19473784 Andy Z responded to "Ion Exporer outback battery won't charge or A/C power won't do anything" 2018-04-19T19:50:15Z 2018-04-19T19:50:15Z Andy Z andy_zimmerle I bought my ION Explorer Outback just less than a year ago, and it worked great until a month ago. Now my ION Explorer Outback behaves as everyone above states. I hope the ION rep treats me different than their initial reply to the original poster. Of coarse we ALL left it charging for more than 6-8 hours. <br /><br /> Since day one, I was impressed with the bass, and how long the battery lasted. I had always kept the battery above what appeared to be the 40% charge (as this is where most rechargeable batteries like to live, and usually live the longest lifespan). In the course of (almost) one year of ownership, I might have recharged this thing 10-12 times total. I really loved that it could go so long on a charge, when it wasn't cranked. But I did crank it for a whole weekend of camping once, and a whole weekend of yard chores another time. It was the greatest to have tunes all day like that with a group, and everyone swapped out who was in control, and we each listened to each others tunes all weekend. Also, I used it countless times, around the house and in the garage working on my car, motorcycles, and mountain bikes. <br /><br /> I purchased mine for a bunch more money, than they seem to be going for now. I really hope they contact me and help me out. I might be just over a year of ownership now, not sure what the warranty is. <br /><br /> Basically, my unit still works, but the battery fill indicator is at the bottom. When I plug it in to the AC to charge, no change. It does not indicate it is charging, and the battery fill indicator continues to diminish, at the expected rate for my use. My high end laptop, takes the exact same kind of AC cord, and I swapped them to rule out the cord. BTW, since this issue started, I have had the speaker plugged in for more then 48 hours without interruption on 3 separate occasions, its definitely not the cord, or the duration it has been plugged in. <br /><br /> Warranty or not, I am plenty savvy electrically to fix this thing if they will not. Lets just hope they step up and make it right. 0 Unhappy