Topics in Ion Audio 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 3371 1979 29 1351 0 49 7972685 Changing stylus from 33/45 to 78. 2020-02-15T15:26:18Z 2020-02-15T15:26:18Z Alan Rolph alan_rolph I have bought the ION Max LP and want to change the stylus from 33/45 to 78. I have got the stylus off but cannot get the 78 stylus to fix on. question 0 1 1 create 7972058 Slides 2 PC drivers required 2020-02-13T13:27:52Z 2020-02-13T13:27:52Z Charlotte charlotte_gos0976hil4jg I've inherited a Slides 2 PC scanner but can't get it to work with Windows 10. I phoned and spoke to someone and agreed this was probably the problem. Everything seems to be working but it doesn't pick up the negatives, only shows black pictures which I can capture and transfer. The person I spoke to also thought the bulb may have gone but I can see a light in it. I've now manged to role back the device and software to be compatible with Vista SP2 (never thought you could do that) and it's still not working. Before I bin it I'm wondering if I can update the drivers but not sure where to find them. Any ideas? Thanks question 0 1 1 create 7966814 Party Power - No sound 2020-01-29T19:20:59Z 2020-01-29T19:20:59Z DJ Cooper dj_cooper_jpauqas9b9wi5 Hi, We have a party power that stopped playing sound. The blue tooth connects, and the lights even move in rhythm with the music, but no sound comes out. <br /><br /> We tried direct connecting with an auxiliary cable, but still no sound. Lights work, connection indicator shows, bluetooth works, but no sound. problem 0 1 1 create 7964647 Using wired microphone through 2 wirelessly linked speakers 2020-01-22T17:45:44Z 2020-01-22T17:45:44Z Amol Singla amol_singla Will a wired microphone plugged into one speaker work only on the one speaker or will it also work with the wirelessly "linked" 2nd speaker. question 0 1 1 create 7761146 I am connecting with Bluetooth but can not get sound 2020-01-13T03:37:52Z 2018-07-08T13:55:13Z Asher Moses asher_moses Hi allI have purchased an Ion Total PA Max which I have been trying to get some sound from.I know I am connecting with Bluetooth but can not get sound , and i have turned up volumesany ideas problem active 4 4 1 comment 7406419 Charged but won't play unless plugged in 2020-01-11T23:04:36Z 2016-12-23T19:05:02Z Michael Henry michael_henry_dpgaolomnnb4c I had to replace my battery on my block rocker. It says that it is charged. But when I unplug it from the wall. I shuts off. I've tried to turn it off and on. But nothing works. Any help in regards to the why it doesn't stay on unless it's plugged in would be great. problem active 8 8 4 comment 7959266 Paring included bluetooth headset mic 2020-01-07T00:49:56Z 2020-01-07T00:49:56Z livewire 713 barry_andrews_741b60dhqo8bw Hello: <br /><br /> I'm not able to locate the small instruction piece that came with the Pathfinder 3 on how to synch or pair the two items, below. <br /><br /> Have charged the piece that inserts into the mic jack as well as the headset mic. <br /> Could you please list steps on pairing them and operation of the blue (blinking) lights contained within each? <br /><br /> Thank you! <br /><br /> Barry Andrews <br /> Portland, Oregon question 0 1 1 create 7559578 ION Max LP Turntable only plays one side of records? 2020-01-05T11:34:08Z 2017-07-21T16:19:28Z Guy Bennett guy_bennett I bought my wife one for Xmas and she's succesfully tried a handful of records. Recently she bought a new re-issue of the Labyrinth soundtrack and side 1 will play, but side 2 doesn't turn. The turntable seems to be turning, but the record on top will not spin. <br /><br /> She thought perhaps the disc was warped so asked for a replacement, but encountered the same problem, so she asked for a third replacement, same problem again. I tried a 1970s Black Sabbath print on the player incase it was a faulty print run and again side 1 played perfectly and side 2 simply didn't turn, even though the turntable was spinning UNDERNEATH the record. <br /><br /> We've since tried all 4 records on other players and they've worked fine both sides. This is extremely confusing and upsetting, especially since the player hasn't moved off of the same surface since Xmas Day and has been treated with care. problem active 6 7 5 comment 7957080 EZVinyl quitting unexpectedly in Mac OS Mojave. 2019-12-28T21:05:57Z 2019-12-28T21:05:57Z Anita Pawlak anita_pawlak There are lots of quirky things when using EZVinyl in Mojave. First, you can't always here the sound through your headphones (I have set up the Microphone in preferences correctly as described in other threads). When this happens you have to re-start EZ and that usually fixes the problem, but who wants to do that all the time. Also, it quits unexpectedly. This is most annoying. Any suggestion would be appreciated. I have the lasted version of EZVinyl installed. Thanks!! problem 0 1 1 create 7955923 10 year old device -- VuPoint digital slide scanner 2019-12-23T00:32:31Z 2019-12-23T00:32:31Z stanley shapiro stanley_shapiro I have a VuPoint digital slide and film scanner. About 10 years old. never used. loaded software -- but it's for windows XP -- I'm using Windows 10. Everything looks good when it loads BUT when I put a slide in the scanner. No image appears -- projector light is on -- but no image . question 0 1 1 create 7955653 Ion tailgater won't play on battery 2019-12-21T12:24:45Z 2019-12-21T12:24:45Z Maris a Cherup maris_a_cherup Ion tailgater won't play unless plugged in. Is there more than one fuse? Battery brand new 12 v. Thanks for any help you can give.. problem 0 1 1 create 7955138 ION Pathfinder 2 does not stop charging 2019-12-19T14:25:04Z 2019-12-19T14:25:04Z gumgumz ml gumgumz_ml I recently replaced battery for the unit and i charged it for more than 12 hours and still the last battery indicator lights up continuously blinking. <br /><br /> What should I check? question 0 1 1 create 7954344 Studio Sync 60-Watt Wireless Bluetooth® Music Shelf 2019-12-17T03:05:06Z 2019-12-17T03:05:06Z Deidre M Lower deidre_m_lower wont charge the red light stays on problem 0 1 1 create 7951893 TWS XCD earphones 2019-12-08T19:56:09Z 2019-12-08T19:56:09Z Clare Gough clare_gough I have the XCD TWS earphones, black, and they won't connect to each other. The right one has no problem pairing with my phone or laptop, but the left one doesn't have any sound coming out. The left says "power on" and "power off" but nothing else. <br /><br /> This happened suddenly, they were working very well and all of a sudden stopped. They were bought only a few months ago. Any ideas on how I can fix this? problem 0 1 1 create 7951782 I purchased a total pa max not even 90 days ago and the subwoofer stopped working 2019-12-08T03:28:42Z 2019-12-08T03:28:42Z Tim Raxter tim_raxter problem 0 1 1 create