Topics for Errors and Troubleshooting (Quicken on the Web) 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 87 21 1 63 0 5 7834125 Error:CC-501 only when using Mobile/Web setup 2019-01-29T17:44:13Z 2018-12-27T20:07:58Z chalker.kc chalkerkc I have a bank account that is working fine for online operation / bill pay. Transactions download fine and have been for a while. When I try to add this bank to Mobile/Web sync I get a Error:CC-501 and the description is Null. I have tried to Deactivate the account for online, validate the quicken data file,and re-activate, but no luck problem errors_troubleshooting_non_olb errors_troubleshooting_non_olb, mobile_and_cloud_sync pending 5 7 4 comment 7829360 Quicken Mobile and USAA Account not working 2019-01-26T16:18:02Z 2018-12-13T19:45:53Z jlweaver22 jeff_weaver_7102695 Quicken Mobile (iOS) and Web are not syncing with USAA Accounts. &nbsp; I've reported this problem twice before (once under the beta testing for the new Mobile release) and it has yet to be resolved. &nbsp;The app continues to report "Connectivity Error - Swipe to Fix" on all USAA accounts. &nbsp;If "fix" is tried it says it cannot connect to USSA. &nbsp;This has been going on for months with no feedback on eta of fix. &nbsp;My Quicken subscription is coming up for renewal and now I'm questioning whether to renew. &nbsp; Note also, this problem occurs on the Web Based version of quicken, as well. &nbsp;It's not just on iOS. &nbsp; I'm on an iPhone 8, iOS 12.1.1, Quicken Mobile is 5.7.0, Quicken Mac is 5.8.2. &nbsp;Everyone is up to date. &nbsp;A cloud based service that does not work on the iOS platform is of little use. &nbsp;When can we expect a fix? problem mobile_web_and_cloud_sync mobile_web_and_cloud_sync, errors_troubleshooting_non_olb active 13 13 5 comment 7826690 budget on web / mobile 2019-01-26T14:31:57Z 2018-12-07T01:00:51Z Stephen Wilson stephen_wilson_inzhxs8n4f3r6 I have quicken deluxe 2019 (Canadian version R15.24 Build<br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /><br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" />My budget doesn't appear to upload / sync properly to the cloud. The categories show but the current month transaction amounts don't&nbsp;appear to get reflected in the amount spent/remaining for the budget items. The windows 10 view is correct but mobile and web are not. I have reset my cloud data which didn't fix the issue.&nbsp;&nbsp; problem support_contact support_contact, errors_troubleshooting_non_olb, bank_accounts_downloading_and_categorizing, windows, mobile_and_cloud_sync active 35 18 6 comment 7845401 Budget rollover won't clear only in mobile app 2019-01-25T20:27:45Z 2019-01-23T17:04:25Z mappleby285 mappleby285 I use the desktop software for everything but am trying to use the web app and mobile app now as well. My budget works perfectly on the desktop application but the mobile app/webpage so thousands of dollars in rollovers. I reset all of my budget rollover amounts at the start of the year. When I look at the desktop application everything is fine, all my categories with rollover options show $0. But the mobile app and webpage still show massive rollover balances. This makes the mobile app budget useless because it always says I have thousands to spend in categories from 2015. problem windows windows, mobile_and_cloud_sync active 2 3 1 comment 7803581 New web version has duplicate transactions causing balance to be different than desktop 2019-01-25T15:50:44Z 2018-10-11T21:40:10Z John Christopher john_christopher_jdwxep8j8wcwe I went to the web and mobile versions after the release of q2019 version r14.23 and have discovered the balances on two of my checking accounts were out of balance.&nbsp; I have discovered two transactions that have caused one of the checking accounts to go negative almost $2,000.&nbsp; The actual transaction was one for $1,000, but that transaction has been duplicated twice.&nbsp; Since they were transfers, I can't delete them because I get the error message that quicken hasn't implemented that feature yet.<br /><br />The web and mobile versions are entirely useless to me if I can't get this fixed.