Single Touch Payroll 2018-07-05T23:36:59Z 2017-10-18T04:05:12Z 7613850 7613850 Single Touch Payroll 2018-07-05T23:36:59Z 2017-10-18T04:05:12Z Jen Beveridge jen_beveridge When I rang Reckon Support today after about 10 minutes of explaining what Single Touch Payroll was to the support person who answered my call and putting me on hold 3 times they eventually worked out what I was talking about and&nbsp; they came back and said was going to be available on 1st June 2018.&nbsp; <br /><br />This gives us one month to test it to make sure it works and work out how to use it ( June 2018 ) before it is a requirement we use it with the ATO ( from 1/7/18 as we have more than 20 employees ) and it will be over 30 June which is of course the busiest time of the year anyway. <br /><br />This just seems to be creating unnecessary stress for all seeing as the ATO have said we are able to submit with the Single Touch Payroll from October 2017 to ensure we are adequately ready.&nbsp; If our payroll software is only ready a month before we have to use it there is no way we can be adequately ready.<br /><br />I am normally so happy with Reckon but I have to say today this has left me scratching my head ?.&nbsp; Surely they could have it ready earlier than that ................Has anyone else received this time frame from Reckon ? question complete 71 19 4 comment single touch payroll 19028075 Rav responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2017-10-18T05:27:43Z 2017-10-18T05:27:43Z Rav ravsingh Hi Jen,<br /><br />There is still a massive amount of work that needs to be conducted from wide number of our teams across our product range on this. In regard to timeframes, there is nothing set in stone at the moment but obviously compliance is the priority.<br /><br />Also, training sessions/webinars are in the pipeline to help everyone get accustomed to new processes and also documentation will be available with the new releases.&nbsp;<br /><br />Its early days at the moment and further updates/info will be made as we progress.<br /><br />Cheers<br />Rav 0 19028132 Kevin Russell responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2017-10-18T06:38:06Z 2017-10-18T06:38:06Z Kevin Russell kevin_russell_6743312 Jen you are panicking about nothing. There will be a grace period while these issues are sorted. The tax office want you to comply. They dont want to beat you up. Trust me 2 19030396 Jen Beveridge responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2017-10-18T22:59:28Z 2017-10-18T22:59:28Z Jen Beveridge jen_beveridge Thanks Rav for your reply.&nbsp; That sounds great.&nbsp; The government is starting to send out quite alot of information so maybe something on the Reckon website to say that this is underway would be helpful ??&nbsp;&nbsp; <br />Also it would also be helpful if the support centre didn't give the wrong information as that is the date they told me.&nbsp; I did ask to speak to a supervisor to ask if this date could potentially change ( as the support person said it wouldn't ) and they were&nbsp; going to call me back but they didn't. 0 19030407 Jen Beveridge responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2017-10-18T23:04:39Z 2017-10-18T23:04:39Z Jen Beveridge jen_beveridge Hi Kevin, thanks for your reply.&nbsp; I am not panicking I am just trying to be prepared. 0 19030961 Kevin Russell responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2017-10-19T05:00:22Z 2017-10-19T05:00:22Z Kevin Russell kevin_russell_6743312 Theres nothing to be prepared about Jen. Like the gst which was a much bigger change there will be plenty of notice and plenty of support from Reckon and ATO. 0 19040159 Jen McKenzie responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2017-10-23T12:00:24Z 2017-10-23T12:00:24Z Jen McKenzie jen_mckenzie Kevin, very nice of you to sound comforting, but I do have my reservations too.<br /><br />When the ATO changed the ruling on the super being paid via a clearing house, I carefully updated all of my staff records within Quick books, to include the SPIN and employee membership number. Along came the next software upgrade, and Intuit had completely rewritten this part. All my hard work got wiped out, and with 70 employees that was a lot of my time wasted.<br /><br />I, like Jen Beveridge have my reservations.<br /><br />I have also been using Quick books on line / in the cloud and find this to be quite clumsy. Now, I seem to be double handling all of the data, I seem to be filing things twice over, once into a temporary file and then a second time when I have matched everything up. I have been using Quick books for over 20 years, and they have some fantastic features, but are they really making it better?