Topics in Quicken 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 161877 147570 810 13260 0 509 7631380 Quicken 2018 Subscription start date 2017-11-19T06:17:41Z 2017-11-14T22:00:18Z Hal in Maryland hal_scheinberg has a good price for Quicken Deluxe 2018 that includes a 2.25 year subscription for $90. Can I assume the subscription counter starts when I install 2018? Can I buy and wait until Jan 2018 (or later) to install and start the subscription then? I am currently using Quicken 2017 that meets my needs completely. Thank you. question shopping_and_buying_questions_before_i_buy shopping_and_buying_questions_before_i_buy, shopping_and_buying, a_2018_release_of_quicken_for_windows complete 17 7 1 comment 7629559 Online Bills and Calendar View Quicken 2018 2017-11-19T06:12:31Z 2017-11-11T15:35:07Z Marcellabo marcellabo Online Bills is interfering with Reminders. I had 4 online bills setup in Quicken Home &amp; Business 2018 but ended up deleting them all. The reason was that 1) you can't see any reminders in the future if you have a bill linked to it. 2) If you use a single amount that I have found works good for me for bills that can vary considerably due to season, if you have a online bill linked it changes this future amount. 3) Once you pay an online bill the reminder is no longer visible. It's still in Quicken just not visible. I also want to add how critical it is for me that future bill reminders no longer show in the calendar. This is what I use to make sure I have paid my bills. Yes you can work with the the Bill and Income Reminders list but that is more time consuming. problem using_planning_tools using_planning_tools, a_2018_release_of_quicken_for_windows active 11 8 2 comment 7633903 Quicken Softwre Update 2017-11-19T06:02:16Z 2017-11-19T05:27:31Z Basil Bhan basil_bhan Quicken 2015 Delux<br />I am happy without Quicken software updates; program works OK for me.&nbsp; How do I put an end to Quicken forcibly updating my software upon booting into the software.&nbsp; There appears no menu/button within the software for selecting this preference.&nbsp; I do not use Oline or any other services in conjunction w/Quicken.<br />Reason:&nbsp;&nbsp; I consider unsolicited service as invasive, rude and gross hrassment. problem 2 2 1 comment 7512663 QWIn 2017: Downloading a US Dollar Credit Card from TD Canada Trust changes the Credit Card account currency from US dollars to Canadian Dollars, 2017-11-19T05:53:07Z 2017-05-05T03:28:37Z Bruce McFadzean bruce_mcfadzean_q56s1sk4czcn Downloading a US Dollar Credit Card from TD Canada Trust changes the Credit Card account currency from US dollars to Canadian Dollars, This happened for the first time last month using Quicken 2016. Set up a new US dollar credit card account in Quicken 2017 with US currency and the currency got changed to Canadian again when up downloaded the credit card file from TD canada Trust. Who do you call to get the problem rectified. problem downloading_accounts_and_transactions_help_with_transactions_after_i_download downloading_accounts_and_transactions_help_with_transactions_after_i_download, downloading_accounts_and_transactions, a_quicken_for_windows_2017 active 21 11 2 comment 7631216 QWin 2018 Premier: Reports don't update automatically when transactions changed 2017-11-19T05:43:45Z 2017-11-14T17:47:22Z mtn_living mtn_living Minor issue only:&nbsp; I installed Q2018 Premier. When I go into my most frequently used budget/income/expenses report and find a mis-categorized transaction I click through to change the transaction. When I back up into the report the report does not refresh automatically and show the transaction in the proper line. If I go into customize the report for any reason and return to the report It refreshes correctly. Totally minor bug. problem all_other_questions all_other_questions, all_other_questions_other, a_2018_release_of_quicken_for_windows 1 3 1 comment 7631387 Quicken 2018/windows. Trouble moving on to enter a second transaction. 2017-11-19T05:42:48Z 2017-11-14T22:05:36Z Robin Collier Satterwhite robin_collier_satterwhite Just upgraded to Quicken 2018/windows.