Topics in Smartsoft 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 826 290 360 38 0 206 6578961 Searching address 2017-03-22T06:23:55Z 2015-03-12T03:40:02Z Trevor trevor_7116937 Is it possible to be able to search address using "contains". Often know the street name but not the number. question complete 3 2 1 comment search 7481923 Couples Appointments 2017-03-22T04:24:44Z 2017-03-22T04:24:44Z Hamilton Chiropractic Clinic hamilton_chiropractic_clinic We have Couples Counselling appts and most don't have the same Surname. &nbsp;<br />At the moment, when we create the New Patient, <br />we are putting both First names in the top section <br />and Last names separated by a forward slash in the Surname section. &nbsp;<br />Is there another way you suggest we do this, <br />to make these couples appointments, that would be easier?&nbsp; question 0 2 2 create 7472595 Copying and pasting from Word Document into Clinical Notes gives Times New Roman font, not default Calibri. 2017-03-20T05:48:04Z 2017-03-08T23:24:45Z Mortlock Clinic mortlock_clinic Hi Smartsoft,<br /><br />Recently, when copying text from a Word Document into the Clinical Notes section of a patient's file, the physios have been encountering an issue. The text pastes as Times New Roman (TNR), even though it is Calibri in the Word Doc and our default settings on FrontDesk are also Calibri. The same problem happens when copying text from emails (Gmail) into Clinical Notes (text reverts to TNR).<br /><br />It will do this from some computers, but the issue is not present on others, and we can't work out what's going on.<br /><br />Although it is relatively simple to select the text and convert it back to Calibri in Clinical Notes, it would be a big time saver for the physios if they didn't have to worry about this extra hassle, especially if they are doing this every time they copy and paste in a new line. (Ctrl + A when finished typing the notes would certainly waste less time, but often physios prefer to have the formatting correct as they go.)<br /><br />I'm not sure if this is a FrontDesk issue or due to individual computer settings? If there's a place we can go in FrontDesk settings and change the default font for <u>pasting</u> into Clinical Notes, that would be fantastic. If not, have you got other suggestions?<br /><br />We look forward to hearing back from you.<br /><br />Kind regards,<br /><br />Millie<br /><i>Admin @&nbsp;</i><i>Mortlock Clinic/Eyre Sports Physio</i><i></i> problem complete 1 2 1 comment 7480183 Warning Outstandings 2017-03-20T02:27:02Z 2017-03-20T00:32:28Z Adelaide Road Psychology ar_psychology Is it possible to have the ability to get a warning when billing if an account is outstanding for less than 30 days? i.e 7, 14 days?&nbsp; idea 1 3 1 comment 7480192 Batch Scanning - Watchfolders? 2017-03-20T02:05:55Z 2017-03-20T00:59:05Z Ethan Horwood ethan_horwood Hi Guys,<br /><br />I have a customer who is using Front desk and have a lot of document's that they need to scan in and attach to patients files, I was wondering if there was any way to import document's directly into client's file's automatically?, for example all of the PDF's would be sitting in a folder named with the patient's number and name and import in with those details?, I ask as I have a client with thousands of documents which need to be scanned in, and I have software which allows the files to be loaded into their photocopier in mass, and rename the file's as per the client number on the cover page... ( I am their photocopier's IT person)... question complete 1 4 1 comment 7478499 Delayed SMS Replies from Optus 2017-03-20T01:59:19Z 2017-03-17T00:29:00Z Andrew andrew_7104921 Please note that Optus are currently experiencing connection issues, and <i><b>replies </b></i>from patients on the Optus networks may be delayed.&nbsp;<br />This is due to an issue with the connection between Optus and Telstra networks, which they are aware of and currently working to resolve.&nbsp;<br /><br />The&nbsp;<i><b>delivery&nbsp;</b></i>of SMS to these providers is not affected.<br /><br />We will update this post with more information as it becomes available. article 3 3 1 comment 7451710 Emails - Multiple Attachments 2017-03-20T00:58:00Z 2017-02-10T00:01:01Z Adelaide Road Psychology ar_psychology Is there any way when emailing a client we can attach multiple files on front desk?