19796486 Taylor Varga responded to "Ion Exporer outback battery won't charge or A/C power won't do anything" 2018-10-10T02:06:11Z 2018-10-10T02:06:11Z Taylor Varga taylor_varga Hey all,I'm experiencing a similar problem here. My Outback Explorer needed a new battery. I realized I needed step up terminals for the new battery's F1 terminals,so decided to pop the old one back in temporarily until I could get some. The old battery was not completely shot,just not holding the charge it used to,but upon reconnecting it and plugging it in,I got a battery symbol with zero bars in it just empty. Tried unplugging it and plugging it back in. Battery charging symbol moved for a split second,then went back to no bars in charging icon. Trying to power it up unplugged is not working. What should I do?<img src="" /> 0