Topics for Professionals & Commercial Use 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 40 9 5 1 0 2 7926552 a great review of EGO products (not mine) 2019-09-13T21:47:19Z 2019-09-13T21:47:19Z Rene Langlois Lariviere rene_langlois_lariviere EGO Power+ Power Head Review | PH1400 56 Volt Lithium ion<br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a><br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /> praise 0 2 1 create 7861857 EGO NEXUS POWER STATION - REVIEW!!!! 2019-09-08T03:08:15Z 2019-03-07T14:07:35Z Kite Army kite_army Join KiteArmy to learn more about this amazing product!<br /><br /><div class="video-container"><iframe src=""></iframe></div> article 34 10 4 comment 7921621 Chainsaw without variable speed could be improved.. are there plans for upgrade ? 2019-08-30T04:05:56Z 2019-08-28T21:38:49Z Rene Langlois Lariviere rene_langlois_lariviere I think a chainsaw needs variable speed.&nbsp;<br />i am very much interested in buying ego, but this is a problem for me. question complete 5 5 1 comment 7917135 What about 36 inch chain saw with 24 2019-08-15T15:03:51Z 2019-08-15T02:22:55Z John F Betlach john_f_betlach Big wood needs a big saw question 2 3 1 comment 7859590 2000W Ego Nexus Power Station Released!!! 2019-07-15T20:50:06Z 2019-03-01T04:09:57Z Blue Angel blue_6913126 Pro Tool Reviews just posted a video showing Ego's new 2000W generator!!!<br /><br /><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a><br /><br />2000W continuous, 3000W surge, charges batteries if plugged in, and future solar panel compatibility?!?!?!?&nbsp; It's not cheap, but comes with 2 7.5Ah batteries.<br /><br />WOW, I think this is what SO many people have been waiting for!!! praise 153 18 8 comment 7899886 Copper Creek Cuts "reviews" commercial lineup 2019-07-03T03:44:52Z 2019-06-25T23:26:35Z Tommy Woerner tommy_woerner I just wanted to share this to make sure the diehard EGO enthusiasts are aware of this guy's YouTube channel and negative publicity he is putting on EGO's brand new commercial lineup.<br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /><br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" />I haven't been following this channel for very long, but I have my suspicions about the authenticity of his "reviews". As of this writing, Brad (Copper Creek Cuts) has released 3 videos mentioning EGO products and they are all negative.&nbsp;<br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /><br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" />1.&nbsp;<a alt="" href="" name="" rel="nofollow" target="" title="" type="" value=""></a><br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" />2.&nbsp;<a alt="" href="" name="" rel="nofollow" target="" title="" type="" value=""></a><br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" />3.&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow" title="Link:"></a><br /><br />The third video is the first where he actually has a piece of equipment to review, the string trimmer. As foreshadowed by his earlier two, it is negative, basically showing excerpts where it would be considered unreliable. I'm not sure what's going on with that String Trimmer or if he just got a bad apple. But none of it makes any sense, because in my experience using their mower and string trimmer, it would easily cut the grass he is using it on non-stop. Something smells fishy, and my hunch is when he posts videos on the Hedge Trimmer and Leaf Blower they will also be negative for no apparent reason. He doesn't even mention how the tool performed in any of his videos. How can that be considered a review? problem rejected 12 8 1 comment 7881491 When will EGO trimmers allow heavier trimmer line like .105? It works a WHOLE LOT BETTER. 2019-06-08T18:52:25Z 2019-05-02T10:10:33Z John Swartz john_swartz_9ry114yhdd5gv Home Depot, Lowes et al all sell heavier duty trimmer line like .105 which works much better in heavier grass and weeds. WHY won't EGO come up with a trimmer head that takes .105? idea pending 9 6 1 comment 7854448 Going into 3rd season with Ego 2019-06-06T12:03:15Z 2019-02-15T00:16:24Z Keeton Fagnani keeton_fagnani_bf1kly4ff5kfu I wish I could select all four categories. This is basically a 2 year review of several products my business is using.<br /><br />My first product was a trimmer. It was and still is awesome. Plenty of power, good battery life easy to hold, even with big batteries for strong people. No Complaints.<br /><br />Second was the handheld 580 blower. things was and still is awesome. I like it better than the backpack blowers honestly. easy to hold and portable, almost the same power, does the trick. Doesn't match a stihl br700 or anything, but most the time you don't need that much kick. I have a shovel, broom and dustpan. No complaints.<br /><br />Third I think I got a mower that had been returned. I just happened to have the money, and it just happened to be 25% off, and it just happened to be the next thing on my wish list. The mower was and still is awesome. No complaints.<br /><br />By the way, every EGo tool I have ever bought was a combo pack with battery and either fast or standard charger. Best deal, especially for a business, can always use extras.