Topics tagged with _getbasecrumb 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 1 0 0 1 0 0 3934051 _getBaseCrumb() returns wrong node(s) 2012-05-14T18:41:00Z 2012-05-11T10:02:34Z Joseph Wynn joseph_wynn NavEE 2.2.4; EE 2.4.0. <br /><br /> The 'Home' node for our site's navigation is a manual link that points to '/''. When we're on the home page the breadcrumb is the nav node with the highest navee_id, i.e. not the 'Home' node. <br /><br /> The problem lies in _getBaseCrumb() - $this->EE->db->like("link", $this->EE->uri->uri_string()); On our home page the URI is a blank string, so this is actually producing WHERE link LIKE '%', which returns all nav nodes. <br /><br /> Below is our quick fix, which might not be suitable for everyone. <br /><br /> $uri = $this->EE->uri->uri_string(); <br /> if ($uri === ''){ <br /> $uri = '/'; <br /> } <br /><br /> We also changed the like('link', ...) call to $this->EE->db->where("link LIKE", $uri); which produces WHERE link LIKE '$uri' instead of WHERE link LIKE '$uri%' problem complete 3 2 1 comment _getbasecrumb, custom_crumbs, crumbs