Topics in Rail Europe 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 7443 6901 10 519 0 33 7764262 Is it worth getting the Swiss pass if not traveling on continuous days? 2018-07-15T00:26:04Z 2018-07-15T00:26:04Z Meg meg_dzeng I've been reading up on Switzerland since will be traveling with a friend in the fall. Rick Steves recommended the Swiss pass so was looking into that. We will be there for about a week so looks like if we got that we would get the 8 day continuous pass ($420). <br /><br /> I need to figure out how much individual train tickets may cost, but our itinerary for trains would probably be Zurich-Bern, Bern-Interlaken, Interlaken-Lucern, Lucern-Zurich. (and it would not be very day) We are also thinking of dropping Bern or Lucern in order to have more time at one of the places, in which case it would be 3 train rides. With that, is it still worth it to get Swiss pass, or better off to get the train tickets separately? question 0 1 1 create 7760920 Heading from UK to Paris on Eurostar and want to know best route from Paris to Montargis 2018-07-14T16:57:08Z 2018-07-07T16:24:15Z Anaid anaid42 HelloI am heading from the UK to Paris on a Eurostar arriving 15.07 local time at Gare du Nord. What's my best route from there to continue my train journey to Montargis?Is Paris Bercey the best place to go from, the services I can search seem to be a bus from there? Can I get a train from there to or should I go to Gare de Lyon? Which is preferable? Any insider tips on navigating the metro and understanding what I need to know about travelling by train or bus in France is gratefully received.Thank you in anticipationDiana question complete 3 2 1 comment britain, england, eurostar, france, great britain, london to montargis, london to paris, montargis, paris bercy, paris bercy station, paris gare de lyon, paris gare de lyon station, paris gare du nord, paris gare du nord station, paris rer, paris to montargis, rer, transilien, transilien r, uk, united kingdom, metro, paris metro 7764111 Edit my tickets date 2018-07-14T16:06:56Z 2018-07-14T16:06:56Z maha row maha_row Hi, <br /> I bought my tickets from <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I need to edit the dates, how can I do that because the website doesn't have a link or guide for that <br /><br /> Thank you <br /> Maha <a href="" rel="nofollow"><img alt="" src="" /></a> problem 0 1 1 create 6730011 Will a France Rail Pass Cover London to Paris and Paris to Zurich? 2018-07-14T07:14:13Z 2015-08-01T17:10:28Z Amy Bodin amy_bodin We are planning a trip from Lon-Par-Zurich-Florence-Rome. It appears that the France Rail Pass covers London to Paris and Paris to Zurich - is that correct? I'm looking at a two day France Rail pass over an 8 day period for that portion of the trip. Will I have to make reservations for those trips - will there be additional costs?<br /><br /> What else does this cover in France - RER and/or Metro?<br /><br /> Any other suggestions to save costs for our trip are very welcome!<br /><br /> Thank you. question complete 6 3 1 comment eurostar, france, france rail pass, london, london to paris, lyria, lyria tgv, metro, paris, paris museum pass, paris metro, paris pass, paris rer, paris visite, paris to zurich, pass and reservations, passholder 2, rer, tgv, tgv lyria, tgv lyria passholder 2, zurich 5011163 With a Britrail Pass, would I get a discount for roundtrip tickets on the Eurostar London-Paris? 2018-07-14T07:01:53Z 2013-02-20T08:13:18Z Bao Linh Dinh bao_linh_dinh Hi, <br /> I have purchased a Britrail pass. Do i get discount when i buy round trip tickets London-Paris using eurostar ? and how would i do it ? Thank you question complete 9 4 1 comment london, paris, pass and reservations, round-trip, eurostar, britrail pass, london to paris 7763866 I bought Global Pass and there is NO way to book train 2018-07-13T22:40:55Z 2018-07-13T22:40:55Z Hector Cervantes hector_cervantes I bought a Global pass and I can't book trains from your website, already over 1 hour waiting on the phone. Is there any efficient way to book my trains? This is frustrating. problem 0 2 1 create 7763865 I bought Global Pass and there is NO way to book train 2018-07-13T22:38:31Z 2018-07-13T22:38:31Z Hector Cervantes hector_cervantes I bought a Global pass and I can't book trains from your website, already over 1 hour waiting on the phone. Is there any efficient way to book my trains? This is frustrating. question 0 1 1 create 7763685 Need Tickets ASAP. 2018-07-13T20:20:20Z 2018-07-13T15:11:10Z Eliza Oehmler eliza_oehmler Hi I've sent 3 emails and have been on hold for