Topics in LG Music Flow 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 470 164 66 200 0 87 7478625 Moving to a new site 2017-03-17T06:53:41Z 2017-03-17T06:53:41Z LG Music Flow pkjin <p>Thank you for your participation in the site and your<br />understanding and patients as we change</p><br /><br /><p>This current site (<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Link:"></a>) will be placed into a read only state</p> <p>Starting on April 2nd our site will have a new URL: <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a> </p> <p>Please make sure to change any links and bookmarks you have to this new site address </p> <p>Since this will be a new site, you will need to register with a new id for that site </p> <p>We will be moving the comments that are here to that site but once there you will not be able to edit them</p> update 0 1 1 create 7478538 Setting up LG Music Flow H3 as a stereo pair. 2017-03-17T02:44:12Z 2017-03-17T02:25:38Z Mark Sutton mark_sutton_3z7pddpbj2hmu Hi. I have a pair of H3's. Before the recent upgrade I could join these together in the Music Flow app and set one left and one right. Then I could cast to the pair from Pandora etc. Since the upgrade I can still pair them in the app but cannot find where to set left/right any more. In addition, Pandora does not see the pair any more and lists the speakers individually for casting.<br />I can now setup a group in Google Home but again cannot see anywhere to assign a speaker either left or right.<br /><br />Any ideas for getting stereo from a pair of H3's?<br /><br />Thanks for your help and ideas. :)<br />Mark. &nbsp; question 1 2 1 comment 6791918 Windows PC app doesn't run 2017-03-16T23:49:06Z 2015-09-29T02:12:38Z Sash sash_7477258 Hi<br /><br />I have the windows application that i downloaded and installed. It seems to install successfully. When i attempt to run it, nothing seems to happened. In the task manager i can see the process is running, but the is no visible application that is running.<br /><br />Is there a list of required application to run the software?<br />Have others experienced the issue? problem 15 4 1 comment 7477730 Download corrupt 2017-03-16T23:22:28Z 2017-03-16T02:40:36Z @richms richms Musicflow windows zip file on the page here&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Link http//wwwlgcom/uk/support/support-product/lg-NP8540software"></a>&nbsp;as linked from the side is a corrupt zip file. Tried 2 browsers and same on both. Winzip, winrar and windows explorer all fail to open the file. I noted there is a mention on the page that windows explorer wont open it but all 3 fail. problem 2 2 1 comment 6794151 not able to identify entire NAS song collection 2017-03-16T19:42:51Z 2015-10-01T00:12:47Z Thomas Baker thomas_baker_7481168 <p>I have a customer having an issue syncing the music files set on a PLEX DLNA server. Customer had 2 x H3 , 1 X H7 and R1 bridge. Music flow application can detect the DLNA server he set but won’t sync all the songs shared on it.</p> <p>There’s around 8 thousand songs on the media server but the application can only detect up to 45 songs. DLNA server is working since he can see all the music files on the LG&nbsp; TV(55LA9700) </p> Already tried reinstalling the application and sync the music library but still have the same issue problem active 25 15 5 comment 7475991 Release Note of New Update 2017-03-14T17:40:39Z 2017-03-14T01:14:08Z Developer J developer_j Dear everyone,<br /><br />I am happy to announce new firmwares and mobile App.<br />At first, we appreciate interests in musicflow products and various feedback.<br /><br />As I informed before, we release new firmwares and mobile App.<br />In this updates, we apply two major functionalities through cast receiver 1.21 version.<br /><br />1. Google multiroom<br />From this updates, you can use google multiroom. As you know, you can make google group with devices supporting cast audio<br />But by the policy of google, you can't use LG multiroom functionality in cast audio any more except LG homecinema mode.&nbsp;<br />So, we apply the UX that user can switch functionality in LG musicflow App. by tapping<br /><br />※ You still can use left-right mode in cast mode.&nbsp;<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; If you set left-right mode in LG Musicflow App, speaker keep the status in cast mode<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; even though you can change the setup after stopping cast by changed UX.