Topics tagged with _prad_ lol 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 1 0 1 0 0 0 773336 Tap Tap Metallica - Krohn's Edition 2010-08-10T22:35:34Z 2010-02-19T17:08:35Z [TTR*]krohn7master krohn7master Tap Tap Metallica - Special Pro Edition <br /><br /> Featuring over 25 MASTER TRACKS ranging from Metallica's Kill 'em All to their new Death Magnetic. All tracks are in extreme mode, and are charted by the number one Tap Tap Revenge tap track creator: Krohn7master <br /><br /> The current setlist will be the following: <br /><br /> Tier 1 ~ Yes I'm Gay <br /> King Nothing <br /> The Unforgiven <br /> The Memory Remains <br /> For Whom the Bell Tolls <br /> Wherever I May Roam <br /><br /> Tier 2 ~ Don't Fall Asleep Yet <br /> Welcome Home (Sanitarium) <br /> Creeping Death <br /> Fuel <br /> The Thing That Should Not Be <br /> Disposable Heroes <br /><br /> Tier 3 ~ Now You're Awake <br /> Frantic <br /> Hit the Lights <br /> The Shortest Straw <br /> Orion <br /> Nothing Else Matters <br /><br /> Tier 4 ~ Sweaty Fingers <br /> Enter Sandman <br /> Fight Fire with Fire <br /> Fade to Black <br /> Sad But True <br /> Seek and Destroy <br /><br /> Tier 5 ~ Drink a Monster <br /> Whiplash <br /> Battery <br /> All Nightmare Long <br /> Mercyful Fate <br /> One <br /><br /> Tier 6 ~ It's Not Over Yet <br /> Master of Puppets <br /><br /> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <br /><br /> The game will have special features such as Bluetooth multiplayer, customizable HUD (ability to change tap speeds, toggle Metallica/TTRDJ theme), and lag-free gameplay. The game essentially is going to be Tap Tap Metallica, but with features that are missing from Tapulous' version. <br /><br /> Fun Fact: Mercyful Fate, the longest recorded Metallica song ever at 11 minutes, has over 3700 taps. <br /><br /> Fun Fact 2: This game will be available soon through Cydia/Rock. The repo hosting the game is still yet to be chosen. <br /><br /> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <br /><br /> Okay okay, so obviously this sounds fucking cool right? Well, if we want this to happen, I am going to recruit a team of hackers/modders to make it happen. The following needs to be done: <br /><br /> - Add timeWindow adjuster within the options menu (I believe Skandler said he was able to do this) <br /><br /> - Add theme toggle (Again, I remember Skandler saying he was able to do this as well) <br /><br /> - Leaderboards for the songs (I know this can be done. Leftfield did it with his Needles custom song) <br /><br /> - Lagfree Metallica theme <br /><br /> - Successfully copy the entire Tapulous Metallica game and be able to modify it and fix the permissions so it can be released through Cydia/Rock. <br /><br /> - All images to be modified in some way so they're not copies of Tapulous' images. <br /><br /> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <br /><br /> If anyone who can do one or more of the above, shoot me an email at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> and let me know. <br /><br /> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <br /><br /> Q. Will this be for TTWP only? <br /> A. No! This will be publicly released and available through Cydia/Rock :) <br /><br /> Q. Sweet! Do I need to be jailbroken? <br /> A. Of course, ya dumbass <br /><br /> Q. Oh ok, well have you even started this? <br /> A. Yup. I've charted 15/26 songs so far. <br /><br /> Q. Whoa, but why would you want this game if Tapulous already made a Metallica game? <br /> A. Ah, well see, Tapulous' version is great, but there are many flaws in it including the fact that all the extreme tracks have 5 lanes, which is essentially a big boo boo. In my version, all of the tracks will be traditional 3-laned extreme songs. There will also be a bonus tier which will include five 4-laned extreme songs on a landscape mode theme. Oh, and my version has almost three times as many tracks as the Tapulous version, not to mention they're all Master Recordings <br /><br /> Q. Sweet! But wait, what exactly is a "master track?" <br /> A. A Master Track is the original recording of a song by an artist. All songs on CD, record, cassette, or any other form of media are based on this recording, but are generally altered slightly. Basically, master tracks sound better than CD/record/cassette versions. <br /><br /> Q. Wow...and how did you get these? <br /> A. I ripped them from Rock Band and Guitar Hero <br /><br /> Q. Will you be releasing any other special games like these after this? <br /> A. No idea. It depends on how well this project turns out. <br /><br /> Q. Will this application be free? <br /> A. Chances are it will be...but don't be shocked/surprised if it will be like, 99 cents though. If I do charge money, all of the earnings will be given to Tapulous to support their continuity of their amazing Tap Tap series. <br /><br /> Q. Can I suggest some ideas, or ask any other questions about this? <br /> A. Yes! And when you suggest ideas, EVERY SINGLE one will be considered for the long as it's cool. If it's from Anonoz, then the answer is no. But other than that, yes! Do ask questions and suggest ideas. <br /><br /> And let me emphasize on ^^that^^...if you see any idea that someone suggests on here that you like, be sure to mark it as the best answer. That way, I can know which ideas are popular and the most cool. <br /><br /> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <br /><br /> Current team of people working with me on this: <br /> krohn7master <br /> beacheagle <br /> Mattster <br /> Anoesj <br /> ..and many more to come. hopefully... <br /><br /> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <br /><br /> Let me know what you all think of this. I don't know about you, but I am excited as hell. <br /><br /> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <br /><br /> - Trevor "krohn7master" Norgaard idea 292 67 62 comment tap tap, tapulous, but, well, very, metallica, doing, krohn, ttr3, oh, _prad_ lol