&nbsp;<br />It would be very useful so then we would not have to email multiple times with different attachments question complete 3 8 6 comment 7480189 Additional Referrer Details 2017-03-20T00:54:49Z 2017-03-20T00:54:49Z Adelaide Road Psychology ar_psychology Is it possible to&nbsp;Somewhere to put in additional referrer details so can cc letters<p>i.e&nbsp;<span>second gp when mhcp completed by provider other than regurlar gp&nbsp;</span><span>Gp + psychiatrist/paediatrician etc</span></p> idea 0 4 2 create 7478540 Fax number required for referring GP 2017-03-17T02:31:10Z 2017-03-17T02:31:10Z Rebecca Rushton rebecca_rushton_3pehnxuhpvqkg We fax (not email) reports to referring GPs at the start and end of EPC/TCA referrals. Unfortunately, the fax number for the referring GP is not able to be imported into these reports using any of the available tags.<br /><br />Granted, it is only on rare occasions that the referring GP is different to the patient's GP. But it would help if either:<br /><ul><li>The fax number was included in the &lt;&lt;ReferringDr&gt;&gt; tag</li><li>Or there was a separate tag that would populate the referring doctor's fax number.</li></ul>Thank you for your consideration :)<br /><br />Rebecca<br />&nbsp; idea 0 4 3 create 6939426 HealthLink 2017-03-17T02:21:41Z 2016-02-29T05:09:53Z Molly molly_7765009 Just wondering if Front Desk is planning on becoming compatible with HealthLink? &nbsp; question complete 7 7 1 comment argus, ehealth, healthlink, hl7, secure messaging 7477819 Patients Not Receiving Texts 2017-03-16T08:15:08Z 2017-03-16T07:00:56Z Chiropractic First chiropractic_first The system says the SMS were sent for today but patient's are saying they did not receive them and many are consequently not showing up for their appointments. Any ideas? question complete 1 3 1 comment 7477683 Image editor feature request 2017-03-16T07:13:24Z 2017-03-16T00:40:45Z Rebecca Rushton rebecca_rushton_3pehnxuhpvqkg I have an image on one of my treatment templates where I need to either tick or cross predefined areas (diabetes foot assessment). At the moment, I can put a cross but not a tick. And the weight of the cross cannot be increased to make it stand out. The problem is, in the context of the whole page, these tiny red crosses get kind of lost. <br /><br />I'd love to have image stamps of a big red cross and and big green tick. Or if nothing else, the ability to change the default colour and weight of the crosses.<br /><br /><img src="" title="Image:" /> idea pending 3 3 1 comment 6578768 Editing X-rays 2017-03-15T20:17:24Z 2015-03-11T23:09:05Z Celia Young celia_young Hi there. We add a lot of x-rays to our client files. They are usually added a few days after they are taken. Once we have added them we have to go into each individual x-ray and edit them to get the date that they were taken to show under the x-ray. Is it possible to highlight a number of x-rays all at one and edit the whole lot at once? This would save us a lot of time. Thank you idea pending 3 3 4 comment x-rays 6641050 Casual Appointments (Pre-Defined) 2017-03-14T00:18:06Z 2015-05-04T06:20:36Z Joanna joanna_7122982 We use Casual Appointments quite regularly for lots of reasons but the main reason is to indicate an available time slot for our practitioners. It would be great if we could create a Pre-Defined Casual Appointment which we could set to our most common text/length and simply right-click to add it. Alternatively, Casual Appointments could come with a Default Option so that they would default to the most common text/length and then could be changed when using it for other reasons. idea 5 5 2 comment 7472431 List of Clients in Credit 2017-03-08T22:31:47Z 2017-03-08T19:57:47Z Celia Young celia_young Is it possible to get a list of clients who are in Credit? &nbsp;We have a lot of clients who pay in advance and I cannot find a way to see who they are unless I go into the statements and include them in the list of debtors. &nbsp;You can "include clients with credits only" but you cannot get a list of of &nbsp;the "clients in credit Only". As you cannot export the summary of debtos and creditors to excel so I can sort it, it takes me ages to trawl through the list and separate them out. This would be very handy for us. &nbsp;Thank you question complete 2 4 1 comment