<br /><br />Jen McKenzie 0 19041195 Kevin Russell responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2017-10-23T17:38:45Z 2017-10-23T17:38:45Z Kevin Russell kevin_russell_6743312 Jen Im confuaed are you using Quickbooks online or are you using Reckon? I use all the software they are all very different but they all get there in the end. Oh and I could tell you some stories about the bad old days in 2008. Or worse, the year 2000 but we were all learning then. We also got through it though it was trying at the time. Reckon hosted was a pretty miserable experience on Citrix. The current Amazon service is much better especially if you have a solid internet connection. I still think it needs an offline mode. 0 19045464 GoatyMcGoatBoat responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2017-10-24T22:31:42Z 2017-10-24T22:31:42Z GoatyMcGoatBoat goatymcgoatboat Considering there are Reckon support tickets for very simple things that are YEARS old, I have my reservations about their ability to implement something like this in six months.<br /><br />The ATO has dropped Single Touch Payroll on small businesses today - we received an email stating we need to be ready to go on 1 July.&nbsp; As a small business operator with 37 employees, running everything by myself, learning some new system or payroll process is something that I simply cannot do in a short timeframe.<br /><br />There really needs to be a trial run or a dummy setup in place earlier so that actual end users (as opposed to accountants and bookkeepers who use the software all day every day) can get their heads around it in time to be compliant. 1 19046175 Simon Hutchinson responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2017-10-25T04:14:00Z 2017-10-25T04:14:00Z Simon Hutchinson simon_hutchinson_7849362 Hi Goaty,<br /><br />Thank you for the post. We have been involved with Single Touch Payroll with the ATO since 2015 when it was first announced by the Finance Minister as a new way for businesses to interact with the ATO (yes, this has been around since 2015 as a proposed legislative requirement which has now made it through the parliament.). We are part of the Australian Business Software Association who are basically co-designing this system and have been privy to many details during the design phase.<br /><br />Whilst we are not ready to go into final details as yet as to how this will all work (primarily because there are still some things not finalised on the ATO end for software developers), we have been working on this project for a number of months now and are deep into our design. There is obviously four products from Reckon that need to connect to the STP Service; Payroll Premier, Accounts Hosted, Accounts Desktop and Reckon One and each of those have differing requirements and systems within them on how they deal with payroll.<br /><br />We agree that having to change payroll processes is a potential nightmare, but a basic summary of the STP system is that a digital report needs to be sent to the ATO after each payroll event (that is, each time you complete a pay run, a digital message needs to be sent to the ATO to update their systems about the pay, the employees involved and various other details). Ultimately it becomes a situation where instead of providing a EMPDUPE summary once a year, it is provided after each pay run.&nbsp;<br /><br />We are working hard to ensure that the disruption to payroll processes within the applications are minimal. Our anticipation is that within your current software setup, you would finalise a pay in the same manner that you already are so no change there but have to complete one additional step to submit the data to the ATO for processing. Single Touch Payroll does not change the way that payrolls are conducted or the requirements around processing a pay, it adds a additional step of reporting to the ATO what occurred in a payroll event and when. So instead of the ATO getting that data once a year, they will get it 52, 26, 12 or even more times per year. The benefit being that as long as you comply with the STP requirements, INB and other payment summaries can become a thing of the past and EOFY processes potentially less intensive and time consuming.<br /><br />In terms of testing and being able to try things early from the posts above, due to the way the ATO systems work, you will only be able to send 'real' data to the ATO systems. However it must be made clear that for a system to operate within the single touch payroll environment the ATO has constructed, that it must pass a compliance test from the ATO, and the ATO must be comfortable that the system is acting as per legislative requirements. Therefore, the STP software you will use will have been through this ATO certification.