Xero Accounting Software 2018-12-12T03:08:22Z 2015-03-06T23:23:04Z 6573502 6573502 Xero Accounting Software 2018-12-12T03:08:22Z 2015-03-06T23:23:04Z Charmaine Petersen charmaine_petersen I was wondering when Xero will be integrated into Front Desk? I had a conversation last year with one of the technicians who mentioned it may be toward the end of 2016?P.S. This forum is a great idea. Thank you! idea active 60 36 15 comment myob, xero 15441767 Kirsty responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2015-03-06T23:45:55Z 2015-03-06T23:45:55Z Kirsty kirsty_7111367 Oh that would be good - presumably you, (SS), &nbsp;would be doing the same for QuickBooks and MYOB. I currently have a Book-keeper tech looking in to how we can better export reports in to MYOB. :) 0 15441817 Tony Taddeo responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2015-03-07T00:05:11Z 2015-03-07T00:05:11Z Tony Taddeo tony_6545450 Hi Charmaine, Xero integration will be included this year (2015). I would suggest in less than 6 months.&nbsp; The reason we have been a little slow integrating with external accounting packages is that Front Desk already has a very good accounts receivable functionality for allied health practices at its core. Some of our competitors who already integrate with Xero, do so because their accounting functions are a little light on. Our need was a little less pressing. However we don't cover the accounts payable, BAS and financial reporting like profit and loss etc so we understand the need.&nbsp; In the past our clients have been moving over summary accounts receivable information manually every month or so.<br /><br />No integration planned for MYOB at this stage as they don't have the nice API's like Xero and support over time would be too arduous. Each time you update MYOB to a new version it would break the integration on your local machine. We had a third party company approach us a few years ago regarding a MYOB/Front Desk integration that they had created but wanted to charge users $120 per month to support it.&nbsp; Not surprisingly, no one wanted it.<br /><br />You will not have to wait too long now&nbsp; :) 4 15450356 Darren responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2015-03-09T23:45:38Z 2015-03-09T23:45:38Z Darren darren_7116842 That is great news.&nbsp; We have been toying with the idea of changing from MYOB to Xero but you have just made that decision much easier. 1 15450471 NewPsych Reception responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2015-03-10T00:44:40Z 2015-03-10T00:44:40Z NewPsych Reception tonia_7115149 will there be an additional cost for the integration with Xero? 0 15450483 Andrew responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2015-03-10T00:48:17Z 2015-03-10T00:48:17Z Andrew andrew_7104921 Hi Tonia<br /><br />I can confirm there will be no additional cost for Xero integration. &nbsp;It will become a part of our standard feature set once it's released. 1 15450487 NewPsych Reception responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2015-03-10T00:50:00Z 2015-03-10T00:50:00Z NewPsych Reception tonia_7115149 Excellent - sold! 0 15450543 Charmaine Petersen responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2015-03-10T01:23:43Z 2015-03-10T01:23:43Z Charmaine Petersen charmaine_petersen <p>Hi Tony, </p><p>Thank you for your&nbsp;response. This is wonderful news! I believe it will be cost effective and time efficient for&nbsp;Frontdesk users and in my case,&nbsp;as a small business owner.&nbsp;I have been a user of Frontdesk for 5 years and have always believed that the integration of a accounting package&nbsp;would&nbsp;see Frontdesk a complete practice software management program. </p><p>Charmaine :)</p> 2 15450563 Tony Taddeo responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2015-03-10T01:32:11Z 2015-03-10T01:32:11Z Tony Taddeo tony_6545450 <p>Thank you Charmaine, we completely agree. :)</p> 1 15595777 Timothy responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2015-04-17T07:33:41Z 2015-04-17T07:33:41Z Timothy tim_7104970 Front Desk has Accounts Receivable functions that are designed specifically for Allied Health billing, therefore billing and debt management should remain in Front Desk. The planned Xero integration will be on a summary (journal) level, providing a method to transfer items in a given period such as total amount billed, total received and total payments from outstanding debtors (all with GST considerations included). This information, together with the accounts payable information in Xero, will allow you to do the higher level accounting functions and reporting i.e BAS, P/L reports etc. We will not be copying over individual account and transaction details as that is unnecessary. 