19522199 Andy Z responded to "Ion Exporer outback battery won't charge or A/C power won't do anything" 2018-05-14T21:15:20Z 2018-05-14T21:15:20Z Andy Z andy_zimmerle_khs27q2k9scf I did the exact same thing one week ago, and didn't have time to take a photo (thanks for posting yours), I was short on time. I also meant to post here about my successful repair. It appears, either just the bouncing around dislodged it or it was never plugged in tight to start with. By the looks of your photo, mine was the identical failure. <br /><br /> If the 2 halves don't come apart easily, you forgot a screw, you don't need to pry that hard, also the telescoping handle can stay completely untouched, so don't mess with those screws. Also make sure to press hard, on that white connector until it clicks.<br /><br /> Happy to have zero cost, and zero shipping, sad to see such poor service and advise from the manufacturer. 1