&nbsp; When I complete entering a transaction in my register it won't let me go on to enter another transaction.&nbsp; I have tried; Nothing, it just stays on that transaction.&nbsp; question working_with_data_and_transactions working_with_data_and_transactions, working_with_data_and_transactions_entering_transactions, a_2018_release_of_quicken_for_windows 1 3 1 comment 7631966 budget display order 2017-11-19T05:41:38Z 2017-11-15T20:12:59Z djacobowitz djacobowitz QW2018Premier - The budget, and all of its associated reports, do not sort or display in the detail to sub-total to total order like other reports.&nbsp; Comparison reports should allow for comparison to not only two like time periods but should allow comparison of actual to budget in the same display order as the time comparison reports. problem using_reports using_reports, using_reports_help_with_budget_reports, a_2018_release_of_quicken_for_windows 1 3 1 comment 7625606 In Quicken 2018 Mac, is there a way to view a security's chart? 2017-11-19T05:39:38Z 2017-11-04T23:26:11Z vibaby2 vibaby2 In Quicken 2018 Mac, is there a way to view a security's chart? question tracking_investments tracking_investments, tracking_investments_working_with_investment_transactions, a_2018_release_of_quicken_for_mac active 12 10 1 comment 7632689 Why do I have to enter my password at least five or six times within a two hour period? 2017-11-19T05:37:35Z 2017-11-16T22:17:26Z prdon prdon I went through the update to 'Quicken Canada' yesterday at about 8 pm PST.&nbsp; Not a great time to have to do this.&nbsp; &nbsp;When I tried the update I was led to a page from Quicken Canada that told me I had to pay for my software.&nbsp; Really?&nbsp; &nbsp;I just paid for the update in May 2017.&nbsp; &nbsp;So, this is a real grab for more money from quicken Canada.<br /><br />Next, I was taking some time today to bring my old files up to date with the new software.&nbsp; Each time I opened a new file I had to sign in and each time the sign in software told me my password was incorrect so I had to go through the cycle of asking for my password, then answer with the security code that was sent to me and then I put in my original password and their software accepted it.&nbsp; Had to do this with every year's data.&nbsp; I have been using quicken for over 20 years this is going to take forever...&nbsp; But NOW THE BAD NEWS.<br /><br />When I tried to open my existing year's file I got a bad password message so I went through the cycle again, I asked to give me the security code for my new password, input the code, then input my old password which was accepted.&nbsp; Then I got another message telliing me that my password for my file had been changed and asked me to verify it by inputting another security code before it would allow me to open my exisitng year's file!!!!!!<br /><br />WHO WAS THE IDIOT WHO BUILT THIS PROCESS?????&nbsp; &nbsp;I am going to actively look for another software package to get past this idiocy.&nbsp; &nbsp;<br /><br />If you value your sanity DO NOT BUY the Quicken Canada&nbsp; 2017 software!!!!!! problem working_with_data_and_transactions_help_with_my_quicken_password working_with_data_and_transactions_help_with_my_quicken_password, a_quicken_for_windows_2017 1 3 2 comment 7632053 portfolio in on line account is messed up. How can I just delete the whole thing and start over? 2017-11-19T05:36:17Z 2017-11-15T22:42:25Z alginsburg alginsburg my portfolio in the on line account is really messed up. And system won't let me delete most of the items. How can I just delete the whole thing and start over? question a_quicken_for_windows_other a_quicken_for_windows_other, tracking_investments, tracking_investments_portfolio_or_investment_reporting 1 4 1 comment 7607360 Error OL-301/297 or CC-501/101 when attempting to add or update Bank of America accounts 2017-11-19T05:35:13Z 2017-10-07T00:49:17Z Scott scott_5097485 Referring to Quicken Kathryn's sticky post regarding BofA account verification:<br /><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Link https//getsatisfactioncom/quickencommunity/topics/new-9-25-17-error-ol-301-297-or-cc-501-101-when-attempting-to-add-or-update-bank-of"></a><br /><br />Here is what you should see next time you log into BofA to verify the account and restore Quicken downloading functionality.