All Topics 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 1282 701 185 363 0 315 7487680 site not working 2017-03-29T20:57:29Z 2017-03-29T20:57:29Z Bill Fox bill_6801634 I have a site that uses this link and it is no longer working.<br /><br /><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Link https//dorothysecureforcecom/agents/a1E/enooverride13Fpage3DR_LookUp_Zip_code"></a><br /><br />I set this page up a year ago and do not know if it stopped working because I tried to change the user assigned to page or if it has not been working for some time.<br /><br />This is the visualforce page:<br /><br />&lt;apex:page standardController="Zip_Code__c"<pre>extensions="skuid&#46;Redirects" action="{!redirect}?page=R_LookUp_Zip_code"&gt;&nbsp;</pre>&lt;/apex:page&gt;<br /><img src="" title="Image:" /> problem 0 1 1 create 7486724 wifi and wired connection issues 2017-03-29T20:56:58Z 2017-03-28T19:34:11Z K4KRT k4krt much like what was experienced in the previous post&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Link https//communityflexradiocom/flexradio/topics/maestro-lousy-network-connection-via-ethernet-and-wireless-suddenly"></a><br />I am now experiencing the same issues when i never suffered them before, due to health reasons i was not able to use my equipment for some time, the maestro sat from shortly after it arrived (i was early on the list from dayton orders) and i used it maybe a few weeks and has been shelved until just before the orlando hamfest in feb. It was then i found the unit would not power up, i brought it to fex booth and they took it friday night and brought it back, as it had sat it had depleted the battery, despite the 10k ah external via the usb cable being charged and connected. They fixed the dead battery problem and i have been experiencing the issue since i got back with it.<br /><br />I can be all of 3-5 feet from my wifi connection, i have used linksys ea6900, Asus and very high end Meraki wifi AP units and they all exhibit the same issue, the unit will slowly degrade to poor and drop packets even when there are no other devices on the network.&nbsp;<br />I do wifi for a living (hence why i have meraki AP's) and i have never had any device exhibit such an issue.<br />I use many tools to keep track of my local mesh and neighbors wifi to be sure i am on clear channels and not overlapping. inssider, acrylic, and the built in scanning utilities in the meraki wifi units, channel monitoring, band usage, etc. Ive done my homework trying different settings in the wifi, 20/30/80 wide channels etc.<br />The merkai is actually the worse performing via the maestro even though its the most powerful and advanced AP device i use, yet&nbsp;everything else i own&nbsp;works flawless at a full AC connect speed, ive streamed 3 simultaneous 4K video feeds over the meraki, no dropouts via the Sony TV using youtube, with the same for the pc and laptop, all LOVE the meraki and the others. Bandwidth is not an issue.<br />Last night was the nail in the coffin as it didnt just go down to poor and drop packets, it went down to NOTHING and despite stating it had no network connection i was still getting stream from the 6500. 5 times in just as many minutes it dropped down to showing NOTHING connected and 4 of those drops the unit reset on me and restarted the connection feeding me the audio and slice once again, although poorly.&nbsp;<br />It likes to do this with the wired side as well, slowing down and dropping packets again despite a robust network connection, but the wifi is far worse.<br />I'll load up the details just to get it out of the way.<br />this is with&nbsp; loaded<br />comcast: 100/25mps connection<br />firewall: custom of my design using a linux core, runs on a dc7900 hp pc<br />switch: HP v1405-24 gigabit - 6 million packets per second&nbsp;<br />cabling is all cat 6 now from FW to switch, DTV box, DVR unit, AP's and 2 pc's<br />Flex 6500 running fixed ip (assigned through dhcp)&nbsp;<br />maestro: wifi/cable fixed and dhcp (although assigned via FW)&nbsp;<br />Linksys EA6900 runs 2.4 on channel 1, 5ghz on 57. both named different to separate. i use the 5ghz side only on the maestro as the 2.4 is a bit busy with neighbors, although they are usually under -76dbm in strength. the 5ghz band has plenty of open channels and no overlapping.<br />When ive traded out the Linksys for the Meraki MR42 AP i shut off the 2.4 and only use a free channel in the 5ghz. signal is -25 to -40dbm through the entire house. the strongest neighbor in the one room has a signal on 2.4 in the -60dbm range but only on one channel.&nbsp;<br />5ghz is pretty wide open, only a few neighbors have it and even then the strongest signal is -70dm and usually less than -80 throughout the house.&nbsp;<br />I experience the issue during all hours, on any channel i try, clear or not, via lan cable, even as the single only device on the wifi or the cable.&nbsp;<br />ping plotter shows no slowdowns on my network, i can see very little use of my network, 1ms or less ping times all the time, I only experience what&nbsp;happens on the maestro with dropped packets and poor connections.