Topics in Quicken 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 67130 46305 1255 19139 0 1103 7795798 problem adding Target Red Card 2018-09-25T00:17:24Z 2018-09-23T12:42:11Z Greg Brown greg_brown_6259515 Getting CC-502 when trying to add Target Red Card.<br />It is trying to connect to, and is timing out. When I log into My Red Card account on web it is which&nbsp; Quicken has listed as Target National Bank, but my credentials don't work when I try to add Target National Bank using my Target Red Card credentials. It also appears that the site looks quite different since the last time I logged on.<br />Quicken Premier 2017 R17.4 Windows 10 Pro current on release version 1803. problem errors_troubleshooting_olb errors_troubleshooting_olb, bank_accounts_downloading_and_categorizing, windows active 7 11 7 comment 7796382 Quicken premier 2016 webconnect preference reverted after recent upgrades 2018-09-24T23:45:21Z 2018-09-24T23:45:21Z joe kane joe_kane_axodo7h46qwby On Quicken Premier 2016, the product suddenly was seemingly crashing after every import of a webconnect file.&nbsp; Searching the through the board here, I found this description of a problem on Quicken premier 2018 (thread now closed) which sounds like the same issue.<br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /><br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /><a alt="" href="" name="" rel="nofollow" target="" title="Link httpsgetsatisfactioncomquickencommunitytopicsquicken-2018-crashes-when-downloading-transactions" type="" value=""></a> <br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /><br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" />The OP solved it by changing the web connect setting to check (select) "Keep Quicken Open After webconnect completes" in Preferences. <br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /><br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" />I had not cleared this setting myself, and I didn't even remember it.&nbsp;&nbsp; I have been using Quicken for eons without the program closing after a webconnect import.&nbsp; I went and examined it in my Preferences, and sure enough the setting is now unchecked.<br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /><br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /> The problem started occurring after one of the last updates, so I am questioning whether the setting was reverted/or cleared as a result.<br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /><br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /><br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /><br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /> problem 0 1 1 create 7796279 restore a damaged file 2018-09-24T23:05:23Z 2018-09-24T18:52:58Z premier_regulators kate_kemp Hi Guys,<br />I have been working on an old copy of Quickbooks (2011 deluxe) and am trying to restore a file that validates fine, but then throws the errors that "Quicken cannot open the file because it is damaged". Our updates apparently hadn't been working, so our most recent update was 5 months previous. I tried super-validating the file... and am open to any suggestions so we don't lose 5 months of entries! Really appreciate any help, you would make my bookkeeper's week! problem backup backup, errors_troubleshooting_non_olb, windows pending 34 7 1 comment 7608808 One step update duplicate accounts 2018-09-24T22:59:06Z 2017-10-10T02:09:02Z Wade wade_77624pixf3z7c When I run the "one step update" my accounts are shown multiple times in the update window.&nbsp; How do I delete the duplicates? The duplicate accounts cause errors when I run the one step update.&nbsp; There is a request for my password which turns into an endless loop of password requests.