16946429 Josie Tropeano responded to "Physitrack" 2016-06-08T03:05:02Z 2016-06-08T03:05:02Z Josie Tropeano josie_tropeano Hi Mark<br /><br />I think the sample group is big enough for us to monitor the general interest in different suggestions. Though there are just over 700 registered for the forum, we know it is viewed by several thousand people, who register when they are ready to post.&nbsp;We also take into account what we call the 'chatter' regarding these items, fed back through our Help Desk and Business Care areas. <br /><br />We will definitely add integration with&nbsp;3rd party exercises programs in the future, however we need to balance the competing needs of all users regarding the priority of these items.<br /><br />cheers<br /><br />Josie 1