<br />Finally i can add that my iphone 6 plus runs flawless on the exact same network using the latest ios smardsdr and doesnt care which wifi AP i use or which band/channel.&nbsp; problem 10 7 2 comment 7487632 can I go into a bank to pay my bill - don't want to use on line banking 2017-03-29T20:56:47Z 2017-03-29T20:02:18Z Theresa Gonyer theresa_gonyer question 2 3 1 comment 7487679 Tape2PC: sound is very muffled 2017-03-29T20:53:56Z 2017-03-29T20:53:56Z Stephen Delany stephen_delany I've previously used Ion Audio Tape2PC software very successfully on an XP desktop and have been very pleased with the results. I'm now trying to use it on an XP netbook and a W10 laptop: in both these latter cases, I can record sound OK and hear it while I'm recording it, but the sound is very quiet and muffled - and you certainly wouldn't want to try to listen to it for pleasure. The tracks split nicely, and they export to iTunes OK, but the sound is awful. I haven't changed any of the settings on the tape deck (e.g. gain or recording level) since previously successfully recording on my XP desktop. <br /><br /> I can't see what else to do in order to try to fix it, so would be grateful for any guidance. <br /><br /> Thanks <br /> Stephen Delany <br /><br /> I have followed the troubleshooting guides about going to the Playback and Recording tabs in Sound Properties, but this makes no difference at all question 0 1 1 create 7487678 Microsoft Beam Embed BB Code 2017-03-29T20:53:46Z 2017-03-29T20:53:46Z Ula Vii ula_vii Hi, the new Windows 10 Creators Update is out on April 11th and it includes the Beam live streaming service.&nbsp; It sounds very good and will be available to everybody with Windows 10 as default.&nbsp; 1s response time has been reported!&nbsp; Could you please add a BBCode to embed videos similar to how it works with the youtube tag?<br /><br /><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Link https//forumsbeampro/topic/2343/embed-video-and-chat/2">It seems to just be an iframe</a><br /><br />Extra icing would be a combined Twitch/Beam/Youtube side block like the current Twitch only one. question 0 1 1 create 7487677 I tried to update our Quicken for Windows and it wiped out all our quicken program files and our data 2017-03-29T20:53:40Z 2017-03-29T20:53:40Z Ken Noteboom ken_noteboom I tried to update our Quicken 2016 v10 for Windows and it wiped out all our quicken program files and our data files. We cannot open Quicken, nor find the data files. What is our option? Running Windows 10. problem 0 1 1 create 7487664 want to call Koodo directly from Mexico, no plan 2017-03-29T20:53:22Z 2017-03-29T20:41:56Z Margaret Ann W margaret_ann_w question 2 3 1 comment 7487676 quicken and santander bank error CC-900 for a over a week 2017-03-29T20:53:14Z 2017-03-29T20:53:14Z mbonis mbonis quicken and santander bank error CC-900. Getting really unhappy with this every week. Please give me an alternative to Quicken problem 0 1 1 create 7487675 Questions concerning picture messaging and data! 2017-03-29T20:52:57Z 2017-03-29T20:52:57Z Christina Victoria Brown christina_victoria_brown I am a new Koodo customer. I used to have a Wi-Fi phone (because it was free) so I haven't had a SIM card in quite a long time.. Anyways, I'm on the $15 base plan with Koodo (so no data, just texting) and I (sadly) JUST figured out, to send/receive picture messages my data has to be turned on. I had a bad experience (not with Koodo, this was a long time ago) where I got charged all this money for using data that I didn't use. So I guess my question is, now that I finally figured out what's wrong with sending/receiving picture messages, I just want to make sure that since I need to have the data turned on that I'm not going to be charged for data. (I'm pretty much always connected to Wi-fi) I looked through the settings and in each app, I turned off the setting that says "Background Data: Enable usage of cellular data in the background" so that it's not enabled, and I also unchecked the box that says "Auto-switch to mobile network: Use mobile data connection when Wi-Fi signal is weak". Is there anything else I need to do to ensure that I won't get charged for data? &nbsp;Are the things I did even right? &nbsp;I don't really know how this all works, so if someone could explain it to me I would greatly appreciate that!&nbsp;<br />My current phone is an HTC One M9, my location is Kamloops, BC and my plan is the pre-paid $15 base plan (unlimited texting and picture messaging).<br />Thanks! question 0 1 1 create 7487673 Question about License+ adapter my insurance is sending me (USAA). 2017-03-29T20:52:55Z 2017-03-29T20:51:14Z Michael Canaday michaelcanaday USAA is sending me a "License+" adapter for one of my 16 year old drivers. Presumably this will be a Gen2 adapter? Unfortunately I have 2 16 year old drivers, with their own cars. I did find a Gen2 adapter on Amazon, but if I understand it correctly, I could buy a Pro and still use License+ for the 2nd child by setting her up on the one USAA is sending, then transfer her to the Pro? I'd hate to buy an 2nd older unit when it seems useful beyond the 100 hours of License+...