Topics in Rail Europe 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 7630 7068 10 538 0 37 7865868 Duration of rail passes 2019-03-19T02:21:56Z 2019-03-19T02:21:56Z Raul Guerra raul_guerra_jvd0n0jrl6bjw I will be in Spain from April 25 to May 8th. Is it possible to purchase one rail pass for a trip that crosses months such as mine? thanks in advance for your help! question 0 1 1 create 7464430 What pass makes sense for London to Paris, Paris to Geneva, Geneva to Milan, Milan to Venice, Venice to Milan? 2019-03-18T23:18:33Z 2017-02-26T18:37:40Z Amy Vanderkolk amy_vanderkolk want to travel from London to Paris, Paris to Geneva ( SWZ), Geneva to Milan and Venice for a day while in Milan. 2 weeks total. What pass makes the most sense for 2 adults? Thanks question complete 11 3 2 comment britain, ec, england, eurail select pass, euro city, eurocity, eurostar, france, freccia bianca, freccia rossa, frecciabianca, frecciarossa, geneva, geneva to milan, great britain, italy, le frecce, london, london to paris, lyria, lyria tgv, milan to venice, paris, paris to geneva, passholder 2, switzerland, tgv lyria, uk, united kingdom, venice, venice to milan 7865801 Is there a train locker in the Vienna station that would hold a 26" bag? 2019-03-18T22:02:45Z 2019-03-18T22:02:45Z Alma Bachrach alma_bachrach_h5rq6ehwd4s56 We are taking an overnight trip to Prague and we dont want to take our bags with us. question 0 1 1 create 7865476 England & France. London, Paris and Monaco. 2019-03-18T21:18:30Z 2019-03-18T03:34:32Z M. Avila m_avila arriving in England for 12, then to paris for 3 days then to Monaco for 2 days then back to London. Suggestions for rail pass? question complete 3 2 1 comment britain, england, eurostar, france, great britain, london, london to paris, monaco, monaco to paris, paris, paris to london, paris to monaco, tgv, uk, united kingdom 7865450 Canada postal code not accepted 2019-03-18T19:45:05Z 2019-03-18T01:24:22Z Daniel Fischer daniel_fischer_1zw589uyem8rc I am in Canada. The system asks for a 5 digits zip code (like a US postal code). I am logged into, the Canadian website, I am trying to enter my postal code, M3H5M5, the system does not accept it. I cannot complete my purchase. What do I do? question complete 1 2 1 comment 3540716 From Budapest to Venice by train? 2019-03-18T19:25:51Z 2012-02-13T22:25:32Z maryann cochran maryann_cochran We wish to travel from Budapest to Venice, spend a few days there and travel on to Rimini, Italy. What is the best way? Pass or Point-to-point? Are there any interesting stops between Budapest and Venice to spend a day? question complete 3 4 1 comment budapest, hungary, italy, lisinski, lisinski nightjet, lisinski night train, nightjet, railjet, venezia, venice, budapest to venice 7865718 transfer time 2019-03-18T18:26:58Z 2019-03-18T18:26:58Z Susan Marelich susan_marelich We are looking at Train 14 from Frankfurt via Brussels to Brugge. It shows 8 minutes to transfer to Train 8002 to Brugge. Is that enough time to make the transfer? question 0 1 1 create 7865211 Europalooza!! London-Paris, Paris-Brussels, Brussels-Amsterdam, Amsterdam-Essen, Essen-Prague, Prague-Vienna 2019-03-18T17:50:07Z 2019-03-16T22:06:47Z Ann Karen karen_byrd_kmrhvczi3fko6 We are traveling from London to Paris, to Brussels, to Amsterdam, to Essen, to Prague and ending in Vienna. There are 3 of us "senior" not Seniors! traveling together. What is the best pass for us and please give us train details for each locations. Also, can we use this for boat travel and where would we be able to travel by boat. Thank you. question complete 4 2 1 comment amsterdam, amsterdam to essen, austria, belgium, benelux, britain, brussels, brussels to amsterdam, bruxelles, czech republic, england, essen, essen to prague, eurail global pass, eurostar, france, germany, great britain, holland, ic bus, ice, inter city express, intercity bus, intercity express, london, london to paris, netherlands, paris, paris to brussels, prague to vienna, railjet, thalys, uk, united kingdom, vienna, wien 7865676 Paris to Venice 2019-03-18T16:50:43Z 2019-03-18T16:50:43Z Jamie jamie_mccarty_c5t0j064nnawf My husband and I are traveling from Paris to Venice in August and are wondering if the 1st class ticket for the Thello overnight train has coed sleeper cabins, or if we will be separated and have to sleep with strangers. When I add the tickets to my cart they are described as Comfort- Coach 94, Seat 043 and Seat 043, are these seats in a sleeper cabin? This is our 1st time traveling to Europe and are just a little confused by the train descriptions...we're trying to decide between taking the train or flying. question 0 1 1 create 7865067 Is Swiss Half Fare Card valid on TGV from Basel to Paris? 