<br /><br />Rest assured Reckon is well aware of single touch payroll, what employees and employers will need to do in this new world, and are working to implement a system which changes the payroll system processes in a way that makes sense and does not significantly disrupt the current flows.<br /><br />The various bookkeeping assocations such as ICB and ABN have also been very involved with single touch payroll and may have information and guides available in terms of business process impact. They also may be a port of call if you would like to register concern with the ATO about the lack of time before the commencement date of July 1. 2 19047743 Kevin Russell responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2017-10-25T16:36:17Z 2017-10-25T16:36:17Z Kevin Russell kevin_russell_6743312 Thank you Simon for your answer. I think Goaty would have more luck if he contacted his local MHR or Senator or the finance Minister directly rather than continue this discussion here. I already stated, thsre will be a grace period for business to comply. The ATO want to support business in the run up to this change they want it to work. They dont want to penalise business trying to do the right thing. Some small business will always try to operate outside any system. They need to ve rooted out.Theres enough stories about small business not paying their taxes on time - if at all - and unpaid super contributions cost the community billions. I cant wait till the RBA anounces the end of cash. I give it about five years. We have an opportunity here to restore some integrity to the revenue and to genuinsly enhance the operating environment for small vusiness much the same as the GST has done. We should not blow the chance or overstate the complexity 0 19052776 GoatyMcGoatBoat responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2017-10-27T04:01:41Z 2017-10-27T04:01:41Z GoatyMcGoatBoat goatymcgoatboat Thanks Simon, I'll keep an eye on it in the leadup to EOFY.&nbsp; EOFY is a good time to change accounting software if desired and to be honest I've been nothing but unhappy with Reckon's support since I started using the software, so a poor implementation of STP support will almost definitely be the straw that breaks this already overloaded camel's back.&nbsp; If it's as simple as Reckon sending off that data in the background then that's great, but if it's a clunky process like sending payslips (i.e. I don't understand why payslips aren't <i>automatically</i> emailed as part of the payroll process) then I can see myself jumping ship quick smart.<br /><br />@Kevin, I am not discussing the STP system.&nbsp; I am discussing Reckon's implementation of support for that system, which I'm fairly sure is an issue my local member would tell me they have no control over. 0 19052902 Kevin Russell responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2017-10-27T05:51:51Z 2017-10-27T05:51:51Z Kevin Russell kevin_russell_6743312 Goaty I told you once, you are worrying about nothing. You dont have to believe me 0 19319792 Gemma White responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2018-02-14T04:35:31Z 2018-02-14T04:35:31Z Gemma White gemma_white_1fhs1i3sp5osc Hi all, has there been any updates on STP? I have not seen anything come through from RECKON yet with updates on its progress 0 19319884 Kevin Russell responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2018-02-14T05:42:24Z 2018-02-14T05:42:24Z Kevin Russell kevin_russell_6743312 Nope. 0 19319887 Rav responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2018-02-14T05:43:27Z 2018-02-14T05:43:27Z Rav ravsingh Still very much a work in progress at the moment Gemma and I'd strongly say is #1 on the priority list in terms of work currently being performed by a range of teams internally. 0 19319924 Kevin Russell responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2018-02-14T06:11:03Z 2018-02-14T06:11:03Z Kevin Russell kevin_russell_6743312 And the ATO are probably still making up the rules Rav 0 19319936 Gemma White responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2018-02-14T06:22:39Z 2018-02-14T06:22:39Z Gemma White gemma_white_1fhs1i3sp5osc Okay fair enough. Will just have to have calm the farm down pills at June/July:)&nbsp; 0 19319939 Kevin Russell responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2018-02-14T06:25:17Z 2018-02-14T06:25:17Z Kevin Russell kevin_russell_6743312 Whut? 0 19319948 Gemma White responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2018-02-14T06:30:15Z 2018-02-14T06:30:15Z Gemma White