Topics in Reckon 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 11297 7587 375 2789 0 1171 7706681 ABA file opens in WORD instead of downloading as an ABA file 2018-03-20T19:08:01Z 2018-03-20T05:39:35Z Shear Power shear_power Hi everyone can someone please help us. on reckon we would like to download an ABA file from my Live Q server to save on our computer to upload into the banking. For some reason we cant download it anymore and the file just opens with word. what can we do? we need help ASAP question 2 3 1 comment 7704698 how to get rid of credit for customer that has been used ? 2018-03-20T18:18:18Z 2018-03-16T03:12:07Z Stacey Lett stacey_lett how to get rid of credit for customer that has been used ? customer paid for goods but goods were returned to supplier. I did an adjustment note, clicked to 'refund to customer' adjustment note now displays 'refunded' but on the left hand side where the list of customers are it still shows a unused credit yet there is no remaining credit to apply and has been refunded 100% windows display. how do i get rid of this ? question 4 3 1 comment 7706703 Unrecoverable Error using IFF file to upload bill's. 2018-03-20T10:25:48Z 2018-03-20T07:06:40Z kelly kelly_bfy58l7e3m6ew Can anyone assist, I have used a iff file to upload Bill payments and credit card payments into Reckon Hosted and when I try and go back into the transaction it comes up with an error Reckon accounts must be shut down report code 1668178290, I do a data verification and still no luck. Any Ideas thanks Kelly problem 1 2 1 comment 7706650 Undeposited Funds 2018-03-20T07:31:15Z 2018-03-20T03:41:40Z Jay Garland jay_garland I needed to transfer money from BANK ACCOUNT A to BANK ACCOUNT B and the funds sat in a holding account for a week. I don't wish to record the holding account in RECKON, so I selected TRANSFER FROM BANK ACCOUNT A to UNDEPOSITED FUNDS. A week later, I then created a TRANSFER FROM UNDEPOSITED FUNDS TO BANK ACCOUNT B.&nbsp;<br /><br />However, my Reckon reminders show both transfer amounts as MONEY TO DEPOSIT. How do I clear these reminders? question 3 3 1 comment 7706660 Allow this application to login automatically not working 2018-03-20T07:17:52Z 2018-03-20T04:20:14Z Ben ben_1fzfbf24lbv19 Hi, we are having trouble with allowing integrated applications to login to Reckon Accounts automatically.<br /><br />We are using Reckon Accounts Enterprise 2017. It is installed on a Windows Server 2012 R2 operating system.<br /><br />I can connect the integration application to the Reckon Accounts company file when the Reckon Accounts application UI is open, but when the Reckon Accounts application UI is closed the connection fails with the below error:<br /><i>"This application is not allowed to log into this Reckon Accounts company data file automatically. The Reckon Accounts administrator can grant permission for automatic login through the Integrated Application preferences."<br /><br /></i>I have tried re-adding the Integrated Application under Company Preferences, ensuring that the 'Allow this application to login automatically' option is selected. See attached screenshot<img src="" title="Image:" />.<br /><br />I have tried connecting using three different third party applications and none of them work. I can connect when the UI is open but not when it is closed. This makes me think it is a Reckon Accounts issue but when i called the support number they said there should be nothing stopping the connection and couldn't help me further.<br /><br />Has anyone else got this working?<br /><br />thanks,<br />Ben problem 5 2 1 comment 7456476 Merge suppliers 2018-03-20T05:43:14Z 2017-02-16T05:24:28Z jamie jamie_55uuiyg0ru0uw I'm wondering if its possible to Merge 2 suppliers together.<br />I have a supplier entered twice with a different name spelling and multiple transaction have been entered under both names. Is it possible to merge the transactions or copy them to the correct name so i can make the incorrect name inactive? If not how can I rectify this?