2019-03-18T14:48:19Z 2019-03-16T10:38:19Z Vrajesh Vadwala vrajesh_vadwala Hi, I am international traveller planning to travel on TGV from Basel to Paris. Whether Swiss Half fare Card is valid for journey from Basel toParis? question complete 2 2 1 comment basel, basel to paris, france, lyria, lyria tgv, paris, swiss half fare card, switzerland, tgv lyria 7865018 Belfast to Dublin - what's the Belfast train station? 2019-03-18T14:28:47Z 2019-03-16T03:28:57Z Lyda McCartin lyda_mccartin From which train station in Belfast does the Belfast to Dublin train leave? question complete 3 3 1 comment belfast, belfast lanyon place, belfast lanyon place station, belfast station, belfast to dublin, dublin, ireland, northern ireland 7865391 Booking Page can't find a train to/from Serbia or Slovakia at any date 2019-03-17T18:49:48Z 2019-03-17T18:49:48Z Sylvain Gagnon sylvain_gagnon_f4nb33chqwqpg Can't book a train between Vienna and Bratislava and also between Zagred and Belgrade. Whatever the dates/hours I entered, I always get this message (see below). Is it possible that we cannot book from/to Slovakia and Serbia as I have also noticed that no Slovakia nor Serbia cities are shown in the map at the Journey Planner page <br /><br /> Vienna Austria Bratislava Slovakia 1 Adult Mon. 18 Mar. 19 <br /> Note: <br /> We are unable to find any schedules to match your request. Please try your search again to continue. <br /> It is possible the journey that you are searching for is made up of more than 2 connections, or includes other modes of transportation. We advise that you use our Interactive Rail Map to break up your itinerary. If you continue to receive an error, it is possible that the trains may be sold out. problem 0 1 1 create 7864435 London>Paris>Lucerne>Interlaken>Jungfraujoch>Zurich>Venice>Florence>Rome 2019-03-15T19:14:43Z 2019-03-14T15:58:30Z jiang zhenghao jiang_zhenghao Advice on best travel route question complete 6 2 1 comment britain, ec, england, eurail global pass, euro city, eurocity, eurostar, firenze, florence, florence to rome, france, freccia rossa, frecciargento, frecciarossa, golden pass, goldenpass, great britain, interlaken, interlaken to lucerne, italy, le frecce, london, london to paris, lucerne, lucerne to zurich, luzern, lyria, lyria tgv, paris, paris to interlaken, roma, rome, switzerland, tgv lyria, uk, united kingdom, venezia, venice, venice to florence, zurich, zurich to venice 7864133 Getting to and from the Lisbon Airport 2019-03-13T20:26:37Z 2019-03-13T20:16:37Z Jeff jeff_fitzpatrick question complete 1 1 1 create alfa pendular, cp, ic, intercity, lisboa, lisbon, lisbon airport, lisbon metro, portugal, metro, humberto delgado airport, lisbon humberto delgado airport, lisboa oriente, lisbon oriente, lisbon oriente station 7864086 Unable to finalize order... 2019-03-13T18:48:59Z 2019-03-13T17:30:44Z Chloe Dulude chloe_dulude I have tried to finalize the payment for a trip several times, and after entering my credit card information, the page return to the initial homepage and nothing happens... <br /><br /> I see several authorizations for the same amount on my credit card. How can I finalize this order and make sure I am not charged twice... <br /><br /> It was hard to find a phone number for customer support on the website. When I finally found numbers in the forum !?!, I called both and was unable to speak to anyone. I left a message and am hoping for a response. <br /><br /> This is 2019. Such a simple online transaction should not be so difficult. problem pending 2 2 2 comment reservations, issue, support