Global Dashboard Filters 2018-09-14T19:49:27Z 2017-09-28T18:01:32Z 7601956 7601956 Global Dashboard Filters 2018-09-14T19:49:27Z 2017-09-28T18:01:32Z Heather Hansen heather_hansen_7336775 Have some feedback on the improvements to Global Dashboard filters.<br /><br />1. It's cumbersome to create filters.&nbsp; If you have a dashboard with a lot of reports, you have to click and select each one to include it in the filter.&nbsp; Would be great to have a Select All option instead.<br />2. I've gotten myself super-confused with the objects and fields section, so maybe that could be a little more intuitive.&nbsp; Or maybe it's just me. :)<br />3.&nbsp; I also think it's cumbersome to select the field on each report on the next page again if you have a lot of reports in the dashboard.&nbsp; Not sure how to make that one more user-friendly.&nbsp;<br />4. I've also run into problems with needing to remove a report from the dashboard and having to go and remove it from the filter selection first.&nbsp; Is there an easy way?&nbsp; Maybe it gets automatically removed from the filters when you select to remove it from the dashboard? idea pending 4 13 12 comment 18983658 Dan Ahrens responded to "Global Dashboard Filters" 2017-09-29T02:37:29Z 2017-09-29T02:37:29Z Dan Ahrens dan_ahrens Hi Heather, thanks for the feedback on Global Dashboard filters! Personally I'm a HUGE fan of this functionality as it completely changes the game on the type of reports that you can include in a dashboard by allowing some to be filtered and others to not be filtered (or be filtered differently) as well as features to even point the filter to a different field in a different object that might have referenceable data.&nbsp;<br /><br />On your points:<br /><ol><li>I'm guessing you mean in the selection window shown below. Are you thinking along the lines of providing a "select all" and "deselect all" button to quickly add or remove all reports?<br /><img src="" title="Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1655595/RackMultipart20170929-49866-l1ope9-download__48__inlinepng1506652181" /><br /><br /></li><li>I'm not quite following you on this one, can you provide a little more detail as to what exactly you're finding confusing?<br /><br /></li><li>Part of the rationale for the field selection on the second page is to allow for cases where the data you are trying to filter on might exist in a different named field in a different object. This allows you to set the top level filter in a way that works regardless of the object. <br /><br />For example - you may use "CSM Name" in one object but "Account Owner" in another object and you want to be able to filter both of those reports off of a single name (that in the first report is found in the "CSM Name" field but in the second report is found in the "Account Owner" field.&nbsp;<br /><br /></li><li>I can see your point here. Not only does it require you to go and click into the filter and find the report in the scroll window and uncheck it and save the filter, but if you have multiple filters, there is no simple way to know which filters that specific report is included in, or if that report is in many, it can take many clicks to remove that report from all filters.<img src="" title="Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1655598/RackMultipart20170929-129540-6yu8qq-download__49__inlinepng1506652552" /><br />Maybe an option that would warn the user that the report is in some filters and allow them to check a box that would remove the report from all dashboard filters and then delete the report?</li></ol> 3 18984781 Heather Hansen responded to "Global Dashboard Filters" 2017-09-29T15:16:59Z 2017-09-29T15:16:59Z Heather Hansen heather_hansen_7336775 Hi Dan,<br /><br />1.&nbsp; Yes, that's correct.<br />2. I think I'm just used to the Report Builder, and so I'm used to seeing all the options I have to add to a report instead of just the options that are included in the reports in the dashboard.<br />3.&nbsp; Understood.&nbsp; I think I just don't have any use cases yet where I could leverage that.<br />4.&nbsp; I like that option.&nbsp;&nbsp; 0 19594112 Calvin Multanen responded to "Global Dashboard Filters" 2018-06-20T17:46:02Z 2018-06-20T17:46:02Z Calvin Multanen calvin_multanen Select/Deselect All for Global Filters would be a very nice improvement. Some of our dashboards have 10-20 reports due to widgets so this would be a huge time saver for us.&nbsp; 1 19757468 Elisa Pelegrina responded to "Global Dashboard Filters" 2018-09-14T19:49:27Z 2018-09-14T19:49:27Z Elisa Pelegrina elisa_pelegrina Hi there - I also have a comment on here.&nbsp;<br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /><br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" />I agree with point 1 and 2 of Heather's argument and hope that this is something that is coming soon.&nbsp;<br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /><br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" />Additionally, it would be highly beneficial for Global filters for dashboards be enabled for OR logic. Right now we can only apply AND logic to these filters.<br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /><b alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value=""></b> 0