All Topics 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z 713 377 115 192 0 334 7463263 does prepaid auto renew itself once i paid for monthly prepaid 2017-02-25T02:04:24Z 2017-02-24T16:35:09Z adeena paulette adeena_paulette Confused on my prepaid monthly question 8 4 1 comment 7463614 Troupers with TS212S sub and mixer 2017-02-25T02:03:06Z 2017-02-25T02:03:06Z Jim Murphy jim_murphy_1u0t6g7n58fow I have two troupers and a TS212S sub. I'm probably going to add another TS212S but that's not important for this question. Ok. I run the output signal from my mixer (Alto ZMX124 for example) to the sub and then from the sub to Channel 1 on the Trouper. I have the Trouper's bass and treble knobs set to 12:00 (top center) as I'm assuming this is probably close to "flat" eq. What should my channel 1 input gain likely be set to? Is it best to have it just shy of 12:00 (the point right before it switches from line to mic gain)? <br /><br /> Thanks, <br /><br /> Jim question 0 1 1 create 7462980 Photoshop Requests 2017-02-25T02:00:28Z 2017-02-24T08:52:34Z Jon Webb PhD AMInstP Mensa jon_webb_phd_aminstp_mensa <p>Three long winded steps that could be reduced to ONE action...<br /><br />1) When resizing i have to tick Accept (or is it called Apply). Why this extra step?<br />Cant we just have it apply automatically, after all there's an "undo" available...</p><p>2) Import as layers. Why is this so difficult and complicated?<br />sometimes i have a multi-layer document, and i need to import many photos as layers - not an uncommon action according to search-engine results. So why is 'import into stack' buried in submenus? Why is the only option to import into a New document? There are many workarounds, but can't we just have the option to import to current doc?</p><p>3) Moving Layers to other Docs. Can we simplify this? A simple drag layer to another tab would save soooo much time. All this Duplicate to Document dialog boxes seems so oldfashioned when just dragging could do the job easily.</p><p></p> idea 5 7 1 comment 7463612 Trade phone 2017-02-25T01:58:34Z 2017-02-25T01:49:02Z Hailey A Skyy hailey_g5yllf1u14ftg I got a rose gold iphone se in the beginning of december 2016, i am really unsatisfied with this iphone and i was wondering if i could take the phone back (its feb 2017 now) and trade for a samsung ? My current tab for it is $315.00 on a 2 year contract. The phone is still in new condition (screen protector and case). I still want to stay on this same contract tho but just trade phones... Help pls question 1 2 1 comment 7463356 A sister group has "Quickbase Desktop" Access, and I also want to create this for my applications 2017-02-25T01:58:17Z 2017-02-24T18:44:02Z Eliza Little eliza_little Originally posted in old Community durning migration by Jay<br /><br />How do I download this file?<p>Do I need special permit to do this or is it possible to download this file for my applications from a certain location?</p><p><br /></p><p>Thank you!</p> question 3 3 2 comment 7463613 Probs after update 2017-02-25T01:54:31Z 2017-02-25T01:54:31Z coffeefanhere coffeefanhere Emails don't save as draft? just appears as if sent???? But I don't think I sent it? Hope not, it wasn't ready. I can't tell. I am going to have to switch to another email client if this is not fixed ASAP.<br />It also shows the emails 2x in the viewing pane, the complete mails, as if it were sent twice. I don't think it was but it looks like that. <br />Also , maybe I missed some notification, but I did not realize this would be a complete reinstall update, if I had known(or noticed) I would not have done it. I usually wait until some bugs are solved. NOT HAPPY with this update. problem 0 1 1 create 7463593 Rekon Account Hosted APP 2017-02-25T01:53:59Z 2017-02-25T00:53:09Z Paul paul_a4fhr41zydrgs New Reckon Hosted App!!!