All Topics 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 553 318 65 164 0 232 7672085 SmartSDR v2 not playing ball... 2018-01-21T12:41:10Z 2018-01-21T10:40:20Z Richard - MW0XDT richard_snape_7498306 Hi Guys,<br /><br />finally took the plunge this morning and purchased v2. <br /><br />Read release notes, installed on PC fine (upgrading from latest version of v1**). Turned on 6500, that was spotted and updated nicely. then clicked buy, went through process (annoyed at EU VAT charge adding $40).&nbsp;<br /><br />Waited a few minutes and tried refreshing the radio license and realised the radio was not connected direct to the internet hub. Annoyed I missed that error, but swapped cables, to ensure both PC and Radio linked direct to internet via 8 port switch and Router and can still both 'see' each other fine.<br /><br />An hour later the licence cannot be refreshed on the radio and both the radio and the pc port lights are flickering fast on the switch, as if comms are in progress?<br /><br />So I'm stuck at the moment, both PC and Radio updated, fee paid, but unable to get the license to just tries for a few seconds and stops until you try again?<br /><br />I have reinstalled v2 on the PC once just to check, but still no joy.<br /><br />Thanks in advance for your thoughts.<br /><br />Richard MW0XDT question 2 2 1 comment 7672119 Mixed in Key vs Day Pro 2 Analysis 2018-01-21T12:41:09Z 2018-01-21T12:41:09Z anadalin anadalin I ran an analysis of the same music on Djay pro 2 on Spotify (deck 1), Djay pro 2 with MP3 (deck 2) and the MP3 using mixed in key (song on library with a 4A result), and got 3 different Key results. (Spotify and the mp3 are both 320kbps). <br /><br /> <a href="" rel="nofollow"><img alt="" src="" /></a> <br /><br /> who to trust? <br /><br /> <a href="" rel="nofollow"><img alt="" src="" /></a> question 0 1 1 create 7672019 Contact Information for Compassion International? 2018-01-21T12:41:05Z 2018-01-21T04:53:16Z Scott Davis scott_davis_6slgetg475025 My wife and I have looked everywhere on this website for the contact information for Compassion phone # or email address anywhere...are these discussion boards the only way to ask questions?&nbsp; Doesn't make sense... question 1 2 1 comment 7671983 Answer s please 2018-01-21T12:39:36Z 2018-01-21T02:30:31Z Shannon Williams shannon_williams_6ktaql7pdltid I'll been with you sense 2014 how much longer do I need to wait till I get some options by sides 100 to 150 silver plan bronze 70 a month unlimited would be great for me but I need unlimited. Because I on my computer 24 hours a day and all I get is wait not available for your area and something should be coming am on liberty 25 75 dollars a month and am disabled so what are my options navasota Texas 0 option s all I want is an unlimited for a affordable price bronze is unlimited and affordable to me 100 to 150 is way too much are a average person such as myself I use my PC more then most no one has even tried or given me any options just wait wait and nothing we can do question 7 6 1 comment 7671628 ISO-Image of USB-Device? 2018-01-21T12:38:36Z 2018-01-20T12:12:09Z Frank Becking frank_becking Hello, I want to create an Iso-Image of an USB-Stick to create an UEFI-Bootable Stick with another tool in further step. Is it possible to create an ISO-Image with Nero? question 5 5 1 comment 7672106 Lokalhyra 2018-01-21T12:35:33Z 2018-01-21T11:53:18Z ingjut ingjut Var bokför jag hyra av lokal för att göra avdrag för lokalhyra. question 1 2 1 comment 7672118 Christmas gift did not go through 2018-01-21T12:28:55Z 2018-01-21T12:28:55Z patricia patricia_7tci8xutggowz Looking at my financial statement i realized my Christmas gift did not go through. It’s totally my fault.. I did not follow through and i have not looked yet to see if it came out of my account. There is a record of a 25$ gift in general. And a family gift I think. But not the 100.00 gift I wanted to send to her. What should I do now ? I sent her a birthday gift ( her bday is in March). But I feel terrible nothing was there for Christmas. question 0 1 1 create 7671761 PS: Great Movies You Likely Never Saw in the Theater 2018-01-21T12:27:16Z 2018-01-20T17:46:04Z urbanemovies shawn_longway <b>Which popular twenty-first century movie*, whose initial North American release produced a relatively meager domestic box office, is your favorite?