<br /><br />The one from USAA will take a few weeks, so I'm not certain what model they are sending- but it seems it MUST be Gen1 or Gen2 since it is expressly for License+. question 1 1 1 create 7487674 Rapid Release Trimmer Head Conversion 2017-03-29T20:52:35Z 2017-03-29T20:52:35Z Jake jake_hoxmeier Can the old style bump head be replaced with the rapid release head? &nbsp;If not will there be a conversion head for old trimmers? question 0 1 1 create 7486686 Problem with sforce.apex.execute 2017-03-29T20:51:51Z 2017-03-28T18:38:35Z Brayden Smith brayden_smith I'm converting the following onclick javascript to a Skuid javascript snippet, and am getting an "Uncaught TypeError" at execute. Any ideas on how to resolve this?<br /><br />Salesforce Button:<br /><br /><pre>{!REQUIRESCRIPT("/soap/ajax/30&#46;0/connection&#46;js")} {!REQUIRESCRIPT("/soap/ajax/30&#46;0/apex&#46;js")}<br />var originalValue = this&#46;value;<br />this&#46;value = "Processing&#46;&#46;&#46;";<br />var request = new Object();<br />request&#46;Action = "view";<br />request&#46;AttachmentId = "{!ATT_EXP__Attachment__c&#46;Id }";<br />request&#46;UserAgent = navigator&#46;userAgent;<br />debugger;<br />var attachmentURL = sforce&#46;apex&#46;execute("ATT_EXP&#46;AttachmentsController","GetViewSignature",{JSONrequest:JSON&#46;stringify(request)});<br />this&#46;value = originalValue;<br />window&#46;open(attachmentURL); </pre><br />Skuid Snippet:<br /><br /><pre>var params = arguments[0], $ = skuid&#46;$; models = skuid&#46;model&#46;map(); var attachmentId = models&#46;Attachment_view&#46;getFirstRow()&#46;Id; var originalValue = this&#46;value; this&#46;value = "Processing&#46;&#46;&#46;"; var request = new Object(); request&#46;Action = "view"; request&#46;AttachmentId = attachmentId ; request&#46;UserAgent = navigator&#46;userAgent; var attachmentURL = sforce&#46;apex&#46;execute("ATT_EXP&#46;AttachmentsController","GetViewSignature",{JSONrequest: JSON&#46;stringify(request)}); this&#46;value = originalValue; window&#46;open(attachmentURL);</pre> problem 4 2 1 comment 7487388 "f-rated" keywords are totally ridiculous and should be eliminated 2017-03-29T20:49:43Z 2017-03-29T15:29:57Z Phil Boroff phil_boroff <strong>f-rated</strong>&nbsp;Used for any title which is either directed by a woman, written by a woman, or features significant women on screen in their own right<strong>triple-f-rated</strong>&nbsp;Used for any title which meets&nbsp;<strong>all three</strong>&nbsp;of the f-rated criteria: directed by a woman, written by a woman and features significant women on screen in their own right<br />Sorry, but I find the "f-rated" keywords absolutely ridiculous.&nbsp;<br /><br />We already have the keyword "title-directed-by-female," many hundreds of which I corrected to this keyword in the past.&nbsp;<br /><br />"features significant women on screen in their own right" is totally subjective. &nbsp;Will this be applied to every Bette Davis movie? &nbsp;Every Joan Crawford? &nbsp;Susan Hayward? &nbsp;Marilyn Monroe? &nbsp;Shirley Temple? &nbsp;Lassie? &nbsp; &nbsp;(Oops! &nbsp;The latter was meant to be a male, I think, although played bt a female.) &nbsp;Ridiculous!&nbsp;<br /><br />Also, to use the word "rated" is very devious. &nbsp;"Ratings" of titles are already a part of the database. &nbsp;Who determines this "rating"? &nbsp;IMDb?&nbsp;<br /><br />In all fairness and with any sense of logic whatsoever, what's next? "m-rated" for "male" films? &nbsp;"t-rated: for transgender films? &nbsp; "a-rated" for Asian films? &nbsp;"c-rated" for Child films &nbsp;"d-rated" for dog films? &nbsp;Or, would that be for dinosaur films? &nbsp;Etc., etc., etc. &nbsp;Absurdism reigns at IMDb.&nbsp;<br /><br />There are so many other "important" things that deserve IMDB's attention. &nbsp;Please, open this up for contributor discussion, and you will soon see the dumbness of this decision.&nbsp;<br /><br />The "f-rated" and "triple-f-rated" keywords should be completely deleted from the database.&nbsp; question 3 2 1 comment 7487639 Transverter Recommended Coax IF-in-output 2017-03-29T20:49:30Z 2017-03-29T20:10:10Z AA0KM aa0km <p>I want to have my Transverter about 5 to 8 feet away from the flexradio.</p><p>What are recommendations for Coax for IF-in-output ?</p><p>100% shielding yes-no ?</p><p>Seeing what everyone uses.</p><p>Currently using real small stuff (borrowed) but seeing different &nbsp;interference in the shack when transverter is moved around different placements.</p><p>Toroid's needed maybe on the in-output IF?</p><p>73 Jeff</p><p>&nbsp;</p> question 1 2 1 comment 7487672 OpenVoice for Google Calendar 2017-03-29T20:48:37Z 2017-03-29T20:48:37Z Cesar Franco Zevada cesar_franco_zevada Hello,<br /><br />I installed the OpenVoice extension for google calendar and I am trying to set the default country but the box shows now scroll down menu with a list of countries and phone numbers. Below is a screen shot.<br /><br />Please help.<br /><br />.<img src="" title="Image:" /> question 0 1 1 create