Topics for Force 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 249 101 53 87 0 3 7926976 Qwerty OR Azerty keyboard 2019-09-15T22:13:54Z 2019-09-15T20:58:50Z N.D.M urb_ndm The possibility to change the keyboard settings to azerty in standalone would be a nice feature as well in a next update... <br /><br /> Can't be that hard to include right? <br /><br /> grtz Nico idea 3 2 1 comment 7926948 Hype - Mod Matrix & Custom Wavetables/Editing 2019-09-15T17:54:36Z 2019-09-15T17:54:36Z no_barcode no_barcode First: <br /> I love Hype. So even with no additional features, I find it to be a ton of fun and an overall useful synthesizer. <br /><br /> If either of these features are planned or if feedback is being considered, here's my vote: <br /><br /> * Modulation Options/Mod Matrix <br /> * Wavetable Import and Editing <br /><br /> MODULATION OPTIONS/MOD MATRIX <br /> The macro controls are intuitive and specific to the type of patch you choose to create. I love this idea, and appreciate that it keeps things simple, immediate, and easy to use with the touch interface -- but I don't like the way it treats the wavetables. The only way to scan through a wavetable is built-in and cannot be changed. It's the filter envelope, which means you cannot modulate the filter independently from the envelope that's scanning the wavetable. (nor can you change the wavetable index modulation to an LFO) <br /><br /> I'm specifically looking at wavetables, but really it would be nice to have a mod matrix tab at the bottom of Hype that could modulate stuff in all synthesis types using dedicated modulation matrix envelopes (that give control over ADSR), and LFOs, velocity, mod wheel, and various combinations thereof. But I'd also be happy with deeper editing of the preset macros too. If the macro is related to envelope, maybe allow deeper editing (of a dedicated ADSR and not have it attached to the filter ADSR) with a Shift+Option or something, and/or allow switching between envelope or LFO? <br /><br /> Just a bit more control would be nice. That's all I'm really saying. <br /><br /> WAVETABLE IMPORT AND EDITING <br /> Total long shot here. But it would be nice to import, create, and edit wavetables. This giant touchscreen on the Force is perfect for it. Certainly not a top priority for the Force. But the folks at AIR could probably come up with something really cool. If we can't have that, maybe just more wavetables to choose from then! :) idea 0 1 1 create forcehype 7926202 Change scenes with midi footcontroller 2019-09-15T11:47:28Z 2019-09-12T20:38:35Z Martijn van Dijk martijn_van_dijk_khb9057sdgyzq I'm a performing artist, and I perform with guitar, voice, looper (rc300) and a hx effects pedal which can be programmed to send CC, BankPC and MMC via a standard midi cable. To enhance my performance I want to add beter beats and in the future maybe some bass and synth sounds. Until now I used a XR20 and played it Live right into the Looper without any use of patterns and such. <br /><br /> But...1. Is there a way to use the midi signals from the HX to change scenes in the Force? Or is there any other Akai gear that will do that? (I need my hands on my guitar ;) and I don't want to perform with a laptop. 2. Is the force capable of being a slave of the Boss rc300 which must be the tempo Master? <br /><br /> Very many thanks in advance! question 2 3 3 comment force, midi, footcontroller, scenes 7926193 Quantizing audio loops in force 2019-09-14T22:33:57Z 2019-09-12T20:09:42Z Adam vegas adam_vegas So I read that the force can also quantize audio loops. If I play a phrase and a couple of easily definable hits are offf how do I go about using The quantize to adjust? question 4 2 1 comment force quantize audio 7853039 Akai Force Importing MIDI (.MID) Files 2019-09-10T15:59:51Z 2019-02-11T18:46:41Z Greg Linares greg_linares Hello, <br /><br /> Just purchased an Akai Force (my first akai product since an AX60) and being unfamiliar with any MPC software and procedures maybe I am doing this wrong but I have a large library of MID files for sequences/clips I developed from either Reason or NI Maschine, or FL Studio. <br /><br /> I am wondering if I can import these MID files via SDCard or USB to the Akai Force as a clip. And if so, how? I have tried putting MID files on an SD card and using the MIDI Clips option, but it appears to only support .mpcpattern files - with no files appearing in the browser. <br /><br /> I am using Force OS 3.01 - Updated Feb 11th, 2019 <br /><br /> Thanks again question 54 26 10 comment midi, midi files, importing, mpcpattern, akai force, mid, mid files, file imports 7923041 .XPN file how to load into Force? 2019-09-09T14:19:54Z 2019-09-02T21:45:12Z Adam vegas adam_vegas Well I read somewhere that the MPC expansions were compatible?? But it appears that they expect people to use certain packs only with computers and not the expensive music machines that we buy. Does anyone know how to get the samples out of that format so I can get to my musical process? I downloaded some free MPC software but could not get it to do anything with the file either. problem 17 4 1 comment force nincompoop .xpn mpc expansion 7909868 System freeze with Firmware 3.0.3 & Hype Synth showing line bar graphics instead of GUI. 2019-09-09T12:41:42Z 2019-07-24T08:01:09Z Rob Will rob_will_d17y2jmgivspq Ever since I updated to version 3.0.3 on my Akai Force upon start up (on the Project screen) it will have a 1min delay and be locked up and once the first 2 rows of lights pop up it will not respond. After I’m able to select a new project the default Hype Synth when going into track edit will list the parameters in line bar style. If I select another Synth engine and then go back to the Hype Synth then it will show the proper GUI. I tried reloading the firmware another and still get the same issue using USB. Is there a solution or it it something I’m missing? problem 10 11 3 comment 7857407 Akai Force "Low Memory" warnings after recording less than 10 audio clips in a new project 2019-09-07T13:15:02Z 2019-02-23T00:42:39Z analoguebubblebath 724045 