Topics in Realm Enhancement Community 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 1803 59 1689 38 0 289 7746230 Assign Giving History in a Divorce 2018-09-24T21:28:46Z 2018-06-06T13:13:45Z Mark Hagewood mark_hagewood In ACS People, when a couple split, the system asked which spouse should get the giving history. Realm defaults the giving history to the head record, and the only way to change that is to void and re-enter every gift and pledge after the divorce is recorded in the system. This could be a very time-consuming process with lots of possibility for error. When a couple splits, Realm should ask which record gets the pledge and giving history. idea 83833 83833 pending 12 12 12 comment 6889826 Public Facing Calendar of Events 2018-09-24T20:56:23Z 2013-09-06T13:31:57Z Andrew Alaniz andrew_alaniz I would like to suggest a consideration for calendar of events. Ithink it would be very beneficial for a calendar of events to published anonymously so you don't have to have a login to see it. Additionally, I'd like to see a way for the calendar to be put into a third party website, even if its just as an iframe, but this way we an have a single place or managing events.<br /><br /> Note: This conversation was created from a <a class="notranslate" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">reply</a> on: <a class="notranslate" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Staff/Admin Calendar of Events</a>. idea 47205 47205 pending 79 79 126 comment 6510042 Import Memo Line with Contributions 2018-09-24T20:52:14Z 2015-01-15T16:42:09Z Lindsay Wood lindsay_wood When importing contributions, I need to be able to import a memo line. As it stands right now, after I import the contributions, I have to go in to each contribution individually and add a note for every miscellaneous donation we receive, which makes it take much longer than it should - especially when importing the contributions is supposed to save time and double-work. idea 23958 23958 active 16 9 4 comment 23958 7794992 Customize time of daily digest 2018-09-24T20:50:33Z 2018-09-20T23:07:37Z Bryan Starner bryan_starner Allow users to specify time of day to receive the Daily Digest. idea pending 2 3 1 comment 7419309 Event Registrations need ability for users to complete forms 2018-09-24T20:35:40Z 2017-01-11T20:20:57Z Kristie kristie_mcglaughlin We often offer events (Bible studies or community outreach volunteer opportunities) that we would LOVE to promote solely through Realm, but because these events require the church member to choose specific times, locations, or answer questions, etc. we are forced to either create several Realm registrations OR do registration on paper OR use an alternate online registration system.<br /><br /><b>Example:</b> On a quarterly basis, our Women's Ministry offers multiple evening and Saturday morning Bible studies. During their busy season (spring/summer) they offer up to seven Bible studies. During their slow season (winter) they offer up to four Bible studies. Some of these studies cover the same topic, just at different times, etc. <br /><br />What we would like is the ability for people to go to Realm and register for "Women's Bible Study: Winter Quarter 2017" and then select the specific study or specific time they want from a drop down menu or by check mark, etc. That way there is ONE "Women's Ministry" registration that is quick and easy to see instead of seven.<br /><br />Also, I realize that Events are tied to the Calendar and that the example above is counterintuitive to how you have Event Registration set-up (and perhaps that is why what I described might not be possible?), so how about granting us the ability to create an Event Registration that <i>doesn't</i> go on the Calendar??<br /><br /><b>Another Example:</b> Every year around April we begin a major push for VBS volunteers. This is a huge undertaking as we recruit about 300 people for our VBS (we normally have 1,200 kids come) so this is a really big deal for us. <br /><br />When an adult volunteers for VBS, they are given the option to order a VBS volunteer t-shirt. What we would like to do is use Realm event registration for volunteer sign-ups because we can set it up so that they have the option to order a t-shirt at the time of registration. What we <u>need</u> to make that happen is the ability for these volunteers to tell us what size shirt they need and there is no way for them to do that right now... which means we have to use another online registration system to perform that function.