&nbsp; Open to any ideas problem mobile_web_and_cloud_sync mobile_web_and_cloud_sync, errors_troubleshooting_non_olb, bank_accounts_downloading_and_categorizing pending 11 7 2 comment 7844157 Budget Category Not Summing on Mobile/Web 2019-01-23T15:32:10Z 2019-01-20T23:27:36Z xcaggie08 xcaggie08 I am having issues with one of my budget categories on the mobile app and web interface using Quicken 2019. The category is a Misc. Category and shows a total amount with transactions on the desktop version, but when I look in the app or on the web, the total shows $0.00. If I select the category it shows all the transactions, but for some reason it is not totaling it. I have tried resetting my cloud data multiple times to no avail. Help! problem windows windows 1 4 1 comment 7821241 SunTrust issues with changing password 2019-01-21T20:49:26Z 2018-11-23T15:44:13Z Zoe zoe_55g16zu5jq2pr I've had issues over the years with Quicken and SunTrust but I've always found a way around them.&nbsp; This time I'm at a loss.&nbsp; Anytime Quicken and SunTrust stop talking and I have to deactivate my account it asks me to change my password when I reactivate.&nbsp; This process never works and what I found is that if I "change" my password to the same password it will work.&nbsp; There must have been an update to Quicken because now Quicken will not allow me to change my password to the same password, they have a criteria check now that stops me.&nbsp; Has anyone figured out how to get thru the SunTrust change password step and get it to actually import transactions? problem bank_accounts_downloading_and_categorizing bank_accounts_downloading_and_categorizing, windows active 15 10 2 comment 7837826 Quicken cloud sync errors 2019-01-20T19:22:11Z 2019-01-06T14:57:29Z Mark Townsend mark_townsend_dj60i924cxtp0 &nbsp;Quicken "Premier" 2019 <br /><br />Error message: "the desktop transaction in ""on""for $0.00 was not synced. The referenced resource {patametrer=account, id=1460836436606170880} does not exist.<img src="" title="Image:" /><br />Not sure what this is referring to and it doesn't indicate a repair to be made. problem errors_troubleshooting_non_olb errors_troubleshooting_non_olb, windows, mobile_and_cloud_sync pending 8 9 2 comment 7842150 Transactions Seem to Disappear or "Unupdate" 2019-01-20T17:25:14Z 2019-01-16T01:48:55Z David Brooks david_brooks_6283940 I upgraded to latest Quicken for Windows and have been using for a while.&nbsp; I also got my wife to try to use this tool (Quicken Web) finally since she didn't want to use the monstrous Quicken desktop app for a long time.&nbsp; So now i am hearing she's ready to throw in the towel on Quicken Web because she is editing transactions online, then after a week or so goes back in and the work she is done is gone, i.e. categorizations, splits, etc. Is anybody else having issues with web data "sticking"? problem mobile_web_and_cloud_sync mobile_web_and_cloud_sync, errors_troubleshooting_olb active 5 5 1 comment 7843295 Manual Transctions not syncing 2019-01-18T18:43:25Z 2019-01-18T15:12:08Z needhelp needhelp_albry8d8df0zk I have entered transactions with receipts into the mobile app. They are syncing to my Quicken web account. They will not sync to my desktop account. The transactions from the back are syncing fine, just not the ones I enter manually and take a picture of the receipt.&nbsp;<br />I am using Quicken Home and Business 2019. current Windows. US version.<br />I have gone to the desktop and gone tried using the Mobil and Wed tab and cloud sync. I have downloaded and installed the 2018/2019 Mondo Patch. problem mobile_web_and_cloud_sync mobile_web_and_cloud_sync, errors_troubleshooting_olb, windows active 2 3 1 comment 7843004 cloud sync messages with error QCS-0400-4. 