BAS report in Reckon Home and Business 2016 do not populate properly 2018-07-14T02:42:23Z 2016-07-10T14:31:58Z 7049039 7049039 BAS report in Reckon Home and Business 2016 do not populate properly 2018-07-14T02:42:23Z 2016-07-10T14:31:58Z Ethan ethan_8018384 Hi<br />I just purchased and installed Reckon 2016 and have been learning to populate the slit fields on each transaction line with the different ATO tax codes. I needed to enter the code manuall However, on creating the BAS form, it seems that the fields do not match the tax codes labels. If anything, the Fields on the report would pick up the field position in the tax code list regardless of the label used. (I had to play around the the different field codes within the field position on the tax list to "make it work" Even more confusing, the G1 field does not pick up both GST and GST free sales,<br /><br />My question is, is there a way to configure the BAS form to pick up the appropriate fields by name in the Tax list and not by order of entry? Where is the BAS form configuration kept so that I can check and modify the form for my use.&nbsp; Thank you<br /><br />Thank you.<br /><img src="" title="Image:" /> problem 6 5 1 comment 17027246 John Graetz responded to "BAS report in Reckon Home and Business 2016 do not populate properly" 2016-07-11T06:18:43Z 2016-07-11T06:18:43Z John Graetz john_graetz Ethan,&nbsp; When you start off with a new installation like you have done, you have to configure the BAS to pick up the various GST codes applicable to the particular label.&nbsp; For example when configuring the G1 label, you need to click on G! and then tell Reckon what codes you want included.&nbsp; In this case you will probably be nominating GST, FRE and INP as a minimum.&nbsp; You need then to click on each of the other labels G2, G3, G10 and G11 and do the same thing.&nbsp; On the next page you need to click on each of the labels W1, W2, W3, W4 and T1 and again select which of your tax codes are applicable to that specific label.<br />And then similarly for the next page.&nbsp; When you finish doing all of this, the labels will populate with the figures derived from the tax codes that you have used in the transactions that you have previously entered.&nbsp; Make sure also that your BAS is being run in the same Cash Accounting or Accrual Accounting which is consistent with the BAS report that you are registered for, with the ATO. <br />Reckon will not automatically configure your own BAS for you the first time around because you might be using owner-specific tax codes.&nbsp; Once set up the first time, it will usually remember what you have done, but, if you create another owner-specific tax code, you will need to add that to the label when you run your next BAS. <br />Hope this helps.<br />John L G 1 17027287 Robyn Kelly responded to "BAS report in Reckon Home and Business 2016 do not populate properly" 2016-07-11T06:45:22Z 2016-07-11T06:45:22Z Robyn Kelly robyn_kelly_6763237 <p>Hi Ethan</p><p>Home &amp; Business has a hard-wired BAS configuration so you do not need to configure the BAS as explained by John above (which is for Reckon Accounts Business - not Home &amp; Business).</p><p>Sales must use GST or FRE (some users may also need INP and EXP depending on your business transactions).&nbsp; Expenses must use NCG&nbsp;or NCF / CAG or CAF (some users may also need the other expense codes too - it depends on your business transactions).&nbsp; Review the Tax Code list you have a picture of to choose the correct codes.</p><p>I suggest you do a Tax Detail Reports (Reports &gt; Business &gt; Tax Detail) to review what you have coded transactions.&nbsp; Also do a No Tax Code Assigned Report to see which transactions you have missed entering a tax code on.</p><p>If you need a more detailed response you will need to contact me <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p><p>Regards, Robyn Kelly</p> 2 17028144 Ethan responded to "BAS report in Reckon Home and Business 2016 do not populate properly" 2016-07-11T13:57:22Z 2016-07-11T13:57:22Z Ethan ethan_8018384 Thank you Robyn.&nbsp; That is what I thought was the case with the Home and business version of Reckon with regards to the BAS statement fields, as I finally discovered that there was no way of coding the BAS fields (After much searching).&nbsp; However, my issue is that the Codes do not populate (or calculate) the BAS fields correctly when I run the report despite using the correct codes.<br /><br />As I converted my data from an older version of Quicken, the tax list was not initially populated and I had to create the tax list manually (<b>Business -&gt; Business list -&gt; Tax code list</b>.. and I did so initially in the same order as I saw it in the help document ie <i><b>EXP, FRE, GST.</b></i>.. etc ). I then used the tax codes as per your explanation above.&nbsp; However, when I ran the BAS report, the values in each field does not completely match the codes I have created, nor are the calculations correct esp in G1.<br /><br />I would then experiment and move the codes around and noticed that when I changed the order of tax codes in the list area, the BAS fields would be populated based on the position of the codes that I use regardless of the three letter codes that was used (ie Position 1 would always populate G2 field, position 2 would populate the G3 field and Position 4 would populate the G3 field,&nbsp; The GST code however is never added to the G1 field regardless of the position on the tax list where I placed the code. <br /><br />Interestingly, when I created a brand new file, the tax list fields were repopulated and ran correctly.<br /><br />So my questions are,<br />1/ Is there a way to force Reckon to correctly code the BAS fields with the tax codes that I have created in my current file? <br />2/ How does Reckon pull the tax list codes.. ie is it by position or the codes themselves?&nbsp; <br />3/ How do I transfer the codes from the new file to my current file if I am not able to solve the problem, if at all possible?<br /><br />Thank you for again for helping me with this issue. 0 17030225 Robyn Kelly responded to "BAS report in Reckon Home and Business 2016 do not populate properly" 2016-07-12T02:38:43Z 2016-07-12T02:38:43Z Robyn Kelly robyn_kelly_6763237 <p>Ethan I suggest not changing existing tax codes in anyway or creating new ones as the BAS works on the codes that have already been set up.&nbsp; You should not have had to set up the codes yourself if using the correct version of the program and if your data had been converted / upgraded correctly.</p><p>How long ago was the data converted? How was the data upgraded? How much data entry&nbsp;have you done since upgrading?</p><p>You would be able to export all of the transactions out of your wrong file and import them into the new file, but I suggest you do this with caution as the transactions come across exclusive of GST and without tax codes but this is maybe what you need as your codes are wrong.</p><p>Robyn</p> 0 18712251 Ethan responded to "BAS report in Reckon Home and Business 2016 do not populate properly" 2017-06-05T13:34:08Z 2017-06-05T13:34:08Z Ethan ethan_8018384 Hello again. I has been a year now since I purchased Reckon and unfortunately, I have not been able to resolve my BAS issue. I have had to, in the mean time, create an Excel spread sheet to calculate my BAS manually.<br /><br />I did try to export all my transactions as suggested but Reckon does not allow me do create a file that is compatible for me to import them back. <br /><br />What has infuriated me recently is that Reckon has sent me an invoice to renew my Advantage membership. As I have not been able to get support to help me resolve my issue, I was wondering if it is worth paying nearly $300.00 for a program that has failed to work! 0 19638268 Gp Ordoc responded to "BAS report in Reckon Home and Business 2016 do not populate properly" 2018-07-14T02:42:23Z 2018-07-14T02:42:23Z Gp Ordoc gp_ordoc <p>The numbers do not now = SIMPLE BAS there is no 2B</p><p>It needs an update to work with the Simple BAS like they have done on QuickBooks</p><p><br /></p> 0