I need help interpreting lines and BBT (poss. bfp mentioned) 2018-03-27T01:30:08Z 2011-07-11T11:30:00Z 7396190 7396190 I need help interpreting lines and BBT (poss. bfp mentioned) 2018-03-27T01:30:08Z 2011-07-11T11:30:00Z hopin2bpreggerm... hopin2bpreggerm <b>So as many of you saw, I posted this on the TTC 2+ years Board</b><br /><br /> :help: So I am 9dpiui and 11dpt. I tested on 7dpuiui (in the afternoon) and got a light + (definitely still the trigger). I tested today on 2ndMU and got an equivalently light +. I only took 6500 units of hcg 11 days ago. Would that still be in my system 11 days later? And why would they be the same shade? Wouldn't it be lighter if trigger and darker if bfp?<br /><br /> This is so freaking annoying. One lady on the boards said she never tested it out of her system. Do you think the same thing is happening? B\c I have absolutely NO symptoms...<br /><br /> I wish I just had peace of mind b\c I have to go to a wedding tonight. With all the stuff that's going on in my life, a night of fun (i.e., drinking) would not hurt (especially b\c I hate this couple!! ).<br /><br /> Anyone with similar experiences?? :confused::bigangry:<br /><br /> <b> EDIT 7/11/11 </b> These are the HPT from the last few days.<br /><br /> Here are the pictures from the last 9dpiui, 10dpiui, and 11dpiui. You can't really see the line from 9dpiui, but its there in real life. Thoughts? It can't still be the trigger, right??<br /><br /> <img alt="" src="" /><br /><br /> These are taken in the middle of the afternoon on 9dpiui and 10dpiui. Again, you can't really see 9dpiui, but its there.<br /><br /> <img alt="" src="" /><br /><br /> I was starting to get excited, but then saw that my temps dropped this morning (by about .1)!!! :bigangry: If you look at my chart, I didn't post my temps until after IUI (but I have them written at home. Coverline is about 97.2).<br /><br /> So now I'm worrying (1) it is trigger even though its getting darker or (2) it is chemical pregnancy. Thoughts??? Does anyone have experience with temp dropping after a bfp?<br /><br /> On a good note, DH said "well, it's a move in the right direction. We have never seen two lines, now we have. Next time we'll see a baby..." My beta is Thurs. I'm almost half-tempted to call the doc and see if they'll do the beta tomorrow morning... question 1 2 1 comment 19419829 Paige Henrikson responded to "I need help interpreting lines and BBT (poss. bfp mentioned)" 2018-03-27T01:30:08Z 2018-03-27T01:30:08Z Paige Henrikson paige_henrikson You are definitely pregnant because the line is getting darker not lighter 1