When recording new audio clips into my Force project, I am very quickly getting "low memory" warning messages. Some of my projects have as little as 10 audio clips in them, and only one other drum track with 8 short drum samples. <br /><br /> I have tried purging all samples but this does not help, as I am creating test projects to replicate this issue and some of them only have the 10 audio clip recordings in them (no other samples to purge). Once I hit the "low memory" warning messages, if I save my project, shut down, and re-open (as the user manual instructs) the memory usage drops quite a bit, however after recording only a few more short audio clips, the memory usage rises and I start to get more "low memory" warning messages. My CPU usage sits below 9% even with a lot of AIR FX plugins on various tracks (in the larger projects). In my test project I have zero FX Plugins and the memory issue still happens, so it seems very much related to recording new audio clips. <br /><br /> This is obviously a huge workflow disruption for music making, and something seems to be quite wrong because my MPC Live can easily handle more than 30 minutes of sampled audio in a project without much affect on the memory usage meter. The problem seems to be related to recording new audio into a clip on the Force. <br /><br /> I'm on 3.0.1, have a brand new samsung SSD installed in the Force which I am running my projects from (just as I have always done on my MPC Live). problem 7 8 5 comment 7922459 Akai Force sd card size!? 2019-09-05T17:04:40Z 2019-08-31T15:08:27Z RoseL. rose_languste Know Anyone how big SD and SSD can used with the Force!? Thanks! question 2 2 1 comment 7923710 8 Bit/retro video game style MPC Expansion 2019-09-05T13:51:22Z 2019-09-04T18:48:48Z Rayhan Ben Abbes rayhan_ben_abbes Hi everyone ! I just wanted to know if there was a chance that we might see an 8bit/retro video game style MPC Expansion in the future. It would be great ! question 2 3 1 comment 7923641 Assigning MPK261 S Buttons to Select Tracks on the Force 2019-09-05T13:35:09Z 2019-09-04T15:17:38Z Munk Duane munkduane I'm trying to figure out how I can assign the S Buttons on the MPK261 to select Tracks on the Force. Is it possible and if so, how? Thanks! question 1 3 1 comment 7892002 A serious word from customers to Akai 2019-09-04T19:07:34Z 2019-06-02T17:57:45Z john w john_wylie_211nijnhex7nn So here goes.... <br /><br /> Akai has been making very encouraging progress with its MPC and force line, some very good, well build and almost brilliant products are the MPC and Force. <br /><br /> Now here's an observation and Im pretty sure its not just me but I can't help but think that the policy from internal pressures are to drastically cut the production team once a product ships and then divert resources onto new products. <br /><br /> How do I put it politely..... stop this silly approach!! You are letting both the customers and sales potential down! <br /><br /> I find it hard to imagine the people who built the MPC Live, X or Force suddenly lost interest, run out of ideas, thought the product was perfect and didn't want to make everybody start shouting from the rooftops that they love the products. <br /><br /> Now, lets be honest here, that's not totally happening, yet. Thats both a shame and a very bad commercial decision. <br /><br /> So what's going wrong? once the product goes out the door, it feels like the accountant want to reduce dev teams costs and re-allocate resources. <br /><br /> It leaves a sour taste in customers mouths, when they are sitting waiting/expecting for basic features like multitimbral midi and other feature that were available in older MPC's to appear in a software update. And when they get an update and they see plugin artwork prioritised, it is an insult, and quite clear to most if not all that the marketing team has bigger say in things than making features that are expected to arrive not appear. <br /><br /> As a developer I find it hard to believe that the dev team couldn't be iterating and releasing regularly, once a year or every 6 months feel like limited resources. <br /><br /> Now if Akai can just tweak their approach, make existing users know that they are being listened to, then really positive marketing would take care of itself. <br /><br /> Rumours are going around now that Force/Live integration might now have been dropped, I'm confused step the f** in and just tell us, we got x number of developers working and we nearly there or something, we hoping it might be 4 week, because Im sensing a lot of customers may give up and never come back, and this will be a lost opportunity. <br /><br /> Please speak to your bosses, sort it out guys, petition internally to be given the resource to get us the updates that make MPC users feel like you truly delivered in a truly indisputable ultimate replacement for all previous MPC's and same with Force/Live integration. <br /><br /> I think I may speak for a few people..? idea pending 75 24 28 comment 7921675 Force - Control Ableton 2019-09-04T18:57:15Z 2019-08-29T02:22:31Z Bruce Zalcer bruce_zalcer Is there a way to trigger ableton clips from force? <br /><br /> Thanks question 2 2 1 comment 7921425 Force looper doesn’t threshold record after first time 2019-09-04T18:17:46Z 2019-08-28T13:21:01Z Adam vegas adam_vegas Just wondering if anyone has same problem maybe I’m missing something. The auto record when pass threshold works the first time but when I go back to record another loop I hit (with sync off of course) overdub/record it’s supp to wait till the level crosses the threshold. It does not it just starts the play head recording right away. They only way I can get it back is to load a new project??? problem 3 3 1 comment force looper threshold 7923030 Force, Copy Pads from one drum track to another? 2019-09-04T16:44:42Z 2019-09-02T21:07:49Z Adam vegas adam_vegas Just wondering if I can load a drum kit and copy the sounds I want into a empty kit in another track? It doesn't appear you can copy and paste between drum tracks... question 3 3 1 comment copy paste force