Topics in Plugable Technologies 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 5700 3384 63 2218 0 404 7616151 The Best Choice for Your Essay Project 2017-10-21T05:58:42Z 2017-10-21T05:58:42Z CarltonBenton carltonbenton Students have to no longer put off their task writing responsibilities any in addition and have to search for a custom writing help based totally due to its reliability in the event that they need to comfortable their grades. May reviews of essay writing service will offer them with a cheap essays most effective in phrases of the costs, however wealthy in pleasant from all of the components. Students can get all of the offerings without any shadow of doubt from writing agency. Always the key aim of every <a href="" rel="nofollow">dissertation writing service</a> will be to serve the customers or students in solving all their academic concerns and also carefully assess before being hired by the company. One of the basic advice to a genuine writing agency is conduct accurate training process in order to improve the abilities of writers so that they can give their hundred percent to the customers. praise 0 1 1 create 7609331 Original Surface Pro, Windows 10, 2 monitors? 2017-10-21T00:44:00Z 2017-10-10T19:35:09Z Marcy Davis marcy_davis_1pro2qmvroaeq I have an original Surface Pro (with one display port and one USB port) running Windows 10. I want to connect 2 monitors. Is this possible? If so, which adapter/hub should I buy? question 5 3 1 comment 7615945 DP to HDMI cable gray scale problem 2017-10-21T00:35:34Z 2017-10-20T20:17:14Z ttklt ttklt I'm using a plugable DP to HDMI cable, and the problem is, I computer (Intel HD 530) recognize the monitor as a TV and output 16-235 gray scale rather than the 0-255 it should be. Any way to solve it? <br /> I think it might be Intel graphics problem. <br /> My product: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> question 8 2 1 comment 7615895 USB-C Triple Display Docking Station - Internet Speed 2017-10-20T23:07:07Z 2017-10-20T19:08:42Z Cam Cornelius cam_cornelius UD-ULTCDL <br /> Internet is "slow" on my connection. Directly connected, laptop gets 350Mbps on speedtest. When using the hub's ethernet port, laptop only gets 30Mbps. <br /> I'm using a new macbook pro. problem 1 2 1 comment 7615236 Second Monitor not working 2017-10-20T21:58:51Z 2017-10-19T21:24:57Z Luispedro Rodriguez luispedro_rodriguez Trying to install two asus monitors via USB 3.0 Dual Head Graphics Ethenet Adaptor, first monitor connected via DVI working fine, second monitor via HDMI wont display anything. Tried switching cables and DVI worked fine with other monitor. I have the adapter plugged into the blue USB on my computer.When I installed the adapter I only had the DVI connected, but today I bought the HDMI cable and its not working. Laptop is Lenovo. problem 1 2 1 comment 7615004 All of a sudden.... Graphics Adapter not working. 2017-10-20T20:04:48Z 2017-10-19T16:20:36Z Tina tina_gj7ysjaig34dh I have 15 computers in the office with 2 monitors each. A month ago one of the monitors on your graphics adapter went out. the green light was gone. I moved everything around to be sure that was it and it was. I ordered a new one. All was great for just under a month. Now same thing happened. I had an extra new one (anticipating that those I had were going to fade as well). So no green light on the new one. I must have an underlying issue. Can someone please help me? Thank you very much :) problem 1 2 1 comment 7607184 Two identical tablets but one doesn't connect to docking station 2017-10-20T19:48:21Z 2017-10-06T18:18:53Z Maren Vance maren_vance I have a Pro8 Docking Station that works great with my Dell Venue 8. I just bought a Nuvision 8 inch touch tablet hoping that it might work with the Pro8 Docking Station and it did! I was so thrilled with it working that I decided to buy a second one. However, the second tablet does not connect to the docking station. It charges but that is it. No green light. I have tried installing the drivers thinking that might be the issue but there is no improvement. Is there something else that might be preventing this tablet from connecting? problem 5 2 1 comment pro8 docking station, not connecting, no green light 7615915 100% CPU primarily from Windows Driver Foundation when my laptop is plugged in to my Plugable UD-3900 USB 3.0. 2017-10-20T19:41:27Z 2017-10-20T19:41:27Z Mark mark_jlowojnydp2ph I am experiencing constant high cpu usage as soon as I plug my UD-3900 in to my laptop USB slot. It is a USB 3.0. I found a support case from a few months ago where one of your other users was experiencing the same issue. I went through the steps that the Plugable employee listed but unfortunately I still have the issue. Is this a windows issue or a Plugable issue? My laptop runs completely normal when not plugged in to the UD-3900. <br /><br /> Thanks, Mark problem 0 1 1 create high cpu usage, fan constantly runs, ud-3900 7611865 Is there a trick to getting the original 10 port, USB 3.0 48W hitting on all cylinders? Great product, feel I'm doing something stupid. 