Topics in Plugable Technologies 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 5528 3280 62 2152 0 382 7576373 Resolution issue with USB-C to DP cable 2017-08-21T16:20:05Z 2017-08-18T16:09:05Z Stephen Best stephen_best_5s580ruy4zslm Just received pluggable USB-C to DP cable. I have connected my MacBook Pro 15 (2017) into a Dell UP2715K display and I am getting a resolution of only 2560x1440. When I plug my iMac Retina 5K late 2015 in using Thunderbolt 2 to miniDP cable I get a resolution of 3840x2160. With the Dell Aurora using 2 DP cables I get the full resolution of 5,120 x 2,880. <br /> If I purchase a second pluggable USB-C to DP cable and connect the MacBookPro with both cables will I get the full 5K resolution? question 5 2 1 comment 7025762 high speed VGA from DisplayPort 1.2 or HDMI 2.0 2017-08-20T19:21:35Z 2016-06-10T10:31:27Z joevt joevt Current VGA adapters are limited to 1920x1200 @ 60 Hz which is &lt; 200 MHz pixel clock. What is the maximum pixel clock of the plugable VGA adapters? Are there other adapters that have higher pixel clocks? <br /><br /> Single Link DVI is max 165 Mhz. So Dual Link DVI would be 330 MHz. <br /><br /> HDMI 2.0 can have a 600 MHz pixel clock. That's more than enough for 2048x1536 @ 120 Hz. <br /><br /> Graphics cards had 400 MHz (maybe even more than 600 MHz) RAMDAC's for much higher VGA resolutions or frequencies. How difficult would it be to make an adapter that can equal the capability of a graphics card's analog DVI-I or VGA connector? I guess cable makers don't make these because chip makers don't make the chips? Is it similar to the reason that HDMI 2.0 to dual link DVI-D adapters don't exist (or vice versa)? idea 18 3 1 comment vga, displayport, hdmi 7577245 Only 1 of 2 external monitors will work at one time?? 2017-08-20T17:09:58Z 2017-08-20T17:09:58Z Kurt Hantwerker kurt_hantwerker I have an HP laptop, using the laptop monitor and 2 HDMI monitors- One connected through the PC's HDMI port and the other through USB and Display link adapter. This has worked fine for years. <br /><br /> This morning Only one external monitor will work at a time. It defaults to the display link monitor, but the HDMI port will be come active if the USB is unplugged. <br /><br /> Also when all are plugged in the display link manage sees 3 monitors, but 1 is grayed out question 0 1 1 create 7577026 How to dim LEDs on the Plugable Full Size 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard? 2017-08-19T22:47:08Z 2017-08-19T22:47:08Z Asa Gira asa_gira I just got my keyboard but the quick start guide is missing. I love the keyboard but I need to figure out how to dim the backlit LEDs. question 0 1 1 create 7576961 4k secondary display detection error 2017-08-19T19:10:22Z 2017-08-19T19:10:22Z Trevor Dent trevor_dent Hi, <br /><br /> I just started setting up my DisplayLink plugable triple display docking station and I am having a problem with one of the ports. <br /><br /> I am attaching a second monitor that I am extending my screen onto, the problem is that my 4k HDMI port does not register the monitor. I know it is not the cable as I am able to get it to work on the standard 2k HDMI port. The monitor is a 4k monitor so It will support 4k input. <br /><br /> Do I need to enable that port on the dock to project through or is there a special setting that needs to be engaged? question 0 1 1 create 7572065 Are there any known problems with the Acer XB280HK Monitor for the Thunderbolt/Type-C Adapter cables? 