18978955 Hilvan FINCH responded to "Ion Exporer outback battery won't charge or A/C power won't do anything" 2017-09-27T13:52:45Z 2017-09-27T13:52:45Z Hilvan FINCH hilvan_finch I am having the same problem. My unit will not work on the battery. I thought that the problem was a bad battery, so I ordered a replacement, after charging overnight, the Explorer still did not turn on. <br /> After consulting Tech Support, their only solution was to send it in to one of their authorized service centers for repair. <br /> It seems like this is a fairly common problem that may be a design flaw or an internal component problem. Portable Electronics like this, should be a lot more robust... <br /> if there is a known defect like this, there should be a recall and free repairs offered. 0 frustrated