three hours on the phone (even though I called 3 minutes after you open). I lost the ticket I printed and Im about to fly to europe to get on that train. I need you to re-send me my ticket now please!!!! question complete 1 2 1 comment 7763714 I booked online, a rail europe ticket and wondered if there is a way to book a later time now? 2018-07-13T20:01:53Z 2018-07-13T16:10:03Z Hassue Holmes hassue_holmes question complete 1 2 1 comment 7763582 Czech railways vs rail europe purchase 2018-07-13T19:56:53Z 2018-07-13T11:19:40Z Joy Simha joy_simha I did a search online and found that purchasing my tickets on raileurope was twice the price of purchasing on czech railways. It is the same train leaving at the same time. Am I missing something? I just saved $100 USD buying my husband and myself one way trips from BRNO to Budapest. Please let me know if I have missed something. question complete 1 2 1 comment 7763339 How do I apply my rail pass when trying to book reservations from Paris to Zurich, Zurich to Salzburg, Salzburg to Vienna, and Vienna to Prague? 2018-07-13T19:20:46Z 2018-07-12T20:54:58Z sahil osman sahil_osman Hello I just booked 4 city rail pass that is valid for two months. I am trying to book reservations but I dont seem to be able to apply my rail pass. I going from Paris to Zurich, Zurich to Salzburg, Salzburg to Vienna and then Vienna to Prague. When I put the tickets in my cart it is trying to charge me for the tickets. How do I apply my euro pass? question complete 3 2 1 comment arlberg, arlberg line, arlberg pass, arlberg railway, austria, czech republic, france, lyria, lyria tgv, paris, paris to zurich, prague, praha, railjet, rosenheim-kufstein railway, rosenheim-salzburg railway, salzburg, salzburg to vienna, switzerland, tgv lyria, vienna, vienna to prague, wien, zurich, zurich to salzburg 6337877 Assistance with luggage? Traveling senior citizen luggage dilemma, on and off train 2018-07-13T18:49:32Z 2014-09-04T18:57:19Z Madelyne Lazaro madelyne_lazaro We are 2 senior citizen in fairly goo d health .we would like to travel by train in Switzerland but we experience a great problem handling our luggage when getting on and off the train. Any solution to this dilemma ? question complete 7 4 3 comment luggage, porter, porter service 7762881 Barcelona to Marbella with stopover in Valencia via train, is this possible? 2018-07-13T18:20:28Z 2018-07-11T23:36:49Z Victor Ainza victor_ainza My wife and I are planning trip to Spain in October. We are landing in Barcelona and wanted to head south along the coast, spending one day in Valencia before we head to Marbella where we are meeting other friends for 6 days. They will have a car so we are planning on visiting Gibraltar, Seville, Ronda, etc. We will head back to barcelona for return flight to US. My question is are there train directly from Valencia to Marbella/Malaga without having to go to interior? question complete 2 2 1 comment ave, barcelona, barcelona to valencia, costa del sol, marbella, spain, valencia, valencia to malaga, valencia to marbella 7761518 4 days in Switzerland - Basel/Mulhouse to Lauterbrunnen, exploring Lauterbrunnen (including Schilthorn), & return to Mulhouse - Which Rail Pass should I purchase?? 2018-07-13T15:17:22Z 2018-07-09T13:12:58Z Tim Kearns tim_kearns Hi, can you please recommend a rail pass strategy for a 4-day visit to Switzerland for 2 people. We are flying into Basel / Mulhouse, taking the train to Lauterbrunnen, exploring the Lauterbrunnen area (including Schilthorn) staying 3 nights and then returning by train to Mulhouse. We probably won't do the Jungfraujoch. Thank you. question complete 6 2 1 comment basel, basel to lauterbrunnen, basel to mulhouse, berner oberland, bernese oberland, bernese oberland railway, gimmelwald to mürren, grütschalp, grütschalp to mürren, grütschalpbahn, interlaken to lauterbrunnen, lauterbrunnen, lauterbrunnen to basel, lauterbrunnen to grütschalp, lauterbrunnen to interlaken, lauterbrunnen to stechelberg, mount schilthorn, mürren, mürren to schilthorn, mürrenbahn, schilthorn, schilthornbahn, stechelberg to gimmelwald, stechelberg to mürren, swiss half fare card, switzerland 6919284 Is the BritRail Pass + Ireland still available 2018-07-13T14:49:15Z 2016-02-07T00:12:26Z Candace candace_7719698 I see the BritRail Pass + Ireland when I do a search but I can't seem to find it on your purchase page. Is it still available? If so can you sned me the link to purchase in Canada. question complete 3 2 2 comment britrail pass, britain, england, eurail ireland pass, great britain, ireland, scotland, uk, united kingdom, wales