<br /><br />Thanks question complete 6 6 1 comment 7706657 Multi Currency having to journal xchange 2018-03-20T05:41:51Z 2018-03-20T04:15:25Z Joanna joanna_9hm66xa7t0x8d Recently changed to multi currency. I find that I can never seem to put in the exact conversion rate, therefore leaving a few cents here and there. Which I then need to do a GJ to foreign exchange to clear. Using Reckon Enterprise.<br /><br />I use same function in Quickbooks online and the setup enables me to put the AUD figure in which then converts it perfectly.<br /><br />Any suggestions?&nbsp; question 1 2 1 comment 7706630 Wondering Why we cannot seem to delete obsolete product codes 2018-03-20T05:23:21Z 2018-03-20T02:27:29Z Steve steve_6601731 Just wondering if there is any way to delete Obsolete Product codes we can only seem to be able to make them inactive However we have many that just need deleting ! question 2 4 2 comment 7638577 Font size on screen 2018-03-20T05:05:20Z 2017-11-27T23:20:23Z Jess Rice jess_rice_aedrskxcvw81g Something has just happened to the size of the font on my screen. It was fine, but then seemed to decrease and become blurry for no apparent reason. I have tried using Ctrl and the mouse wheel to change the size as you would normally, but this does not change anything. If I go into a different window in my browser, I can zoom in and out with no issues. Is there a way to fix this, because it is going to give me a headache before long! problem rejected 6 5 2 comment 7706671 Hi I am a newby here. How do I increase the height of the description box to include my two sentences? 2018-03-20T05:03:49Z 2018-03-20T04:57:43Z Nanette Wormald nanette_wormald How do I increase the height of my description box (invoices) to include two sentences. It is only showing the first few words. Basically I need it over a few lines.<br />Thank you in advance. Nanette question 1 2 1 comment 7706642 Can I change font size on estimates? 2018-03-20T04:19:34Z 2018-03-20T03:11:57Z Terry terry_2fyph4dwatpxl I am using Reckon One &amp; have just started using the Estimates function. I have customised the Standard template fine with all of the fields that I need. The one thing I can't seem to change is the font size. For the invoices, when you click 'manage templates' to edit the fields the font type and size is above the header, content &amp; footer to be edited. I would have thought this would be the same when managing the templates for Estimates?? Can the font type and size be edited for Estimates and if so, where do I do this?<br />Thanks.&nbsp; question 1 2 1 comment 7705197 Premier 2017 wont do BAS reports earlier than July 2016 2018-03-20T04:18:42Z 2018-03-17T00:55:01Z Gavin Molloy gavin_molloy I am using Premier 2017 and would like to run Simplified BAS reports for the 2015/2016 year but the BAS Config does only goes back to July 2016 problem 8 4 1 comment 7704132 Quicken 2010-11 Requires Service Pack 2 - Urgent Please 2018-03-20T03:08:32Z 2018-03-15T05:14:37Z Jenny Sanders jenny_sanders_9adtkxx0n9xlf We are using QB 2010-2011 Premier on 2 computers On one machine I had to reinstall due to Win 10 update (other comp is Win 7) I have the disk but says we need R2 Service pack - "QuickBooks_2010-11&nbsp; Does anyone have the service pack file or direct me where i can obtain it... It is our main computer so any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm based in Australia. Thanks Jenny question rejected 2 2 1 comment 7467478 Importing a General Journal 2018-03-20T02:57:08Z 2017-03-02T05:49:29Z Susan Naismith susan_naismith I wish to know if a general journal can be imported into Reckon Accounts Premier Edition 2016. &nbsp;I have over 200 lines in an excel sheet and would prefer not to enter manually.<br /><br />Thanks in advance. question 31 13 2 comment 7706557 Back dated payroll data entry 2018-03-20T02:53:07Z 2018-03-19T23:32:12Z sam sam_cia0eq84zisox If there is already a lump sum cheque cleared for a payroll periord but I have then entered (back dated) payroll data, how do I reconcile the individual pay cheques without it affecting the already cleared paycheque? question 1 2 1 comment