1 15906363 Kirsty responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2015-07-16T06:54:41Z 2015-07-16T06:54:41Z Kirsty kirsty_7111367 Looking forward to Xero integration .... any idea when? 1 15982613 Timothy responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2015-08-06T23:44:52Z 2015-08-06T23:44:52Z Timothy tim_7104970 Hi Kirsty. We're aiming to have the integration complete by the end of this year. We'll keep this post updated when we have further information regarding the release. 1 16353795 Tracey Stanbury responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2015-11-25T00:36:17Z 2015-11-25T00:36:17Z Tracey Stanbury tracey_stanbury Is this any closer to becoming reality? &nbsp;We have started looking at other software that integrates with Xero but this may change our mind. 1 16353872 Timothy responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2015-11-25T01:11:37Z 2015-11-25T01:11:37Z Timothy tim_7104970 Hi Tracey. At this stage we are looking at the first quarter of next year for release. It is our current highest software development priority and we are confident that it will be delivered at this time. 1 16412963 Pascal responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2015-12-11T01:36:58Z 2015-12-11T01:36:58Z Pascal user132511579 Front Desk - Xero integration would be fantastic ! &nbsp;yes please<br /><br />I'm the accountant and part owner at a well established psychology practice we purchased in July 2015. &nbsp;We have been using Front Desk for years and very happy with it. &nbsp;Since July I've been using Xero for book keeping, accounts payable, BAS, payroll, etc. &nbsp;So integration with Front Desk would be very helpful 0 16524475 Ms Pink responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2016-01-18T06:51:20Z 2016-01-18T06:51:20Z Ms Pink ms_pink Hi<br /><br />Is this any closer to a 'Release Date' for the update?&nbsp; I would really appreciate the ability to do the first quarter 2016 BAS in Xero using export functions from Frontdesk. 1 16527337 Timothy responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2016-01-18T22:38:53Z 2016-01-18T22:38:53Z Timothy tim_7104970 Hi all. We are still looking at the first quarter of this year for release. It is hard to give an exact time due to the complexities of software development and other development priorities that pop up from time to time. As you can see from our regular updates, our development team are continually working on the product. We will be sure to update this post when we have further information to provide. 3 16527401 Kirsty responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2016-01-18T22:58:17Z 2016-01-18T22:58:17Z Kirsty kirsty_7111367 ...looking forward to it's release....but also understand that it is better to get it right than release it with a plethora of bugs! 2 16734434 Georgie O'Donnell responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2016-03-23T21:08:56Z 2016-03-23T21:08:56Z Georgie O'Donnell georgie_o_donnell Any news on Front Desk and Xero integration? 3 16735185 Tony Taddeo responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2016-03-24T03:18:46Z 2016-03-24T03:18:46Z Tony Taddeo tony_6545450 Hi Georgie<br /><br />This project is well underway but will not be completed by the end of March. Part of the reason for this is that we have broadened the scope of these changes so that the integration will be at a transaction level. Previously we were considering summary information posted to the Xero journal area. There will now be a transaction (invoice) in Front Desk and equivalent in Xero. Keeping the 2 systems synced is not trivial. Further, the changes required in the Front Desk accounting engine are more than we expected when setting the time expectation. I confirm this is a priority enhancement for us.<br /><br />We understand the high level of interest in this enhancement and will keep you up-to-date when we know more.&nbsp;<br /><br />Tony 4 16735311 Kirsty responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2016-03-24T05:02:24Z 2016-03-24T05:02:24Z Kirsty kirsty_7111367 ...that sounds great - thanks for the update. I think that the new changes to the integration will be much better in the long run. :)&nbsp; 0 16735320 Tony Taddeo responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2016-03-24T05:09:27Z 2016-03-24T05:09:27Z Tony Taddeo tony_6545450 <p>Thank you for your understanding. From our regular software releases you can see that we take the ongoing development of the system seriously.