Topics in Quicken 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 65131 45525 1181 18017 0 1076 7766759 Quicken data file "could not be opened" 2018-07-23T13:07:06Z 2018-07-20T12:22:42Z Louis Philip DeLaura louis_philip_delaura Had to reboot my computer w/ Quicken open. When I relaunched I got a message saying my data file "could not be opened." It tells me to make sure I have the latest version of Quicken installed (which I do). Any help would be welcome. I'm using Quicken Deluxe 2018 for Mac and I do not use any Cloud backup. Data file and (5 day old backup) are both stored locally.<br /><br />P.S. - the backups are also corrupted. problem errors_troubleshooting_non_olb errors_troubleshooting_non_olb, installing_and_updating, mac active 2 6 2 comment 7756092 Capital One 360 bonus 2018-07-23T12:59:37Z 2018-06-27T13:38:25Z Juanita juanita_1hnnjztpofafj The Capital One 360 bonus. Can anyone tell me when the bonus is supposed to be issued to our accounts? I have tried to find it, but since the promotion is no longer available, neither is any of the information. I don't know if this is the correct form to post this in also. question bank_accounts_downloading_and_categorizing bank_accounts_downloading_and_categorizing 2 4 1 comment 7767872 What happened to QM 5.7.1? 2018-07-23T12:52:48Z 2018-07-23T12:32:59Z Randy_m randy_margolis I went to install on my laptop (MacBook Air), and the only version on the website is 5.6.5. &nbsp;On my iMac, I'm using 5.7.1. My data file is not compatible with 5.6.5. Has the update to 5.7.1 been pulled?&nbsp; problem 2 2 1 comment 7693952 Paid bills still show up in reminders 2018-07-23T12:52:31Z 2018-02-26T07:32:50Z Barry Schnell barry_schnell Today I paid several bills via "Bills &amp; Income" tab, "Pay/Enter" button.&nbsp; I used a combination of methods to pay these bills - Quicken Bill pay (via "Pay" button) and outside of Quicken Bill Pay (via "Enter" button).<br /><br />After inputting the transactions and performing a one-step update, the bills are still showing as "upcoming" in my bill register reminders.<br /><br />In all cases, I paid the bill prior to its due-date including "today" and a few days from now.&nbsp;<br /><br />Please advise why these bills are showing as "upcoming" and not reflected as "paid"<br /><br /><img src="" /> problem paying_bills paying_bills, errors_troubleshooting_olb, bank_accounts_downloading_and_categorizing, windows pending 354 99 63 comment 7767182 Quicken Crashes Updating Bills 2018-07-23T12:30:30Z 2018-07-21T13:10:00Z Rich Burke rburkexx Microsoft Windows 10 Home Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299<br /><br />Quicken Premier 2018&nbsp;<br />Version R10.11<br />Build<br /><br />I continue to experience crashes of quicken while working with Bills and Income&nbsp;<br />Crashes while attempting to link a new biller&nbsp;<br />Crashes while attempting to execute Update All command&nbsp;<br /><br />Extremely frustrating, any help is greatly appreciated.&nbsp; problem errors_troubleshooting_non_olb errors_troubleshooting_non_olb, windows active 17 8 1 comment 7764854 Laser printer only prints one check at a time, check register shows all three checks printed. 2018-07-23T12:01:19Z 2018-07-16T15:20:26Z FlyingMoose flyingmoose_4r9ogzffjy7zs For example if I print 3 checks (one per page) only the first check prints. The check register shows all three checks printed. I have to change the two checks that did not print in the check register back to a status print and print the checks one at&nbsp; a time. I should not have to press print the first check for the number of&nbsp; checks I have to print. problem printing printing, errors_troubleshooting_non_olb active 2 3 1 comment 7767580 Open Default Browser 2018-07-23T11:53:57Z 2018-07-22T19:06:00Z David Moore david_moore_5n7di4plnvv13 On the Home page of Quicken, your bills include a web link if you have configured one in the account. Clicking the "Go" link should open the OS Default Web browser rather than Quicken's internal web browser. The internal Quicken web browser is so out of date that most web site will not even support it. I am aware of the button "Full Browser", but why have the added step. Stream line this by just opening the OS Default browser. idea errors_troubleshooting_non_olb errors_troubleshooting_non_olb, windows 7 5 2 comment 7634173 Sync Quicken calendar with iCal and/or Google 2018-07-23T11:27:50Z 2017-11-19T21:29:09Z Jon Bass jonbass The Quicken calendar is one of the most useful (and unique) features in the product.&nbsp;&nbsp;It would be extremely helpful we could sync the quicken calendar with iCal and/or google calendar.&nbsp; The product can currently sync with a local Microsoft Outlook, but that means you have to have own a Microsoft Office license.&nbsp; Sync'ing to a cloud based such as google calendar makes more sense these days. idea windows windows 11 11 9 comment 7767304 Update 2018-07-23T11:22:08Z 2018-07-21T21:00:03Z Ron Spencer ron_spencer_kjjq7d1qrfztb Hi Harold still no solution available to me? Do you have a web link that will enable me to update my version of Quicken and may resolve my issue? question installing_and_updating installing_and_updating active 5 4 1 comment 7767801 Can I Import Old Data From QM2005 to the New Quicken for Mac 2018? 