<br /><br />Then I think I might have picked up the basic hedge trimmer because I sold a hedge job. Was and still is awesome. I probably need to clean and oil it though. no complaints<br /><br />Then I think at the start of my second year I got another mower, blower and trimmer.<br /><br />The mower was the same. Two great mowers, no complaints. High Lift blades are a must.<br /><br />The blower was a step down. Its alright, but I'd definitely go with the 580 or a backpack in the future. The turbo button is fun... but I prefer the steady locking variable control of the 580.<br /><br />The trimmer was the fancy speed loader carbon fiber deal. I didn't have high hopes - sounded gimicky - but what a great idea. And a great idea it was for the first few loads. I don't even think it made it to 10 loads before it started to not work, tried coaxing and wiggling and getting it to wind, but you could smell burning plastic and started smoking the last time I tried. And it is super hard to wind the hard without the push button speed loader. I mean it was fantastic when it worked, took like 30 seconds to load and I was on my way. It also felt like it had more power, can't remember if it was brushless motor or what, but it was a little bit stronger than the origianl 15" trimmer. Now it just an emergency backup because its a pain to load.<br /><br />Then I think I found the brushless hedge trimmer on sale, open box or no box something, might be the only tool I bought without battery. It was on sale, and it was shiny, and I didn't have one, so I bought it. Haven't used it yet.<br /><br />Then at the end of last season I saw 2 back pack blowers that had been returned or something. I live in AK and they don't stock the EGo back pack blowers in store. I found them in the clearance section and bought them both just because I figured I could save the month of waiting for them to barge up up since batteries can't fly.<br /><br />Oh I also bought a chainsaw somewhere in the first year. Thing was and still is awesome. Battery life goes fast... but as long as you're not clearing a forest, you can take a few trees down for sure.<br /><br />So thats<br />- 4 blowers<br />- 2 mowers<br />- 2 Trimmers<br />- 2 Hedge Trimmers<br />- 1 Chainsaw<br />- And the Snow Blower<br /><br />Almost forgot the snow blower. Its pretty cool. It does good with 1 - 6 inches of light snow. Maybe 2 - 3 inches heavy snow. No good for slush. It kicks dry snow real far. Its fun to snowblow the light fluffy stuff. It not being self propelled means more labor, but you can move way faster than waiting for a self propelled unit to go at it's pace. I can jog with this thing if its an inch or two of fluff. I've got about 5 driveways and 2 small parking lots I clear with this thing. Hasn't had a problem in two seasons so far. I have an extra belt and paddle on standby though. Might need to replace the scraper bar though, need to get one. The snow Blower takes 2 batteries so I can usually get through 1-2 driveways. I have my dirve-ways routed so that I can charge at every other stop. I want to get a battery bank / solar assisted to help with charging on the go and not needed to plug into customer outlets.<br /><br />Also I got extra blades for the mowers. I need to order more.&nbsp;<br /><br />so I think thats 12 or 13 batteries I've accumulated over 2-3 years. 4 are down and wont charge anymore. the first to go was brand new; it was a 2.0 that came with the first hedge trimmer. Dropped it from waist/chest height on my gravel driveway and it never worked. 2nd and 3rd were a gut punch; I lost 2 of my 7.5's this winter to what I assume to be freeze damage. I forgot to bring them in to charge one night and 2 of the big boys gave me red blinkers. Still bummed about that and considering how to replace and keep up with current pace of work last year that relied on as much battery power as possible.<br /><br />The last battery to go was a long time coming. it was a 5.0 that I was using during emergency tree work during a storm we had last spring. it was sunny, windy, raining, sleeting, hailing, snowing.... it was a wild day. We had to get a couple trees out of a driveway and off a truck. I did my best to keep everything sheltered, but I think the 5.0 got a little wet at some point. Ever since that day it has been known as 'blinky.'<br /><br />It would only charge in the fast chargers, it would show defective on standard charger. But fast charger would do it. as soon as it had some juice it would start blinking a steady green, like a heartbeat. It would blink itself to death if not used in a few days. I think it got some freeze damage as well and it finally won't charge anymore.&nbsp;<br /><br />At my peak I had 4 small 2.5, 3 medium 5.0, and 4 large 7.5. The 2.5 died before use so I never got to include it. But losing 3 batteries this winter, I've lost 20 of 55 AH - which is almost half of my power that I now have to replace, instead of build on. So it was an expensive lesson with forgetting to bring these babies inside in the winter. I got a little lazy in the summer a few times and didn't bring them in right away if I didn't have work the next day. Time to implement a best practice!