Topics in Plugable Technologies 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 5848 3476 64 2273 0 410 7646496 will the plugable usb 3.0 docking station work with me Surface Pro 3 2017-12-11T22:29:07Z 2017-12-11T22:29:07Z Sam LaSalandra sam_lasalandra question 0 1 1 7645207 my plugable UD-3900 external display doesn't work with my yoga 710 2017-12-11T22:20:12Z 2017-12-09T00:42:33Z Rafael Ramos rafael_ramos_c07f6i7225wme I have a Lenovo Yoga 710 – 151KB Model 80V5, with 15.6 inches touch screen display, I bought a plugable UD-3900 and installed the driver with external cd driver, keyboard and mouse works fine however the external display connected to hdmi doesn’t work. <br /> I tried to install many times the driver again but not fix the problem. <br /> I have tested the device with other laptop Lenovo Thinpad X260 and everything works ok, only the Yoga has a problem. <br /><br /> Please your help to fix this problem. problem 2 2 1 comment 7645539 Audio not working through UD-CA1A dock station. 2017-12-11T22:18:48Z 2017-12-09T20:33:42Z Ethan ethan_cmf799gitcd7r My HP Spectre x360 Convertible 13-ae0xx is connected to the Plugable UD-CA1A (both of which are a week old) and things worked great. Just yesterday, the audio stopped delivering through the dock to the HP display speakers. Same thing when connected to a TV screen and when using different HDMI cables. The laptop sees these devices as having audio capabilities but the audio won't work. When I plug headphones into the dock, audio works. I'm fairly certain that this must be an issue with the HDMI port on the dock itself but I would like to try other options before assuming the worst. question 1 2 1 comment audio not working, ud-ca1a, hp spectre x360 7645639 Not working correctly on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 2017-12-11T21:16:56Z 2017-12-10T02:17:06Z Victor Martinez Herrera victor_martinez_herrera Hi, <br /><br /> I have the Bluetooth USB Adapter 4.0, i tried your device on windows 8.1 and it worked correctly, at least what i know is that the adapter works on windows. Then i tried it on Ubuntu 16.04, I was able to pair the adapter to a headphone and listen to some music but for some reason every 4 seconds more less the sound kind of cuts is not smooth all the time, I tried with a blue tooth speaker and the same happened. <br /> The problem only happens in Ubuntu maybe there is something about the drivers or something else that i am not getting right. <br /><br /> I would really appreciate your help. <br /><br /> Thanks problem 1 2 1 comment 7644060 Laptop not detecting monitors 2017-12-11T20:49:13Z 2017-12-07T04:10:45Z Vaughn Marshall vaughn_marshall Hello, <br /><br /> I have the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Dual Monitor Docking Station. <br /><br /> My laptop isn't detecting my monitors. My laptop is an Acer Aspire E5-575G-57D4. <br /><br /> Monitors are BenQ GL2450-B. <br /><br /> Thanks in advance. problem 2 2 1 comment 7644908 Excel issues related to plugable 2017-12-11T19:56:20Z 2017-12-08T15:50:35Z Tyler Collins tyler_collins I have a user here at my company that is having issues with excel (generally when they open more than one sheet.) <br /><br /> Specs: <br /> Inspiron laptop <br /> I7 <br /> 16gb RAM <br /> 500GB hard drive <br /> Win 10 <br /><br /> The pluggable we are using is this dual display docking station <br /><br /> When the issue arises the excel spreadsheet will start to “shake” which just means that it is jumping from the top right position on the desktop to bottom left. Then it will display a grey screen with the excel frame around it and become unresponsive. If I unplug the pluggable it works fine on the laptop and everything goes back to normal. If I plug it back in it goes back to shaking again and follow the same pattern of behavior as before. I have tried uinstalling all video drivers and reinstalling them, including the displaylink drivers and it works for a short time but inevitably comes back. <br /><br /> What might we be able to do in this situation and is this a known issue of any kind? <br /><br /> Thanks in advance for your help. question 1 2 1 comment excel, inspiron, dell, frozen, crash, office, microsoft 7644692 Help with UD-3900 and 2560x1080 Resolution 2017-12-11T19:28:15Z 2017-12-08T04:47:49Z David Poulton david_poulton_6qpc5cg957ixl I recently purchased a UD-3900 docking station, however, when I connect I use the dock to connect my laptop to my UltraWide LG 34UM59-B monitor, I am only able to set the resolution to 1920x1080, not 2560x1080. <br /><br /> There is no difference in behaviour whether the laptop display is enabled or disabled (which makes sense, as the laptop is not going through the UD-3900). The LG monitor is the only monitor connected to the dock. <br /><br /> This is using the HDMI cable that came with the monitor, which is label as a high speed cable, and if I plug the monitor directly into the laptop, I can set its resolution to 2560x1080. <br /><br /> Am I just out of luck with this product? Would the UD-5900 provide me with the functionality I am looking for? <br /><br /> I appreciate any help I can get on this matter. <br /><br /> Edit: I should mention that I am using this as a full docking station (with Ethernet and USB devices plugged into the dock), so switching to a USB display adapter