2018-07-23T09:22:45Z 2018-07-23T09:22:45Z MacGeek mac_geek I've looked here on the forums and have seen others who need to import from <b>QM2007 </b>to the 2018 version,<b>&nbsp;</b>but I've not seen anyone trying to import from<b> QM2005 as I'm trying to do.</b> I'd be importing from an Intel MacBook running Snow Leopard (which is why QM2005 is able to run on that computer at all, b/c of the utility Rosetta which allows Power-PC programs to run on Intel machines w/Snow Leopard). I would be importing to a MacBook Pro running the latest version of High Sierra. I'm concerned about this conversion b/c again, QM2005 is a Power-PC -based program.<br /><br />I have all the files residing on the MacBook (and also on a thumb drive) I just need to know if they're going to be AT ALL compatible w/QM2018, and if so, how I'd go about transferring the files IF they are. I haven't purchased QM2018 yet, btw.<br /><br />Any help would be very much appreciated. &nbsp;Thanks! question data_file_conversion data_file_conversion, mac 0 2 1 create 7767683 Bug not allowing me to view or create new invoices 2018-07-23T09:10:02Z 2018-07-23T00:57:29Z Jennifer Weinerman jennifer_weinerman New invoicing buttons, both in "sales" and in the top dropdown are not redirecting anywhere. I am also unable to even view my invoices to try and print so that I can manually mail a few to clients who do not like using email correspondence. To my knowledge, I do not have pop-ups disabled for this site, and am using QuickBooks Online. Having this issue across three different computers/ operating systems, so pretty sure this is a system error that needs to be addressed by Intuit. problem 4 3 1 comment 7759306 Is there a way to view a break-down of the different accounts that were used with a savings goal? 2018-07-23T06:50:38Z 2018-07-04T02:27:55Z Andrew Angell andrew_angell I have 9 savings goals with cash in them spread across 4 or 5 different accounts.&nbsp; If I click into the savings goal from the accounts list, then I can see the different accounts that were used to transfer into the savings goal, but it's not a very clean way to see it, and I have to do it for every individual account.<br /><br />Is there some way to generate a report or something where I can easily see a break-down of my savings goals and the accounts that make up their total?<br /><br />Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.&nbsp; Thanks! question errors_troubleshooting_non_olb errors_troubleshooting_non_olb, bank_accounts_downloading_and_categorizing active 5 4 1 comment 7767620 Quicken for Mac -- does it now work with Dropbox? 2018-07-23T06:45:28Z 2018-07-22T21:26:53Z jfruh jfruh For as long as I've been using Dropbox, I've been warned to NOT save Quicken files there, as the "file" is really folders that Dropbox nevertheless perceives as individual files. The result is that files can easily become corrupted. This is something of a pain, as it means constantly moving the file manually between my desktop and laptop instead of just knowing it'll be there on either computer, as is the case with all my other important info.<br /><br />I noted in the release notes to 5.6.5 this update:<br /><br />"Quicken will now remove unnecessary conflicted database files caused by cloud storage services such as Dropbox to improve file integrity and reduce file size."<br /><br />Does this mean we can now safely use Dropbox to sync our Quicken for Mac files? That'd be great! question mac mac 3 4 1 comment 7763972 Quicken 2018 Display Issues - Border is see-thru, Can't view "About" from Help, Etc. 2018-07-23T04:50:30Z 2018-07-14T05:07:33Z Ron McIntire ron_mcintire Windows 10<br />Quicken 2018 R 10.11<br /><br />When I open the application, the border of the application is see-thru - I can't see the Minimize, Maximize, Close, Hide/Show Toolbar Icons buttons. The image attached shows the issue - in the first red box, you can see where it is see-thru and showing the text from the Title of this post. The second red box shows where the buttons are missing and is also see-thru.<br /><br /><img src="" /><br /><br />When I click Help --&gt; About, the screen appears to open, but I can't see it anywhere. When I hit Esc, then it appears to close and I can then back into the application.<br /><br />I spent about 30 minutes online with support, who had me do all the things that were already on their support site, only to tell me to try to reboot my computer and see if that fixed it. I had already tried that, and it did not.<br /><br />Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any suggestions to fix?<br /><br />Thanks in advance for your help. problem windows windows active 11 7 1 comment 7591123 How to export report to Excel and preserve all detail lines? 2018-07-23T03:56:39Z 2017-09-12T01:43:16Z Geoff Stuart geoff_stuart In Q17 for WIndows, when I export report data to Excel format (it's a TXT file, for some reason I cannot fathom), the resulting file does not contain any data in the control break fields, so I cannot sort the data differently in Excel. &nbsp;That's the whole point of exporting it. &nbsp;How do I get all detail data populated in all fields on the export? question working_with_data_and_transactions working_with_data_and_transactions, a_quicken_for_windows_2017 complete 17 7 1 comment