&nbsp; I am running Quicken 2016 Deluxe. problem downloading_accounts_and_transactions_missing_or_duplicate_transactions downloading_accounts_and_transactions_missing_or_duplicate_transactions active 4 6 2 comment 7796362 Securities Quotes Error in QM17 2018-09-24T22:41:55Z 2018-09-24T22:41:55Z rdrich rdrich_74osr1c61adpj Quicken securities downloaded quotes are populating Sunday with Monday's prices. &nbsp;This is incorrect in that there was no Sunday price. &nbsp;It also makes it look like there was no portfolio change in value on Monday (since price is the same as the "Sunday price". &nbsp;Is this a bug? problem investing investing, mac 0 3 1 create 7796334 crash fouled up account balances in reconciliation 2018-09-24T22:41:36Z 2018-09-24T21:15:25Z Big JIm Sr big_jim_sr Quicken 2018. System crashed while posting downloaded transaction to my checking account. After that I finished posting transactions, went to reconcile and the old balance was screwed up and some posted items showed up as not reconciled. I have no idea what has happened. problem errors_troubleshooting_non_olb errors_troubleshooting_non_olb, bank_accounts_downloading_and_categorizing, windows pending 4 4 1 comment 7796353 Bank of the West can't download transactions 2018-09-24T22:36:15Z 2018-09-24T21:58:00Z Lane Mashal lanemashal Q Win 2018 R12 15.&nbsp; One Step Update does not work for either of my Bank of the West accounts for the last month or so.&nbsp; I also try to update from within the account and that does not work.&nbsp; I continually get an error on one of the accounts asking if I've changed the name of the account or closed it.&nbsp; I've tried to reset the accounts with no success.&nbsp; I get CC-506 errors. I CAN download the transactions directly from the Bank of the West site.&nbsp; problem errors_troubleshooting_olb errors_troubleshooting_olb, bank_accounts_downloading_and_categorizing, windows active 1 3 1 comment 7796356 Is there a Quicken app? 2018-09-24T22:33:29Z 2018-09-24T22:10:59Z Pat pat_7e4yzwclgcisp I will be away from my home desktop and want to access my accounts.&nbsp; Is there an app I can load onto my Galay tablet? question mobile_and_cloud_sync mobile_and_cloud_sync active 1 3 1 comment 7772996 8/3/18: Quicken Mobile app update available 2018-09-24T22:17:22Z 2018-08-03T03:51:34Z Quicken Abhishek quickenabhishek The Quicken team has been working hard on the new Quicken Mobile app. The refreshed mobile app is built on a new technology which will help enable us to provide you a seamless experience as you go across platforms as well as deliver regular ongoing updates.&nbsp; These updates will include enhancements, bugs fixes, performance improvements and new features.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /><br /> Our first app (5.0.44) went live last week and we received some great feedback from you.&nbsp; Many of you commented this is the best app yet and it’s a big step in the right direction. Others of you submitted bugs and thoughts on the new design.&nbsp; We appreciate all the feedback good and bad. It’s this feedback that will help us provide you an app you love.&nbsp;<br /><br /> <b>To get the latest update:</b><br /><br /> <b>iOS users:</b> Go to the app store from your phone, search for "Quicken" and install the Quicken App.<br /><br /> <b>Android Users:</b> Update the Quicken App when prompted, or download the update from the Play Store.<br /><br /> <b>Note:</b> Do not uninstall the current Quicken Mobile App on your phone; having the app already installed helps ensure you will get the update.<br /><br /> <u><b>We have been working on addressing your feedback and will be doing our first update this week. Some of the highlights in this coming update are:</b></u><br /><br /> <b>Performance&nbsp;</b><br /><br /> Loading &amp; changing of the categories was taking some customers more than 10 seconds. We have reduced this by over 70%, so it should faster now.&nbsp;<br /><br /> <b>Balances</b><br /><br /> In our first release, we defaulted the balances in the app to the online balance. That was clearly a mistake. The Today’s Balance will now be the default. You can switch to the other balance types in the accounts view.<br /><br /> Related, some of you had reported balance mismatches with the desktop. We have found the issue and will have a fix out very shortly. You will not be required to take an update for this fix.<br /><br /> <b>Passcode &amp; Touch ID</b><br /><br /> Passcode and Touch ID should now be sticky for all of you. NOTE: for some iOS users, when launching the app you might briefly see the passcode screen flash before the Touch ID appears. There will be a fix for this in the next update.<br /><br /> <b>Other bug fixes</b><br /><br /> <ol><li>Done on transaction notes now means done.&nbsp;</li><li>Row 1 of a split item now changes when you enter the amount for row 2 (as long as you didn’t change the amount in row 1).