Forwarding SMS/Text Messages 2018-08-10T18:55:30Z 2018-05-02T17:45:46Z 7729755 7729755 Forwarding SMS/Text Messages 2018-08-10T18:55:30Z 2018-05-02T17:45:46Z WINDSOR windsor_ecxls40axwz5p Users and Admins should be able to set up automatic forwarding of text/SMS messages to another RingCentral User. For example, if an employee is out of town, why can't that person temporarily forward her text messages to another user the way she can forward calls and voicemail messages? <br /><br />Our company is a direct mail marketing company in the U.S.&nbsp;If an employee suddenly leaves the company, we like to make sure that the former employee's number is forwarding to another user for a few weeks before disabling the phone number to make sure all clients of the former employee can still contact the company during the transition. There should be an option to automatically forward the former employee's text messages to another user, too.<br /><br />Benefits would include increased customer satisfaction because their messages wouldn't get lost in the cracks and reduced manpower of employees manually forwarding messages one at a time as listed in this article:&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Link https//successringcentralcom/articles/en_US/RC_Knowledge_Article/5780forwardmessage"></a>.&nbsp;<br /><br />A RingCentral employee responded to our case that this feature is not available, despite the fact that&nbsp;text messaging has become so prevalent. This needs to be addressed.&nbsp; idea 2 4 5 comment 19499029 Taylor responded to "Forwarding SMS/Text Messages" 2018-05-02T18:28:57Z 2018-05-02T18:28:57Z Taylor tm_t This would be a useful idea as well for employees who are on vacation, or otherwise unable to tend to text messages as it would allow another staff member to receive/handle them easily. I should add thought that forwarded messages need to be marked as such (likely via auto prefix) to avoid confusion. 0 19689365 Jeffrey Goodman responded to "Forwarding SMS/Text Messages" 2018-08-10T18:55:30Z 2018-08-10T18:55:30Z Jeffrey Goodman jeffrey_goodman_e7g1n4n2qhi0z <em>This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled <a class="notranslate" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Unified inbound text messages.</a>.</em><br /><br /> Is there a way to have the text messages sent to one extension be sent to/placed in the the inbox of another extension? &nbsp;You can do this with voicemails where for example, voicemails that come to extension 102 are placed in the voicemail inbox for extension 101, but this does not seem possible with text messages. &nbsp;<br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" /><br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value="" />This is problematic for a user that has more than one extension and would like to use the RingCentral app in order see SMS to both extensions. &nbsp;In order to accomplish this as the system is working now, the user has to log out of one user and log back in as the other. &nbsp;Is there a work-around and if not can this be a feature request? &nbsp;Thanks. 0