Voip Bluetooth Sound Quality 2018-09-21T14:38:57Z 2018-05-17T18:44:08Z 7737011 7737011 Voip Bluetooth Sound Quality 2018-09-21T14:38:57Z 2018-05-17T18:44:08Z Michael Greco michael_greco_7g18bvg2gvqz5 I'm noticing that using VOIP on the Android RC combined with Bluetooth has very poor sound quality to people on the other end. This is not a problem with cellular voice, but when I use cellular voice I lose functionality. Such as transferring and parking calls. Anyone else having this problem? question pending 7 8 5 comment 19529279 Teresa Habeck responded to "Voip Bluetooth Sound Quality" 2018-05-17T19:42:26Z 2018-05-17T19:42:26Z Teresa Habeck teresa_habeck_eqfc08x52jpqs Actually yes, We have noticed the same thing. Just thought is was the phone :( 0 19529282 Saadet - Community Support responded to "Voip Bluetooth Sound Quality" 2018-05-17T19:46:31Z 2018-05-17T19:46:31Z Saadet - Community Support saadet_swift I would suggest sending a feedback email within the app after you experience a call that has this issue. That way we can gather more info and look into!&nbsp;<br /><br />1) Tap your profile icon 2) Tap About 3) Tap Send Feedback&nbsp;4) Include the issue description in the body of the message 0 19529308 Jay Nichols responded to "Voip Bluetooth Sound Quality" 2018-05-17T19:57:12Z 2018-05-17T19:57:12Z Jay Nichols jay_nichols_6522338 I'm using a cheap ($21) Gonovate G10 miniature blue tooth earpiece and I've not heard any complaints yet.&nbsp; I have found that some headsets work better than others.&nbsp; I also use it on my Windows Nextbook without any problem. 0 19529666 Michael Greco responded to "Voip Bluetooth Sound Quality" 2018-05-17T22:53:15Z 2018-05-17T22:53:15Z Michael Greco michael_greco_7g18bvg2gvqz5 I think I may have found a solution although it requires further testing. I have multiple Plantronics headsets and I tried enabling HD calling ( which I purposely had not previously had enabled because I actually found that it made the sound quality worse and choppy) however in this case it seem to have fixed the problem. This can be done through the Plantronics Android application. I have another Sennheiser Bluetooth headset that I didn't update on over the computer and it seems to be working okay on that now as well. From my research it looks like to get HD Bluetooth AKA wideband you need version hfp 1.6. 1 19767370 Alexis Fantasia responded to "Voip Bluetooth Sound Quality" 2018-09-21T14:37:12Z 2018-09-21T14:37:12Z Alexis Fantasia alexis_fantasia <em>This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled <a class="notranslate" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Bluetooth issues</a>.</em><br /><br /> I am using a Plantronics Voyager bluetooth headset on the RC app for android. I am unable to pick up or hang up a call using the bluetooth. My phone is not always in front of me so this is crucial for my daily use of RC. Anyone have any ideas on how to rectify this? I also have the desktop app and my headset is connected to my computer as well but I can't have my ear dinging all day with the amount of notifications I get on my comp.&nbsp; 1 19767372 Saadet - Community Support responded to "Voip Bluetooth Sound Quality" 2018-09-21T14:38:17Z 2018-09-21T14:38:17Z Saadet - Community Support saadet_swift My apologies, Alexis! I merged your thread to the incorrect existing thread. 0 19767375 Saadet - Community Support responded to "Voip Bluetooth Sound Quality" 2018-09-21T14:38:57Z 2018-09-21T14:38:57Z Saadet - Community Support saadet_swift Moved your thread<br /><br /> Please reference the new conversation here: <a class="notranslate" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Bluetooth issues</a> 0