</li></ol> <u><b>In addition to the above issues, we are actively working on addressing the following issues:</b></u><br /><br /> <b>Budgets&nbsp;</b><br /><br /> If you are using Quicken 2017 or 2016 desktop versions, we are bringing back the budgets on mobile for you in the August release.<br /><br /> <b>Bank/FI Connectivity bugs</b><br /><br /> We heard you loud and clear that many of you are experiencing issues related to connecting to your banks. We are in the process of finding and fixing the issues. If you are facing these issues, you can help us expedite the fix by providing any detail you can think of – the FI name, screen shots, if it's working on desktop but not on mobile, if it's only one account that is experiencing issues or if multiple are having issues, etc. Please email the details to mobilefeedback- <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>. While we are trying to, we might not respond to every email, but I can assure you we are reading every single one. We thank you for this in advance!<br /><br /> For now, we are primarily focused on addressing the issues customers are facing with the app. We will soon be turning our attention to implementing all the ideas you have suggested such as customizing dashboard and account cards, smart defaults for accounts, payees and categories, and modifying the fonts throughout to be more user friendly. We can’t wait to get out of bug squish mode and in to bringing you delighters!<br /><br /> If you find issues in this release, please post the issue as a new comment in this post, submit feedback from the product, or email us at <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Link mailtomobilefeedbackquickencom"></a>.&nbsp; We'll be actively monitoring for your feedback.<br /><br /> - The Mobile Team article mobile_and_cloud_sync mobile_and_cloud_sync 188 55 7 comment quicken, quicken mobile 7796329 When I download transactions and prices, I get a report that there are a variety of "New" transactions; however, they are matches , not New 2018-09-24T22:10:50Z 2018-09-24T20:56:33Z Jim Nelli jim_nelli When I download transactions and prices, I get a report that there are a variety of "New" transaction; however, these transactions are not New. They are exact matches.There does not seem to be any way to change a New transaction to a Matched transaction. Any ideas? I'm running Quicken for Windows version 12.15.Some Help instructions say there is a Manually Match button, but it doesn't exist in my program.<br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /> problem investing investing, bank_accounts_downloading_and_categorizing, windows active 4 4 1 comment 7796303 i am new to quicken how to use this software 2018-09-24T22:06:23Z 2018-09-24T19:47:35Z Kent Hicks-Hsueh kent_hicks_hsueh mac2018 i have no idea where to start no manual is included question mac mac active 6 7 1 comment 7796354 Wells Fargo Mortgage will not update 2018-09-24T22:01:46Z 2018-09-24T22:01:46Z Lane Mashal lanemashal Q Win 2018 R12 15&nbsp; My mortgage has always updated correctly.&nbsp; Just suddenly stopped this month and I get a CC-505 error. problem errors_troubleshooting_olb errors_troubleshooting_olb, bank_accounts_downloading_and_categorizing, windows 0 2 1 create 7756957 balance due wrong on Customer Invoice 2018-09-24T21:57:29Z 2018-06-28T22:45:08Z Paul Allen-Webber paul_allen_webber I just printed all of next month's invoices and discovered that the TOTAL and BALANCE DUE are identical despite deposits having been made.<br /><br />I also have an invoice WITH a balance due that has the PAID stamp on it! question support_contact support_contact, errors_troubleshooting_non_olb, business_tools pending 22 8 3 comment 7615887 Sync the same quiken file on desktop and laptop computers 2018-09-24T21:53:51Z 2017-10-20T18:56:43Z Ed Whiting ed_whiting_j0itgvmzym5dr question a_quicken_for_windows_other a_quicken_for_windows_other, all_other_questions_other active 4 6 1 comment 7796350 Scholarshare account does not calculate investment value correctly 2018-09-24T21:51:45Z 2018-09-24T21:51:45Z Lane Mashal lanemashal I have 2 Scholarshare accounts; both download transactions correctly and have the correct shares and price per share.&nbsp; However, one account displays<br />&nbsp;the correct investment value in the account list and the other does not.&nbsp; I have Quicken Deluxe for Windows 2018&nbsp; R12 15. problem investing investing, windows 0 2 1 create