a future update?&nbsp; I see that there are other customers asking about this feature in the forum as well.&nbsp; It's a basic principle when assembling parts.&nbsp; Could we get this added to a new update?<br /><br />Thanks,<br /><br />Josh idea pending 4 5 6 comment 4006956 Woocommerce - Ecommerce shop extension 2018-02-13T15:36:08Z 2012-05-29T13:32:22Z Robert Voigt robertvoigt Hey guys, we are currently using Word press (WP) Woocommerce for our E-shop. There is a QuickBooks extension to make updating inventory items online much easier. Could you check if you can develop an Inflow extension: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <br /><br /> This would certainly increase the product value and help the users if they would like to publish the store online :) idea rejected 6 7 4 comment woocommerce, ecommerce, shop, e-commerce, woo commerce 7684245 Serialized inventory as part of a BOM 2018-02-12T15:11:21Z 2018-02-09T16:29:14Z Wayne wayne_ib69ad1lfclu7 I want to use a serialized inventory item as a component in a BOM. I can do that easily, but I also want to specify a fraction of each serialized item in the BOM. When I do that in the BOM, it takes the fraction (for example .25), but when picking it rounds down to 0. If I specify .75, it rounds up to 1. This happens no matter if I auto fill or manually enter the amount. How can I do this? question 6 2 1 comment 7684481 Pricing scheme/fixed markup 2018-02-09T22:30:19Z 2018-02-09T22:30:19Z Sara sara_avtxnxc3xqu4u <img src="" title="Image:" /><br />How do I change a pricing scheme to fixed markup on multiple part numbers? Or is there a way to set that when you create a new pricing scheme? question 0 1 1 create