Topics in RingCentral 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 3564 1738 1647 18 0 509 7722895 I can't seem to download desktop app on my new computer. 2018-05-24T00:46:51Z 2018-04-18T19:42:21Z Letendre letendre Error writing to file:<br />C:\Users\myusername\AppData\Local\RingCentral\SoftPhoneApp\License-de-de.rtf.&nbsp; Verify that you have access to that directory. question 5 3 1 comment 7739908 Call Log: Transfer Information in Detailed View 2018-05-23T22:29:39Z 2018-05-23T22:29:39Z Jordan Sharpe jordan_sharpe Currently, the detailed call log does not show who a call was transferred to.&nbsp;<br /><br />I have had a customer request the ability to see where a call was transferred to without having to search through the entire company call log. idea 0 1 2 create 7415512 SMS / Text Auto Responder 2018-05-23T21:55:40Z 2017-01-06T19:18:39Z Brooke Sines brooke_sines Hello! An Auto Text Responder would be a huge benefit to Ring Central. I'm a US customer and am a Realtor. There are auto Text responses that would help me greatly to be able to tell clients I'll get back to them shortly-whether I'm with my family, in another meeting, etc. I can see this use being helpful in many other industries as well and really think this should be an immediate addition to your services. When all people need immediate responses these days, this would be priceless!! Thanks for any help you can offer! idea pending 104 95 131 comment 7703327 Re: Fax - Need contact list (first name) column widen or expandable 2018-05-23T21:55:05Z 2018-03-13T21:59:00Z AK scentually_yours I use your platform for faxing. Since you updated the platform I have many problems. I've been in contact with your customer service and they suggested I turn to the community for help. I have problem with viewing my list of contact because the column width is not wide enough and I have contacts with same name different # 5014..all I can see on my list is Walgreen # . Is there any way you can widen the column (first name) so I can see the entire name. idea 4 3 2 comment 6706164 Salesforce app: SMS and Fax 2018-05-23T21:12:34Z 2015-07-08T10:49:35Z Glenn Melton glenn_melton Enhanced RingCentral for Salesforce fuctionality idea devcommunity devcommunity complete 53 22 12 comment 7739862 MORE TASK COLOR PLEASE!! 2018-05-23T20:53:40Z 2018-05-23T20:53:40Z Pamela Makiyama pamela_makiyama Is there any way you guys could add more colors to the glip tasks?&nbsp; there is only 8 colors and sometimes we want to create more tasks and have to use the same color. Should add a color palette generator so we could create colors. IDK! idea 0 1 1 create 7739228 Basecamp Project Management application 2018-05-23T20:48:25Z 2018-05-22T19:11:47Z Dana Gillis dana_gillis I use Basecamp to project management tasks that are detailed and have many dependencies on collaboration. I would highly recommend Basecamp as an app that would interface with Ring Central to offer a more robust user experience. idea 5 3 2 comment 7624401 Print to fax feature for mac computers 2018-05-23T20:29:05Z 2017-11-02T22:01:22Z Yosef Yehoshua yosef_yehoshua It is for convenience idea 1 2 2 comment 7739806 Section functionality for all objects, not just Tasks 2018-05-23T18:45:56Z 2018-05-23T18:45:56Z Daniel Dolinov daniel_dolinov_8whc46hmpvq69 <ol><li>Account type - US<br /></li><li>A&nbsp;brief description of the business - Online testing<br /></li><li>A&nbsp;high level description of the product or feature being requested - adding the Section feature that currently exists in Tasks to Conversations, Links, Files and Notes<br /></li><li>A&nbsp;typical use case scenario explaining how your business would use the feature - say the team is working on several deliverables.&nbsp; If each deliverable is represented by a Section, then one could see all Tasks, but also related materials (Notes, Files, Links, etc.) that relate to a deliverable<br /></li><li>Benefit&nbsp;of such feature - by grouping related materials together you will make it easier for people to find information in a Team Room<br /></li><li>Include any related case number if applicable - NA<br /></li><li>Number of Users and/or Digital Lines - 500<br /></li></ol> idea 0 1 1 create 7593818 Adding the corporate contacts in the forwarding feature in Messages 2018-05-23T18:44:45Z 2017-09-15T22:32:16Z Danielle Freeman danielle_freeman_4g3kwdtkqzhc3 When trying to forward a voicemail message, I do not have the ability to forward the message to someone in the corporate directory. They have to be in my personal contacts.&nbsp; Can you add that button? idea 1 2 2 comment 7728688 Outbound Caller ID 2018-05-23T18:16:21Z 2018-04-30T18:23:15Z Bondy bondy_1jhhw9dxhq4i8 Hey, I have set up my company under RingCentral. Currently I cannot have an outbound caller-id and for my company this is crucial.&nbsp; idea 21 3 1 comment 7739786 Support AppConfig payload for managed iOS devices and SSO 2018-05-23T18:03:22Z 2018-05-23T18:03:22Z Yoann GINI yoann_gini Hi<br /><br />iOS devices can be managed by a MDM (AirWatch, JAMF, etc.), and this MDM can push custom settings for all kind of apps, even third part like RingCentral apps.<br /><br />Usually, enterprise apps with SSO feature like RingCentral support this kind of managed settings (aka AppConfig) to allow IT team to set the user identity in each app.<br /><br />Main idea would be to allow the MDM to inform the app that login must be done with SSO option, with a provided user ID (that the MDM is able to get from the directory and the inventory), and that end user action must not be requested.<br /><br />This option with a correctly setup Mobile SSO environnement like VMware Identity Manager can provide a seamless user experience where basically the app is pushed by the MDM and the user is automatically authenticated.<br /><br />I create this kind of setup all the time for my customers with Workspace ONE and it work really well.<br /><br />It could be nice if RingCentral could support this for all iOS apps.<br /><br />Cheers<br />Yoann idea 0 2 2 create 7558338 Block Numbers on Spam Number List 2018-05-23T17:36:20Z 2017-07-19T19:03:25Z Dr. M (x101) dr_m_x101 Block Numbers on Spam Number List provided by Google or any other service having a list of spam numbers idea 9 10 8 comment 7026347 Mobile App: Add a Warm Transfer button to mobile app. 2018-05-23T16:58:49Z 2016-06-10T22:08:56Z Mike michael_fehringer Please add a "Warm Transfer" button to the mobile app so it works/looks like the Desktop app shown below.&nbsp;<br /><br />This way you don't have to use the sequence ##*1+ 10 digit number to perform a warm transfer.&nbsp;<br /><br /><img src="" title="Image:" /> idea 24 35 91 comment 7026196 Mobile App: How to Warm Transfer on the RC mobile app? 2018-05-23T16:19:18Z 2016-06-10T17:54:56Z B bryan_p_7969068 I can't seem to find a way to do a "Warm Transfer" to another employee when I receive a call. I need to be able to talk to the employee I will transfer the call to first before I actually transfer the call. On the mobile app there is no way to do this, and on the desktop app there is a button but for some &nbsp;reason it isn't letting me press it! Please Please let there be a warm transfer option on the mobile app and let it work on the desktop app.<br />Thank you question complete 22 13 9 comment