<br />Hi guys im new to the community but i have to get this out there!!!! I have bee looking to go mobile with reckon hosted for a while as i do alot of out of the office stuff. I have come across this fellow named Chandra from <b><u>COSMIC INNOVATIONS</u></b> he has developed an app for this purpose and has bent over backwards to help me getting it up and running with all my info transfered across.He must be like a possum as he works through the night to transfer it all so there is no disruption to any of my day to day stuff.&nbsp;<br />will be putting it through its paces over the coming weeks so will keep you posted but for now its a life saver as i can now invoice on the spot with it all linked back to the office.<br />cheers Paul&nbsp;<br />Quinnies Auto Electrical And Mobile Air Conditioning praise 1 2 1 comment 7463281 Cannot view a movie listed 2017-02-25T01:48:36Z 2017-02-24T17:00:40Z Dottie Coleman dottie_coleman problem pending 2 2 1 comment 7463609 Quicken 2016 Deluxe Windows uses incorrect password length information 2017-02-25T01:47:29Z 2017-02-25T01:34:41Z Odd Jobs odd_jobs My Bank of America password is 32 characters. &nbsp;Bank of America allows passwords of up to 32 characters. &nbsp;Quicken Deluxe 2016 for Windows give an erroneous message stating that it won't accept my password because Bank of America passwords are 20 characters maximum. &nbsp;They aren't. &nbsp;The correct answer is 32 characters maximum. problem a_quicken_for_windows_2016 a_quicken_for_windows_2016, all_other_questions, all_other_questions_other active 1 2 1 comment 7463029 Help me please to login with iphone 2017-02-25T01:46:46Z 2017-02-24T10:52:56Z Fai Huf fai_huf Im registered with my gmail account but i cant login with my iphone problem pending 1 2 1 comment 7463610 mail loop test 1487987114 2017-02-25T01:45:15Z 2017-02-25T01:45:15Z Engineering engineering mail test 1487987114 question 0 1 1 create 7463247 How to specify text encoding for imported QIF 2017-02-25T01:44:06Z 2017-02-24T16:14:19Z Kevin Horton kevin_horton_dzd3b4wpzfmpy I'm trying to import data from Quicken for Mac 2002 into Quicken for Mac 2017. &nbsp;QM2017 complains that the text encoding of the contents cannot be determined, and says that "You may be able to open the file by specifying a text encoding". &nbsp;The only option to the dialog is to select "OK", then I get another dialog with "Could not import &lt;my file name&gt;. Quicken 2017 can only import qif files into empty documents". &nbsp;I started the import process by selecting File -&gt; New, so the document should have been empty.<br /><br />It looks like the text encoding problem is the real issue. &nbsp;How do I specify the text encoding of a QIF file to import?<br /><br />Thanks,<br /><br />Kevin problem install_conversion_registration_converting_my_data_to_a_newer_version install_conversion_registration_converting_my_data_to_a_newer_version, install_conversion_registration, a_quicken_for_mac_2017 complete 8 4 1 comment 7463271 Quicken Won't Update Any Investment Accounts 2017-02-25T01:43:53Z 2017-02-24T16:47:06Z drfarro drfarro Q 2017 R4 - Quicken will no longer download transactions for my investment accounts. The last successful download was on Feb. 10, 2017. All other accounts work fine, this seems to be just affecting investment accounts. problem downloading_accounts_and_transactions_i_am_getting_an_error downloading_accounts_and_transactions_i_am_getting_an_error, downloading_accounts_and_transactions, a_quicken_for_windows_2017 active 6 6 1 comment 7462880 Falmouth,flagship in Maine has lousy apps..........I kept trying to log on and wont let me ,want tickets .there! 2017-02-25T01:43:42Z 2017-02-24T05:12:39Z david knowlton david_knowlton falmouth flagship in Maine has lousy apps to tryyyyy to get tickets there in advance and most places wont let you get tickets ..........I kept trying to log on and wont let me tooo......... problem pending 1 2 1 comment 7463592 Upgrade 2017-02-25T01:42:57Z 2017-02-25T00:49:46Z BOBAN CHARLS boban_charls Hi, I have positive tab balance of 150$, Samsung galaxy s5 neo koodo retail price is 250$, can I buy that phone spending just remaining 100 $ ? question 2 3 1 comment