Topics in Quicken 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 160416 150157 575 9472 0 5954 7290897 "please wait while windows configures quicken 2016" 2017-05-24T15:34:26Z 2016-08-20T21:23:01Z Robert Nye robert_nye_5qsi6ltf7f457 will not allow me to download transactions from my financial institutions. Keeps giving me this message "please wait while windows configures quicken 2016" then says unable to uninstall while open? Any ideas? question a_quicken_for_windows_2016 a_quicken_for_windows_2016, downloading_accounts_and_transactions_i_am_getting_an_error, downloading_accounts_and_transactions complete 48 38 12 comment 7524785 QWin 2016: Quicken is adding duplicate transactions with the same DownloadedID 2017-05-24T15:31:54Z 2017-05-24T02:12:22Z Tom Valois tom_valois Can someone please take a look at this screenshot (my register sorted by DownloadedID) and tell me what might be causing this? The financial institution is USAA, and the connection method is Direct Connect. Is this something USAA is doing wrong, something that Quicken is doing wrong, or something I am doing wrong? If I can't reliably download my transactions, I don't really need Quicken. I might as well use an excel spreadsheet, or even pen and paper.<br /><br /><img src="" title="Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1600781/RackMultipart20170524-50316-7jhbml-duplicates_inlinejpg1495591731" /> problem a_quicken_for_windows_2016 a_quicken_for_windows_2016, downloading_accounts_and_transactions_missing_or_duplicate_transactions, downloading_accounts_and_transactions active 5 3 1 comment 7524841 QWin 2017: When conducting a search of tags within an account, how do I get the splits which have more than one tag to open. 2017-05-24T15:30:36Z 2017-05-24T04:20:21Z Jon White 35jonpyt Quicken 2017 for Windows 10.<br />&nbsp;When conducting a search of tags within an account, how do I get the splits which have more than one tag to open. question all_other_questions all_other_questions, all_other_questions_other, a_quicken_for_windows_2017 1 3 1 comment 7334683 Missing blue divider line on one account. 2017-05-24T15:30:32Z 2016-10-15T21:56:31Z JCW212 joyce_waite Lost blue divider line in one account. Blue line is positioned on every other account. Yes, I have transactions sorted in date order. I checked the settings and canno problem active 6 5 1 comment 7488714 I want to update Quicken 2017, but I get an error "A device attached to the system is not functioning" 2017-05-24T15:27:59Z 2017-03-31T03:04:10Z Karan Hall karan_hall I'm trying to update Quicken 2017 Deluxe on Windows 10. I have version R4.1. An error message pops up from Quicken\quickenPatch.exe stating that "A device attached to the system is not functioning" and it will not let me install the update. How do I figure out which device it is referring to? problem install_conversion_registration_updating_to_the_latest_release install_conversion_registration_updating_to_the_latest_release, install_conversion_registration, a_quicken_for_windows_2017 active 2 5 1 comment 7524458 QWin 2017 Deluxe (R6): Not downloading from TDECU - New 2017-05-24T15:27:14Z 2017-05-23T16:50:53Z gsmilo gsmilo Quicken not downloading transactions from TDECU -NEW<br /><br /><br /> I have used Quicken since 2012:<br /><br /><br /> I am using Quicken 2017 Deluxe Version 6 Build to [<i>personally identifiable information removed for your security</i>]&nbsp; .<br /><br /><br /> I have not been able to consistently download TDCU NEW transactions since early May. Now I cannot download at all.&nbsp;My Chase credit card works perfectly.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /><br /><br /> I use Express Web Connect.<br /><br /><br /> If I performed a “Reset Account” or deactivate and reactivate I sometimes got new transactions downloaded, but not consistently.<br /><br /><br /> I have run Avast and Malware Bytes. I checked my firewall and TDECU is not blocked.<br /><br /><br /> Uninstall and reinstall did not help.&nbsp; I tried installing on another laptop, still won’t download.<br /><br /><br /> I tried starting with a new file, still no download.&nbsp; <br /><br /><br /> At times when I updated I was told a number of transactions were downloaded but no showed no new transactions&nbsp;to accept.&nbsp;<br /><br /><br /> Per TDECU I contacted the Quicken help desk twice and spent over two hours, and still cannot download transactions.&nbsp; <br /><br /><br /> We tried resetting, deactivation and reactivation.<br /><br /><br /> Performed both Validate and Super Validate.&nbsp; No errors found.<br /><br /><br /> When I try to reset or reconnect to my accounts:<br /><br /><br /> <ul><li> Sometimes not all accounts appear.<br /><br /> </li><li> At times several of the accounts show up as “Unknown type”<br /><br /> </li><li> I am told that my personal loan, which I updated in the past, does not exist. <br /><br /> </li><li> Personal and Auto Loan show “unknown type” and “ignore”when I just tried to relink accounts.<br /><br /><br /> </li></ul> Can TDECU and Quicken PLEASE help figure out what the problem is? I rely on Quicken to monitor and control my finances.&nbsp; Alternately, is there other software I can try that may work when Quicken doesn’t? <br /><br /> problem downloading_accounts_and_transactions_i_am_getting_an_error downloading_accounts_and_transactions_i_am_getting_an_error, downloading_accounts_and_transactions, a_quicken_for_windows_2017 active 3 2 1 comment 7524966 Give option to Show account numbers in Accout Manage List 2017-05-24T15:21:15Z 2017-05-24T10:44:34Z r s r_s_5194533 An Account's options include an account number field.&nbsp; I use that for all of the obvious reasons.&nbsp; Seems very simple to me for quicken to have an option to 'display account number' in the 'account list'.&nbsp; of course i could copy and paste from the account&nbsp; number field to the description field, but why ?