Topics in Quicken 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 158411 149681 490 8050 0 6523 7458448 capital one download 2017-03-25T17:31:16Z 2017-02-18T17:50:50Z proflaw jim_kainen Unable to download from Capital One credit cards. Confused that Quicken Kathryn announced the problem solved, but there are multiple user posts saying that they, like me, still cannot download. Has anyone solved the problem? Is there a way to get an update from Quicken? problem a_quicken_for_windows_other a_quicken_for_windows_other, downloading_accounts_and_transactions_i_am_getting_an_error, downloading_accounts_and_transactions active 125 48 22 comment 7484501 QWin 2016: Trouble after R11 update 2017-03-25T17:31:13Z 2017-03-25T14:59:15Z 1000bill 1000bill Running Windows 7 (32bit), fully updated for all Windows patches. Launched Quicken 2016 Deluxe and it updated to R11. (I have always allowed Quicken to update when patches come out.) After update finished successfully, I attempted to launch Quicken. Received error message "QuickenWindow has stopped working". I allowed it to "check online for a solution" and nothing was found. I attempted running as administrator, same issue. I tried compatibility with "Windows 7" and "Windows XP Service Pack3". No go. I rebooted PC and tried with nothing else running. Same issue. I have pasted below the "problem details" as provided by the error message.<br /><br />Problem signature:<br />&nbsp; Problem Event Name:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; APPCRASH<br />&nbsp; Application Name:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; qw.exe<br />&nbsp; Application Version:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />&nbsp; Application Timestamp:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 580740d8<br />&nbsp; Fault Module Name:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; KERNELBASE.dll<br />&nbsp; Fault Module Version:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 6.1.7601.23392<br />&nbsp; Fault Module Timestamp:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 56eb2fb9<br />&nbsp; Exception Code:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; e0434352<br />&nbsp; Exception Offset:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 0000845d<br />&nbsp; OS Version:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 6.1.7601.<br />&nbsp; Locale ID:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 1033<br />&nbsp; Additional Information 1:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 0a9e<br />&nbsp; Additional Information 2:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789<br />&nbsp; Additional Information 3:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 0a9e<br />&nbsp; Additional Information 4:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789 problem a_quicken_for_windows_2016 a_quicken_for_windows_2016, install_conversion_registration_updating_to_the_latest_release, install_conversion_registration complete 3 2 1 comment 7484473 QWin: Business credit cards with summary account - accounting question 2017-03-25T17:30:46Z 2017-03-25T13:51:54Z maineuropa maineuropa How do users account for this in Quicken? The BOA biz summary corp accnt is supposed to be a combination of all biz credit card accounts(I only have one card account) so BOA has this set up. Thus I have all charges in the individual card account; and all payments in the summary account. This means that the summary account never gets charges; and my payments never are applied to the individual card account. Anyone else dealing with this? About ready to cancel the business card again; it is just too confusing/counterintuitive. question a_quicken_for_windows_other a_quicken_for_windows_other, downloading_accounts_and_transactions active 4 4 1 comment 7484306 QWin 2017: Investment Transaction Screen still has bugs 2017-03-25T17:30:44Z 2017-03-25T02:24:46Z James Adams james_adams_ihn4uvfukrkct <p>You close&nbsp;a tread that relates to a problem that&nbsp;is still not fixed? The investment transaction entry screen wastes&nbsp;screen space with columns that aren't needed and&nbsp;the biggest waste of space "the description field" doesn't size the way your help says it should.&nbsp; I've been a long time user of your products and your development staff is simply not paying attention to quality.