18413967 Justin Wray responded to "Physitrack" 2017-02-12T21:57:45Z 2017-02-12T21:57:45Z Justin Wray justin_wray HI Timothy I read where your trying to go with exercise software integration by not being partial to one program, but I read with interest that Physitrak has announce 5 other programs will have the capacity to integrate Physitrak in their program if clients wish to use it. One of these is Tm2/3 which is a very capable program and I would say a major competetor of yours. Just thought I would let you know. I have no knowledge of programming but surely there can be a space in your program where we can choose which exercise based program can be inserted into your program, with us choosing which update we need.<br />I have asked physitrack about integration with frontdesk when they announced about the 5 other programs. I do know physitrack has approached you numerous times and they have said your not interested which I suppose reflects your responses so far. 1