2017-08-19T12:39:48Z 2017-08-11T12:20:52Z Dominik Engel dominik_engel I'm trying to connect my Dell XPS 9560 to my Acer XB280HK external monitor (4K, 60Hz, G-Sync, DP 1.2) via Thunderbolt 3 Port. <br /><br /> After I first bought a noname Type-C to DP cable which did not work I decided to look for a better Adapter. I found plugable and was impressed by the amount of technical details that are publicly available. <br /><br /> I'm considering two products at the moment: <br /> - the Thunderbolt 3 to two DisplayPort Adapter <br /> - the Type-C to DP cable <br /><br /> Both are listed to work well with my laptop and now I am wondering, whether there is any info on the compatibility with the Acer XB280HK, because the noname cable managed to work with any screen I tested, except for the XB280HK (including another LG 4K 60Hz DP 1.2 Screen, without G-Sync tho). <br /><br /> The only two things I consider a possible reason for my setup not working is either a bad adapter or problems regarding G-Sync (because I believe the Thunderbolt 3 port is attached to the Intel HD 630 in my XPS, not the GTX 1050 which actually supports G-Sync. But anyways NVIDIA says the screens should also work with G-Sny incompatible GPUs) <br /><br /> Has anyone used any of the plugable adapters with this monitor? question 6 3 1 comment 4k, displayport, type c, dell xps, adapter, acer xb280hk 7524086 USB & DisplayPort to USB-C Alternate Mode (with PD) adapter 2017-08-19T12:05:19Z 2017-05-23T04:42:46Z joevt joevt What is USB-C: <br /><br /> A USB-C connector can transmit both USB and DisplayPort signals if it supports DisplayPort Alternate Mode. <br /><br /> Reasons to use a USB-C with DisplayPort Alternate Mode device: <br /><br /> 1) You have a display such as the ASUS MB169C+ that only has a USB-C input. <br /><br /> 2) You have a USB-C display adapter that you would prefer to use over a DisplayPort display adapter. <br /><br /> 3) You have a USB-C hub that also has a DisplayPort output. <br /><br /> Problems to solve: <br /><br /> 1) You have a computer (old or new) with no USB-C Alternate Mode ports, or not enough Alternate Mode ports. <br /><br /> 2) You have a new computer with a USB-C Alternate Mode port (or Thunderbolt 3 port) but it is connected to the integrated graphics of the CPU and you would prefer to use the capabilities of a graphics card. <br /><br /> Solution: <br /><br /> An adapter with one output: USB-C female connector supporting USB 3.1 gen 2 (10 Gb/sec), DisplayPort 1.3 Alternate Mode, and Power Delivery 2.0. The connector has to be female to support hubs and display adapters that use a male connector that cannot be detached. <br /><br /> The adapter would have 3 inputs: <br /><br /> 1) USB input (3.1 gen 2; 10 Gb/s) from 10 inch USB-A male. The following would also work: USB-B female, or USB-C female with separate cable. USB-C male connector would not be acceptable as it cannot be connected to a USB-A female port. <br /><br /> 2) DisplayPort 1.3 input (HBR3) from a 10 inch Mini DisplayPort connector. This is more compact for laptops. Desktops can add a DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort adapter. A DisplayPort male connector would also work. It could use a female DisplayPort or Mini DisplayPort or USB-C connector with separate cable. <br /><br /> 3) An optional power supply input for power delivery up to 100W (or the more usual 60W) in case a device requires more than the power supplied by USB-A or DisplayPort. If possible, make the USB and DisplayPort connections optional as well. <br /><br /> Chips: <br /><br /> The TUSB1046-DCI with TPS65983B and TPD8S300 seem most relevant. idea 11 5 3 comment usb-c, displayport, alternate mode, power delivery 7571752 Toggle computers with monitors via plugable 3.0 adapter 2017-08-18T21:15:40Z 2017-08-10T21:11:27Z Margy margy_j9yc36e2w0ze3 Hi! I am not an IT person by ANY stretch, so I apologize if this is a silly question. I have a personal Dell desktop computer and a dual Acer monitor setup. I recently started a new job and they have provided me with a Lenovo laptop and a Plugable USB Dual Head Graphics & Gigabit Ethernet Adapter. I was able to successfully connect my monitors to the adapter and the adapter to the laptop via the USB. That is working beautifully. <br /><br /> I am wondering if it is possible to toggle this monitor set up to the desktop computer when I need it instead of the laptop, and instead of having another monitor for the desktop (trying NOT to have 3 monitors). <br /><br /> I was hoping I could simply disconnect the USB from the laptop & connect it to the desktop, but that does not appear to be working. (Prior to trying this connection I DID install the driver software on the desktop computer). I am guessing it is because I am trying to connect it to the desktop using a USB extension cable?? I suppose I could move the pluggable and laptop under my desk where the desktop computer is if you think that is really the issue, but I wanted to check before dismantling this entire set up. Thank you for your help! question 2 2 1 comment 7576368 What should I do to make it work fine on windows 10? 2017-08-18T21:02:24Z 2017-08-18T16:01:42Z Manuel Lopez manuel_lopez_gxlv9he9j9sa6 I bought the cable transfer and I came with a cd and says it works on windows 10, I have passed the data from one computer to another with windows 7 but with windows 10 there will be no easy transfer. question 1 2 1 comment 7575686 Clicking the Install button at the System Check during installation exits the installer? 2017-08-18T20:46:36Z 2017-08-17T16:36:23Z B b_elhtawdwcojih I'm trying to install drivers for my UD-3900 on a Windows 10 machine. First time installation, no prior drivers present. Below are the steps I am following: <br /><br /> 1) Double click DisplayLink+USB+Graphics+Software+for+Windows+8.2+M3.exe <br /> 2) Click Accept (License Agreement). <br /> 3) Observe message "DisplayLink System Compatibility Check has successfully passed and installation can continue" and click Install. <br /> 4) Immediately get prompt "Are you sure you want to cancel DisplayLink Core Software Installation?" <br /><br /> 5a) Click No. (Goes back to Step 3 in an infinite loop) <br /> 5b) Click Yes. (Exits installer) <br /><br /> <a href="" rel="nofollow"><img alt="" src="" /></a> problem 1 2 1 comment 7575718 Display is blurry 2017-08-18T20:40:57Z 2017-08-17T17:23:02Z Simon simon_ibw389andwbxp The display is blurry when projecting to a monitor through the docking station. The problem is fixed when plugging the monitor directly to the laptop via the same HDMI cable. I have a lenovo X1 carbon 5th generation laptop and a samsung 24in monitor <br /><br /> With docking station <br /> <a href="" rel="nofollow"><img alt="" src="" /></a> <br /><br /> Direct connection to laptop <br /> <a href="" rel="nofollow"><img alt="" src="" /></a> problem 1 2 1 comment 7575241 Can't connect external monitor to Lenovo Yoga 720 2017-08-18T20:19:49Z 2017-08-16T22:25:23Z Mike Kaiser mike_kaiser_4439h2aa80yhp I have a Lenovo Yoga 720-15IKB with the NVidia GE Force GTX 1050 card and recently purchased one of your USB Type-C to VGA cables and I'm not getting any video on my external monitor (andolder Dell). I've looked at as many settings as I can find and nothing seems to recognizethe external monitor. I had hoped it would be as simple as plug and play. Am I missing something? question 3 2 1 comment 7576408 will the plugable work with HP ENVY 23-o014 All-in-One Desktop 2017-08-18T20:06:07Z 2017-08-18T17:06:33Z sheila Wilson sheila_wilson_gxugm7bcnjotx This computer does not have a way to add another monitor. the HDMI is input not out. question 1 2 1 comment all in one desktop hp envy 23- 014 7575932 Monitor display order 2017-08-18T18:35:44Z 2017-08-17T23:50:18Z Gmax_67 greg_williams_i5dunn2yhdlr3 How do i change the order of my monitors? <br /> In windows 10, with two external monitors, but they are flipped left/right (yes, I know, i could just physically switch them, but then i have to buy new cables, etc.) is there a way to designate which one appears as the "left" side? question 1 2 1 comment 7575245 Audio and LAN ports not working 2017-08-18T18:31:27Z 2017-08-16T22:42:19Z Michael Brennan michael_brennan_ig9yqnrf2opff UD-3900 - Computer does not recognize devices plugged into 3.5mm Audio port and Cat-5 Ethernet LAN port. Worked initially but nor any longer. Device is only 6 weeks old. question 1 2 1 comment