gemma_white_1fhs1i3sp5osc Anti stress medication:)&nbsp; 0 19320021 Kevin Russell responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2018-02-14T07:53:48Z 2018-02-14T07:53:48Z Kevin Russell kevin_russell_6743312 You can stress all you like Gemma. Its not necessary or productive. The gst was a much bigger change and there was tremendous lattitude around the Introduction. We dont need to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Or you could do what I do. Run. Oh and yoga. 0 19374317 Garry Dunn responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2018-03-07T01:40:40Z 2018-03-07T01:40:40Z Garry Dunn garry_dunn_au5c9xnxg2ijn Is it possible for 'Reckon' to communicate to users about the process for single touch payroll. We are being sent emails and messages about this from the tax office but absolutely nothing from our service provider.<br /><br />Garry Dunn<br />Business Manager&nbsp; 2 19374327 Gemma White responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2018-03-07T01:46:19Z 2018-03-07T01:46:19Z Gemma White gemma_white_1fhs1i3sp5osc I strongly agree with your comment. I hope Reckon is not just saying it will have it available and then say "Oh sorry" we cant get it to work... Then where will we be?? 0 19374390 Rav responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2018-03-07T02:33:12Z 2018-03-07T02:33:12Z Rav ravsingh Hi all,<br />We'll be getting in touch with all customers in regard to Single Touch Payroll (STP) via email late this week/Monday next week at the latest.<br /><br />In the meantime, we've got information and resources for Single Touch Payroll on our website <b><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Link https//wwwreckoncom/au/single-touch-payroll/">HERE</a>&nbsp;</b>which I'd strongly recommend checking out, including the ability to register for updates on launch.<b><br /><br /></b> 1 19374400 Gemma White responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2018-03-07T02:40:26Z 2018-03-07T02:40:26Z Gemma White gemma_white_1fhs1i3sp5osc Thanks Rav. I think i am happier now we know it is all happening. 0 19374536 Kevin Russell responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2018-03-07T04:07:55Z 2018-03-07T04:07:55Z Kevin Russell kevin_russell_6743312 Top work Rav. Great to know youre on the case 1 19378856 Kevin Russell responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2018-03-08T18:16:25Z 2018-03-08T18:16:25Z Kevin Russell kevin_russell_6743312 Gemma have you signed up for the updates from the ATO software developer team? And you will be exactly where all the other software customers will be. None of the providers have any more or less information than Reckon. Why do you think they want the system to fail? I went through the upgrade to the sql database in 2008/09. Trust me that was a big wrench. And Reckon learned a lot from it which is why Reckon one will be the best product in the market. Even if the market doesnt know it. Alls I am saying is a bit of perspective will get you through. 1 19417506 Sharyn Gaunt responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2018-03-26T11:26:13Z 2018-03-26T11:26:13Z Sharyn Gaunt sharyn_gaunt Contact ATO and request deferred start date for STP. 0 19417539 Robyn Kelly responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2018-03-26T11:58:13Z 2018-03-26T11:58:13Z Robyn Kelly robyn_kelly_6763237 <p>If you are already using Reckon Accounts desktop (current version) or Reckon Accounts Hosted; there are a few things you can start checking now to be prepared:</p><p>1. Check to make sure each Employee's details are in the Employee information correctly:</p><p>a) DOB</p><p>b) TFN (should be there already)</p><p>c) Full address</p><p>d) Full name</p><p>e) Start Date</p><p>f) Emp. No.</p><p>2. Check payroll setup:</p><p>a)&nbsp;Take note of allowances; you will need to seaparte these for STP (once software is updated)</p><p>b) Superannuation setup correctly with all information including USI, fund name, member number&nbsp;etc</p><p>3. Company setup:</p><p>a) Company name correct for payroll</p><p>b) Payroll Conatct</p><p>c) Company ABN - <b>INCLUDING </b>Branch ID</p><p>Hope this helps a little and will ease the burden of your first pay event in July.</p><p>Regards, Robyn Kelly</p><p><br /></p> 1 19419762 Gemma White responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2018-03-27T00:40:15Z 2018-03-27T00:40:15Z Gemma White gemma_white_1fhs1i3sp5osc Hi Robyn, why is 1f required? Does each of our Employees need to be given a number?<br />Thanks Gemma 0 19419809 Kevin Russell responded to "Single Touch Payroll" 2018-03-27T01:20:05Z 2018-03-27T01:20:05Z Kevin Russell kevin_russell_6743312 No 0