</p><p>If this continues you'll be losing a lot of customers.&nbsp; You need to fix these issues.</p> problem tracking_investments tracking_investments, tracking_investments_working_with_investment_transactions, a_quicken_for_windows_2017 active 7 4 1 comment 7484495 QMac: I would like an integrated calculator for data entry (similar to WIN version). 2017-03-25T17:23:18Z 2017-03-23T14:19:37Z slhcrnp slhcrnp I would like an integrated calculator for data entry (similar to WIN version).<br /><br /> Note: This conversation was created from a <a class="notranslate" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">reply</a> on: <a class="notranslate" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">List of Miscellaneous Requests</a>. idea a_quicken_for_mac_other a_quicken_for_mac_other, all_other_questions, all_other_questions_other 6 5 1 comment 7355565 Quicken for mac 2017 slow to open 2017-03-25T17:23:14Z 2016-11-12T14:20:49Z Bob Vandette bob_vandette I recently converted over to Quicken for the Mac 2017. &nbsp;When I attempt to start Quicken it takes over 6 minutes before the application is available to use. &nbsp;This only seems to happen once each day. &nbsp;If I close the application after waiting the long 6 minutes and re-open the application, it starts up in a few seconds.<br /><br />Has anyone seen this issue and have a work-around for it? &nbsp;This is pretty annoying.<br /><br />I took a look in one of the log files and it looks like I'm getting some timeouts attempting to&nbsp;<br />access the quotes and histquotes pages. &nbsp;These timeouts seem to account for at least<br />4 minutes of the delay.<br /><br />2016-10-20 21:18:46 +0000: [#23] Starting ('POST') connection to <a href=";sku=mac&amp;os=mac&amp;country=us&amp;build=42.14458.100" rel="nofollow" title="Link:;sku=mac&amp;os=mac&amp;country=us&amp;build=42.14458.100">;sku=mac&amp;os=mac&amp;country=us&amp;...</a>2016-10-20 21:18:46 +0000: [#24] Starting ('POST') connection to <a href=";sku=mac&amp;os=mac&amp;country=us&amp;build=42.14458.100" rel="nofollow" title="Link:;sku=mac&amp;os=mac&amp;country=us&amp;build=42.14458.100">;sku=mac&amp;os=mac&amp;country=us&amp;...</a><br />2016-10-20 21:18:46 +0000: [#25] Starting ('POST') connection to <a href=";sku=mac&amp;os=mac&amp;country=us&amp;build=42.14458.100" rel="nofollow" title="Link:;sku=mac&amp;os=mac&amp;country=us&amp;build=42.14458.100">;sku=mac&amp;os=mac&amp;country=us...</a><br />2016-10-20 21:18:46 +0000: [#26] Starting ('POST') connection to <a href=";sku=mac&amp;os=mac&amp;country=us&amp;build=42.14458.100" rel="nofollow">;sku=mac&amp;os=mac&amp;country=us...</a><br />2016-10-20 21:22:12 +0000: [#24] Connection failed! Error - The request timed out. <a href=";sku=mac&amp;os=mac&amp;country=us&amp;build=42.14458.100" rel="nofollow">;sku=mac&amp;os=mac&amp;country=us&amp;...</a><br />2016-10-20 21:22:12 +0000: [#25] Connection failed! Error - The request timed out. <a href=";sku=mac&amp;os=mac&amp;country=us&amp;build=42.14458.100" rel="nofollow">;sku=mac&amp;os=mac&amp;country=us...</a><br />2016-10-20 21:22:12 +0000: [#26] Connection failed! Error - The request timed out. <a href=";sku=mac&amp;os=mac&amp;country=us&amp;build=42.14458.100" rel="nofollow">;sku=mac&amp;os=mac&amp;country=us...</a><br />2016-10-20 21:22:12 +0000: Starting connection to <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a><br />2016-10-20 21:22:13 +0000: Branding completed<br />2016-10-20 21:22:13 +0000: Starting connection to <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a><br />2016-10-20 21:22:14 +0000: Profile completed<br />2016-10-20 21:22:14 +0000: Starting connection to <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a><br />2016-10-20 21:22:15 +0000: Account Info completed<br />2016-10-20 21:22:15 +0000: Starting connection to <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a><br />2016-10-20 21:22:15 +0000: Branding completed<br />2016-10-20 21:22:15 +0000: Starting connection to <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a><br />2016-10-20 21:22:16 +0000: Profile completed<br />2016-10-20 21:22:16 +0000: Starting connection to <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a><br />2016-10-20 21:22:22 +0000: Sync Update completed<br />2016-10-20 21:22:56 +0000: [#23] Response status: 200 encoding: (null) MIME type: text/plain, and length: 512<br />2016-10-20 21:22:56 +0000: [#23] ConnectionFinished (249.4628 seconds) problem all_other_questions all_other_questions, all_other_questions_other, a_quicken_for_mac_2017 active 7 7 1 comment 7484528 QWin 2017 Premier: "deposit" with split transactions, have incorrect details for investment accounts 2017-03-25T17:22:23Z 2017-03-25T15:36:47Z Scott scott_goirhdf9exnm5 <p>I am using Quicken Premier 2017 R4 on windows 10. When I do a deposit transaction with split transactions into an investment account, the split details show reverse signs when I review the transaction.