Topics in Smartsoft 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 1201 422 480 64 0 306 6572660 Electronic Forms: new patient information 2018-09-24T06:01:22Z 2015-03-06T08:10:58Z Teresa O'Donnell teresa_o_donnell <p>As one of our practices is paperless, we were hoping to have a simple new patients form available electronically ie. on a tablet whereby the information they enter is 'pulled through' to front desk. Similar functionality as the online booking request process only they're sitting in the waiting room and we could still do the final 'add' of the patient to ensure there's no duplicates. </p><p>Then we'd be pretty much 100% paperless</p> idea active 53 48 29 comment electronic forms, forms, new patient 7794221 archiving not removing patient from mailchimp 2018-09-20T02:16:58Z 2018-09-19T10:52:23Z Mark Caldwell mark_caldwell_7111635 I want to report an unusual error that we ran into between Front Desk and Mailchimp. In a recent email campaign, an email was sent in error by Mailchimp to a deceased patients email address that we had archived 8 months ago in Front Desk (I did sync Front Desk with Mail Chimp before sending the campaign). I have investigated what happened from our end, and found that the email address that we sent to was used for both the archived patient and her daughter, who is still a current patient. So it seems that we had previously linked the email address to the archived patient, and that this link was not reverted to the daughter at the time of archiving. This lead to some embarrassment on our end as the daughter reported the problem to us and I suspect some upset with the daughter.&nbsp;<br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /><br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" />I hope this makes sense and that a fix can be found so this does not happen again.&nbsp; problem rejected 2 3 1 comment 7722600 Secure messaging (medical objects) integration with front desk 2018-09-19T06:11:18Z 2018-04-18T11:42:05Z Linda linda_garbett We are implementing a secure messaging program into our practice that will facilitate encryption to allow transfer of referrals and replies and reports back to referrers. The program mostly used in Qld is Medical Objects. This is used by all the main medical practice manager programs that gps are using. If it was available as a plug in with front desk it would allow direct messaging from front desk rather than having to go out of the program and then send. It would also allow direct input into pt files from messages/referrals received. Is this a possibility?? question complete 8 10 3 comment 7794007 Appointment scheduler - available times 2018-09-18T22:12:49Z 2018-09-18T03:17:54Z Trevor trevor_7116937 When using appointment scheduler, the up and down arrows are supposed to give the next available time slot. When I click on the arrows, the time increases by 15 min intervals - it doesn't go to the next available time slot for the practitioner on the day. Is there something I am doing wrong?<br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /> problem 1 2 1 comment 7793958 Medicare Online Claiming & Medicare Easyclaim - Service Outage (18/09/2018) 2018-09-18T00:27:48Z 2018-09-18T00:27:48Z Andrew andrew_7104921 The Department of Human Services has advised Smartsoft that Medicare Online and Easyclaim services are experiencing an outage of service today, 18 September 2018. This may affect the use of Medicare Online and Medicare Easyclaim integration within Front Desk.<br /><br />Please note the Medicare Online and Medicare Easyclaim services are provided through the Department of Human Services. If you have concerns regarding these services please contact Medicare on&nbsp;1800 700 199.<br /><br />We will update this post with more information as it becomes available. update 0 2 1 create 7793933 Tags for Invoice Numbers 2018-09-17T23:38:49Z 2018-09-17T23:38:49Z NewPsych Reception tonia_7115149 Just a quick query. Our practice frequently uses tags on letters and emails to save time. We are looking at a way we can add the invoice number into the subject line of an email (via use of a tag in an email template). Is there any tags that would generate this information automatically (e.g &lt;&lt;Invoice&gt;&gt;)? This would save us a lot of time!! Thank you<br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /> question 0 1 1 create 7792467 Confirmation email after Patient Books via Gateway Bookings 2018-09-14T02:45:20Z 2018-09-14T02:39:34Z OakbankPhysio oakbankphysio Is there an auto Booking Confirmation email that goes to the patient after they Book via the Gateway?