All Topics 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 625 320 92 192 0 220 7797103 Filtered Table to Table Import 2018-09-26T13:43:11Z 2018-09-26T12:31:38Z Kate Theriault kate_theriault I have a Cycles table, with each cycle having ~100 related "Cycle Records". From the "Cycles" table, I'd like to audit those 100 related records. I tried creating a table to table import, but I found I cannot filter on "Cycles". I can only choose filters from the "Cycle Records" table. How can I audit just those 100 records the most easily with Quickbase? <br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /> question active 5 3 1 comment 7797048 I need your help for my children education sponsors 2018-09-26T13:42:11Z 2018-09-26T10:05:35Z amulya richard amulya_richard Dear Fr. John Praise the Lord This is Amulya Kumar from India. I need your help for my children education sponsors for the study. I am very needy man. I belong to Catholic Christian and financially very poor and needy. Please help for my children .we don't have our own house and we are living in rent . Please find someone for our aid in family specially for my children. I will be thankful for your help for my children . Amulya Kumar 0091 9065557627 If you need any information about my family I can provide you my parish priest letter but I need your help for my children education sponsors.<img src="" /> problem complete 2 5 2 comment 7797054 how to learn tcl ? 2018-09-26T13:42:06Z 2018-09-26T10:30:38Z Visconti visconti CAn anyone advise me how to learn tcl ?<br />there are some manual to use?<br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /><br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /> question 4 3 1 comment 7797132 Need help to integrate Finger print Authentication in 2018-09-26T13:41:36Z 2018-09-26T13:41:36Z kamaroon riswin kamaroon_riswin I am using the ionic + AngularJs Application to create a mobile App. In Login Page I want to use the Finger print integration . is that possible to use in If so, can i get any help on that how to proceed on that coding section. question 0 1 1 create 7797019 Single Mutual Fund account is missing security 2018-09-26T13:40:28Z 2018-09-26T08:00:50Z Conrad Thonger conrad_thonger Quicken H&amp;B 2018 R4.4 Canadian Version (though it is verified that this does not work in the US version by Javier in a live chat support session Sep 26 12:10-01:54 MDT)<br /><br />If you create a TFSA or Brokerage account using Advanced Setup and make it as a Single Mutual Fund account, the account does not appear to actually store the Security that you have entered earlier in the wizard to the account.&nbsp; Because there is no Security stored, the balance for the account does not show up on the dashboard when there are entries in the register, nor are there associated entries made in the Security List against the Security.&nbsp; As this is a single mutual fund account, you can also not select a security when making entries into the register.<br /><br />The issue must have been introduced fairly recently as Single Security accounts that I had created in December 2017 are behaving as they should with the Security field auto-populating in both the register and the pop-up transaction screen.<br /><br />The work around is to recreate the account as a multi-security account and enter the securities manually as you put entries in the register. problem 2 3 1 comment 7796731 2.4.9 ANF 2018-09-26T13:39:27Z 2018-09-25T17:04:20Z James Whiteway james_whiteway Improved/properly working ANF still nowhere to be found. <br /> Truly sad. So many basic things need work. Instead we get a multicolored S Meter and improved spots. problem 26 17 1 comment 7796957 Musical Template (graphics not sound) 2018-09-26T13:39:02Z 2018-09-26T03:17:26Z Michael Crowell habanero_king Several of our children we sponsor are interested in music, song and dance.&nbsp; It would be really cool if we had a musical template that we could use when writing the kids.&nbsp; Some ideas would be graphics of musical notes, popular hymn titles and musical instruments.