is not going to be a viable solution for me. question 2 2 1 comment ud-39002560x1080 7639937 HDMI to DisplayPort for Second Monitor Not Working 2017-12-11T19:10:46Z 2017-11-29T22:50:08Z AG ag_hpngdbpn7u9h Hello - I am currently using the Plugable USB-C docking station and having issues with my Dell P2213 detecting its connection to the docking station through a Comprehensive DisplayPort to HDMI cable. Link for the cable being used pasted below. <br /><br /> Not sure where to even start but the connection is not being detected by the computer or the monitor. <br /><br /> Computer is a Dell Precision 5510. <br /><br /> Thanks in advance for any help provided. problem 4 2 1 comment 7646373 High Sierra & Plugable UGA-4KDP 2017-12-11T18:48:49Z 2017-12-11T18:48:49Z Samantha samantha_cwfsgdlknqeyu My Plugable UGA-4KDP is not working after resetting my MacBook Air. I installed High Sierra OS X and the updated DisplayLink Driver, but the monitor/display is not being recognized. Any idea how to get it working again? question 0 1 1 high sierra, mac os x, plugable uga-4kdp 7643149 Best Puggable for MS Surface Book 2? 2017-12-11T18:28:46Z 2017-12-05T20:05:40Z hr boyce hr_boyce I just bought a Surface Book 2 and am looking to get a dock that would support up to 2 additional monitors with the expectation that one would be 4K in the future, which of your products would you recommend in lieu of the Microsoft Surface Dock. question 5 2 1 comment 7644711 HDMI 4K port not working? 2017-12-11T04:51:29Z 2017-12-08T06:01:52Z Peter Hall peter_hall_1787069 I am concerned that the HDMI 4K port on my new Plugable USB-C Triple Display Docking Station is not working. <br /> I have successfully connected, via the HDMI 2K port a monitor with HDMI connection, another with VGA for which I purchased a VGA/HDMI converter, and also my TV. I have also connected a monitor successfully via the DVI port. However, I have not been able to connect a third monitor, as nothing I have connected via the HDMI 4K port has yielded any result – nothing detected by Windows 10. Does this indicate that the port is faulty? <br /> As I do not currently have a USB to VGA adapter I have been unable to try connecting the third monitor via USB, but I have ordered one. <br /> I followed instructions I found at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> for running DisplayLink cleaner tool with no effect. <br /> Peter Hall, Australia problem 5 2 1 comment 7645636 Power charing issue of Plugable Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station 2017-12-10T02:05:20Z 2017-12-10T02:05:20Z eric kim eric_kim_3x6killeghmdy I have a Plugable Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station with 60W Charging(model # TBT3-UDV). <br /> It works fine including the power charging function. But It is no charging to my Mac Pro(Sierra 10.13.1) after It is waked-up from power saving mode. Could you please check this problem? problem 1 2 2 create 7645423 Not Recognizing USB 2017-12-09T16:24:28Z 2017-12-09T16:24:28Z Chris chris_edat1i2867eo7 Docking station not recognizing usb devices (flash drive, wireless mouse/keyboard usb). <br /><br /> If I plug these devices into the computer directly they all work fine. But if I plug them into the plugable docking station the computer doesn't recognize. The USB for the wireless keyboard/mouse used to work but just stopped this week. <br /><br /> Thanks, question 0 1 1 create 7644966 Microscope Light Brightness Control 2017-12-09T01:03:50Z 2017-12-08T17:27:16Z Greg O greg_o_7icg5r8mtq1au Photos of insects come out dark. Is there a way to control the brightness of the microscope light? I have software version 3.1.07 for Windows 10. question 1 2 1 comment microscope, light, light control, brightness, brightness control 7645065 TBT3-UDV, MBP 2017, 3 monitors 2017-12-09T00:16:36Z 2017-12-08T19:59:16Z Phil R phil_r_fg1lmwvnrhpla I just purchased a TBT3-UDV, along with a Cable Matters 103046 USB>HDMI adapter and a Plugable DP-HDMI2 adapter. I'm looking to run 3 external monitors on my 2017 Macbook Pro. The monitors are (2) Dell ST2421L and (1) Samsung Syncmaster TV. I hooked up the dock to my mac, then plugged 1 Dell into the Displayport>HDMI adapter using a brand new Amazon Basics HDMI cable. I plugged another Dell into the Cable Matters USB>HDMI adapter with another brand new HDMI cable, then plugged everything into the dock. The Dell plugged into the DP adapter came up right away, but the Dell plugged into the Cable Matters USB adapter did not. I went to the DisplayLink site and grabbed the latest High Sierra drivers, but this did not help. I decided to try a USB-C>HDMI adapter I had lying around (Cable Matters 201014), but plugging this into the Thunderbolt port on the Plugable dock did not work. When I unplugged the Cable Matters 201014 from the dock and plugged it directly into the Mac, the second Dell immediately came up. No matter how I try it, the USB>HDMI adapter seems to be a complete no-go. <br /><br /> So basically, I can't get my Mac to see more than 1 monitor at a time through the Plugable dock. To get 2 external monitors (while the Macbook is closed), I have to plug one into the dock and one into the Macbook, which defeats the purpose of having a dock. Can you please help me get 3 monitors working? Failing that, at least 2 is a must. Thanks. problem 1 2 1 comment