&nbsp; Our patients are concerned that they don't know if the Booking has been made or not. question complete 1 2 1 comment 7778686 mutiple doctors 2018-09-06T22:53:26Z 2018-08-16T05:20:35Z Meg meg_9gvli38h0923h Would be handy to be able to put all associated doctors/ health practioners&nbsp;under the one area ie. Additional tab. idea 6 9 4 comment 7785818 Appointment schedule without times 2018-08-31T05:27:31Z 2018-08-31T05:27:31Z Trevor trevor_7116937 We plan the dates of next year's home visits but we do not lock in the actual times until just before the appointment. We give the patient the schedule of the year's appointments. Is it possible to print off the appointment schedule showing the dates but not the times? question 0 1 1 create 7785789 Rescheduled Appointments via Web Booking, communication to not only Front Desk, but to Practitioner 2018-08-31T03:18:32Z 2018-08-31T02:37:58Z OakbankPhysio oakbankphysio Web Bookings.<br />When a Booking is Cancelled, the Program places a Message on Front Desk and also emails the Practitioner.<br />Would like the same to occur when a Booking is Rescheduled.<br />HelpDesk says this is not possible???<br />Di idea active 2 4 2 comment 7785301 Ability to Add Logo to Patient Booking Gateway Email Templates 2018-08-30T23:17:22Z 2018-08-30T03:10:13Z Kristina kristina_parnham It would be very appreciated if there was an ability to add our practice logo to emails that are sent through the PBG.&nbsp; At the moment if you add your logo to the email templates, the emails cannot actually be sent.&nbsp; It's a great function on FD - please add it to PBG! idea 8 4 2 comment 7784077 Entering an EFT code when paying of a bill by DD 2018-08-28T02:32:08Z 2018-08-27T23:19:48Z Adam Woolacott adam_woolacott HI All,<br />Is there a chance that we can have the option to enter an EFT code (The code the insurer uses to identify the transaction) when paying off an invoice with a DD payment?<br /><br />I'm thinking something along the lines of how we enter the cheque number when receiving cheque payments.<br /><br />If this was a searchable item it would make it easier when chasing down specific payments. I'm also thinking that it would make it easier down the track with the xero integration to reconcile DD payments. idea active 3 3 2 comment 7782472 Selecting Morning, Afternoon, Evening Appts 2018-08-24T04:17:27Z 2018-08-24T02:39:55Z Debbie debbie_7135234 Hi team,<br /><br />Just wondering in the next update to consider changing the Morning, Afternoon, Evening buttons to a opt-in selection, unlike now that is an opt-out selection.<br /><br />We had a patient earlier that wanted an evening appt and selected Evening. Unfortunately, this deselected Evening and she was only given Morning and Afternoon appts.&nbsp;<br /><br />The same would be applied when selecting appointments specifically - Monday to Sunday are all preselected, so patients would have to unselected days they don't prefer. Instead of actually selecting days they want to come in. (In other words, reversed selecting)<br /><br />Also if these selections could be not only highlighted around the border, but also a filled in background of the button to make it obvious that it has been selected (or unselected)<br /><br />Please let me know if you need further clarification of this suggestion.<br /><br />Thank you,<br /><br />Debbie idea 1 2 1 comment 7781904 Reduced Clinical Note Access 2018-08-23T22:44:54Z 2018-08-23T00:11:09Z Mel Chidgey mel_chidgey Is there a way to limit the access a user has, to just see specific users clinical notes? IE Can we set up a physio to only see their notes and/or the notes of other physios in the clinic, but not those of a psychologist working on the same database? If not - could this feature potentially be implemented please to better protect confidentiality of patients? Thank you.&nbsp; question complete 2 3 1 comment 7730039 Introducing Front Desk Insights 2018-08-22T04:54:29Z 2018-05-03T07:16:31Z Timothy tim_7104970 We are excited to announce Front Desk Insights, a new reporting dashboard that allows users to create customisable widgets and present their practice management data as graphs, tables and KPI metrics. This online application is available to Front Desk users at no cost and provides live business intelligence, offering clear and flexible feedback on day-to-day business operations.<br /><br />Front Desk Insights will be released tomorrow along with new versions of Front Desk and the Web Appointment Book.&nbsp;<br /><br /><img src="" title="Image:" /> article 10 8 5 comment