</b> *minimum 100,000 IMDb votes, maximum $1.25m Domestic USA-Canada box office take and 7.0+ IMDb rated<br /><br />See the partial list of twenty-first century USA/Canada domestic box office duds here: <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Link http//wwwimdbcom/list/ls021186211/"></a><br /><br />Alternate Titles: <b>Great Movies You Likely Never Saw in the Theater </b>or <b>Best 21st Century Domestic Box Office Duds </b>or <b>Best Domestic Box Office Duds of the </b><b>21st Century </b> idea 3 1 2 create 7672117 Please add okex and huobipro, the 2 top cryptocurrency exchanges. 2018-01-21T12:24:45Z 2018-01-21T12:24:45Z BPAtrader bpatrader Since 2017.9, all charts on and went broken because the 2 exchanges have upgraded their IT system: became and became Both are top 6 cryptocurrency exchanges,.OKex ranks 4 and huobipro ranks 6. I strongly suggest that they be added back to tradingview. As I know, is still using your charting system. But I really want to see huobipro and OKex directly in TradingView. Thanks. idea 0 1 1 create huobipro 7672116 getallen kloppen niet 2018-01-21T12:24:21Z 2018-01-21T12:24:21Z gebina hoesen gebina_hoesen Waarom zijn de getallen voor koolhydraten, calorien die voedingscentrum aangeeft bij bijvoorbeeld pindakaas anders als wat er op de pot staat? question 0 1 1 create 7671631 Mask adjust HSL 2018-01-21T12:23:07Z 2018-01-20T12:47:57Z Peter Moloney peter_moloney Recent update to Capture 1 (11.0) allows a colour adjustment to be made to a masked area.<br />It would be really cool to allow all tools (as with Capture One) to be used in mask mode, in particular HSL. For example. darken and saturate blue sky (only) or, alter colour in a pack shot without the adjusting the whole image. idea 5 4 1 comment 7672041 Cumulus In The Cloud Broken ? 2018-01-21T12:16:33Z 2018-01-21T06:03:23Z BebeighPei b26893e9_opayq Hello,<br /><br />I've been using "Cumulus In The Cloud" workbench for few weeks and it was working like a charm (waking up/re-building/etc. was working perfectly)&nbsp; till yesterday.<br /><br />Since yesterday, when I hit the "Wake Up" button, the button turn to "Working..." but then, nothing happens.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />The screen never turns to "In construction" as it did the other times.<br /><br /><img src="" title="Image:" /><br /><br /><br />Is there a global issue or is it just me ?&nbsp;<br /><br />As you can see, the "Re-build" or "Delete"&nbsp; button are not there anymore so I can't even restart or something :-(<br /><br />Thanks in advance. problem 1 2 1 comment 7672115 Wel of geen nootjes? 2018-01-21T12:15:54Z 2018-01-21T12:15:54Z Litchi lisa_backx Het voedingscentrum schrijft voor dat je een handjevol ongezouten noten per dag eet. Deze eet ik als tussendoortje, omdat dit voor mij de werkende manier is om dit binnen te krijgen. Ik eet niet meer dan het voedingscentrum voorschrijft. <br /><br /> Als ik dit invul in mijn eetmeter onder tussendoortjes adviseert die mij om te stoppen hiermee bij mijn doel. Kan ik dan beter geen nootjes eten, of is dit een foutje in de app? question 0 1 1 create 7672114 mail loop test 1516536916 2018-01-21T12:15:17Z 2018-01-21T12:15:17Z Engineering engineering mail test 1516536916 question 0 1 1 create 7672113 Zoneflex 7321 setting 2018-01-21T12:14:40Z 2018-01-21T12:14:40Z Emanuele Bena emanuele_bena Hi, I have a Zoneflex 7321 which is supposed to act as a signal extender for my master bedroom - I have tick brick walls and the main signal does not get there. <br /> It is wired into my hub downstairs and it was installed by my smart home integrator 3 years ago and all worked well until I had to change my ISP router (Virgin Media, in London). <br /><br /> At the moment I can see a single green dot on the Ruckus but it clearly does not pass through any signal (or not the right one - my virgin media hub is connected to a Netgear router that acts as main internet source for all devices and smart home controller). <br /><br /> If I try to log in into the IP written on the back of the Zoneflex (192,168.0.1), i get to the Virgin Media Super Hub 2ac GUI, not a Ruckus landing page. <br /><br /> Can anyone please help? I could live with no wifi in that room if it were for surfing and similar stuff, but i have a number of smart devices that do not work properly without it question 0 1 1 create