2017-10-20T18:19:55Z 2017-10-14T20:56:31Z Ray J ray_j_7375459 I've had the USB 3.0 10 port since... a long time. Has always seemed to work well, my set up is pretty basic -- a Mac Book Pro, and a few large HD's I've partitioned into seven. Recently I was checking out the Apple system report, and found most of my drives (almost all) were running on 2.0. I eset the PRAM/SMC and was careful about plugging it in, but still seems to be a problem. <br /> Do I need to plug them in clockwise or counterclockwise, or staggered like you do with lugs nut on a tire (for those who might know what that it is). Looking forward to anyone's input -- Thx RJ question 3 2 1 comment 7614900 Video data and power from HDMI to TYPE-C 2017-10-20T08:33:36Z 2017-10-19T14:15:21Z gianluca gianluca_d3ejegb11vo3j Hi all, <br /> I have a HDMI video source and I need to forward it to many (about 5) small monitors whit only one type-C input for both: <br /> video data and power supply. <br /> So my need is a splitter with power and hdmi input and many powered type-c outputs. <br /> Is there a possibile solution? <br /> Also a single power injected "HDMI to Type-c" adapter could be a solution... <br /> Please help! question 3 2 1 comment 7615344 my plugable thunderbolt 3 docking station does not turn on, Why? 2017-10-20T00:56:38Z 2017-10-20T00:56:38Z dbsharpe2_gmailcom no power <br /> I have a Oct 2016 Mac with USB-C ports. <br /> The unit appears to have no power when I plug it it, there are no lights on it? <br /> Might I have a bad power supply. WHat lights should display? question 0 1 1 create 7615086 Computer goes to sleep after a few seconds when using UD-3900 docking station after computer settings changed 2017-10-20T00:43:08Z 2017-10-19T18:24:24Z Kelley kelley_5gqk60nkq5lvg When using the docking station, my computer will go to sleep in about 15 seconds. I have changed the settings on my computer, and works fine when not plugged in to this docking station question 1 2 1 comment 7615188 Microsoft Rebel to Surface Pro2 and remote focusing device connection questions 2017-10-19T20:32:40Z 2017-10-19T20:32:40Z Kim Nantais kim_nantais I have a Canon Rebel T7i with mini HDMI port. I want to pass image from camera to my surface pro usb port (windows 10) so I can view a larger image of what I’m filming or taking a picture of. This will help me obtain a more clean focus. Will one of youor products accomplish this? I realize that I will also need a mini HDMI to HDMI male cable to connect the camera to the Adapter. <br /><br /> I actually have a USB Mini 5-Pin Type B port on my camera. I have a USB Mini 5-Pin Type B to USB 2.0 connector that I use to view the camera image. <br /><br /> I also have a USB Mini 5-Pin Type B to USB 2.0 connector that connects to a remote focusing device that allows me to focus the lens without touching the camera (avoids shaking, etc). <br /><br /> The problem is that I only have one USB Mini 5-pin Type B connector on the camera. I've tried to use a USB Mini 5-Pin Type B to a dual USB 2.0 adapter, but it doesn't work - one or the other works (the Surface or the remote focus device). I can't find a connector that has a USB Mini 5-Pin Type B male (to plug into the camera) that ends in a dual USB Mini 5-Pin Type B female so I can plug both devices into it. A male to dual 'y' female might work, or a male to a female 'hub' with at least 2 USB Mini 5-Pin Type B connectors might work better). <br /><br /> This has led me to consider using the mini HDMI port on the camera for the surface viewing part of the process, and the USB Mini 5-pin port for the focusing part. I'm not sure the mini HDMI to surface will work, though, as I don't have an mini-HDMI to USB connection yet. I'm hoping that DisplayLink has a product that will do this. <br /><br /> Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. question 0 1 1 create 4945828 Using Plugable UD-3000 DS with KVM to share keyboard, video, mouse 2017-10-19T19:34:30Z 2013-01-31T18:21:29Z Family Fan Club paul_taylor_2427611 I'm looking at buying Plugable UD-3000 USB 3.0 Universal Docking Station for Windows 8, 7, XP to connect to my Lenovo W530 laptop, keyboard, mouse and monitor. This docking station and laptop is going to replace my current laptop and port replicator. I also have a Lenovo Desktop that I share the Video, Keyboard and Mouse through a IOGEAR KVM switch. The switch allows me to switch the keyboard, mouse and video between displaying the Lenovo desktop and Lenovo laptop. What I'd like to know is if I can just plug the KVM switch into your docking station and continue to share the keyboard, video and mouse between the new laptop connected to your docking station and my Lenovo desktop. question 10 12 5 comment 7608022 Not detecting 2nd external screen 2017-10-18T22:55:56Z 2017-10-08T20:42:05Z Casey Crouse casey_crouse Purchased SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Dual Monitor UD-3900. I have two identical DELL external monitors to be utilized along with my laptop monitor. Both external monitors are only VGA cables. I have a VGA to HDMI connector, which I used and the monitor would turn on. The second VGA cable I utilized the VGA to DVI adapter that came with the docking station. <br /><br /> No matter how I do it, I can only get one monitor to work as an external monitor. <br /><br /> Any ideas? Thank you! problem 6 4 1 comment