2019-01-18T13:58:15Z 2019-01-17T22:02:43Z Dwight Arthur dwight_arthur_53qizosn3w2wt Whenever cloud sync runs, I get seven messages with error code QCS-0400-4. The fields for account and date are blank, the amount is zero. The "resource" which does not exist is "accountID, and across the seven errors there are three unique values for missing accountIDs. I have been getting this error since I started cloud sync about a month ago. I have tried falling back to a backup from before my first cloud sync, and I have tried verify/fix file with no result. I suspect a split transaction with transfer to a deleted account but cannot find any such transaction, my database had 10 years of transactions. I would be glad to remove and rebuild seven offending transactions but how can I find them? Quicken home/business/rental 2019 R17.6 Windows 10<br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /><br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /> problem windows windows, mobile_and_cloud_sync active 1 3 1 comment 7802415 Wells Fargo Login Problem In Web and Mobile Applications (Direct Connect) 2019-01-18T13:05:01Z 2018-10-09T15:55:06Z Steve steve_a6jg8iwqqd3ae When using the Web Application (and Mobile also), I continue to have problems logging into my Wells Fargo accounts via Direct Connect. This has been a problem with the mobile app since the major upgrade. My desktop works fine and the old mobile app works also.. <br />When I click on the red exclamation point&nbsp; next to my Wells Fargo accounts on the new web app<b>, </b>I get a pop-up with the following message...<b><br /></b><br /><blockquote><b>This account needs your attention&nbsp; We are unable to connect to Wells Fargo at this time. Care Code: ccscrape.181</b><br /></blockquote><b></b>My desktop version is <br />Quicken for Windows Premier on Windows 10<br />Year:2019 - Version R14.23 - Build<br />All my other accounts work fine<br />Thanks....<br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /> problem mobile_web_and_cloud_sync mobile_web_and_cloud_sync, errors_troubleshooting_non_olb pending 39 31 16 comment 7842417 quicken cloud sync errors (categories) 2019-01-16T18:29:33Z 2019-01-16T17:32:27Z tom Snyder tom_snyder_6hel3h7edefcz Aftfer syncing to the cloud, I get three errors all related to three different categories. Also the budget never gets loaded in the cloud (at least I don't think it did since I can't see it on the mobile app). problem windows windows, mobile_and_cloud_sync complete 4 4 1 comment 7833276 Can't edit split transaction total on Quicken Web - Needs an adjust button 2019-01-16T15:36:34Z 2018-12-24T22:46:15Z Jo Rhett jo_rhett In a single category transaction you can click the Amount and edit it. You can't do this for split transactions -- which makes sense, you should edit the split.<br /><br />However in the split view if you adjust the splits to have a different total, you see the revised total for 1 second, then it is instantly replaced with the original total and a new split named "Uncategorized" is added.<br /><br />I've spent an hour dancing around the interface, and I can't get this category to go away (it instantly returns) and I can't adjust the total. problem mobile_web_and_cloud_sync mobile_web_and_cloud_sync, errors_troubleshooting_non_olb, bank_accounts_downloading_and_categorizing active 5 7 2 comment 7841706 failed customer service in supplying Quicken for Windows 2019-01-15T17:15:07Z 2019-01-15T04:35:52Z Unhappy Quicken customer unhappy_quicken_customer I purchased Quicken for Mac 2017 and it wouldn't link with my bank. I called and they said they would change my purchase to Quicken Premier for Windows 2017. I spent hours on their support line trying to get this version to me. They couldn't get it into MyQuicken and I believe they finally sent me a link that worked. My computer is dying so I wanted Quicken on a different computer. Same thing again. They keep trying to get the Quicken for Windows 2017 into my account or by sending a link. Nothing works. I have easily spent 9 hours on this.&nbsp; They want me to call back to a different supervisor tomorrow. I told them this was ridiculous and I said I&nbsp; would create a new account and just give me 2 years or service as they don't sell quicken 2017 any longer. They wouldn't do that. They wouldn't transfer me to someone higher up. They wouldn't give a place to complain. This is the worst Customer Service ever. He just says there is a glitch that they need to fix. This is rather obvious but I shouldn't be punished for their problem.<br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /> problem support_contact support_contact, installing_and_updating, windows pending 3 5 1 comment