18576386 Lynn Randolph responded to "I just bought the ION Explorer Outback and was wondering if anyone else's has trouble tuning in radio stations seems like a bad antenna?" 2017-04-12T01:04:45Z 2017-04-12T01:04:45Z Lynn Randolph lynn_randolph I am having the same issue with the ION Explorer Outback...the only difference is on the model I just bought, there is no external antenna. I asked the sales guy about it and he said this model had an internal antenna and it worked great. It shouldn't be this hard to find a radio with good FM reception. My little radio in the bathroom and my car radio pick up all FM stations clearly. <br /><br /> I had already purchased the Tailgater and returned it because of the VERY poor reception and the small short antenna. I really don't want to have to return this one....but it looks like it's gonna have to go back too! 0