</p><p>An example, I get a check from my employer for $10,000.00 gross&nbsp;and it has federal tax withholding in the amount of $2,500.00 for a net total of $7,500.00.</p><p>When I enter the deposit transaction, into the Split&nbsp;detail, I enter the Gross&nbsp;$10,000&nbsp;as a positive number and the $2,500 for withholding as a negative number, for the net total of a positive $7500. All is ok, and the transaction total shows in the register correctly.</p><p>However, when I go back and click on the "split detail" for the transaction. Quicken has reversed the Positive and Negative signs. The gross $10k now show as a negative and in red, the $2500 for withholding now show as a positive number in black and the net total $7500 shows as a negative but in black. the register transaction detail is still correct with a positive $7500.</p><p>None of this happens when I enter the same transaction into a banking account such as checking.</p><p>Just wondering , if there is an explanation.</p><p>thanks,</p><p>Scott</p> problem tracking_investments tracking_investments, tracking_investments_working_with_investment_transactions, a_quicken_for_windows_2017 active 5 4 1 comment 7481392 quicken premier 2017 for windows 10- Spending Report by Category totals do not match detail of spending. 2017-03-25T17:21:27Z 2017-03-21T14:26:44Z Scott scott_goirhdf9exnm5 problem using_reports using_reports, using_reports_customizing_report_preferences_and_startup, a_quicken_for_windows_2017 complete 11 4 2 comment 7484342 QWin 2017: Deluxe -"Program has stopped working" 2017-03-25T17:20:28Z 2017-03-25T04:40:52Z J De Silva j_de_silva I get the message "Program has stopped working...." and Quicken deluxe 2017 closes down. This happens pretty often, particularly when I try to modify a report created under a different version and when I try to drill down an item in a report. I tried reinstallation but the problem continues. I am really frustrated and wish I never upgraded.<br />Please help<br />jdes problem working_with_data_and_transactions working_with_data_and_transactions, working_with_data_and_transactions_i_am_getting_an_error_or_quicken_crashes, a_quicken_for_windows_2017 active 4 4 1 comment 7484569 QWin 2017: Online backup error LA2211 2017-03-25T17:14:25Z 2017-03-25T16:59:17Z Lee Siffren leebob How do I correct LA2211 on online backup??? Quicken for Windows 2017 R4 problem active 1 3 1 comment 7484060 CC-585 each day after setting up online services with Quicken Premier 2017 2017-03-25T17:06:12Z 2017-03-24T17:34:34Z jimmy4vb jimmy4vb I upgraded from Quicken 2014 Deluxe to Quicken 2017 Premier in November 2016. &nbsp;In mid-January, I began having this issue occur and it repeats continuously.<br /><br />I have One Step Update running for 13 accounts across seven (8) financial institutions to download transactions. I run the update daily. &nbsp;Five of the accounts are with a single bank and I receive the following message for all the accounts from that bank: "Error CC-585, Your financial institution has added a new security feature that requires your attention before...". &nbsp;There are no new security measures when I access the bank's website directly and the problem disappears when I deactivate and then re-setup online services for those accounts. &nbsp;I must deactivate all five of the accounts before setting them back up. &nbsp;If I don't they continue to error out. &nbsp;After the deactivation, If I set up online services for one of the accounts from that bank, it gives me the option to link all the "found" accounts to my existing accounts in Quicken. &nbsp;After doing that, the transactions all download without error. &nbsp;After the re-setup, exiting Quicken and relaunching also allows the transaction download to complete without error. &nbsp;However, if I wait overnight or a few days later and launch One Step Update, I get the CC-585 error and must repeat the deactivate/setup process again to successfully download. &nbsp;This is tedious, time-consuming, and frustrating.