Topics tagged with _prad_ 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 6 2 0 4 0 0 1013478 Facebook(75,000 fans...I got nothing) 2010-05-01T20:55:10Z 2010-05-01T19:44:57Z _PRAD_ _prad I was one of the 75,000 people to connect with facebook through ttr3. I didn't get coins or an exclusive avatar item. <br /> Do I have to wait more or what? <br /> Username:_PRAD_ problem 4 5 2 comment tap tap, ipod touch, ttr3, twinkle, apps, facebook, ttr, _prad_, annoyed, exclusive, 75000, fan, fans 840248 Credits/songs/ 820PRAD820 now _PRAD_ 2010-03-29T17:36:42Z 2010-03-27T16:10:11Z _PRAD_ _prad Okay so a long time ago(december 09) i had an account 820PRAD820 but then i lost that account because i had to restore my ipod, sadly i used one of my oldddd emails on that account and didnt know its password so i couldnt get any of the songs i bought with credits. Well at first i was sad but then i just thought i could get my account lvl back easy and the tracks, well i got my lvl up wayy past 820prad820 but i never got any of the tracks cuz tapulous doesnt seem to give as much credits opportunties as they used too. So now im starting to think ill never get tracks back. <br /> But then my brother told me to ask on this site so here i am, is it possible to get my old tracks back? My brother also suggested that u guys could somehow search the IP of both accounts as proof that were the same person. <br /> The songs i had were: <br /> fireflies <br /> vanilla twlight <br /> last resort by papa roach <br /> had enough by papa roach <br /> viva la vida <br /> lovers in japan <br /> gives u hell <br /> move along <br /> love game <br /> poker face <br /><br /> those were all the tracks i had and i miss not having them. <br /> Also my account right now _PRAD_. question complete 1 2 1 comment 820prad820, _prad_, ttr3, tracks, credits, old, new, sad, tapulous, help, simple, issue, app, ipod, touch, taptap 812121 My avatar editor won't work. Doesnt load: avatar help!! 2010-03-19T20:04:37Z 2010-03-13T23:12:02Z _PRAD_ _prad Hey so my avatar editor wont load at all. I can get in my profile info,awards and stuff but the avatar editor is like so messed up.yes i did look around before i made this topic and i know alot of people had this problem.But everything was like a month old so yeah.. <br /> Also thats not my only problem, i know this is old but i also never got my roses from valentines day. Thats not really a big issue and i did post that i never got my roses but no one helped. Its cool if u cant help with roses because they were only like 20,000coins but the avatar thing...i need that to work, i really wanna change avatar <br /><br /> Important info: my username is _PRAD_ problem active 15 9 6 comment avatar, editor, edit, _prad_, help, ttr3, items, coins, ipod touch, need, cant, enter, krohn7master, kill_me, bored, sad 775357 Tapulous Fix Twinkle!! 2010-03-14T16:21:59Z 2010-02-20T22:59:42Z _PRAD_ _prad Twinkle is so messed up! I think tapulous needs to work on there old apps before they start making new ones. <br /> In twinkle I keep getting a server error, I can't sent pics because the screen goes black,I get messeges late even though I'm reloading the page. <br /><br /> ------------------------------------------------------- <br /> IF UR HAVING SAME PROBLEM. MARK IT!! Let's get tapulous to finally fix twinkle. <br /> --------------------------------------------------- <br /> I'm sorry if this has been posted before. I'm just really annoyed and decided to me a page. <br /><br /> _PRAD_ (taptapVIP) problem 2 3 3 comment twinkle, _prad_, fix, help, app 764745 Dozen roses r theives! Lol Bought roses and now stuff is missing.. 2010-02-22T15:29:16Z 2010-02-13T19:53:27Z Albert Torres alberttorres Yesterday I purchased the dozen roses gift. But when I checked my "gifts" I didn't have anything. All of my clothing isn't there either. :( please help. problem 15 5 3 comment _prad_, ipod touch, ttr3, roses, lost, deleted, items, gifts, banana 634428 Metallica background missing after purchased? 2010-02-20T22:43:32Z 2009-11-18T09:50:32Z Joakim Hangaard Jakobsgaard joakimhangaardjakobsgaard Hi guys <br /><br /> I just bought metallica revenge, but i doesnt seem like that the special Metallica background is in my avatar store? Any idea what might be the problem? <br /> Sorry if it's already asked. <br /><br /> /Jokimo question 3 4 2 comment metallica, background, avatar, _prad_