Topics tagged with _ds_store 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 1 0 0 1 0 0 777109 .DS_Store relocation loses folder settings 2010-11-19T03:05:43Z 2010-02-22T09:39:47Z amix amix_699508 I have some folders, which are set up individually. When I use the .DS_Store reloc they sometimes get forgotten, sometimes not (so I have switched it off for now, can't say what causes this. I am on 10.6.2). The _DS_Store files are there in the reloc as well as the original ones (.DS_Store) in the originating path (I did not delete them, yet, due to testing et all) <br /><br /> Another small problem I see is copying folders with specialized settings via the command-line. I have a folder, which is a template to all my project folders (I start a new project by copying this to a new name). Now, that .DS_Store is somewhere else, the settings for the folder do get copied. Of course I can change this by manually copying the _DS_Store file from .dscache and renaming it. Just wanted to note, that, taken strictly, this breaks some default behaviour of the OS. problem complete 2 3 1 comment _ds_store, ds_store, relocation, folder settings