Topics in 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 13486 13454 6 17 0 7792 7597240 C-section or natural birth 2017-11-19T04:49:39Z 2017-09-21T15:49:12Z Grace Evans grace_evans_e5tke1093o069 <p>We all know that babies can enter this world in one of two ways: Pregnant women can have either a vaginal birth or a surgical delivery by Caesarean section, but the ultimate goal is to safely give birth to a healthy baby. &nbsp;In some cases, C-sections are planned because of medical reasons that make a vaginal birth risky. A woman may know in advance that she will need a C-section and schedule it because she is expecting twins or other multiples, or because the mother may have a medical condition, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, an infection that complicates pregnancy, such as HIV or herpes, or she may be experiencing problems with the placenta during her pregnancy.&nbsp;It is known that a&nbsp;C-section&nbsp;may also be necessary in certain situations, such as delivering a very large baby in a mother with a small pelvis, or if the baby is not in a heads-down position and efforts to turn the baby before a woman gives birth have been unsuccessful.&nbsp;But what do you think about that? Are you ready to have a C-section? What is your attitude to it, I'm asking as a curious mother who is going to have a due date in a couple of weeks.&nbsp;</p> question 14 8 1 comment 7633810 Confused about whether or not to continue pregnancy 2017-11-19T04:31:56Z 2017-11-18T23:42:31Z Tattooqueen gabby_curran I'm a 19, almost 20 year old, and my partner and I just bought a house together. We just found out I was pregnant and am not sure if I want to keep the baby or get an abortion. We both work full time 2nd shift. I work 3:15-11:45. We have two empty bedrooms in our house so we have plenty of space. We were not planning on having any children and this was very imexpected( birth control failed). The doctor thinks I'm between 2-4 weeks along. My partner thinks we can make anything work, and he's a wonderful, reliable man and would make a great father. I'm torn with what to do. I like the idea of keeping the baby, but I don't know if the reality of it is practical. I don't want to lose all of my freedom and time with my partner as I am scared we will drift apart. We wouldn't be able to afford a babysitter and cannot afford for me to not work, and I don't really want to change my work schedule. I'm worried that it may just be an unrealistic thing to do at this time. question 1 2 1 comment 7483383 Is it safe to eat chinese food while pregnant? 2017-11-18T18:15:06Z 2017-03-23T20:17:25Z Karyne Rettke karyne_rettke question pregnancy pregnancy pending 6 6 1 comment 7577796 Diabetic and pregnant 2017-11-18T17:24:52Z 2017-08-21T16:11:55Z Neha neha_12c0pezzte8vl Hi All, I am 35 years old and i just got the news of being pregnant as confirmed by my doctor. But i have very high sugar and am diabetic. The doctor has cut down a lot of food stuff and strictly mentioned that i cannot eat these things. Has anyone else gone through the same? question pending 14 12 1 comment 7590924 Safe Eating During Pregnancy: Avoiding Foodborne Illnesses 2017-11-18T17:13:45Z 2017-09-11T19:24:29Z Grace S. grace_skogen Did you know that when you’re pregnant, your immune system is weakened? Learn what foods to avoid when pregnant. <a href="" rel="nofollow" title="Link:"></a> question pregnancy pregnancy pending 8 7 1 comment 7390774 how much milk need to 4 month baby? 2017-11-18T17:11:56Z 2014-03-08T07:06:00Z Forum Guest forum_guest how much milk need to 4 month baby and how many time a women can give or how much quanitity need? question 4 5 1 comment 7592900 8 Tips for Better Sleep When You’re Pregnant 2017-11-18T17:01:02Z 2017-09-14T14:54:02Z Grace S. grace_skogen When did it become uncomfortable for you to sleep during your pregnancy? Here are some tips that may help you catch some rest: <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Link https//cxoptumcom/content/cex-consumer/pregnancy-health-library/en/healthy_pregnancy/pregnancy/second-trimester/0373_3C_better_sleep_pregnancyhtml"></a> question second_trimester second_trimester, third_trimester 5 5 1 comment 7593057 Alcohol Use in Pregnancy 2017-11-18T17:00:03Z 2017-09-14T18:11:15Z Grace S. grace_skogen There is no known safe amount of alcohol use during pregnancy or while trying to get pregnant. This site from the CDC is a great resource: <a href="" rel="nofollow" title="Link:"></a> question pregnancy pregnancy 9 9 2 comment 7632578 Thanksgiving: Traveling and Pregnant 2017-11-16T19:22:20Z 2017-11-16T19:22:20Z Grace S. grace_skogen How many of you are pregnant and traveling for Thanksgiving next week. Here are some tips for seat belt safety: <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Link:"></a> question 0 1 1 create 7573355 infertility 2017-11-14T17:51:09Z 2017-08-14T09:33:54Z luz dunn luz_dunn it has really been&nbsp; a struggle getting pregnant. i have now visited the clinic and its good to know the problem and am now working on a solution. problem 29 20 1 comment 7630499 Vaginal Birth After Having a C-Section 2017-11-13T16:15:43Z 2017-11-13T16:15:43Z Grace S. grace_skogen Learn the facts about VBAC so you can decide if this is right for you.<a href="" rel="nofollow" title="Link:"></a> question 0 1 1 create 7581528 Pregnant first trimester 2017-11-11T18:24:02Z 2017-08-27T16:16:32Z Neha neha_12c0pezzte8vl 1st trimester:<br />I am in the first trimester and have diabetes. Thanks to all for showing concern and love.<br />However i am experiencing lot of vomiting and dizziness. This is also due to heavy medications for diabetes. Is this going to affect my baby? question first_trimester first_trimester pending 8 6 1 comment 7393663 Ttc after a c section 2017-11-10T21:19:20Z 2014-09-28T04:26:00Z Lizbet22 lizbet22 Hey ladies!!<br />This board is so quiet but I thought I would se if anyone is around.<br />After 4 years of losses and being diagnosed with being homogyous for mthfr, I had my perfect little boy.<br />Since having him we have been trying to concieve number 2.<br />It's been nearly 14 months since we had Ed and I have had 5 chemical pregnancies. 3 confirmed with bloods.<br />The latest will start soon as the preg tests are getting lighter.<br />I have been googling and see that there is an increased risk after c section!!<br />I have seen a consultant in London last month after my previous mc... And once the bleeding starts I am to book a saline scan to check for c section scarring and egg reserve.<br />So.. Any other ladies have experience or info on all this!<br />I don't know whether to chuck the towel in and just focus on my perfect boy or keep tryin.<br />I am 41 so time is of the essence.<br />Xxxxx question 18 6 2 comment 7573370 i got brown discharge after 2 days of periods 2017-11-10T20:29:31Z 2017-08-14T10:24:31Z Arena Pile arena_pile i got brown discharge after 2 days of periods and its still going on after 12 days tell me please what is the reason and solution between these 12 days some it will be stop and start again after 15 to 16 hours question complete 7 8 1 comment 7484792 I don't know if I'm pregnant or not 2017-11-10T19:09:32Z 2017-03-26T02:55:33Z cynthia cynthia_fnfjrd14jvd56 <img src="" /> question pending 13 13 1 comment