Pregnant with PCOS 2018-04-08T10:41:58Z 2018-04-08T10:41:58Z 7717036 7717036 Pregnant with PCOS 2018-04-08T10:41:58Z 2018-04-08T10:41:58Z Courtney courtney_4c0v9t9cw1tin Where can i find the best information on being pregnant with PCOS? Nutrition wise i have heard count calories, carbs, sugars, nutrition basically everything. I have been told lift no more than 25 pounds and to exercise lightly such as yoga and light stretching or taking walks. I do currently do walks and some mild yoga due to my history with my previous pregnancies i am trying to take it easy with this pregnancy. I have seen an OBGYN and am still trying to find the care provider that i want to go with. I have many concerns sorry for the lengthy question but Is a doula a good care provider for someone like me versus an OB? due to their training support and guidance? Where can PCOS pregnancy information be found? What supplements should i be taking aside from prenatals, progesterone, baby aspirin, and a living well organic fruits and vegetables multivitamin. What types of activity as far as exercising is okay for me to do without harming my little one?  question pregnancy pregnancy 0 1 1 create