<br /><br />Case in point. &nbsp;I deactivated all five accounts on 3/23/2017 and re-setup online services. &nbsp;At 12:17pm transactions for all my accounts from that bank downloaded successfully (confirmed by the OFX log "RECV from Web Connect Download" entry). &nbsp;However, launching Quicken on the next day (3/24/2017) and attempting a transaction download resulted in the CC-585 error and the following in the CONNOLD.TXT log for each of the five accounts:<br /><pre>20170324 09:24:35: Translating Error Codes [Getting account status for xxxx]: gSOAP/CCC/WININET : [0] --TO--&gt; IC Error: [0]<br />20170324 09:24:35: Error CC-185 ---- [Getting account status for xxxx]: *** Error occurred during account aggregation for [xxxx] *** 20170324 09:24:35: Error CC-185 ---- [Getting account status for xxxx]: *** Error Mapped to 585 *** 20170324 09:24:35: Mapping Error Codes ---- [Retrieving data for xxxx]: IC error : 0, EBStatus: 0 20170324 09:24:35: CC Request Complete ---- [Getting account status for xxxx]: Status/Error Code : 0</pre>I then deactivated/re-setup online services and the transactions all downloaded.<br /><br />I notice in the OFX Log that there is communication between Quicken and Intuit's CustomerCentral API, which returns an aggregation code. &nbsp;When the download fails that code is 185, aligning with the failure in the Connection Log above.<br /><br /><pre>&lt;!-- ***** RECV from <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Link https//fdatafeed-ccqdplatformintuitcom/CustomerCentral/api">https:&#47;&#47;fdatafeed-ccqd&#46;platform&#46;intuit&#46;com/CustomerCentral/api</a> at 09:24:36 on 20170324 ***** --&gt; &#46;&#46;&#46; &lt;aggr_status_code&gt;185&lt;/aggr_status_code&gt; </pre>Please advise.<br /><br />--Jim-- problem downloading_accounts_and_transactions_i_am_getting_an_error downloading_accounts_and_transactions_i_am_getting_an_error, a_quicken_for_windows_2017 active 3 4 1 comment 7422689 Home Tab Budget View Quicken Mac 2017 2017-03-25T17:02:43Z 2017-01-16T15:36:07Z Meg goldenmeg On the home tab there is a section to show budget tracking. It currently says "Create a New Budget". I have set up a budget, but still cannot see the tracking on the home tab. How can I link the home tab budget tracking display to the budget I have created? Thank You problem using_planning_tools using_planning_tools, using_planning_tools_help_with_budgeting, a_quicken_for_mac_2017 active 12 8 3 comment 7484503 QWin: on 3/24, talking to Cris concerning updating to Q 2017. . I have a problem on the format of the register 2017-03-25T17:02:04Z 2017-03-25T15:06:24Z Ralph Keil ralph_keil register format changed after working with Cris.Want to return to former format. register ddes not show deposits butt shows checks. Need both on screeen problem a_quicken_for_windows_other a_quicken_for_windows_other, all_other_questions, all_other_questions_other active 2 3 1 comment 7468283 no downloaded transactions to accept 2017-03-25T16:56:32Z 2017-03-03T04:29:26Z Allen allen_5215603 Red flag on account but register says no downloaded transactions to accept QW2017R4.&nbsp; Online center shows the transaction.&nbsp; Went through all the steps in the troubleshooting including "Compare to list" copying database and validating.&nbsp; What's next? Reinstall Quicken?&nbsp; Is there a way to get into database and delete offending transaction? problem active 7 8 2 comment 7484468 QWin 2016: Entering Invoice Reminder 2017-03-25T16:56:30Z 2017-03-25T13:40:29Z Pamoola pamoola55 In Invoice Reminders (Bills--&gt;Bill Reminders), which I have set up following the detailed instructions of NoCouth &amp; Hogeye, does one need to always click the enter button, or should something happen when double-clicking the reminder (in stack view)? I read a few posts about double-clicking &amp; didn't know if that refers to older versions.Quicken 2016 Rental Property Manager Release R 11 (, Windows 10 problem a_quicken_for_windows_2016 a_quicken_for_windows_2016, working_with_data_and_transactions, working_with_data_and_transactions_alerts_or_bill_and_income_reminders active 1 3 1 comment