<br /><br />While using an alternative online registration system will solve our immediate problem described above, it is not ideal. We have been telling our people for months "Register online through Realm!!" Changing that message to "go to THIS SITE (that isn't Realm) to register for a Church Event" is confusing as THEY don't understand why they suddenly can't use Realm. idea 67445 67445 pending 9 18 22 comment 7796310 Specific dates on News Posts 2018-09-24T20:21:13Z 2018-09-24T20:21:13Z Stephanie Sandlin stephanie_sandlin I would like to request that specific dates be identified on New Posts. Currently, the news posts indicate "4 months ago" as a timeline. I just had a situation that I needed to reference something from May. Not only did it take me almost 5 minutes to scroll the bar down that far, when I found what I was looking for ( I think) there was only a general timeline. Please consider reformatting the New Posts to reflect the exact date of the post, and comments for that matter. Thank you&nbsp;<br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /> idea 0 1 1 create 7719116 be able to pre-populate emergency contact info rather than only being able to do it at check-in 2018-09-24T20:00:24Z 2018-04-11T22:09:14Z Holly Baptist Church holly_baptist_church need to be able to pre-populate emergency contact info on individual profiles rather than only being able to enter such info at actual check-in. consider VBS or other similar event ... pre-registration captures such pertinent information. Don't backlog the check-in line for info that can be managed prior. the feature for emergency contact name & contact # is greatly needed - but another option is to allow the badge template to print the head of household name & contact #s (regardless of how many numbers that may be), or allow a field in minor's profile specific for emergency contact & # that is allowed to be printed on the badge template. idea 87791 87791 pending 7 10 9 comment 5105377 More Group Roster Member Types such as Volunteer or Guest 2018-09-24T19:31:45Z 2013-03-19T12:24:17Z Marla Langford marla_langford I'm wondering if there is a way to add a type of member to a group. Currently we choose from leader, member or guest. For Sunday School, we also have Substitute teachers and In Service members (those who teach in another class). Is there a way for me to add those options? idea 15736 15736 pending 45 29 25 comment 7794419 Tracking How Many People Join a Kind of Group 2018-09-24T19:28:00Z 2018-09-19T17:41:55Z Will Shafferman will_shafferman Trying to figure out how many of our people "joined" a home group this past weekend, when we opened registration up to the church. Any way to find this out? The reporting metric does not include a metric tied to group membership, only one tied to attendance. Thanks! idea pending 2 3 2 comment 7794545 Need better information or more "types" and "terms" for ordination in Sacraments 2018-09-24T19:25:46Z 2018-09-19T22:49:21Z Jane Bassett jane_bassett In the Presbyterian Church and other mainline denominations there are multiple forms of ordination.&nbsp; You can be ordained as an Elder, Deacon, Trustee, Youth Elder, Youth Deacon, as well as a Pastor (Minister of the Word). True presbyterian language currently calls elders, ruling elders, and pastors, teaching elders.&nbsp; If one has already served a 3-year term as an elder, but asked to serve again, you are go through "installation", not "ordination". That said, we need to record date ordained and then the "terms" served (start date/end date).<br /><br />We regularly need to look at all ordained elders or deacons in the church, not just ordained clergy. Can Sacraments be expanded to give us flexibility to use ordination the way it operates in different churches. We need to quickly see "ordained as ...what?" and "when did they last serve"? idea pending 2 2 1 comment 7796295 I would like to be able to have parishioner title on the envelope extraction report 2018-09-24T19:18:30Z 2018-09-24T19:18:30Z Glen Ritchey glen_ritchey idea 0 1 1 create 7664140 Improvement Ideas to Check-In Kiosks 2018-09-24T19:08:32Z 2018-01-09T01:18:21Z Ryan ryan_hxzmjpoie35s3 We had our first Sunday, using Realm check-in. I have previously submitted ideas that would help the inital set up phase and now here are some ideas and suggestions after working on the front lines with the execution of check-in and check-in screen. Enjoy and we really hope these suggestions are taken to heart.<br /><br /> (1) INCONSISTANT PRINTING- The biggest issue we have had with Realm Check-in is the inconsistency of printing a label. For example, I went through all of our PC's on Friday night to ensure all were printing a label. I got all but 2 computers working and still unsure how to get 2 of those computers to print. Of all the computers working on Friday night, by Sunday morning over 50% of the computers wouldn't print a label. This is unacceptable and there seems to be many variables to get a label- i.e.