Topics tagged with ‎catch exception strategy 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 1 0 0 1 0 0 5957896 Exception handling not executed correctly 2014-02-04T02:17:58Z 2014-02-04T00:56:59Z dina volo dina_volo The purpose of my exception is to create an HTTP response (400) with an error message as payload. It works in some cases, but not in others. For instance, if the exception is triggered in the main flow, everything works, i.e. the user gets an HTTP response (400) + correct error message and the flow execution stops. If the exception is triggered from flow:main -> VM -> flow:2 -> choice-> processor-chain -> foreach -> java component, the exception strategy gets triggered and executed (correct logging is printed from withing the exception), but the user never gets HTTP response (400) + error message, flow execution doesn't stop and the flow continues to execute the next processor after the VM in the main flow. Please let me know if you need more detailed info, I'd be happy to provide. FYI I tried using this exception in multiple ways: as global and as local strategies. Using Mule 3.4.1 EE. Here is my exception .. <br /><br /> <code> <br /> &lt;choice-exception-strategy name=&quot;ChannelExceptionStrategy&quot;&gt; <br /> &lt;catch-exception-strategy when=&quot;#[exception&#46;causeMatches('com&#46;lyris&#46;api&#46;exception&#46;*')]&quot; doc:name=&quot;Logic Catch Strategy&quot;&gt; <br /> &lt;logger message=&quot;Logic Exception caught: #[exception&#46;getCauseException()&#46;getClass()&#46;getName()]&quot; level=&quot;ERROR&quot; doc:name=&quot;Exception Thrown&quot;/&gt; <br /> &lt;set-payload value=&quot;{ &amp;quot;message&amp;quot; : &amp;quot;#[exception&#46;getCauseException()&#46;message]&amp;quot;}&quot; doc:name=&quot;Set Payload&quot; /&gt; <br /> &lt;set-property doc:name=&quot;http&#46;status&quot; propertyName=&quot;http&#46;status&quot; value=&quot;400&quot;&gt;&lt;/set-property&gt; <br /> &lt;set-property doc:name=&quot;content-type&quot; propertyName=&quot;content-type&quot; value=&quot;application/json&quot;&gt;&lt;/set-property&gt; <br /> &lt;logger message=&quot;Final message: #[message]&quot; level=&quot;INFO&quot; doc:name=&quot;Logger&quot;/&gt; <br /> &lt;/catch-exception-strategy&gt; <br /> &lt;catch-exception-strategy doc:name=&quot;Catch Exception Strategy&quot;&gt; <br /> &#46;&#46;&#46;&#46;some code goes here, not important for now &#46;&#46;&#46;&#46; <br /> &lt;/catch-exception-strategy&gt; <br /> &lt;/choice-exception-strategy&gt; <br /><br /> </code> problem 1 1 1 create ‎catch exception strategy