Topics tagged with zynga poker 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 1 1 0 0 0 1 1632422 Zynga Poker 2010-10-20T00:19:44Z 2010-10-20T00:19:44Z Danny Roberts danny_roberts Zynga Problems Still Exist <br /> 10/12/2010 <br /><br /> Problem started 8-days ago. <br /> Since then I have add Adobe Flash Player 10.1 <br /> I have uninstalled and reinstalled Zynga Poker and Texas holdem <br /> The site start loading and then stop and the site is “Non responding” <br /> The site start loading and shut-down at 36%, 18%, 54%, and 81% <br /><br /> The site start loading and then shut-down. This happen on whatever computer I log-in on. The problems are not my computer, it’s Zynga. <br /><br /> My UID # 1306 333 708 <br /> My browser is I.E. <br /> Go to my site and log into to it. Please contact me with the information regarding who I should send this communication to in order to get the problem with my program solved. <br /><br /> The system loads up to 90% and stops question 0 1 1 create zynga poker