<br /><br />2. Link with google home device&nbsp; (there is remote playback functionality in google home device)<br />If you have google home device, you can control LG Musicflow system by google assistance of google home device remotely.<br />(Google home device supports english only and It is possible to have limitation by region or country)&nbsp;<br />For detailed information, we would like you to refer to ""<br /><br />3. The name "Google cast" has been changed to "Chromecast built in". So, You can find that some words have changed to "Chromecast built-in"<br /><br />In addition, We also improved some functionality.<br />&nbsp;<br />1. Google cast operation comes faster than before by optimization.<br />2. We also improved the stability of mesh network.<br /><br />Thank you for your patience and we hope you can enjoy LG Musicflow products more usefully. update 4 6 6 comment 7474815 Still experiencing lack of stability... 2017-03-14T17:07:02Z 2017-03-12T07:17:10Z Paul Murphy paul_murphy_7324401 I've been vocally patient about the update &amp; now that we have it I am still confident in the progress... However, I am experiencing a new set of dropouts...<br /><ul><li>I am still getting speakers dropping on and off the system... probably 90% of the time</li><li>Allot of the time the cast icon is showing connection, without actually connecting</li><li>It seems that I can only cast when I'm in the same room as the router... even though I have speakers throughout the apartment</li><li>When I'm on the balcony, I can get a clear wifi signal, but the H7 I put out there cannot effectively connect to the rest of the devices, nor will it allow me to cast to it individually, even though there is just a window between it and the next speaker &amp; it is less than 3m (10ft) from the wireless router.</li><li>I have tried setting up groups via both Google Home &amp; Music Flow apps... I prefer the MF app because it allows me to set volume per speaker &amp; set surround sound etc... But neither seem to be stable.</li><li>I keep seeing a grey text pop up at the bottom of my screen saying the network is unstable.</li></ul>How does the speaker network work? Does it make its own wifi mesh, or does it share the wifi network? If its an audio mesh network, does it have one main speaker? Why is it that I can only connect while in the same room as the router &amp; soundbar? I have moved all of my devices to 2.5ghz rather than 5ghz. Is there any particular channel I should be using? Am I missing anything with regard to the settings? I'm wondering if the composition of the block walls used here in the Middle East is effecting the network... maybe unusually high metal content????<br /><br />I'd appreciate positive feedback from anyone who can help... I'm not going to stamp my feet or get over excited, just looking for solutions.<br /><br />SH7 Soundbar (hard wired), H7, H3 x 4 problem 14 8 2 comment 7424219 Information about google cast updates at the end of February 2017-03-14T00:50:43Z 2017-01-18T06:57:57Z Developer J developer_j <br /><br /> We always appreciate your kind feedback and opinion on musicflow system.<br />And we are watching and hearing about user's voice everytime.<br />&nbsp;<br />As we know, many users look forward to news of updates for Google Cast.<br />So, We notice the status of new updates.<br />&nbsp;<br />We have prepared Google Multiroom functionality. <br />During preparing for that, we also discuss with Google team about Link with Google Home device function.<br />And, we decide to update two major functionalities, “Google Multiroom” and “Link with Google Home device” at same time.<br />&nbsp;<br />Now, we are testing new software for two major features.<br />We expect that we will release new software before End of Feb.<br />When we are ready to update by OTA, we will announce at this forum.<br />This update include all musicflow system, you don't worry about missing updates for older model.<br />&nbsp;<br />Thank you for interest and we'll continue to update LG MusicFlow.<br />We are sorry for missing your concern during preparing for update shortly.<br />Now is about to finish the migration and that we'll do our best for the products.<br />&nbsp;<br />The LG Team.<br /><br /><br /> <br /><br /> update 242 60 23 comment 7474460 Factory Reset 2017-03-13T12:53:40Z 2017-03-11T15:08:40Z posadajulian posadajulian Is there a way to factory reset the Music Flow speakers? One of my H4s is crashing, it wont let me turn it off and it messes with the whole system. I think its software related, so is there a way to do a factory reset to see if this corrects the issue? Any other recommendations. question 5 2 1 comment 6860217 MusicFlow speakers in bathroom? 