<br /><br />On logging into BofA,&nbsp; you will see the first image, below.&nbsp;&nbsp; <br /><br />When you read it carefully and tap OK, you will get another dialogue that looks like the second image, below.&nbsp; <br /><br />At this point you will have 10minutes to go back to Quicken and do your BofA update.&nbsp; Mine worked perfectly and my ability to download restored.<br /><br />QW2107 H&amp;B here....<br /><br />Regards, Scott<br /><br /><br /><img src="" title="Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1658621/RackMultipart20171007-115315-1sf17ki-BOFA_QW_01_inlinepng1507337121" /><br /><br /><img src="" /> problem a_quicken_for_windows_other a_quicken_for_windows_other, a_quicken_for_mac_other, downloading_accounts_and_transactions_i_am_getting_an_error, downloading_accounts_and_transactions active 59 26 4 comment 7631247 Budget catagories auto expanding still not fixed in QWin 2018 2017-11-19T05:34:07Z 2017-11-14T18:36:47Z Robert Gados robert_gados This problem has not been fixed in Quicken 2018.&nbsp; I reported this 3 years ago, and still broken.&nbsp; If you can not fix it, please add "Expand All" / "Collapse All" buttons similar to "Investing" - "Portfolio" view. problem using_planning_tools using_planning_tools, using_planning_tools_help_with_budgeting, a_2018_release_of_quicken_for_windows 1 3 1 comment 7630462 quicken browser with online research broke 2017-11-19T05:32:20Z 2017-11-13T15:14:52Z Philip phildom_d25tntdbzjzm3 I'm using Quicken 2018 Premiere.&nbsp; Version R2.3&nbsp; Build<br /><br />The Quicken browser doesn't show anything when selecting Online Research from the Security Detail View window. In fact of all the choices in the Online Research drop down only News results in data showing the Quicken Browser. <br /><br />You can select the Full Browser button from the Quicken Browser and my Chrome browser opens to a new page showing the Quicken Login screen. After successfully logging in the appropriate data screen is displayed, as in showing the Quotes and research page.<br /><br />I think I've always had this problem with previous versions of Quicken but never bothered until now to raise the issue. problem tracking_investments tracking_investments, tracking_investments_updating_stock_quotes, a_2018_release_of_quicken_for_windows 1 3 1 comment 7632510 Quicken R 14.1 - two apparent defects 2017-11-19T05:29:36Z 2017-11-16T17:18:15Z Fred D fred_d Build<br /><br />After the latest release installation, I am seeing two new problems:<br /><br />a) I show a deposit&nbsp; on a future date including a transaction of $13.16.&nbsp; The Banking summary totals the amount as $13.00, not $13.16.<br /><br />b) in the Banking Transaction report, the export to Excel format is now not written in a form that Excel recognizes as a tab-delimited. problem a_quicken_for_windows_other a_quicken_for_windows_other, downloading_accounts_and_transactions_help_with_transactions_after_i_download, downloading_accounts_and_transactions 1 3 1 comment 7632297 Using QHB2018. Curious thing happened - downloading bank transaction. 2017-11-19T05:27:03Z 2017-11-16T10:09:56Z swimraft swimraft The short version is I tried to download transactions through one-step update but no transactions seem to download (there should have been one) but no error messages were given.&nbsp; Several hours later I reset my cloud data and after that I noticed a flag next to my Wells Fargo account - the missing downloaded transaction was now waiting to be accepted. question downloading_accounts_and_transactions_help_with_transactions_after_i_download downloading_accounts_and_transactions_help_with_transactions_after_i_download, downloading_accounts_and_transactions, a_2018_release_of_quicken_for_windows 1 3 1 comment