Waiting List functionality 2018-05-18T01:15:35Z 2015-05-29T06:35:52Z 6666426 6666426 Waiting List functionality 2018-05-18T01:15:35Z 2015-05-29T06:35:52Z Diane diane_7122826 <p>Our practice has been using the waiting list function for a number of weeks &amp; we have&nbsp;a few questions</p><p>1 - Can we add patients who are waiting for a cancellation in a group booking?</p><p>2 - Where two or more practitioners are selected, is it possible to tailor the time slots to accommodate the different time requirements of different practitioners?</p><p>3 - Is it possible for the waiting list items to automatically be removed when the time period is over?</p><p>Thanks</p><p><br /></p> idea pending 17 10 3 comment waiting list 15742587 NewPsych Reception responded to "Waiting List functionality" 2015-05-29T06:42:28Z 2015-05-29T06:42:28Z NewPsych Reception tonia_7115149 <p>It would be great if the wait list items disappeared when no longer relevant!</p><p>Also, a report on who is on who's waiting list would be useful too.</p> 7 15750071 Clinic Manager DM responded to "Waiting List functionality" 2015-06-01T00:54:37Z 2015-06-01T00:54:37Z Clinic Manager DM clinic_manager_diverse_minds We could really use a report on our waiting lists.&nbsp; Is there anyway thru&nbsp;current system to print&nbsp;a list of those waitlisted? 2 15750274 Andrew responded to "Waiting List functionality" 2015-06-01T02:22:03Z 2015-06-01T02:22:03Z Andrew andrew_7104921 While it isn't currently available, we certainly agree a 'Waiting List report' is a good idea. I can confirm this is on our development list for a future release. 0 15750310 Andrew responded to "Waiting List functionality" 2015-06-01T02:33:15Z 2015-06-01T02:33:15Z Andrew andrew_7104921 Hi Diane<br /><br />The Waiting List doesn't currently consider group appointment availability, but I can confirm this is on our development list. We are also considering allowing for waiting list items to be automatically removed after the waiting period ends.<br /><br />Your second question regarding individual time requirements per practitioner isn't a current feature, but I am happy to convert your thread into an 'Idea' so other users can express their interest. 0 15755230 Diane responded to "Waiting List functionality" 2015-06-02T07:49:04Z 2015-06-02T07:49:04Z Diane diane_7122826 Thanks Andrew I appreciate that :) 0 15763300 SydSportsMed responded to "Waiting List functionality" 2015-06-03T22:36:48Z 2015-06-03T22:36:48Z SydSportsMed sydsportsmed Hi Andrew. &nbsp;<br /><br />I really like the Waiting List feature, and we have been using it for a few months now. &nbsp;I do have a couple of suggestions, from my experience that would make the process of adding patients a little easier.<br /><br />1. &nbsp;Once you have selected the practitioner, have the "Appointment Details" section default to that practitioner's schedule.<br /><br />2. &nbsp;Once you have selected the "App Type" have the "Slots" automatically update to the default for that appointment type.<br /><br />The absolute gold star method would be the ability to drag a patient's existing appointment into the waiting list and have the it pick up all the details of the appt. &nbsp;We would then only have to add in the dates the patient would prefer (if an earlier spot becomes available). &nbsp;This might be asking a bit too much - but you never know. &nbsp;:) 5 16331783 Rachel Bruce responded to "Waiting List functionality" 2015-11-18T02:06:24Z 2015-11-18T02:06:24Z Rachel Bruce rachel_bruce Hi Andrew,<br />Is there any update on the waiting list appointments being automatically removed once they expire please? <br />This would be a fabulous function if possible. 2 16331923 Andrew responded to "Waiting List functionality" 2015-11-18T02:56:27Z 2015-11-18T02:56:27Z Andrew andrew_7104921 Hi Rachel<br /><br />We feel not all users may want the waiting list entries to be cleared automatically, as some people may review the patients appointment needs after expiry or have other workflows in place.<br /><br />We are still carefully considering this suggestion and any possible implications. 0 17936558 Jude responded to "Waiting List functionality" 2016-10-20T06:33:39Z 2016-10-20T06:33:39Z Jude jude_1gwrs4qbnc9kb We have ten practitioners and many clients on our waiting list. It would be really wonderful if - after the date of waiting has expired - they automatically are removed from the waiting list. Currently we need to check daily to keep it up to date. 1 17938987 Rachel Bruce responded to "Waiting List functionality" 2016-10-20T23:01:35Z 2016-10-20T23:01:35Z Rachel Bruce rachel_bruce Could this be an option you could select.<br />ie default is that items <b>do not </b>remove themselves but there is an option to tick a box so the item can be automatically removed 0 17938994 Jude responded to "Waiting List functionality" 2016-10-20T23:05:25Z 2016-10-20T23:05:25Z Jude jude_1gwrs4qbnc9kb or that we are alerted somehow (maybe in red in the waiting list) when the period has expired 0 17939602 Timothy responded to "Waiting List functionality" 2016-10-21T06:27:10Z 2016-10-21T06:27:10Z Timothy tim_7104970 Thank you for this feedback. We have a release of Front Desk coming out early next week that will have an enhancement in this area. Any waiting list entries that have expired will be highlighted in a different colour and we will include functionality that will make it easier to remove them. 0 17939620 Jude responded to "Waiting List functionality" 2016-10-21T06:43:59Z 2016-10-21T06:43:59Z Jude jude_1gwrs4qbnc9kb Thank you so much Tim. Very impressed 0 17948926 Steven responded to "Waiting List functionality" 2016-10-24T22:48:41Z 2016-10-24T22:48:41Z Steven steven_7107276 Hi Everyone&nbsp;<br /><br />Front Desk version 17.0 is available now from the support section of our website and includes an enhancement to the Waiting List.<br /><br />When an entry has expired, it will turn red and move to the bottom of the Waiting List. To quickly remove an expired entry, simply double-click on it in the list.&nbsp;<br /><br /><img src="" title="Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1501270/RackMultipart20161024-109033-1bs9i-1_inlinepng1477349287" /><br /><br />Note that if your system requires a reason for deleting appointments, you will also be prompted for a reason when removing a Waiting List option. We have auto-filled this window with "Expired" for your convenience. 0 17949535 Rachel Bruce responded to "Waiting List functionality" 2016-10-25T03:17:47Z 2016-10-25T03:17:47Z Rachel Bruce rachel_bruce That's fantastic news. Thank you for listening and acting on our suggestions 0 19529832 WPS responded to "Waiting List functionality" 2018-05-18T00:59:31Z 2018-05-18T00:59:31Z WPS wps_7120905 Or even if there were just a bulk remove option (a kin to removing all read messages) 0 19529845 WPS responded to "Waiting List functionality" 2018-05-18T01:15:35Z 2018-05-18T01:15:35Z WPS wps_7120905 Other functionalities that we believe would be helpful is if you could search for client to see if they're already added to the wait list. And if you could see if a client is on a wait list somewhere on their card (and have the option to remove them from there). 0