<br /><br />The chargers all work. For charging while on the go I have 2 fast chargers in 5 gallon buckets with holes drilled at the bottom and along the top walls. The manual says they are for indoor use only, but I haven't bothered with any warranty stuff because its only a year for commercial use. which hardly seems worth the hassle in my opinion. Maybe that will be different if I can get some of their new commercial lineup to AK....(HINT HINT) Anyway the buckets are Home Depot so they are bright orange and hard to forget... kind of. I have forgotten them charging in customer driveways several times. but it does provide a little protection against dirt, grass clippings, and a light sprinkle. If it starts to rain I put a lid on and I haven't had any problems yet.<br /><br />I plan to build a solar charging enclosed trailer with a battery bank large enough to get me through the day. Obviously the goal to be completely solar powered is ideal, but it will be a process and a journey.<br /><br />Thinking about getting the dual battery mower... but why no 2 x 7.5 package? or did that sell out? I thought I saw it before, but now its just the 5.0's. I need the big boys, and that double capacity would be nice for my condo association if I get them again.<br /><br />I also really want to get the edger. It was be nice to get the whole powerhead kit and kaboodle, but everything comes with small batteries.&nbsp;<br /><br />Might just end up getting another mower or 2 with the 7.5's... Just so dang expensive to buy the batteries buy themselves, and I figure it will be good to have extra tools for backups or growth. I'll have to probably plan to buy a battery or two every year anyway to cycle them out as they die... Only Time will tell there. Have to really develop good habits with taking care of the batteries.<br /><br />Its also a bummer that to get any of the good stuff I have to order slow boat shipping. Our local Home Depot only carries the basic entry level models. batteries + shipping = suck I get it. just requires extra planning and financial flexibility on my end.&nbsp;<br /><br /><br />Keep up the good work though. It's good stuff. I get a lot of compliments on how quiet this stuff is. I've even had phone conversations while mowing. I don't think I'll ever buy a gas trimmer again. Probably my favorite tool is the regular 15" trimmer. Gets a lot of action and never a hiccup.&nbsp;<br /><br />hoping to see commercial mowers. something with twin mulching blade like commercial honda, and then larger sizes like a 36 inch walk behind! A shop vac, and pressure washer would be cool too. And a battery powered backpack sprayer. And a self propelled snowblower on tracks. Tracks&gt;Wheels. With a cruise, transport, and/or free-roll/spin speed setting! ideas for days.<br /><br />debating what to get next,<br />Keeton<br />Owner Caliber LLC<br />Anchorage, AK praise 20 10 5 comment 7889334 It's Waterproof! Just put it in a plastic bag! 2019-05-25T04:13:05Z 2019-05-25T04:13:05Z bigfootcountry bigfootcountry Kinda funny....I just was cruising a competitor to Egos' website and was checking out their top model backpack battery and no joke the picture shows it in a factory plastic raincoat type thingy. I compare that to a guy on YouTube jumping in a lake with Egos new backpack battery...getting out...letting it drip dry for fifteen minutes and plugging in and firing up Egos new handheld commercial blower. <br /><br /> Ego most likely has the best backpack battery and that's without a plastic raincoat thingy. <br /><br /> Jeremy praise 0 1 1 create 7885884 Praise for the Cultivator 2019-05-20T01:39:20Z 2019-05-15T05:50:05Z bigfootcountry bigfootcountry I have a really good customer who asked me if I could till up an area in an old chicken coup so that she could do a little gardening. I have a gas rototiller plus the cultivator head so I told her next time over I'd bring both. <br /><br /> Today was her scheduled mowing day so I scheduled her last so that I could till her garden area at the end of my day. Of coarse the gas rototiller had carb issues. I loaded the cultivator head in the truck thinking I'd at least do the edges with it and bring the rototiller over when I fixed it. <br /><br /> Well I wanted to finish the job for the customer so after tilling the edges I just did the whole thing with the cultivator. I ran the cultivator hooked to a backpack link 7.5ah battery. I was trying to make time so I ran it in high. One and a half batteries later and the area was tilled. <br /><br /> Turning out to be a nice little cultivator....perfect for landscape areas, garden beds and even for tilling new smallish garden areas. <br /><br /> Running it on high will kinda beat you up after a while so for most jobs low will do the trick. <br /><br /> Jeremy praise 3 4 2 comment 7886648 Ego Commercial Trimmer on Protoolreviews 2019-05-17T03:10:16Z 2019-05-17T01:50:40Z bigfootcountry bigfootcountry <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <br /><br /> Pretty decent review. Figures a bike guy developed the carbon fiber shaft....not a lawn/landscape guy. Trimmers get used frequently and