&nbsp; the account # field is just that, and the description field is just that IE free floating text IE 'checking' or 'savings' or 'remember to ask bob' or whatever i want.&nbsp; why doesn't quicken simply provide this option ?&nbsp; please explain.&nbsp; i have many accounts and there are times where i know only the account #.&nbsp; instead of having to open each account's properties, i would like to be able to simply sort on the account # column.&nbsp; <b></b>why doesn't quicken simply provide this option ?&nbsp; please explain. idea all_other_questions all_other_questions, all_other_questions_other, a_unknown_product 2 3 1 comment 7524625 In Quicken 2017 Premier, why isn't the mortgage loan amount decreasing with each payment to the mortgage company? 2017-05-24T15:21:05Z 2017-05-23T20:41:11Z Tom Clever tom_clever In Quicken 2017 Premier, why isn't the mortgage loan amount decreasing with each payment to the mortgage company?&nbsp; The program apparently tracks the dates of the payments, but the amount of the payment is not making the "loan details page" change at all.&nbsp; <br /><br />For example, I bought a house in December.&nbsp; In Quicken 2017 Premier, I set up the mortgage loan program and it is tracking that payments are made.&nbsp; However, the loan amount has not decreased.&nbsp; All the details of the loan are correct; however, the problems is that the "details" page still shows the "principle amount paid" unchanged from the moment the loan was originated.&nbsp; problem using_planning_tools using_planning_tools, using_planning_tools_help_with_adding_or_tracking_loans, a_quicken_for_windows_2017, official complete 6 6 1 comment 7524836 Transfer Data from a dead Laptop 2017-05-24T15:15:10Z 2017-05-24T04:06:40Z jeff jeff_76h6lvkh9lfjr Hello,<br /><br />I am a PC Technician, recently I received an email from a client said that his laptop just died on him, and he went out and bought a new laptop + new Quicken 2017. He would like to transfer his Quicken 2010 from his dead laptop onto a new one...<br /><br />I know for sure that I can pull the hard drive out and attend to pull the Quicken data files from there and hope for the best, and also know that I can't just run Quicken on his dead laptop right?! However, I rarely deal client with Quicken, so I am wondering where can I find the Quicken data files and Is Quicken does auto back up as well?! since my client had no clue with Quicken had saved all his transactions up to date before the laptop wen dead on him!<br /><br />His dead laptop is running on Win 10 and so does his new laptop<br /><br />thank you! question install_conversion_registration_converting_my_data_to_a_newer_version install_conversion_registration_converting_my_data_to_a_newer_version, install_conversion_registration, a_quicken_for_windows_2017 active 6 6 1 comment 7521247 Delta Community Credit Union CC-502 error 2017-05-24T15:08:00Z 2017-05-18T11:22:24Z George S. Ellis george_s_ellis Delta Community Credit Union CC-502 error on update for the last 2 days. problem a_quicken_for_windows_other a_quicken_for_windows_other, downloading_accounts_and_transactions_i_am_getting_an_error active 36 27 6 comment 7525115 QWin 2017: upgrade 2017-05-24T15:05:57Z 2017-05-24T14:52:28Z Shawn Blank shawn_blank I updated from Quicken 14 to 17 and now in the restored file iit s only showing from 2014 nothing from 2015,02016 or 2017 . How can I access this data? problem a_quicken_for_windows_2017 a_quicken_for_windows_2017 active 1 3 1 comment 7506150 Credit Score Authorization Error 2017-05-24T14:56:24Z 2017-04-25T21:47:19Z Jeff Newland jeff_newland After updating to R6 of Quicken 2017 I can no longer, access my credit score. I saw other posts saying the ID wasn't associated with what's on file. But I've used to the same ID for years and all of a sudden it's gone. Is there a way to reset the credit score and set it up again? question all_other_questions_other all_other_questions_other, a_quicken_for_windows_2017 active 14 12 2 comment 7525116 QWin 2016 H&B (R12): Splash Screen 2017-05-24T14:52:57Z 2017-05-24T14:52:57Z Brad Johnson brad_johnson_e335n3x81agan I'm using Quicken Home and Business 2016 R12. &nbsp;A few days ago the splash screen started appearing as "Rental Property Manager 2013." &nbsp;The One Step Update still works--as does updating from a .qfx file. &nbsp;I have applied the "Mondo Patch" and have refreshed the branding. &nbsp;But the splash screen is still incorrect.<br /><br />Any suggestions? problem a_quicken_for_windows_2016 a_quicken_for_windows_2016, all_other_questions, all_other_questions_other 0 2 1 create 7447355 Problem downloading from Capital One 2017-05-24T14:22:10Z 2017-02-04T22:13:09Z Paul Williams paul_williams_1982427 This seems to be a reoccurring problem. I have found several questions about this issue.&nbsp; It is happening to me as of 2/4/2017.&nbsp; Called Cap One support they claim they are not having problems. I am able to access Cap One account online with the same info store in Quicken 2017 One Step Update. Using Windows 10.&nbsp; Current on all updates. Also tried an account reset in Quicken.&nbsp; No error code displayed. problem downloading_accounts_and_transactions_i_am_getting_an_error downloading_accounts_and_transactions_i_am_getting_an_error, downloading_accounts_and_transactions, a_quicken_for_windows_2017 active 96 52 24 comment 7524977 QMac 2017: How do you display long-name category titles in Q17? 2017-05-24T14:10:47Z 2017-05-24T11:17:36Z Jake Parsons jake_parsons Previous versions of Quicken allowed for a "long" and "short" name display of category titles in the transaction windows. I cannot find a way to display the entire "long" category names anywhere. How do I display "Food:Groceries" and not just "Groceries"? question all_other_questions all_other_questions, all_other_questions_other, a_quicken_for_mac_2017 active 1 4 2 comment