Topics in Rail Europe 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 7315 6787 10 505 0 29 7740961 Didnt receive tickets in the mail 2018-05-25T21:33:27Z 2018-05-25T21:33:27Z Pixy Ghosh pixy_ghosh hi, i booked 2 tickets on Rail Europe that didn't have e- ticket options. <br /><br /> One from Cinque Terra to Pisa and another from Pisa to Florence on April 26, 2018. <br /><br /> I didn't receive the tickets in my mail and the UPS tracking information says that they were left at my door the day after (April 27, 2018). i am a resident of Toronto Canada, so it should not be an issue to mail me the tickets. <br /><br /> I sent a contact with a request to email me the tickets, however, no response yet. I leave for my trip on Jun 7 so have about 1.5 weeks left. <br /><br /> Can someone tell me what to do? problem 0 1 1 create 7740826 Can't book reservation for round-trip between Paris & Rennes if I make my return to Paris the next day 2018-05-25T21:25:21Z 2018-05-25T16:29:26Z Karen Bauer karen_bauer I'm having trouble booking a round trip reservations from Paris to Rennes and back. I wanted to leave on Aug 5 and return Aug 6 around 7pm. I can see train times returning to Paris from Rennes if I do a same day trip, but I get a notice that there are no times available on Aug 6 to return to Paris if I try and book the reservation for two days (Aug 5 and Aug 6). Am I doing something wrong or is that not a possible option? question complete 4 2 1 comment brittany, france, paris, paris to rennes, rennes, rennes to paris, tgv, round-trip 7740907 High speed train Naples to Bari? 2018-05-25T19:50:52Z 2018-05-25T19:32:00Z Richard Pfeister richard_pfeister I am flying into Naples and need to get to Bari/Puglia.I see that there is a train that takes 4 hours or more. Are there any high speed trains and where would I find that info for the rest of my trip? I will be going up to Florence and down south of Naples.Thank you. question complete 2 2 1 comment bari, bari to bologna, bari to florence, bologna to florence, caserta to bari, firenze, freccia bianca, freccia rossa, frecciabianca, frecciargento, frecciarossa, ic, inter city, intercity, italy, naples, naples to bari, naples to caserta, napoli, puglia, regionale, tuscany 6545329 Reservation booked/tickets received transfer times are 5 min! 2018-05-25T16:43:25Z 2015-02-11T16:43:17Z mlo878 mlo878 Hi, <br /><br /> I reserved and booked train tickets on rail europe already and found a few reservations I made with 5-6 min transfer! Is this enough time? What happens if I miss a transfer, can I just jump on the next one without buying another ticket? <br /> I find it unfair that RailEurope helps plan your trip with so little transfer time! <br /><br /> Muenchen>Stuttgart - DB Bahn Inter City Express Train <br /> Transfer 6 min to <br /> Stuttgart>Schauffhausen - Train 183 <br /><br /> Interlaken>Basel - Train 1066 <br /> Transfer 5 min to <br /> Basel>Gare de Lyon Paris - Train TGV Lyria <br /><br /> Michelle question complete 64 24 3 comment connection, transfer, transfer time 7740656 US Phone Number rejected - cannot purchase train ticket - HELP 2018-05-25T13:54:24Z 2018-05-25T11:05:38Z Sheila G. Bennett sheila_g_bennett I leave in 5 days for France and cannot complete the purchase of a train ticket from Paris to Carentan. The site is rejecting my U.S. phone number and I have entered it in various formats: <br /><br /> All Formats rejected: <br /><br /> 1 222 333 4444 <br /><br /> 1222333444 <br /><br /> 1-222-333-4444 <br /><br /> What am I doing wrong? <br /><br /> Thanks for your help.... question complete 1 2 1 comment 7740035 What trains from Amsterdam to Brussels included in the Benelux Rail pass? What trains from Brussels to Luxembourg included in the Benelux Ra 2018-05-24T15:00:06Z 2018-05-24T04:35:10Z Polina Talisman polina_talisman What trains from Amsterdam to Brussels included in the Benelux Rail pass? <br /> What trains from Brussels to Luxembourg included in the Benelux Rail pass? question complete 2 2 1 comment amsterdam, amsterdam to brussels, belgium, benelux, brussels, brussels to luxembourg, eurail benelux pass, holland, ic, inter city, intercity, luxembourg, netherlands, thalys 7734942 3 weeks travel, London-Paris, Paris-Brugge, Brugge-Amsterdam, Amsterdam-Rotterdam, Rotterdam-Amsterdam Schipol Airport, Venice-Florence, and Florence-Rome 2018-05-23T20:56:56Z 2018-05-14T01:15:36Z Nahum Jovan Aranda Lopez nahum_jovan_aranda_lopez Hi I just purchase the Global Eurail Pass, here details on my itinerary1. London -&gt; Paris2. Paris -&gt; Brugge3. Brugge -&gt; Amsterdam4. Amsterdam -&gt; Rotterdam* Flight Amsterdam -&gt; Venice5. Venice -&gt; Florence6. Florence -&gt; RomeSeems that almost nothing is included :/ could you help. question complete 17 3 1 comment amsterdam, amsterdam airport, amsterdam schipol, amsterdam schipol airport, amsterdam to rotterdam, belgium, benelux, britain, bruges, bruges to amsterdam, bruges to brussels, brugge, brugge to amsterdam, brugge to brussels, brussels to bruges, brussels to brugge, england, eurail select pass, eurostar, firenze, florence, florence to rome, france, freccia rossa, frecciargento, frecciarossa, great britain, holland, ic, inter city, intercity, italy, le frecce, london, london to paris, netherlands, paris, paris to bruges, paris to brugge, paris to brussels, roma, rome, rotterdam, rotterdam to amsterdam airport, rotterdam to amsterdam schipol, rotterdam to amsterdam schipol airport, rotterdam to schipol, rotterdam to schipol airport, schipol, schipol airport, thalys, uk, united kingdom, venezia, venice, venice to florence 7739323 Are there sleeper cars on the train from Budapest to Bucharest? 