2017-03-13T00:57:10Z 2015-12-02T07:58:41Z Karsten karsten_7591334 Does anyone use MusicFlow speakers in the bathroom? I know that it is not recommended by LG but maybe anyone does it and has some feedback. question 14 10 2 comment 7475190 DFS channels will not connect 2017-03-13T00:04:16Z 2017-03-13T00:04:16Z @richms richms While I was last troubleshooting my musicflow problems I noticed that they were all hanging out connected to one of 2 accesspoints on the 5GHz network, even one 2 rooms over where the signal was terrible (unifi admin showed them at -80ish)<br /><br />Anyway, after much messing about, it seems that the musicflow devices will not connect to any channels that are in the range of 52 thru 144. As soon as I stick an AP onto 36 to 48 or else at the upper end of the band, the musicflows connect to it and work fine.<br /><br />This really needs to be solved as now that 802.11ac is a thing, with its 80MHz channels (and 160MHz coming) then using the whole band over multiple AP's is more important than ever. problem 0 2 1 create 7474798 I fell like I have wasted so much of my life away, rebooting speakers, re-setting system, I want a refund! 2017-03-12T23:06:40Z 2017-03-12T06:04:13Z Michaella Messenger michaella_messenger I think the title says it all, what a waste of time and the stress oh the stress. This product should be illegal! idea 1 2 1 comment 7460302 All of my speakers lock up every 24 - 48 hours. Is it just me? 2017-03-12T22:46:15Z 2017-02-21T08:28:36Z GarethDPhillips gareth_phillips_4532497 I have other posts in this forum regarding my experiences, observations, and troubleshooting steps taken to date, but after reading many of your responses, and other posts, it appears that we all experience wildly differing things with these speakers.&nbsp;<br /><br />I have all my speakers connected to my home router/AP via WiFi, which I was told was the simplest way (avoiding the MESH which could be causing some of my issues). I have set my router to a static IP assignment, so the speakers always have the same IP, but still, every 24 hours (or 48 if I am lucky) ALL the speakers will have locked up.&nbsp;<br /><br />By "locked up" I mean:<br /><br />The speakers have vanished from the LG app<br />The speakers can no longer be cast to from Spotify or Google Cast (tho sometimes will still advertise as a speaker in these services)<br />Even Bluetooth has locked up, devices cannot pair, and already paired devices cannot be heard. (also cannot switch between bluetooth and WiFi any longer)<br />The speakers DO respond to a network PING all the time.&nbsp;<br /><br />Im feeling like I have it worse than most, yet I cant think how / why. My setup is simple, I have a single router / AP device (BT Smart Hub in the UK) and all my other devices in the home are rock sold. Its not a simple WiFi or even IP issue, as I can always PING the speakers.&nbsp;<br /><br />Does anybody else share this behavior? Does anybody have any ideas what could be causing this ?<br /><br />I'm tempted to try Ethernet connections, but I will need power-line adapters which will get pricey.&nbsp; problem 17 8 4 comment 7474646 Music Flow H7 and Plex issues - Newest Firmware 2017-03-12T06:07:12Z 2017-03-11T21:59:04Z unix unix With the newest Firmware released last week on the H7 that enable chromecast audio support.<br /><br />I can cast from spotify, to either the individual speaker or group setup in google home.<br /><br />But in Plex, the individual H7 speaker does not show up, only the group.<br />You can cast to the whole group and the H7 is included and works.<br /><br />But you can not cast to the individual speaker as it does not show up in any of the plex apps.<br /><br />LG can you please address this issue?<br /><br />(i'd really like to buy 4 or 5 more H7 to spread around the house but not if i can't select the individual speakers)<br /><br />&nbsp;Has anyone tried with the H3 or H5's do you see them as individual speakers as well as within the group? problem 6 4 2 comment 7453206 H7 switchen to bluetooth input randomly 2017-03-11T15:09:19Z 2017-02-12T01:22:10Z Goran Mannberg goranmannberg I got a H7 connected to my projector using line in. I have newer connected to the speaker using bluetooth. But the H7 switches to bluetooth randomly when I watching and I lose sound from the projector. What is that happening? Can it be a neigbour that using bluetooth and the H7 detects that device and switches to bluetooth input. Can I disable bluetooth? Or set proirity of the inputs? First line, second cast and third it newer bluetooth. problem 8 4 1 comment