</p><p>Happy Easter all.</p><p>Tony</p> 0 16738636 Ms Pink responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2016-03-25T05:51:41Z 2016-03-25T05:51:41Z Ms Pink ms_pink Thanks for the update Tony... We're all 'hanging out' for it! Sad part is the need to 'duplicate' all the Invoices for this quarter to complete the BAS 0 16747006 Greer Watson responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2016-03-29T04:37:49Z 2016-03-29T04:37:49Z Greer Watson greer_watson Been hanging out for this integration for a long time. Can't wait! 0 16802130 Eric St Physiotherapy responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2016-04-16T07:21:32Z 2016-04-16T07:21:32Z Eric St Physiotherapy eric_st_physiotherapy Sounds great, this will be an amazing update with the potential to reduce a lot of data entry.&nbsp; <br />I must say it will be a learning curve to try to manage items such as healthfund consolidated payments with Tyro and reconciling the payment schedules of individual healthfunds for practitioners from a transaction level.<br />Will there be the option to choose what level of integration Frontdesk makes with Xero, for example using only the summary information as earlier suggested? Or manual integration by exporting summarised reports?&nbsp; <br />I am asking only as I can see problems from my end trying to piece together that much information (transactions, healthfunds, practitioners and payment schedules).<br /><br />Regards,<br /><br />Tom 0 16937628 Georgie O'Donnell responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2016-06-04T13:01:33Z 2016-06-04T13:01:33Z Georgie O'Donnell georgie_o_donnell Hello Tony, will the Front Desk and Xero integration be ready for 1 July 2016? 0 16939833 Timothy responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2016-06-06T00:36:31Z 2016-06-06T00:36:31Z Timothy tim_7104970 Hi Georgie.&nbsp;I am responding on behalf of Tony as he's out of the office this morning. We cannot provide an exact time for release at this stage but I do not believe that the integration will be ready by the 1st of July. We understand there is high interest in this item; this is also a high priority for our development team and we are working earnestly to complete the integration. 0 16949928 Better Life Centre responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2016-06-09T05:31:14Z 2016-06-09T05:31:14Z Better Life Centre better_life_centre Great! As a result of this integration, we are not transitioning from MYOB to Xero. There are a couple of questions that arise.&nbsp;Currently, Front Desk billing information fluctuates and needs to be checked regularly against MYOB sales:<br /><br />1. How will these changes be accounted for once the figures are transferred to Xero - will they be automatically updated when Front Desk is updated? <br /><br />2. Will there be a lock in period introduced in Front Desk? Xero has one that can be set each quarter. How will this affect Front Desk billing..<br /><br /><br />Thanks for all your support!<br /><br />Jane 0 16952598 Timothy responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2016-06-10T00:52:32Z 2016-06-10T00:52:32Z Timothy tim_7104970 Hi Jane. The integration will allow you to synchronise your Front Desk accounts receivable data to Xero. We will also be looking at the locking of accounting periods in Front Desk :) 1 16952608 Better Life Centre responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2016-06-10T01:01:47Z 2016-06-10T01:01:47Z Better Life Centre better_life_centre Thanks Timothy.<br /><br />Sorry, I meant to write we ARE transitioning. May have come across a little passive aggressive.&nbsp;<br /><br />Will we be able to get any information (screen shots?) as to how this process will look like so we can start preparing the correct accounts in Xero?<br /><br />Thanks,<br /><br />Jane 0 16952721 Timothy responded to "Xero Accounting Software" 2016-06-10T02:31:12Z 2016-06-10T02:31:12Z Timothy tim_7104970 Not to worry Jane, I didn't think your post was passive aggressive by any means! At this point in time there would be no benefit to providing screenshots, but as we approach the release we will certainly be providing more detailed information. 1