&nbsp; Note:&nbsp; I am not suggesting that actual sound be heard in this template. idea pending 2 3 1 comment 7796916 Question about a family gift 2018-09-26T13:38:12Z 2018-09-26T00:39:01Z mjmyers mjmyers Hello, I am sponsor to Netsanet (ET046100380) and back in March I combined a family gift and a child gift for a substantial amount for my child and her guardian. ((She is orphaned, that is why she is with a guardian and not with a parent) It has been six months so I should have received some kind of feedback or photo if I understand the procedures correctly. Would you be able to contact the Compassion center where she attends to find out if she received her child gift, and her guardian the family gift? Thank you very much for your assistance. question complete 1 3 1 comment 7797130 Posting Contribution Batches Page 2018-09-26T13:37:52Z 2018-09-26T13:37:52Z Roger Buckley roger_buckley_gqa53ou9br6k2 Posting Contribution Batches - when posting contribution batches, stay on the open batches page rather than moving to the posted batches page. To post the next batch, I have to go back to the open (unposted) batch page. idea 0 1 1 create 7797129 No mike auto with DAX on with 3.4.9 2018-09-26T13:36:48Z 2018-09-26T13:36:48Z FRED W9TB fred_rixie Can some one tell me why I now have no mike auto out with dax on using 3.4.9 ? question 0 1 1 create 7796757 Printing Online Payee List cuts off phone number 2018-09-26T13:36:17Z 2018-09-25T17:54:09Z Nelson Spitnale nelson_spitnale I have Quicken 2018 R12-18, I want to print a list of my online payees with addresses, account numbers and phone numbers, Clicking on Tools On-line Payee, I click on the printer icon and it all print, except the last three numbers of the phone number are cut off. Also the account numbers are cut off. I've tried all kinds of adjustments with my printer.&nbsp; Can someone advise how to get a complete report? problem printing printing, errors_troubleshooting_non_olb, windows 2 5 1 comment 7796935 RADIUS vendor-specific attributes (VSA) for RSSI 2018-09-26T13:35:44Z 2018-09-26T01:55:08Z Max McGrath max_mcgrath I am using WiNG 5.9.2 on a pair of VX9000s.&nbsp; I am wondering if Extreme Networks has a RADIUS vendor-specific attribute for RSSI.&nbsp; I know other vendors do; Ruckus does, for example.<br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /><br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" />I did find the 'RADIUS Attributes' documentation here --&nbsp;<a alt="" href="" name="" rel="nofollow" target="" title="Link httpsdocumentationextremenetworkscomExtremeWirelessRADIUS_ATTRIBUTES_HTG_ENpdf" type="" value=""></a>&nbsp;-- and I don't see any mention of an RSSI vendor-specific attribute.&nbsp; It is still branded as Zebra and is from 2015, so I'm hoping it is out-of-date and maybe missing some new things.<br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /><br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" />If there currently is no RADIUS vendor-specific attribute for RSSI, how can I request one?<br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /><br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" />Thanks! question 2 2 1 comment 7797094 Default settings for Camtasia cursor effects 2018-09-26T13:34:33Z 2018-09-26T12:20:32Z Nigel nigelbennett_2uueo3sdwkmu0 Hi all. I'm new to Camtasia, and I'm building numerous short "how to" videos (as I see several others have been doing). I'm frustrated by having to change the cursor highlighter settings every time I need to highlight the cursor. How can I change the default settings and save the changes so they become the new defaults? question 3 3 1 comment 7797128 RTTY and PSK 2018-09-26T13:34:20Z 2018-09-26T13:34:20Z Amlan - AI6XN amlan_chatterjee Add a built in client for RTTY and PSK out of the box for M models to truly give a PC less operator experience. Of course if you add CW to it that’d be even better. Yes I know I can use all these softwares on a PC or Surface with DAX and CAT, but it’d be very nice to have the option of having it built in too. idea 0 1 1 create 7797098 Application Enquiry 2018-09-26T13:29:58Z 2018-09-26T12:23:28Z George Billam george_billam Please can you confirm if an application has been submitted for the Land at Darwin Drive (In Particular 9 Stephenson Close, Ollerton, Newark, NG22 9FQ) - We are in a very short chain relating to this property purchase and this is the only reply to the solicitors enquiry that parties are waiting for. We are in desperate need of an indication on when this application will be completed, and the purchases can move forward. Our mortgage offers are on the edge of expiry and winter is around the corner. Hope you can help, thanks.&nbsp;<br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /> problem complete 5 2 1 comment