Glip Notifications 2018-11-10T22:37:48Z 2018-02-20T13:28:10Z 7690623 7690623 Glip Notifications 2018-11-10T22:37:48Z 2018-02-20T13:28:10Z Marina Stambaugh marina_stambaugh It would be nice if the Glip notifications did not only notify you when the application is offline/not in focus. Notifications should be sent to you anytime you have a direct conversation, missed phone call or voicemail even if the application is opened.&nbsp; idea active 12 10 9 comment 19336708 Chris Duquette responded to "Glip Notifications" 2018-02-20T13:35:23Z 2018-02-20T13:35:23Z Chris Duquette chris_duquette thats true 1 19336819 Luke Sipple responded to "Glip Notifications" 2018-02-20T14:33:35Z 2018-02-20T14:33:35Z Luke Sipple luke_sipple_dprautg0aibei Thank you Marina.&nbsp; Ideally, any time the window is not in focus the mobile alerts should come through.&nbsp; The only time mobile alerts should not come through is when the window is in focus.<br /><br />In its current state; if you uncheck "Enable Desktop Notifications" you will get mobile notifications better, but then you lose any desktop notifications when the window is out of focus.&nbsp; That's a deal-breaker for anyone using Glip as their softphone.<br /><br />As a company who recently migrated from $l@ck - this is driving our users mad.<br /><br />thank you for considering this! 1 19485067 CJ Patracone responded to "Glip Notifications" 2018-04-25T16:44:14Z 2018-04-25T16:44:14Z CJ Patracone cj_patracone I have missed messages because i had the application in focus, I would really like this option too!!<br />Luke will this be an added feature or is there some way to put in a formal request? Our company of 400+ users was just switched from our old chat and we are missing many useful features that i am trying to reproduce. So far I am leaning towards going back to the old software, but I will try my best to make every use of this software until then. 1 19487056 Saadet - Community Support responded to "Glip Notifications" 2018-04-26T15:43:46Z 2018-04-26T15:43:46Z Saadet - Community Support saadet_swift Hey CJ,<br /><br />I send regular reports to our Product Team of Feature Requests. This one is still a bit new, posted in February. So please vote :) 1 19516919 Luke Sipple responded to "Glip Notifications" 2018-05-11T15:02:56Z 2018-05-11T15:02:56Z Luke Sipple luke_sipple_dprautg0aibei Another enhancement to Glip notifications would be the option to quickly MUTE ALL notifications.&nbsp; This is extremely useful when getting on a webinar / sharing your screen.&nbsp; This can be accomplished with a bunch of clicks in preferences, but not very practical.<br /><br />I'm a little surprised that, today, 'Do Not Disturb' mode still lets notifications ping away. 2 19516929 CJ Patracone responded to "Glip Notifications" 2018-05-11T15:05:22Z 2018-05-11T15:05:22Z CJ Patracone cj_patracone Luke, that is a good point. Saadet can you add that to the list of improvements as well. 0 19517054 Saadet - Community Support responded to "Glip Notifications" 2018-05-11T15:46:07Z 2018-05-11T15:46:07Z Saadet - Community Support saadet_swift Hey Luke, I've made this into its own Feature Request as it varies from the original post<br /><br /> Please reference the new conversation here: <a class="notranslate" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Mute All Notification Setting</a> 0 19642842 Ted Jaffe responded to "Glip Notifications" 2018-07-16T22:01:41Z 2018-07-16T22:01:41Z Ted Jaffe ted_jaffe Hi all,<br /><br />Lots of enhancements coming soon on this topic.&nbsp; Probably too many to summarize all here - DM/email me for more info: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a><br /><br />1. In Q3 we are planning to introduce a new mobile setting that will allow the app to always receive app push notifications for messages regardless of your desktop online status.&nbsp; &nbsp;This means you should not miss any messages on mobile - ever.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /><br />2. Also in Q3/early Q4 we will be introducing an enhanced DnD (Do not disturb) mode that will become unified with the Glip presence states and additionally will not only block all incoming phone calls but also app notifications on desktop and mobile while in DnD.&nbsp; When DnD is turned off app notifications would resume as normally configured.<br /><br />3. We will be introducing an improved experience for badge counts, so that only direct messages, or team messages that include a mention of you (or @team notification coming later) will generate a badge count on your desktop app or mobile app.<br /><br />As stated above, lots of other details to share here (DM/email if interested) but the Product team knows this is a very important area for our users and customers, so we're working hard on this right now for you all.&nbsp; And we're also very excited for the enhancements as well!<br /><br />Take care,<br />Ted 4 19644646 Chris Duquette responded to "Glip Notifications" 2018-07-17T18:21:42Z 2018-07-17T18:21:42Z Chris Duquette chris_duquette look forward to hearing back from you Ted. 0 19850080 Parker Painter responded to "Glip Notifications" 2018-11-09T16:28:46Z 2018-11-09T16:28:46Z Parker Painter parker_painter I share my screen on webex all the time.&nbsp; What I would prefer is the ability to see a small desktop notification saying I have a message, but do not display the content of the message.&nbsp; &nbsp; 0 19850297 Ted Jaffe responded to "Glip Notifications" 2018-11-09T18:09:04Z 2018-11-09T18:09:04Z Ted Jaffe ted_jaffe Hi Parker,<br /><br />Very soon you will be able to set your status as "Do Not Disturb" that will pause desktop app notifications temporarily while you share your screen.<br /><br />Let's touch base 1-1 to chat more - would love to show you what were cooking up.<br /><br />Ted<br /><br /><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> 0 19851645 Parker Painter responded to "Glip Notifications" 2018-11-10T22:37:48Z 2018-11-10T22:37:48Z Parker Painter parker_painter That is not really the behavior I am looking for.&nbsp; &nbsp;I spend 70% of my day in meetings, often sharing my screen, then stopping, starting, etc.&nbsp; &nbsp;I do not want to have to set my status over and over.&nbsp; &nbsp;I use google hangouts as well as Glip.&nbsp; &nbsp;It allows me to see notifications that someone sent a message, but it does not show the message.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;No need to change status throughout the day and risk forgetting to turn it off, then have an inappropriate message pop up. 1