New to Reckon 2018-05-18T02:24:32Z 2018-05-17T01:14:42Z 7736625 7736625 New to Reckon 2018-05-18T02:24:32Z 2018-05-17T01:14:42Z Jolene Burke jolene_burke_f98zx7n08cc37 I have recently started a new job where we use Reckon Accounts Premier:&nbsp; Contractor Edition 2016 and just wondering what benefits you see using Reckon Hosted - which is where I would rather be!&nbsp; Cheers question complete 3 3 1 comment 19527587 Rav responded to "New to Reckon" 2018-05-17T01:39:13Z 2018-05-17T01:39:13Z Rav ravsingh Hi Jolene,<br />Welcome to the Reckon Community, glad to have you on board.<br />Premier is a sophisticated product and depending on where you are in the learning curve instead of spending time learning a new equivalent product you could transition to Hosted which is almost identical but adds cloud functionality on top.<br /><br />Cloud capability - not limited to using the program on one desktop PC ie. you can access it anywhere via your internet browser.<br /><br />Data migration from Premier to Hosted is pain free, all that is required is performing a backup of the company file from Premier to the local desktop on your PC and then uploading that file to Hosted. This means that everything will come across apart from a few minor aspects which may require adjustment eg. invoice logos etc.<br /><br />Please note, you do need a solid and stable internet connection when using Hosted. What I'd recommend is giving it a trial and give it a test run to see if it might suit your needs - <u><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></u> 0 19527804 MaryAnn responded to "New to Reckon" 2018-05-17T04:39:13Z 2018-05-17T04:39:13Z MaryAnn maryann_futwxiygpexhe Hi Jolene<br />We have been using Reckon Hosted for about 4 months now and have found it good despite a sometimes dodgy internet connection. We have a huge file so things were getting a bit slow but we've found that the hosted version can be a bit cumbersome when printing invoices or copying them to a pdf or excel file. Also you can't copy and paste from a word document to Reckon.&nbsp; It's a bit annoying when you want to copy an email address.<br />I'd recommend that you get a trial version and give it a go.<br />Hope this helps.<br />Cheers, Mary Ann&nbsp; 0 19529925 Jolene Burke responded to "New to Reckon" 2018-05-18T02:24:32Z 2018-05-18T02:24:32Z Jolene Burke jolene_burke_f98zx7n08cc37 Thanks for your responses - we do have very slow connection here but this is being reviewed in the next few months so will wait before I download the trial verson.&nbsp; Cheers. 0