Referral sources 2018-06-13T04:37:24Z 2017-05-13T06:37:00Z 7518057 7518057 Referral sources 2018-06-13T04:37:24Z 2017-05-13T06:37:00Z Tess Beddome tess_beddome_de59mm8zwo3ez <p>Hi There, We are trying to capture how our leads come to our clinic and it is therefore very important that we see exactly what channel they are coming from.&nbsp; Can I suggest that you combine "Notes" and "Additional" together so that we can select a referrer from either doctors or patients.&nbsp; You could also have a filter in "Notes" so that we can see our GP's as well.&nbsp; Also if we could add traditional channels such as google, WOM, Flyers, etc.&nbsp; Thanks</p> idea 11 10 5 comment 18656852 Meaghan - KingsWilliam Natural Health Care responded to "Referral sources" 2017-05-13T06:56:41Z 2017-05-13T06:56:41Z Meaghan - KingsWilliam Natural Health Care meaghan_aldridge_chow We've ended up making a "patient" called "Google", "Walking Past" etc to track. This would be better! 0 18656860 Joyaa Antares responded to "Referral sources" 2017-05-13T07:08:52Z 2017-05-13T07:08:52Z Joyaa Antares joyaa_antares I think we won't be able to avoid this, Meaghan. &nbsp;We will need to enter&nbsp;"Google", "Walking Past" etc somewhere ...&nbsp; 0 18656863 Joyaa Antares responded to "Referral sources" 2017-05-13T07:11:38Z 2017-05-13T07:11:38Z Joyaa Antares joyaa_antares Sounds like a nice idea, Tess. &nbsp;Currently the notes tab has two boxes - "Referrer 1" and "Referrer 2". Adding a 3rd box that draws info from the GP/Medical Referrer table/dataset sounds like a very handy solution to long-standing problem. 0 18656907 Judy Maier responded to "Referral sources" 2017-05-13T08:22:46Z 2017-05-13T08:22:46Z Judy Maier judy_maier_7505601 We also enter our lead sources as patients, ie Markets; Sign, Google etc. we will be interested to see if there's another option. 0 18656960 Ki responded to "Referral sources" 2017-05-13T09:36:04Z 2017-05-13T09:36:04Z Ki admin_admin_4sfsdvxoabia5 Yes, we did the same, with Google being our patient. lol 0 19374649 Amber Quirk responded to "Referral sources" 2018-03-07T05:48:00Z 2018-03-07T05:48:00Z Amber Quirk amber_quirk Great idea! We would like this feature too 0 19388169 In Stride Health Clinic responded to "Referral sources" 2018-03-13T02:04:27Z 2018-03-13T02:04:27Z In Stride Health Clinic in_stride_health_clinic Wouldn't you do it under Patient Tracking&nbsp; Categories?&nbsp; You can add your categories.<br />Sharon 0 19388280 Joyaa Antares responded to "Referral sources" 2018-03-13T03:20:14Z 2018-03-13T03:20:14Z Joyaa Antares joyaa_antares Mmm, but wouldn't that draw in a different set of reports (tracking category reports)?&nbsp; So then you'd be capturing some info on tracking, other info under additional (eg GP's name), other info under Notes (whoever referred), and now doubling up on data entry to some extent under tracking? 1 19567030 Andrea Lutt responded to "Referral sources" 2018-06-06T04:15:45Z 2018-06-06T04:15:45Z Andrea Lutt andrea_lutt We have added many of our GP referrers as patients to get around this, however, it is very time consuming having to add the data twice. 1 19567069 In Stride Health Clinic responded to "Referral sources" 2018-06-06T05:07:33Z 2018-06-06T05:07:33Z In Stride Health Clinic in_stride_health_clinic True, they need to add the patient tracking category under additional area so you can add it there.&nbsp; If its under notes that another tab you need to fill out with information. sharon 0 19579643 Gary Simpson responded to "Referral sources" 2018-06-13T04:37:24Z 2018-06-13T04:37:24Z Gary Simpson gary_simpson_etnlxjhv7z8p4 We have done the same thing using the last name "Practitioner".<br />Is not ideal, but works. 0