somewhat roughly. In and out of trimmer racks all day....a lot of them with metal contact. How will the carbon shaft hold up to that abuse....I'm talking about surface damage to the carbon shaft not questioning its strength. Seems to need two speeds, ability to run on direct battery attatchment, speed feed head, no need for metal motor housing, aluminum shaft and while your at it a wider cutting swath.....other than those Way to go bike guy. <br /><br /> Ego nearly pulled off a true commercial grade trimmer with their power head unit. Make it a straight shaft, keep the two speeds, increase the cutting swath, improve quality of plastic both on the motor housing and speed feed style head and improve and lessen the trigger pull. I have put hundreds and hundreds of hours on these things and they are very close. I came from top quality Stihl trimmers and then switched to even better offering by Echo before turning away from them because of the capabilities of the power head unit. <br /><br /> For what it's worth I like bikes. <br /><br /> Jeremy praise 1 1 1 create 7886304 Is the New Commercial Ego Line Waterproof? 2019-05-16T11:47:35Z 2019-05-16T06:00:59Z bigfootcountry bigfootcountry Maybe this video has been posted....but if not it helps answer that question. <br /><br /> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> praise 1 2 2 comment 7884780 New Crop of Pretenders....Verdict...Stay with Ego! 2019-05-13T14:46:24Z 2019-05-12T00:34:09Z bigfootcountry bigfootcountry Other companies are trying......that is the good news. The bad....overall they are a long way behind Ego. <br /><br /> 24" brushless hedge trimmer. ....others are close. If Ego brought over their UK version others would not be so close. <br /><br /> 15" trimmer. ...others are close with one maybe it's equal or maybe even better. But there is a catch...later. <br /><br /> 530,575 and 580 cfm blowers....maybe one is close...others are way behind. No handheld gas blower is comparable to Egos top end models. <br /><br /> Chainsaws.....others are close and maybe it's equal but Ego gives you no reason to not buy it once you have their batteries. <br /><br /> Egos power head trimmer/combo unit is simply the best piece of handheld battery equipment available right now. Nothing else is even close. With the guard off and a little extra stick out this thing just eats. The edger has plenty of power as does the chainsaw head. The hedge trimmer has nice blades and the new tiller head appears to be a winner. When equipped with a brush blade BlackBerry vines just disappear. Stihl has a new model out that uses their kombi system but it has cord to battery only and not in the same power class. <br /><br /> Combine the power head trimmer guard off with the backpack link with 7.5 and you have a nice light powerful l trimmer that can really dominate a property. <br /><br /> Ego still easily has the best battery system.....from bottom to top. The battery pushes many choices over to is that much better. <br /><br /> I am sorry to read about people's problems with various Ego products. I have such a high volume of use with handheld lawn equipment I expect and can usually accept breakdowns. Ego has pleasantly surprised me with their durability. I have had a few battery problems and was just recently able to abuse one of their handhelds to death....up in smoke. Fortunately I have three backups :). <br /><br /> After hundreds and hundreds of hours using Ego handheld equipment I will never go back to gas. <br /><br /> Jeremy praise 7 4 2 comment 7880648 Anybody Else Getting Killed this Spring? 2019-05-11T23:24:24Z 2019-04-30T04:15:53Z bigfootcountry bigfootcountry Been doing this a while and this Spring green up has been staggering. <br /><br /> My spring Ego set up is simple and effective. Roll out with 4 7.5ah, 4 5ah and 3 2.5 ah batteries. I'm running a 575 blower, power head string trimmer guard off running about 18" with believe it or not . 080 mostly run on 1 setting, power head edger set and forget on 2. I ride with a 15" trimmer for little quick spots. One key is I'm running a backpack link thus keeping even the power head trimmer light and fast. <br /><br /> Various gas mowers only bagging with push mowers. <br /><br /> Instead of separating this Spring with my better half....we are working together. I do 95% of trimming and edging and she does the mowing. <br /><br /> I live in NorCal so green up is usually pretty good but this year is amazing! <br /><br /> Jeremy praise 3 3 2 comment 7881402 Commercial Battery pack compatible with homeowner tools via the empty battery with port made for backpack link? 2019-05-03T17:05:27Z 2019-05-02T03:58:54Z gregderossi gregderossi I own all of the EGO tools , backpack blower, 530cfm, weed whip, chainsaw, 2nd version of hedge trimmer, and lawnmower. &nbsp;I would like to purchase the commercial backpack unit, but was wondering can this power my tools if i use the battery with port and cord for backpack link to power into the residential line of equipment? &nbsp;I would like to use these for my business and if this works it would save me about 3 grand, any input and suggestions is welcome! question complete 3 4 1 comment