Topics tagged with zynga sucks 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 1 0 0 1 0 1 659314 Out of sync rubbish messages. 2009-12-07T16:50:32Z 2009-12-07T16:50:32Z Seán Wyngaard se_nwyngaard Jeezus Christ! It takes me an hour to find a way of contacting you people WITHOUT having to register for a stupid ticketing system! Have you ever heard of "Contact us via email" with an email address? <br /> How backward are "yawl"? <br /><br /> Anyway. I'm getting an "out of sync" error when logging in (I only log in via Facebook). There's no error code. It just says that I should refresh my page. <br /><br /> This has been the same crap for 24 hours! <br /><br /> So I built up Farmcoins.. and wanted to play around with haystack art. I spent about 600 000 to 700 000 coins on haystacks.. and levelled up quite a lot. Now.. if you losers think I'm cheating in any way by levelling up the way I did yesterday.. dont freakin lock my account without checking. If your anti-cheat systems flagged me.. I'm gonna be pssed off. It's not MY fault I levelled up quickly. I HAD 1 million coins. I am ALLOWED to buy haystacks. YOU give me 5 XP with each haystack. So do the math. 1 million 700 000 coins = 5600 haystacks, which equals 28 000 XP. Yes.. thats alot.. but its YOUR rules. <br /><br /> So yeah.. flagged for flying through levels in certain period of time. That sucks man. Yeah I bought the sweet corn to help dudes in Taihiti, yeah I bought cash to expand my farm.. and this is what I get.. cut from the game for following YOUR silly flash code. <br /><br /> Sort this crap out punks. And look for the real cheaters. Dont waste your time on "false flags" for crying out loud. problem 0 0 1 create zynga sucks