Topics in RingCentral 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 4405 2098 2126 23 0 659 7843524 Display Call Queue on Mobile App 2019-01-19T07:51:58Z 2019-01-19T00:25:27Z Holly Kennedy holly_kennedy When I signed up I was told that I would be able to see both the caller ID and the number (I have 3) that was called. This doesn't seem to be possible after all on my mobile app. When will this become available? I signed up because I was told it was.&nbsp; question 1 2 1 comment 7843326 outlook plugin invalid meeting start time 2019-01-19T07:47:55Z 2019-01-18T16:37:39Z Kieran Gilman kieran_gilman trying to arrange meeting, using the outlook plug in, and every time I try to arrange a meeting in the app, I get the message, enter a valid start time? question awaiting_customer_response awaiting_customer_response active 2 2 1 comment 7843435 On the desktop app does not show you are set to DND 2019-01-18T23:00:06Z 2019-01-18T20:33:36Z Boesel boesel On the desktop app, if you put your dnd on it does not show you on DND. It shows as busy for any employee that sets their&nbsp;DND. I need it to show DND. Is there a way to show this? Can we get this add as a feature? idea 1 2 2 comment 6699870 Add Advanced Rules to block or forward SMS / Text Messages 2019-01-18T22:50:53Z 2015-07-01T15:31:50Z Chris Zimmerman chris_zimmerman_7191008 We have multiple main numbers.&nbsp; Each number is an office number for different locations and those numbers are pointed to a call queue.&nbsp; For example we have 614 xxx-xxxx is going to our Columbus call queue and 336-xxx-xxxx number is going to our SalemWinston call queue and 765-xxx-xxxx is going to our Muncie call queue and so on.&nbsp; <br /><br />The problem we have is when someone sends a text message to these main office numbers, there is no way to route this text message to a specific extension like you can the actual call.&nbsp; We are in the real estate industry and our clients often use text messaging and they will text our main number.&nbsp; Right now, all the text messages sent to these numbers end up in the operator desktop app.&nbsp; <br /><br />Would be great to be able to route text messages like you do call flows, being able to route a text message to an extension or multiple extensions.&nbsp; Additionally, when the text message arrived in the extension, the notification of text message would kick in also.&nbsp; Would need to be able to do this a call queue as well. &nbsp;&nbsp; idea 22 32 39 comment sms, advanced forwarding 7700240 salesforce caller id 2019-01-18T22:26:35Z 2018-03-08T10:55:18Z Ben Miller ben_miller_iun5ybmaesjdt Our company is a heavy salesforce user and we really benefit from the click-to-dial feature from salesforce. However, there is one significant drawback. The caller ID presented is always the switchboard. However, we want the return calls to come to the direct number of the salesperson. I have been told that the caller ID for click to dial cannot be changed.<br /><br />(Of course, there are frustrating workarounds such as copying and pasting the numbers into the&nbsp;RingCentral app, but that's not&nbsp;the efficient process we are aiming for.) idea 2 3 3 comment 7791385 Bug - Call queue greeting - still play default greeting 'Please hold for the next available agent' at the end 2019-01-18T21:35:30Z 2018-09-11T21:19:20Z Eric Chou eric_chou_d7oe7s8jzb7v8 We have our custom greeting recorded to replace the default 'Thank you for calling &lt;queue name&gt;, please hold for the next available agent.'<br /><br />In the queue's greeting section, everything is playing custom greetings in the preview, however, when doing an actual call (by calling our RC number), you will hear all the custom greetings, but at the very end, you'll hear the default 'please hold for the next available agent.'.<br /><br />I had a chat session with Martin and he tested and called our RC number, tried to create a brand new call queue to replicate the original call queue but still hears the default greeting...&nbsp; He mentioned, in the old interface, there is an option to uncheck the default greeting, but seemed it is no longer available in the new interface. question affected_by_jira affected_by_jira complete 18 6 3 comment 7525970 Ability to Customize Conference Number Hold Music 2019-01-18T21:27:12Z 2017-05-25T18:20:03Z Lisa Pruitt lisa_pruitt Custom Conference &nbsp;Call Music idea 18 18 30 comment 7843453 Performance Report- subscriptions 2019-01-18T21:14:26Z 2019-01-18T21:14:26Z Team 4 team_4 Ringcentral now has a way to auto send performance reports per user but only has the option for Daily, Weekly, Monthly. For companies that are in sales it would be a great to have real time reports be automatically email as well. Such as from 7am-12pm and then 7am-2pm.&nbsp; idea 0 1 1 create 7843406 Meetings Invite - default number - should be local number 2019-01-18T20:00:08Z 2019-01-18T19:25:04Z Marc Bardwell marc_bardwell When sending RingCentral meetings invites the default number should be the local number based on the company/users local settings.&nbsp;<br /><br />We are in Canada and Toronto based. The number that shows up as a default are Montreal and Calgary - it is confusing why Toronto would not be the default for Canada or at least the default would be based on the users primary location.&nbsp; idea 2 2 1 comment 7843417 All of our staff are Mobile users who need to send text messages. When will RC allow for multiple users to use this feature? 2019-01-18T19:56:46Z 2019-01-18T19:55:23Z Armstrong armstrong_f7anps2i325i1 Multiple Text Users needed question complete 1 2 1 comment 7498010 Change HUD contact status 2019-01-18T19:56:09Z 2017-04-13T08:00:30Z Luke Callen luke_callen In the HUD on the RingCentral window, are you able to edit the status of other users who number/name you have saved. For example, if a colleague of mine was absent could i edit their status from in the HUD to DND? idea 8 9 8 comment 7843403 YouTube Videos 2019-01-18T19:41:01Z 2019-01-18T19:16:54Z Steven Carver steven_carver_l0rkmayjk6qba Are there any tips on how to play YouTube videos over RingCentral? I saw some posts from 2 years ago, but let me know if you have current info to share. Thanks! question complete 4 3 1 comment 6856510 Canada: PHIPA Compliance 2019-01-18T19:18:23Z 2015-11-27T23:09:44Z Albert Allen albert_allen_7584661 It would be great if RingCentral was PHIPA compliant and had data servers in Canada. I am a healthcare provider and after using RingCentral for 2 years I was sad to learn that the RingCentral terms of use have a clause specifically stating that RingCentral Canada is not PHIPA compliant and not to be used for healthcare purposes, so my Electronic Medical Records service provider will not support it. I love the service and I'll keep using it for my phones because I haven't found anything better, but unfortunately for data security purposes it looks like I will have to start using another fax service. idea 5 6 6 comment 7794473 Canadian English 2019-01-18T19:17:53Z 2018-09-19T19:56:51Z Filipina filipina_fy855cn9sb1wb Is there a plan to add Canadian English option?&nbsp; For example, the directory is pronouncing z as "zee" and not "zed"? idea 4 3 2 comment 7843402 Canadian Data Centre 2019-01-18T19:17:22Z 2019-01-18T19:16:15Z Mike Gustavson mike_gustavson It would be fantastic if RC could open a Canadian data centre!<br /><br />We have a number of municipal government customers who are unable to migrate to a hosted phone service based in the US, due to data residency concerns.<br /><br />this is something that would open a large Canadian market up for RC. idea 1 1 1 create