- depending on Java version, Browser version, QZ tray settings, computer updates and default printer settings. For an average volunteer at a computer kiosk checking all these things to get a tag is above their knowledge. These things were all set and working but it seems to change, as previously mentioned. <br /><br /> (2) TERMONOLOGY IS A BIT CONFUSING- We use check-in to check children into groups. So the termonology of 'Add to Event' is a bit confusing when only 1-2 events is all that are happening at the time like a Sunday morning service. It makes more sense to a parent and volunteers to call it 'Add to a Group' when selecting what group to check their child into.<br /><br /> (3) ADD EVENT TIMES & FILTER TO DASHBOARD- We use the Dashboard mode to print an emergency roster in case of an emergency and have to evacuate the building, we still have a paper copy of kids on site. As of now people who check-in are divided into groups but in the context of a Sunday morning with multiple services, we couldn't tell what service/event time a child was in because it just listed them in a group twice. It would provide more clarity if the Dashboard mode include the event/service time for each group. Another feature to help clarify the Dashboard mode is to make a way to filter it. Right now we see everyone that has checked including adults. When it comes time to print the roster we only need the children's groups and not every group a person has checked into at church that day.<br /><br /> (4) MISSING INFO ON TAGS- We had a few occurencees where a tag printed but it was missing the phone number or allergies. Our tag template is set to include this info, so not sure why this happened.<br /><br /> (5) COMPUTERS WITH MULTIPLE PRINTERS- On a couple of our computers the issue to getting a label to print is that it is hooked up to multiple printers. I got one to work by setting the default as the Dymo printer but this is not ideal as the administrator will have change it back each week and the other one I couldn't figure out even after selecting the Dymo as a default and checking program versions and browsers. idea pending 21 11 8 comment 7788326 Giving URL better suited for split giving 2018-09-24T18:27:31Z 2018-09-05T18:57:59Z Nathan Braymer nathan_braymer Giving using the giving link should be set up so that a person can split their gift between funds like it was in Access ACS. Instead of having to choose one fund from the drop down menu and then being able to add additional funds on the next page. You should be able to do it all from the first page interaction that a person has with the giving url. idea pending 3 4 1 comment 7780491 Check-In Kiosk - Surface Go 2018-09-24T18:24:31Z 2018-08-20T12:17:46Z Darren Swartzendruber darren_swartzendruber I purchased a couple $399 <a href="" rel="nofollow" title="Link:">Surface Go's from BestBuy</a> this weekend to test as check-in kiosks - and they worked wonderfully! These 10" Windows 10 tablets have beautiful displays and when paired with the <a href=";linkCode=df0&amp;hvadid=198055205426&amp;hvpos=1o1&amp;hvnetw=g&amp;hvrand=8787923132476261248&amp;hvpone=&amp;hvptwo=&amp;hvqmt=&amp;hvdev=c&amp;hvdvcmdl=&amp;hvlocint=&amp;hvlocphy=9010653&amp;hvtargid=pla-319784155165&amp;psc=1" rel="nofollow" title="Link:;linkCode=df0&amp;hvadid=198055205426&amp;hvpos=1o1&amp;hvnetw=g&amp;hvrand=8787923132476261248&amp;hvpone=&amp;hvptwo=&amp;hvqmt=&amp;hvdev=c&amp;hvdvcmdl=&amp;hvlocint=&amp;hvlocphy=9010653&amp;hvtargid=pla-319784155165&amp;psc=1">Brother QL810W Wireless Label Printer</a> make a great check-in station. Because the Surface Go runs Windows 10 Home (you do have to a one-time switch out of S Mode which takes less than a minute during setup) it can handle all the printing duties - print queue, Java and the QZ Tray app. If you want to use a different printer you will need to purchase a <a href=";pd_rd_i=B07449RJV8&amp;pd_rd_wg=MAAkm&amp;pd_rd_r=1WJWZR38JG3E1JJYZFPC&amp;pd_rd_w=O9iAn" rel="nofollow">USB-C to USB-A adapter</a> as the Surface Go only has a USB-C port. We plan on mounting them to a nice slim kiosk pole that has a little shelf to hold the printer.<br /><br />So if you are looking for a "tablet" style check-in station (and until Realm supports printing from a tablet without having a one-to-one Windows computer elsewhere) I suggest you take a look at the Surface Go! question rejected 4 6 4 comment 7794982 Highlight groups in group list that you are a leader of. 2018-09-24T18:22:38Z 2018-09-20T22:22:53Z Bryan Starner bryan_starner On the Community side, it would be helpful for group leaders to bold or highlight in some way the groups that they lead versus the groups they are just members in. idea pending 1 2 1 comment