2018-05-23T16:15:59Z 2018-05-22T21:54:09Z Sandra Bremer sandra_bremer question complete 2 2 1 comment bucharest, bucuresti, budapest, budapest to bucharest, dacia, dacia night train, euronight, hungary, ister, ister night train, romania, night train 7739307 Rail Protection Plan details? 2018-05-23T15:01:52Z 2018-05-22T21:10:59Z Tilden L Drinkard tilden_l_drinkard I can't find the RPP details anywhere on the RailEurope website. Please advise. question complete 1 2 1 comment rpp, rail protection plan 7737991 Wrong age 2018-05-22T21:10:05Z 2018-05-19T23:39:53Z jan p thomas jan_p_thomas I a few minutes ago purchased two senior tickets, reference number HLNSY5. I noticed that the age of passenger Judi Hein is wrong. It should be 01/15/1949. How do i correct that or is that even a problem. <br /> Thank you for your help in advance. jan thomas question complete 3 2 1 comment 7739213 Can I take my bike on the day time Intercity Express trains from Amsterdam to Basel and then from Basel to Milan? I do have a bike bag! 2018-05-22T21:04:37Z 2018-05-22T18:28:04Z David Charles david_charles_8oo10v4kxexhh I need to get me and my bike from Amsterdam to Milan in July. Any help much appreciated! I'm happy to consider other routes, such as via Paris. <br /><br /> Thanks! question complete 2 2 1 comment amsterdam to basel, amsterdam to cologne, amsterdam to frankfurt, basel to milan, benelux, cologne to basel, ec, euro city, eurocity, frankfurt to basel, holland, ice, inter city express, intercity express, italy, netherlands, switzerland, bicycle, bicycles, bike, bikes 7738901 Can we buy a rail ticket from Belfast to Dublin and get them as an e-ticket? 2018-05-22T14:58:37Z 2018-05-22T04:22:09Z Tessie Wallace tessie_wallace_jp4fznvqpms8i we will be leaving for the UK this Sunday, and will be travelling from Belfast to Dublin on 13 June 2018. We want to buy 2 train tickets (singles) but if we have to have them physically mailed to us, we won't get them in time. Can't we get them as e-tickets?? question complete 1 2 1 comment 7737992 wrong age 2018-05-21T17:08:16Z 2018-05-19T23:43:45Z jan p thomas jan_p_thomas a few minutes ago i purchased two tickets, reference number HLNSY5 and noticed the age of passenger Judi Hein is incorrect. it should be 01/05/1949. How do I correct this error ? question complete 1 2 1 comment 7738353 Does 15 days continuous Swiss Travel Pass cover Jungfraujoch Top of Europe, Glacier Express, etc? 2018-05-21T16:33:59Z 2018-05-21T01:57:26Z Fenghua Wang fenghua_wang Our family plan to travel in Zurich, Lucern, Interlaken, Jungfraujoch, Bern, Zermatt, Lusanne, Geneva in Switzeland. <br /> Does 15 days continuous Swiss Travel Pass cover Jungfraujoch Top of Europe, Glacier Express, etc? <br /> Thank you! <br /> Feng question complete 4 2 1 comment glacier express, golden pass, goldenpass, grindelwald to kleine scheidegg, interlaken, interlaken to grindelwald, interlaken to jungfraujoch, interlaken to jungfraujoch top of europe, interlaken to lauterbrunnen, jungfrau, jungfrau railway, jungfraubahn, jungfraujoch, jungfraujoch top of europe, kleine scheidegg to jungfraujoch, kleine scheidegg to jungfraujoch top of europe, lauterbrunnen to klein scheidegg, lucerne, luzern, st moritz, st. moritz, swiss travel pass, switzerland, wengernalp, wengernalp railway, wengernalpbahn, zermatt, zuerich, zurich 7737153 Best Options for England, Amsterdam, and Paris 2018-05-18T21:10:44Z 2018-05-17T23:44:39Z Jordan McIntire jordan_mcintire Hi, <br /><br /> Looking for the best options for our upcoming holiday. We are flying into Heathrow and will be traveling into London for the day. Then from London heading to Hastings that afternoon. The next day we will be traveling from Hastings to Reading, then from Reading to London. We will be there for two days total. We are flying out of Stansted on our 3rd day. We are spending the next 5 days in Scotland where we will be renting a car. Then we are flying to Amsterdam for a day. We hope to take the train from Amsterdam to Paris. We will be in Paris for a total of two days. Any assistance will be wonderful! question complete 4 2 1 comment amsterdam, amsterdam to paris, benelux, britrail london plus pass, britain, england, france, great britain, hastings, hastings to london, hastings to reading, heathrow, heathrow airport, heathrow express, london, london charing cross, london charing cross station, london heathrow, london heathrow airport, london paddington, london paddington station, london stansted, london stansted airport, london tube, london victoria, london victoria station, london to hastings, netherlands, paris, reading, reading to london, stansted, stansted airport, thalys, uk, united kingdom