Topics tagged with zypher 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 1 1 0 0 0 0 3564417 Its obvious from your Z2 metal storm page that the green eagle is something that people want back in rotation...why are you not bringing it back? 2012-02-20T06:39:19Z 2012-02-19T20:13:09Z Saquib Kabir saquibkabir I have made this argument for 3 consecutive Z2 new plane release but this latest one was just be honest, a sign that you are mocking your fans! <br /> the re-release of the Zypher was shocking... it was just the other day that it was initially released, it had several glitches, which i am grateful you had fixed, but to bring that back instead within such a short period of time was a massive disappointment! i have been with MSW since MSO and i wish i could have afforded the green eagle then (not that i can now) but at least knowing that i have 2 weeks to get it would be a good motivation. i do believe its initial price was 300 coins...don't you stand to make more if you do bring it back. i can understand why you may not (defense class hard to kill), you are worried about the bad mouthing that may start towards those who own one...well they already have to deal with that if you haven't noticed. i skimmed through the page and saw suggestions of taking the Biznot off the do know that if you give people the opportunity to acquire the green eagle at (if not inflated) price, not not only level the playing field, make survival easier for the new comers, stand to make a hefty profit but also stop most arguments and insults that are thrown at those who own one... <br /> and it would be a refreshing change from your constant agility and weapons rotation... <br /> i also have one small request if you don't intent to put it back into rotation can you please put me and so many other out of our misery of expecting and waiting for its re-release. <br /> Love the game, big fan <br /> cant thank you enough for all the hard word you have put into it! question 3 3 3 comment green eagle, zypher, re-release